August Champion/Skin Sales, Balance Changes, PBE Client UI Change

Kassadin Balance
Arcade Hecarim Splash
The PBE landing page has received small updates: the chat and right hand corner (notifications, friends list, buttons) now fit the new UI. The full list of champions and skins that will be on sale this month is out. Below is the long list, or if you want to come back and check daily, I will be posting the full list on the League of Legends page. Just head on over to the top menus of this website under League of Legends and click August Sales (under Champion & Skin Sale). And lastly, there were a few balance changes to champions like Morgana, Zed and Rengar.

**Poro summoner icons have been added on PBE.
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Dino Gnar, Summoner’s Rift PBE Update

Dino Gnar
Dino Gnar Splash

Dino Gnar is finally fixed and up on PBE. Head on below for a better look at the skin being released with Gnar, The Missing Link (release date TBA). The new Summoner’s Rift (VU) has been updated on PBE with many changes, including those to the atmosphere (critters, fog), ground textures, Baron/Dragon, and more.

*Dino Gnar now has a splash art!

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4.10 Patch, New Skins, Summoner’s Rift VU, and more!

World Cup Skins

Patch 4.10 comes with some major gameplay changes and adding new content, which includes new skins for Draven, Lucian, Alistar, Maokai, Gragas, and Twisted Fate. Heimerdinger and Vladimir are also getting new skins! I’ve condensed a summary of information for upcoming changes on League of Legends.


Update: Patch 4.10  Live!

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All About Annie (And Tibbers)

Annie Upgrade4

As you all know by now, Annie is getting a visual upgrade for the next patch. Finally! Right? She’s been in the League for quite a while (and I mean QUITE a while) and definitely needed some remaking; I would point out that I’m not a huge fan of the upgrade, but it’s better than what it was. I’m sure I’ll get used to it and grow to love it once I play her for a couple games. Here are first-look images from the LoL website:

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