Voltage Inc. to Update Love Letter From Thief X to the New UI

Well, it looks like Love Letter From Thief X will be following the shoes of In Your Arms Tonight, My Forged Wedding, and Be My Princess as Voltage Inc. is finally going to update Love Letter From Thief X to the new UI!

Fans have been waiting for it for some time now, and some have even worried that it would fall in the same status of Pirates in Love and Seduced in the Sleepless City, two games that still use the old UI and whose update statuses have pretty much been dropped.

Though Voltage Inc. is currently in the process of preparing everything for the update, there has yet to be any indication of a release date. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for any announcements! Who knows? We might be hearing something from them soon enough!

Voltage Inc. To Release First Love Diaries – A Kiss on the Beach In August

Update: Info added.

“Today, I got a boyfriend. ”
It’s the spring of your junior year.
A boy you know just asked you to go out with him… and suddenly you’ve got your first ever boyfriend!
But many more firsts are just around the corner…


Earlier today, Voltage Inc. announced that First Love Diaries – A Kiss on the Beach is coming next month!

Since I already made the previous post, I’m not going to repeat myself.

I am feeling rather generous, though, so here’s a peek at Nao’s (repeat) and now Yuya’s in-game character info!

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Voltage Inc. To Release Shonan Hatsukare Diary (湘南★初カレDiary) In English

Update 7/25: Official English title and release announced.


Though there has yet to be an official announcement, I have a source telling me that not only has Voltage Inc. confirmed that they will be bringing over Shonan Hatsukare Diary for the English market during this past Anime Expo, but that they have already started getting it ready for its release.

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T&R: My Forged Wedding: PARTY ~My Social Gaming Nightmare~


Shameless plug: My Invite Code is e80e2163

On June 23rd, Voltage Inc. released the app My Forged Wedding: PARTY,  the social game version of the original My Forged Wedding game. As with any of Voltage Inc.’s social games, the story is a free, alternate version of the original, allowing you to make friends that will help you in your story progress and dress up your own avatar and avatar room. To answer what others have asked: Yes, this is the “GREE” version of the game.

But unlike the first three social games that we were given on the GREE platform, Voltage Inc. has decided to go a different route with how we play the new PARTY series.

And it is my social gaming nightmare.

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Voltage Inc. To Release PARTY Series Beginning With My Forged Wedding: PARTY

6/23/14 Update: My Forged Wedding PARTY is now available for both Android and iOS! Happy playing!

One day, you’re just hanging out at your uncle’s bar…and the next, you’re in a fake marriage with an attractive guy you just met?!

It doesn’t just happen in the movies, you know!

Choose your favorite from a unique cast of characters, then create your own avatar, collect fashions, and decorate your new home with adorable interiors as your love story with your new husband unfolds…

Can true love start as a lie?

Find out in My Forged Wedding: PARTY, a new social app experience from Voltage, Inc.

So it looks like we weren’t too far off the mark when it came to a My Forged Wedding social game, but that doesn’t mean I’m very happy about it. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to post this or not, but screw it.

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Voltage Inc.’s New Game Revealed: Enchanted In The Moonlight

6/23/14 Update: Enchanted in the Moonlight is now available for both Android and iOS! Happy playing!


And we’re back with another not-so-faithful-to-the-original title!

Is he only after my power?
Or is this love real…?
You live a normal life until the day you’re attacked by otherworldly ayakashi,
intent on stealing the special power you were born with.
Your saviors also happen to be ayakashi, five very handsome ones!

“We’ll protect you, human.
But in return… You must offer your power to one of us.”



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Voltage Inc.’s New Game To Be Released Is…

*Update 6/8/14: Game revealed!

If you haven’t already noticed in the My Forged Wedding, Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, and Metro PD: Close to You games, Voltage Inc. has been hinting at a new game soon to be released.

Starting on May 26th, Voltage Inc. announced that the group of thieves from Love Letter From Thief X, The Black Foxes, have stolen highly classified information about the new upcoming English game, and have since released two keywords that hint at which game it will be. The three currently released keywords are “Moon”,”Light”, and “in the”, and we are currently waiting for the final keyword.

But who’s patient enough for that?

Have I got news for you! I looked into it literally almost an hour ago and discovered which game exactly is going to be released. I already posted it on Tumblr, but I thought I’d go ahead and post here, too! Though I don’t know what the English title for it will be, this is legit and I’m 100% sure that if this isn’t the game that Voltage Inc. has been hinting at, then at the very least this is confirmation that this game is coming very soon!

*Update: The final keyword has been released! The final keyword is “Enchanted”. How these keywords are related to the game still hasn’t been announced, but it seems highly likely to be part of the English title. (Though I still think another certain word would have been a better choice of terms, but I guess it’s no surprise looking back at recent English titles.)

The game is announced to have a summer release, so we’ll be seeing it pretty soon!

*End update

I’ll go ahead and put it under the cut, so if you’d like to wait it out until Voltage Inc. makes the official announcement, go ahead and skip over this. If you’re really impatient and just want to know NOW, then click away!

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T&R: Be My Princess 2 ~Kuon J. Casiraghi~


After playing the mess that was My Sweet Bodyguard (which I will hopefully write on as well), I realized just how much I missed these types of stories!

This took me a few days to compile my thoughts and opinions, but I think this is as good as it’s going to get. I’ve decided to try an organized format for these T&R’s, so hopefully this helps me convey my thoughts and feelings better than my first try as well as keeping it short and brief so that I don’t go off on a tangent and try talking about every little thing in the route. So for now, I’ll just have sections on things I really want to talk about. If anyone has any other ideas on how I can better organize these, I’m all ears!

Two things I want to say before I begin, though:

1. It is not necessary to have played the original Be My Princess before playing Be My Princess 2.

2. Some people have been experiencing bugs since the release and there were comments that continued to voice these bugs even as I was playing. I, myself, did not experience any bugs that restricted me from playing the game or anything of the sort. I have no idea if these bugs have been fixed since then, so please do keep that in mind if you would like to play the game without any concerns or inconveniences.



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List of Voltage Inc.’s English Currently “Undecided” Status Games


(Okay okay, I know I’m spamming the blog with a lot of my own posts, but I really am trying to get the other two noobs to write up their own stuff. Thing is, they’re having some trouble doing so whether it’s from being too busy with life or not having the motivation or inspiration to write up anything. I will continue trying, though!)


Since I made the list of currently cancelled/dropped games from Voltage Inc. JAPAN, Izumi asked if I was going to make a list for the English versions of the games. I really wasn’t sure about doing one since these were just given the status of having an “undecided release schedule”, but she told me that (as she’s heard) Voltage Inc. JAPAN would say the same thing when a game would be cancelled and cease being updated, so maybe they decided to do the same thing with the English versions? I was really hoping for something more official and concrete, but the more that time passes by with no other words, the more I come to think that we really aren’t going to get any other answers.

In light of that, here’s the list of English games that currently fall under having an “undecided release schedule”.

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