August Champion/Skin Sales, Balance Changes, PBE Client UI Change

Kassadin Balance
Arcade Hecarim Splash
The PBE landing page has received small updates: the chat and right hand corner (notifications, friends list, buttons) now fit the new UI. The full list of champions and skins that will be on sale this month is out. Below is the long list, or if you want to come back and check daily, I will be posting the full list on the League of Legends page. Just head on over to the top menus of this website under League of Legends and click August Sales (under Champion & Skin Sale). And lastly, there were a few balance changes to champions like Morgana, Zed and Rengar.

**Poro summoner icons have been added on PBE.
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New Champion Gnar, The Missing Link

Gnar Wallpaper

A new champion is breaking its way to Summoner’s Rift. Gnar is an ancient Yordle who protected his Yordle village against a big threat (creature from the Void?) by transforming into a big beast.

Time marches on for most, but not Gnar. A yordle born millennia ago, Gnar was captured and trapped in true ice, frozen – quite literally – in time. Civilizations formed and fell as the prehistoric yordle vacantly stared on, but nothing – not even true ice – could confine Gnar forever. After breaking free, he wandered Runeterra until he found himself taken in by his yordle descendants. But, as they would soon discover, there’s a beast behind the boy.

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Mecha Aatrox And Mecha Malphite

Mecha Aatrox Splash Mecha Malphite Splash
New splash arts are out!!!

Mechas have arrived on PBE! Aatrox has received a long awaited skin, as well as Malphite. Both skins complement each other well, with new ability visual effects (the sound fx will be implemented at a later date). Each skin will cost 1350 RP, however, upon release they should be 975 RP for a limited time. Oh, and to top it all off, a Mecha Ward will be available too!

Both skins are 975 RP for a limited time! They will revert to 1350 RP after July 28.

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New Game Mode Doom Bots of Doom & Sona Rework

Updated 07.27.2014

Doom Bots of Doom

Doom Bots PBE Status: Offline

Doom Bots on Live Servers: live  

RIP Doom Bots

The new mode Doom Bots of Doom has been enabled on PBE! Wait, what is it?

As the name suggests, this mode pits you and your friends (or strangers!) against bots with buffs (think steroid-bots). These various buffs can come in the form of different abilities from other champions (Lux with clones; Morgana spitting out Yasuo’s nadoes, etc). Pretty much mutated abilities (oh yes, Lux will snipe you easier with her ult shooting out in six plus different directions at the same time). The difficulties consist of 1 bomb, 2 bombs, or 5 bombs (being the hardest mode). Here’s a bit more explanation below.

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Caitlyn and Urgot New Splash Arts, New Jungle Item, and Other Changes

Updated 06.27.2014


New Urgot Splash
Caitlyn New Splash

Urgot is finally getting some love. There’s a new splash art of him on . Future TU/VU? His gameplay rework is still up for discussion, especially his ult and tank/adc roles. He’s a main adc of mine and I hope the core of who he is (ugly, crab-like, Frankenstein experiment) isn’t scrapped for something more norm. Having him full adc wouldn’t be a bad idea though. Now drool over his awesome pose and cannon.

*UPDATE Caitlyn has received a new splash art as well!

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4.10 Patch, New Skins, Summoner’s Rift VU, and more!

World Cup Skins

Patch 4.10 comes with some major gameplay changes and adding new content, which includes new skins for Draven, Lucian, Alistar, Maokai, Gragas, and Twisted Fate. Heimerdinger and Vladimir are also getting new skins! I’ve condensed a summary of information for upcoming changes on League of Legends.


Update: Patch 4.10  Live!

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