Hello World! It’s BarneyYo

Girl Wave

Hello guys! So I have a little secret: I’m not a pro at writing, so when I write my thoughts in my posts, Elu has to help me review it and fix my mistakes. I’m thankful that he’s helping me!

I’ve decided on my next posts, I’ll be making videos on my thoughts instead, with only my voice and fun editing.

So, look forward to my next post and hopefully you guys will like it. :3

Bye guys!!

Curiosity Kills (Evil Dead Mini-review)

Evil Dead 8

It’s Evil Dead weekend!! If you were as excited as I was before release, you’ve seen it already. Reviews are mostly positive, though many loyals are bitter about remakes. Who wouldn’t when your favorite horror film is up for slaughter? So now, was this film worth the wait and pleased our need for a good horror flick (for once)? I’ll break it down.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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