Voltage Inc. to Update Love Letter From Thief X to the New UI

Well, it looks like Love Letter From Thief X will be following the shoes of In Your Arms Tonight, My Forged Wedding, and Be My Princess as Voltage Inc. is finally going to update Love Letter From Thief X to the new UI!

Fans have been waiting for it for some time now, and some have even worried that it would fall in the same status of Pirates in Love and Seduced in the Sleepless City, two games that still use the old UI and whose update statuses have pretty much been dropped.

Though Voltage Inc. is currently in the process of preparing everything for the update, there has yet to be any indication of a release date. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for any announcements! Who knows? We might be hearing something from them soon enough!

6 thoughts on “Voltage Inc. to Update Love Letter From Thief X to the New UI

  1. So it mean both Yuki and Kujou(?) brothers route will be released soon ? :o, but I’m pretty surprised that they really take a very long time just to change the GUI –” and if I’m not mistaken, both AKD and KOR (which already in newer GUI) are also cancelled ? and it’s true that both OS and bmp season 1 won’t get any update again ? o___o what will happen to the honey kiss christmas spin off for bmp season 1..

    Have you seen the outrage about Ivan and Akito route ? Like you see today Soji route is the one they released, and people already whining and threatening voltage if they didn’t release Ivan and Akito route within this week they’re going to boycott…seriously, it is just me but most of the newer fans is a lot more entitled compared to the older fans ? and I remember some people said that they want voltage to skip oliver’s route so Ivan route can be released faster -_____-” I’m not surprised we’re going to see any outrage when yukinojo / kevin / max route is announced lol.

    • I think so? I haven’t heard anything else about them, though, but there might be a high chance of it. Same! The other three games made the switch pretty close to each other, so it’s a surprise that LLFTX took so long. Yeah, AKD and KOR are still cancelled. OS pretty much since there hasn’t been an update for it in the Japanese version, and we’ve already caught up with them. I saw someone on the FB say that we were fully caught up with BMP , which we’re not. We still need that Honey Kiss one, but I haven’t seen anything about its release yet. I’m hoping we’ll still get it. I’m still pretty sad about not getting anymore updates for the Season 1 boys :c

      I haven’t yet. Dude, wtf??? That’s completely ridiculous and awful! I don’t know when Akito is supposed to be released, but Ivan’s Main Story is scheduled to be released today or tomorrow and his Sequel two weeks after around the 22nd. He was never going to be released any sooner (queue me laughing at the people demanding he be released on the 1st), so wtf??? Soji being released first shouldn’t even be a surprise because Voltage has already made it clear that the order on the Library isn’t the set-in-stone order that the stories will be released. Ugh, I hate the entitlement that those fans have. I can’t believe they’d have the audacity to threaten boycotting when doing so will also hurt the players if Voltage can’t make the money to support the English branch because entitled little brats are mad that they didn’t get what they wanted. I’m so sick of it. = =

      • Speaking of LLFTX…I just recently read in some Japanese BBS that voltage decide to cancelled LLFTX starting this month o___o, and the weird thing is, both takuto and yuki is getting at top 10 in the character award last month…I already seen lots of fans already crying ^^; since they’re have been waiting for Yuki’s wedding sequel and voltage decide to cancelled it halfway…so true about bmp 1 =x, and yet the gree version is still active and now they’re just released zain’s main story (along with more sprites compared to the app version -__-).

        Yeah, I remember seeing one girl pissed of when voltage released the spin off for msb and ctc lol, and said “it’s already 6 August, where is Ivan and Akito ??” wow, they seriously should be worried when both of the routes hasn’t released at 31 August…I know that they’re already waiting for quite time now, but seriously it’s getting annoying and there’s one girl who said that she has a right to whining orz…

      • Oh what, really? That really is strange considering it looks to still be really popular in Japan. Then again, Wilfred was put in for voting, too. I can’t help but wonder why they bother putting them in for voting if they aren’t even going to keep updating the games anymore. I SAW THAT. I feel really sad that I won’t get to play it in English, though. I wonder if the direction they went with in Zen’s story is supposed to be what they had planned for his story in the original? Considering that there are similar things in the stories between the GREE and app version, it would kind of fill the big question mark the app version left for him. I’m happy that there are still stories being released for BMP even if it is on GREE, but I would still really rather have them on the app version. I guess Japanese players really like those social games a lot?

        Oh gosh. I remember seeing one saying, “It’s already August, where is Ivan?” on the 1st. Seriously??? He’s got a whole lineup of stories before him and she expects him to be released on the first day? Exactly! Even if Ivan didn’t already have a set release date, there’s still no reason to expect him to be released so soon in the month. The release schedule is just for reference! There’s a reason Voltage doesn’t officially announce exact days of release. It’s ridiculous how much these people will overreact.

  2. Yeah it’s pretty weird that LLFTX suddenly getting cancelled .___. I’m still looking forward to Yuki’s wedding but oh well I guess it’s just a wishful thinking…yeah, and also there’s indication that he’s a prince too ? I’m still want to know what’s relation between him and yakov…and also, his birthday also revealed (30 May ?) hmmm, I’m not surprised that most of the gree material is actually planned for the app version first, but since the writer is already resigned they decide to put it to gree version ^^;

    WTF ?? it just 1st August and someone has asking like that ?? seriously some people are really need to be very patient when it’s come to waiting for the update, we really can’t expect voltage to release everything in one day, there’s a process either for proofreading or programming orz. I prefer if voltage release a route pretty late but we didn’t get any bug or whatnot.

    • Ah well. It would have been nice if they didn’t cancel it right in the middle like they did with OS. Yeah, I didn’t get the chance to read it, but I saw his image with the word “prince” on it from the intro. Maybe if it was in the app version, it would have something to do with who Zen is in relation to Lord Nobel? His story ended with that as a big question mark. Oh, does he have some relation with Yakov? Same. The GREE stories seem to be different enough o be new, but still be similar to the app version. It wouldn’t be weird for them to use the GREE writer to get out what was planned for Zen. I want to say I’m hoping they do the same for the Butlers, but the story would be way too different to feel like a replacement for the app version….

      Yup. And it was in the early hours of the day, around 3AM-6AM my time. I had to pause for a moment to make sure that I had actually seen that because really???? Exactly! I’ve said it before, too, I’d rather they release stories late than have them full of bugs and typos. I can’t imagine how these people would react if we were back when Voltage only had two-three games released. It’s completely ridiculous.

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