Sona Texture Update & Client Visual Update

Sona TU
Sona Splash
Sona‘s base skin along with two others (Silent Night Sona & Pentakill Sona) have received texture update on PBE. Her rework is back for testing. The current updated skins and the rest of her lineup are still a work in progress, so expect updates in the next couple of days. The client has also received a fresh coat of paint for both the launcher and landing page.

***Arcade Sona has been updated on PBE!

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Mecha Aatrox And Mecha Malphite

Mecha Aatrox Splash Mecha Malphite Splash
New splash arts are out!!!

Mechas have arrived on PBE! Aatrox has received a long awaited skin, as well as Malphite. Both skins complement each other well, with new ability visual effects (the sound fx will be implemented at a later date). Each skin will cost 1350 RP, however, upon release they should be 975 RP for a limited time. Oh, and to top it all off, a Mecha Ward will be available too!

Both skins are 975 RP for a limited time! They will revert to 1350 RP after July 28.

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The Queen of Hearts

Updated 02.14.2014

Updated Heartseeker Ashe

The new splash art for the upcoming Valentine’s Day Ashe skin Heartseeker Ashe has just been revealed. And she’s just shot a cupid arrow at her husband Tryndamere. Quite a makeover from her default appearance. Heartseeker Ashe is currently 975 RP on PBE and should be released in the next week or so. Let’s hope they don’t wait until AFTER Valentine’s Day. I mean, come on now. Remember the Pool Party summer skins?

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