The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer, New Movie Posters

The Walking Dead

The season 5 of The Walking Dead looks bigger and crazier than before. We last left off with Rick and the gang being held inside a cart in Terminus. Next season they will leave Terminus as they struggle to reach Washington in the hopes to find a cure to the virus. And yes, Beth is still alive.

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It’s Not a Bird (“Man of Steel” Mini-review Rant)


I just got back from watching Man of Steel, the Superman reboot directed by Zack Snyder. “Oh no, it’s that guy who directed Sucker Punch! This will be the worst film ever!” Attach Christopher Nolan to it and you’ve got fanboys praising the trailers from all corners. But I’m not writing this to bash Man of Steel or Zack Snyder. In fact, I’ve enjoyed every single one of his movies while other people haven’t (high five!). Maybe that’s part of the reason why the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes aren’t so forgiving to even the mightiest superhero of all time (Zack Snyder).

I will retaliate by saying that most of the negative reviews are garbage, with some valid points; but their validity just comes from the viewpoints of the critics themselves, which aren’t known to be neutral when it comes to films. I am not talking from the standpoint of a fanboy, but as an audience member who quite enjoyed the film and got out of it more than these critics did and don’t regret wasting money and time on watching it.

Here are some points on how Man of Steel actually works and is worth seeing.


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tick Tock

Catching Fire


So I sat through hours of this excuse for an awards show. Yes, I am talking about the MTV Movie Awards. And yes, that TV network founded on music which rarely, and I mean rarely, airs any music. Woah! Well, my back was against the TV as I waited for them to finally show the Catching Fire teaser trailer. After dreadful hours of awkward, sexual and just plain horrific “jokes” and pathetic nomination categories, the trailer was shown. Here it is in all its glory! Though it’s just a teaser, where we don’t get a glimpse at the new arena. Instead, the trailer shows us that the film highlights a lot of what the third book is about: the rebellion and imminent war. If you can’t wait until November, read the books (recycled advice)! The second one might be my favorite, since the arena is so awesome. Now excuse me as I fangirl over a series that I quite enjoy and you should too (instead of the other crap).

Head on over to The Hunger Games Explorer website for more exclusive looks.


Curiosity Kills (Evil Dead Mini-review)

Evil Dead 8

It’s Evil Dead weekend!! If you were as excited as I was before release, you’ve seen it already. Reviews are mostly positive, though many loyals are bitter about remakes. Who wouldn’t when your favorite horror film is up for slaughter? So now, was this film worth the wait and pleased our need for a good horror flick (for once)? I’ll break it down.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Starring Emma Stone (“Gangster Squad” mini-mini movie review)

Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad is an action crime film starring Josh Brolin, Sean PennEmma StoneRyan Gosling, among others. Originally set for a September 7, 2012 release, the film was moved to 2013 in wake of the Aurora movie theater shooting.

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Portal’s GLaDOS Moves To The Big Screen


If you haven’t yet, check this out! The long awaited trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. It’s somewhat of a cross between Godzilla, Power Rangers, Cloverfield, Transformers, Evangelion and… PortalEllen McLain, the voice of Portal and Portal 2’s GLaDOS, voices an AI in the movie, but is that the end of the story? As you can see in the trailer, well actually hear, the AI sounds exactly like GLaDOS. Is this an homage to the villainous and famous character? Also, as narrated at the start of the trailer: “A portal between dimensions in the Pacific Ocean.” PORTAL. The aliens and giant robots movie might have the voice of Portal’s primary character (the exact same one), but how cool would it be if there was a cameo by GLaDOS herself? Hey, this could be a sort of prequel to the Portal and Half-Life universe. Only us gamers can dream, right? On the upside, the film looks like fun and Guillermo del Toro is a great director. Catch the trailer if you haven’t yet! Pacific Rim is slated for July 12, 2013.