Voltage Inc. Facebook Fan Misconceptions (From What I’ve Seen)

I’ve been lurking around the Voltage Inc. Facebook page for some time now, but every now and then I come across fans spreading or giving false information when it comes to troubleshooting and releases, whether they know it or not. In light of that, I thought I would at least get some of the information corrected here since I don’t have a Facebook account to actually reply with. And since the info is different and not fitting of the FAQ post, here it is in its own. There are very few since I can only remember a few, but I might add more as they come or as I see them.

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Raise Those Dongers

Updated 03.06.2014


Heimerdinger New Splash



Heimerdinger has received a Visual Update, and it’s on PBE. He looks like a completely different champ, especially on his base skin. I’d say it looks better than all of his other skins. Screenshots below. Varus is also getting a new skin, Arctic Ops Varus.

*Post will be updated frequently for 1 week+, depending on content being released/leaks.

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Be My Princess for GREE Valentine’s Event 2014: What We Already Know

Update: For those looking for information about the Valentine’s Event, I made a new post: Be My Princess for GREE ~Valentine’s Event 2014 Info~.


Sooooo a couple of events were skipped, but that doesn’t really bother me. I was really enjoying the break in events we were getting! Unfortunately for me, I might have to take another hiatus really soon, so I thought I’d get this at least posted as soon as possible. The clock is pretty much ticking for me at this point!

Anyways, here you go!

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Top 30 Music Videos of 2013


Top 30 Banner

It’s that time of year again (holy sh**)! I’ve garnered the best music videos of 2013, according to ME. Below is a slideshow (it’s on auto, sorry D:) displaying the countdown. It’s a mix of mainstream and underrated artists that you might have missed this year. I probably forgot some, but I don’t want to make this list longer than it already is. And I have bad memory.

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Be My Princess for GREE Christmas 2013 Event: What We Already Know

Update: For those looking for information about the Christmas Event, I made a new post: Be My Princess for GREE ~Christmas 2013 Event Info~.


“Merry Christmas★making memories of the sweet Christmas dating with your love!”

So despite the fact that we’re no longer on Hiatus, I still haven’t been able to post anything since I’ve got something taking up my time. But since the Christmas event starts tomorrow, I thought I’d squeeze this in! I’m also a bit rusty, so please let me know if there are any mistakes!

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Meanwhile at Noob Central #4: Happy Late Birthday!

Today marks NooBabble’s first birthday!

Okay, so we still can’t believe it’s been a year. Just the idea of doing a group blog feels like we came up with it only a few months ago! We would have done a Giveaway, but the date really caught us off guard. We’ll see if we can think of something, though!

We’re still on a bit of Hiatus, but hopefully it won’t last much longer.

I myself will hopefully get back to that Secret Escape T&R when I can.

We’ve decided that it’s been too long since we’ve typed up anything, so we are officially off Hiatus!

Again, thank you to all our readers and visitors from the NooBabble team!


Birthday Portal Cake

Like Shabby said, congrats NooBabble! *cheers Alright, I will be doing the giveaway! Don’t have the details yet, however I will create a new post later on and open up the Giveaway page which will be up on top of the blog (menu). I am thinking of giving away League RP or a Steam game! So congrats to us and congrats to our readers. Thank you so much for visiting this blog every day. We do apologize for not posting much anymore, but that will change. We’re just going to think of more ways to keep content fresh and come up with random ideas to post on here. WINTER is coming and the Steam WINTER sale is coming! I promise to have a giveaway next month as well! Also, we’ll try to post more on our Tumblr blog; it’s somewhat new. I will also post giveaway options on there and random gifs/pics. Follow HERE.

AGAIN, thank you guys so much for sticking with us for 1 whole year! Whooo!


Meanwhile at Noob Central… #3


It’s been really quiet on the blog lately, but we’re not dead.

However, we’re going to have to announce a Hiatus for the time being. Each of us has something at the moment that’s taking up most, if not all, of our time and energy, and as much as we’d like to put as much effort into the blog, we are unable to right now.

We’ll still be around, kind of. Unfortunately, we don’t know how long this hiatus will last. I might post another Noob Central post when we’re back at it, or we might just continue posting as if the hiatus never happened.

This blog isn’t dying, so no need to worry about that. Slow? Sure! Dying? Nah. If Voltage Inc. releases this year’s Halloween Event in Be My Princess for GREE before I come back from hiatus, I will do what I can to get that info post up. Other than that, all other posts have been put on hold.

I don’t know about the other two, but I’m still open for taking route requests even if I never got the list of routes posted. It’ll at least give me something to get my mind off things once my business is over other than the Secret Escape T&R that I have in Drafts.

Thanks for sticking with us this far, and I hope we can get back on our feet and continue where we left off!