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Hello guys! So I have a little secret: I’m not a pro at writing, so when I write my thoughts in my posts, Elu has to help me review it and fix my mistakes. I’m thankful that he’s helping me!

I’ve decided on my next posts, I’ll be making videos on my thoughts instead, with only my voice and fun editing.

So, look forward to my next post and hopefully you guys will like it. :3

Bye guys!!

VIXX “Hyde” M/V Thoughts


Video released May 19.

 When the video starts, it has a dark feeling. As Ravi jumps in, the music begins. You see the group members come out with a girl and they’re all wearing white clothing . They seem happy and enjoying life and later on as you go further into the video you see a different side to them as you can tell by the dark make up and black clothing. While the darker side gets close to the woman, they end up being mean to her. They push, choke, (ha) ignore and, oddly stalk her and attempt to grab her at a far distance…

When Ravi’s solo part comes to an end, that’s when the magic begins! During the processes of  torturing the poor girl, they grow out their dark angel wings (oh yeah, they have wings) one by one and the video ends.

The meaning of this video is “VIXX” who are like Jekyll & Hyde but, instead of the story, we know they are waking up as as demons; and “‘Hyde” is about a man who has inner duality (good and evil), turning into a demon due to a hurt of love. Well, we all know why they were hurt: because they were all dating the same girl duh “you stupid b….”  (what? o_O) any who… (ha)

I loved this music video;  I’m at a loss for words about it, as I always am for many m/v’s. I do recommend you guys to go watch the music video and to be cautious because there are a few bugs shots. If you don’t like gross bugs, trust me, you can overcome those scenes for the rest of the video. Watch it below!


G-Dragon “MichiGo M/V” Thoughts


MichiGO was released April 20. Okay so where do I start?… In the beginning of the music video, you see G-Dragon walk into a train where you see people wearing these weird looking masks. If I were him, I would’ve been like, “O.o WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE!?” and run around in circles (lol). Well after that he just sits there and reads a book. If you look closely at the book, you can see that it is a biography of “BIG BANG” which G-Dragon himself is is part of.  (smh) aish GD why you no read another book (lol).

When the beat of the music kicks in, he changes outfits and almost looks like a character from Naruto.  And now the fun begins. Him and the masked people start to dance. While they’re dancing, GD decides to sit on a small stuffed elephant and plays with its nose… Really GD? We all know what you’re implying there you nasty!!! Still, I love you though (ha). I find this music video to be a lot different from his previous videos that he’s released, i.e “One of a Kind” and “Crayon.” I feel like GD was taking this video to another level, like how PSY is silly in his videos, though it wasn’t really funny. Well, except for the part where he’s taking a piss and getting spanked by his so’ called parents (hee). That part made me ROFL so hard that I couldn’t take it. Oh by the way, he looks damn good in leather ha.

But all in all, I enjoyed the video and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

By the way, sorry for the late post.  😦


“Psy- Gentleman” M/V Thoughts



Psy’s follow-up single (to “Gangnam Style”) was released April 12 and is already the top downloaded song in South Korea. The music video was recently released as well (April 13). To describe it in one phrase: “Wow Psy!” You released a single and music video to it in just two days! That’s the fastest I have ever seen or even heard of in the music industry… or maybe there have been similar instances, I’ve just never noticed (ha).

In the song, Psy decided to add some techno and I have to say that it’s different for me and I’m just lost for words. It is amazing and I love it but, later in it you hear, “Mother Father Gentleman,” instead of the f-word. It’s catchy and I can’t stop saying it! Even within the video, he’s basically a gentleman but, a big of a troll/jerk gentleman (ha). He’s pretty much trolling every female he comes across and although I felt bad for the girls, there was one that I didn’t mind his trolling towards; instead, they go on a date and eat very provocatively and yet it was funny… well only Psy, the girl just looks… hmm, not gonna say… ha.

The dance in the chorus originates from the girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra,” also know as the hip-thrusting motion, which is very popular in a lot of K-pop girl groups. I’m kind of getting tired of this dance move but, in this case, I’m fine with it since it’s Psy and he’s hilarious.


“K-Pop Tasty Road” Korean TV Show Thoughts


The two hosts of this show are NS Yoon-G & U-Kiss’s Eli. This show is basically about what the famous K-pop stars like to eat, their favorite restaurants, or just places where they like to hang out; they even discuss on how they hide relationships from the paparazzi. But, sad to say that there are only 8 episodes :(. Hopefully they make another season of this show because I can’t get enough of it! I want to learn more!

So within this show, Eli & Yoon-G, aside from showing their favorite restaurants, they also explain how healthy the food is for you. While they’re doing this, they play mini games and whoever wins gets a special treat, like food or a body massage.

I would recommend this show for noobie K-pop fans out there because you will learn a lot from it; you even get to see the silly sides of Eli & Yoon-G.


VIXX “On & On” M/V thoughts



I love VIXX’s music videos/songs! They are always so colorful & they cheer me up. Their latest music video, “On & On,” was released March 17 & I’m amazed by it. It’s not as colorful as their other videos, which are mostly video game themed, as it has more of a dark/Gothic  tone.  The video did confuse me a bit though; in the beginning you see three women in some army uniforms and there’s a war going on. Alright, so at this point I’m thinking, “VIXX is at war with these women,” and they’ve been captured but, I was wrong. They, the women, are supposed to be their powerful weapons who are supposed to go and save a woman, who I think was kidnapped and tied down to a tree on a different planet. So basically, this video is a find & rescue video. When they finally land on the planet, the same woman who was supposed to be tied up mysteriously starts to rub Ken’s face as if he’s her lost child; and by the end, they’re just there, together with that woman. So, I didn’t really understand what the video was trying to portray.

Other than trying to figure out what this video was trying to do, I did in fact love their outfits throughout the whole thing. My favorite would have to be the one where it looks like they’re in a snowy place. I even like the light-up glasses they had on. Freaking awesome! I fell in love with the makeup and even the white contact lenses. The perfect fit for this dark music video.

The dance moves were okay. There was a certain part of the dance where it looked like they were zombies shaking their butts (ha), which I found quite funny. At the end of them zombie moves, they would put their hands on their chests and then act like they had invisible breasts and rubbed themselves, which freak me out just a little (okay, I loved it).