Dunkmaster Darius

Dunkmaster Splash ConceptDarius‘ legendary skin Dunkmaster was previewed during Final Cup. Here are a couple of screenshots from the stream.

Which sound effects have been implemented? Background sounds and special music for crippling strike.

What has been the biggest challenge? Managing to get these sounds in such a short time.

Other challenges? Creating a silhouette that causes impact, different from the original while being recognizable. 

Which animations does this new skin have? Everything completely new! Various turns. Recalling, etc.

Important aspects: Shoulders, axe and cape.

Type of skin? Legendary skin priced at 1820 RP.

DMD Preview 1 DMD Preview 2 DMD Preview 3 DMD Preview 4 DMD Preview  EDMD Preview Q  DMD Preview W Noxian GuillotineDMD Preview rip annie

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