Soulstealer Vladimir

Soulstealer Vlad Splash Art

NOW AVAILABLE 975 RP (limited time); after, 1350 RP

Vladimir‘s upcoming skin Soulstealer has been on PBE for a while now and his splash art was recently released. Here’s a closer look at his gameplay (not on Summoner’s Rift VU, since it was taken down from PBE :[ ).


Soulstealer Vladimir – 1350 RP

Soulstealer Vlad Loading

SS Vlad Poses

Vlad 1 Vlad 2 Vlad 3 Vlad E Vlad Recall 1 Vlad Recall 2 Vlad Ult 1 Vlad Ult 2 Vlad W 2 Vlad W

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