Sailor Moon Crystal Is Here And It Doesn’t Disappoint

Sailor Moon Crystal

The long awaited Sailor Moon reboot Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is finally out! I gotta admit, I haven’t watched the original in a long… long time. Therefore, from my perspective, I’m viewing this as part of the new audience.

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In the Land of Skanks and Whores

miley stahp

Ah, the MTV Video Music Awards. A star-studded night with spectacular lights and trophies given out to recognize artists picked out by screaming little girls and boys via mouse click and screen thumb-smashing. Wait! You mean there’s an awards show for music on a TV network that ignores the fact that it (music) actually exists?! But I thought MTV was another reality show filled TLC? That’s exactly what it is, but every year they feel the need to try and honor music and movies (separate events); seriously, who would feel honored grabbing a moon man or popcorn trophy by such network? And the performers? Mostly compiled of a let’s-see-who-can-shock-the-world-most type of show.

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I am currently in the process of binge-watching many shows that I’ve missed (never really gained interest in them at first glance). Currently on my plate are Bones (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE), Revenge, House of Cards, Sherlock (BBC), The Americans, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Spartacus and in the future, White Collar and Justified. I’ve added so many shows to my lineup while I’m trying to keep up with shows that I’m on par with. I’m behind two episodes on Defiance! And it doesn’t help that Netflix and Hulu+, and now Amazon Instant, are begging for me to binge-watch many shows that I’ve researched and grown an interest with. Recently though, Netflix broke on me. What did I do?? It stopped working for my Xbox and PC. ;-; Yet my nephew was watching his cartoons on his iPad. H4x? Maybe. No worries, it is now fixed and I’m back to my Revenge/Supernatural/Bones marathons! I’ve gained interest in Vikings (History), Da Vinci’s Demons (STARZ) and Shameless (Showtime). Any good? Hopefully I’ll get there some day… -cue in the hopeless dreaming-

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“K-Pop Tasty Road” Korean TV Show Thoughts


The two hosts of this show are NS Yoon-G & U-Kiss’s Eli. This show is basically about what the famous K-pop stars like to eat, their favorite restaurants, or just places where they like to hang out; they even discuss on how they hide relationships from the paparazzi. But, sad to say that there are only 8 episodes :(. Hopefully they make another season of this show because I can’t get enough of it! I want to learn more!

So within this show, Eli & Yoon-G, aside from showing their favorite restaurants, they also explain how healthy the food is for you. While they’re doing this, they play mini games and whoever wins gets a special treat, like food or a body massage.

I would recommend this show for noobie K-pop fans out there because you will learn a lot from it; you even get to see the silly sides of Eli & Yoon-G.


Ew, A New Author!

We have a new author on NooBabble!! We finally convinced our friend to get on and start posting on whatever the heck she wants. And that includes Asian entertainment, mostly Korean (dramas and music). So it might feel like the blog is going Asian-only, but don’t worry, I’m still here! <—-*

*Shabby: UHM!? HELLO!? Do I not count yet!? ಠ_______ಠ