Voltage Inc. to Update Love Letter From Thief X to the New UI

Well, it looks like Love Letter From Thief X will be following the shoes of In Your Arms Tonight, My Forged Wedding, and Be My Princess as Voltage Inc. is finally going to update Love Letter From Thief X to the new UI!

Fans have been waiting for it for some time now, and some have even worried that it would fall in the same status of Pirates in Love and Seduced in the Sleepless City, two games that still use the old UI and whose update statuses have pretty much been dropped.

Though Voltage Inc. is currently in the process of preparing everything for the update, there has yet to be any indication of a release date. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for any announcements! Who knows? We might be hearing something from them soon enough!

Voltage Inc. To Release First Love Diaries – A Kiss on the Beach In August

Update: Info added.

“Today, I got a boyfriend. ”
It’s the spring of your junior year.
A boy you know just asked you to go out with him… and suddenly you’ve got your first ever boyfriend!
But many more firsts are just around the corner…


Earlier today, Voltage Inc. announced that First Love Diaries – A Kiss on the Beach is coming next month!

Since I already made the previous post, I’m not going to repeat myself.

I am feeling rather generous, though, so here’s a peek at Nao’s (repeat) and now Yuya’s in-game character info!

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Voltage Inc. To Release Shonan Hatsukare Diary (湘南★初カレDiary) In English

Update 7/25: Official English title and release announced.


Though there has yet to be an official announcement, I have a source telling me that not only has Voltage Inc. confirmed that they will be bringing over Shonan Hatsukare Diary for the English market during this past Anime Expo, but that they have already started getting it ready for its release.

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T&R: My Forged Wedding: PARTY ~My Social Gaming Nightmare~


Shameless plug: My Invite Code is e80e2163

On June 23rd, Voltage Inc. released the app My Forged Wedding: PARTY,  the social game version of the original My Forged Wedding game. As with any of Voltage Inc.’s social games, the story is a free, alternate version of the original, allowing you to make friends that will help you in your story progress and dress up your own avatar and avatar room. To answer what others have asked: Yes, this is the “GREE” version of the game.

But unlike the first three social games that we were given on the GREE platform, Voltage Inc. has decided to go a different route with how we play the new PARTY series.

And it is my social gaming nightmare.

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Voltage Inc. Holding Its Third Story Writing and Illustration Contest

Voltage Inc. has announced that it will be holding “The Third Annual Story Writing and Illustration Contest for Romance Apps”, with entries being accepted from July 1st to September 30th 2014 and the total prize amounting to around $26,000.

As stated on the English page of the contest,

 “This contest is a project to search out new talent with the aim of finding and giving support to the next generation of excellent story writers and illustrators.”

Like last year, the contest is also open for international submissions. Unlike last year, however, Voltage Inc. has opened up the writing category for international submissions for their North American subsidiary, Voltage Entertainment USA Inc., thanks to the greater than expected response that they received.

Unfortunately, those entering into the writing category will not be considered for the parent branch’s Japanese games.

The contest is open to professionals and amateurs, and the deadline is midnight on September 30, 2014.

The winners and awards will be announced in December and the winners will be contacted at the e-mail address submitted with the entries. The latest information concerning the prize will be announced on the same link.

And, for those curious, you can see last year’s illustration winners here and the scenario winner’s here (Japanese only).

If you decide to enter this year’s contest, I wish you the best of luck!


Voltage Inc. To Be At Anime Expo 2014

As it’s been announced before, Voltage Inc. will have a booth at Anime Expo next month from July 3rd to July 6th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California.

While I didn’t plan on making a post about it, I recently came across some information on what exactly Voltage Inc. will have at their booth. Here’s what to look forward to:

  • The booth will be themed around Enchanted in the Moonlight, decorated to reflect a traditional Japanese atmosphere and the world of the game.
  • There will be a spot where you can take photos with ikemen models dressed as the characters in the game (I think they’ll be Miyabi and Chikage).
  • You can play an on-site trial of Enchanted in the Moonlight, Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Our Two Bedroom Story, and My Forged Wedding.
  • Planned, venue-limited mini-poster and sticker giveaways.

If I had known that Voltage Inc. would have a booth there much, much sooner, I might have been able to save up enough money to go! Unfortunately for me, the amount of time between me finding out Voltage Inc. would be there (before they made an official announcement about it) and the date of the convention wouldn’t have given me enough time to even afford the plane ticket to get there, nevermind the accommodations, entrance tickets, and spending money! I do have a friend going who was kind enough to take pictures for me and offer to buy things and look around the Voltage Inc. booth for me, and I am forever grateful to her!

If you’re going to Anime Expo 2014, have fun and stop by the booth! And don’t forget to keep an eye on Voltage Inc.’s Official Facebook Page for exact giveaway times!

Voltage Inc. To Release PARTY Series Beginning With My Forged Wedding: PARTY

6/23/14 Update: My Forged Wedding PARTY is now available for both Android and iOS! Happy playing!

One day, you’re just hanging out at your uncle’s bar…and the next, you’re in a fake marriage with an attractive guy you just met?!

It doesn’t just happen in the movies, you know!

Choose your favorite from a unique cast of characters, then create your own avatar, collect fashions, and decorate your new home with adorable interiors as your love story with your new husband unfolds…

Can true love start as a lie?

Find out in My Forged Wedding: PARTY, a new social app experience from Voltage, Inc.

So it looks like we weren’t too far off the mark when it came to a My Forged Wedding social game, but that doesn’t mean I’m very happy about it. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to post this or not, but screw it.

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Voltage Inc.’s New Game Revealed: Enchanted In The Moonlight

6/23/14 Update: Enchanted in the Moonlight is now available for both Android and iOS! Happy playing!


And we’re back with another not-so-faithful-to-the-original title!

Is he only after my power?
Or is this love real…?
You live a normal life until the day you’re attacked by otherworldly ayakashi,
intent on stealing the special power you were born with.
Your saviors also happen to be ayakashi, five very handsome ones!

“We’ll protect you, human.
But in return… You must offer your power to one of us.”



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