Be My Princess for GREE, the English-language version of the Japanese game which won the top prize at the 2011 GREE Platform Awards in the “Romance” category in Japan, is a social otome game by mobile otome game developer Voltage Inc. released on the GREE social platform, which is an international mobile social gaming network. Be My Princess for GREE was the first English game on the GREE platform released by Voltage Inc., and it was soon followed by My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE and Celebrity Darling for GREE. It was released back in July 2012, and I have been playing it since then.

In each event, with the exception of the first few, I have attempted, succeeded, and continue to attempt to fullcomp all events and routes as well as post information on each event.

I usually take requests on event route summaries since, as they are only one- and limited-time stories, there are some who do not get the chance to read every story or every ending. Although I am open for such requests, I am currently unable to post them in a short amount of time, so please be patient.

I am open to taking any questions regarding Be My Princess for GREE and its events, though you should be aware that I am not an expert on the GREE platform nor am I a spokesperson for Voltage Inc.. I will be happy to assist you in the best way possible, but also do keep in mind that there are some things that I cannot answer for reasons other than my lack of knowledge, so please respect that. If I am unable to help you, you can always try contacting Voltage Inc. (GREE section) for help and guidance.