Voltage Inc.’s New Game To Be Released Is…

*Update 6/8/14: Game revealed!

If you haven’t already noticed in the My Forged Wedding, Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, and Metro PD: Close to You games, Voltage Inc. has been hinting at a new game soon to be released.

Starting on May 26th, Voltage Inc. announced that the group of thieves from Love Letter From Thief X, The Black Foxes, have stolen highly classified information about the new upcoming English game, and have since released two keywords that hint at which game it will be. The three currently released keywords are “Moon”,”Light”, and “in the”, and we are currently waiting for the final keyword.

But who’s patient enough for that?

Have I got news for you! I looked into it literally almost an hour ago and discovered which game exactly is going to be released. I already posted it on Tumblr, but I thought I’d go ahead and post here, too! Though I don’t know what the English title for it will be, this is legit and I’m 100% sure that if this isn’t the game that Voltage Inc. has been hinting at, then at the very least this is confirmation that this game is coming very soon!

*Update: The final keyword has been released! The final keyword is “Enchanted”. How these keywords are related to the game still hasn’t been announced, but it seems highly likely to be part of the English title. (Though I still think another certain word would have been a better choice of terms, but I guess it’s no surprise looking back at recent English titles.)

The game is announced to have a summer release, so we’ll be seeing it pretty soon!

*End update

I’ll go ahead and put it under the cut, so if you’d like to wait it out until Voltage Inc. makes the official announcement, go ahead and skip over this. If you’re really impatient and just want to know NOW, then click away!












You can read more information on the game thanks to Riichany on tumblr who was kind enough to translate the game synopsis and character descriptions. (Be sure to thank her!)

13 thoughts on “Voltage Inc.’s New Game To Be Released Is…

  1. I’m not surprised if they end up released 妖しい instead IYAT season 2…since I already heard some rumors that IYAT season 2 will be cancelled, or for the worse already cancelled ORZ. I’m not surprised since the story for IYAT season 2 is big letdown compared to the season 1 ^^; oh, and have you see the third keyword ?

    Btw, can I ask some question from Wilfred’s GREE route ? As we know, he ask the heroine to pretending as his girlfriend for 3 month…do you remember why he ask her to be his girlfriend ? especially since he already engaged to cecil…^^;

    • Same. I did check any other possible game just in case I might be wrong, but I’m absolutely certain that it’s this one. I’m not surprised either after hearing what you said about how both IYAT Season 1 and Season 2 were taken by Japanese players. And yeah, I went ahead and added it to the post. It’s “in the”, so I’m rather curious as to how the keywords are connected to the game as “hints” and if they’ll be connected to the official English title.

      Sure! He asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend so that he could get his engagement to Cecile cancelled and end the agreement that was hurting Stephen and Cecile. He didn’t want to come between them, and I guess he believed that breaking off the engagement would give the two a chance together even if Stephen was no longer part of the Spencer family at that point. He pretty much blames himself for them not being able to be together because, as heir to the throne, Wilfred is the one that has to marry her instead of Stephen and thinks of it as “stealing what should have been theirs”, and wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he went through with it. He hates the idea that they’re bound by tradition and, having seen how Stephen and Cecile love each other, didn’t want the same to happen to the woman he might one day fall in love with.

      • It rather weird if they adding moonlight to the title ^^; but then again I’m still unsure how to translate 妖しい to English…the nearest I can think is mysterious… lol. Especially IYAT season 2, since people keep saying it’s a cheating dating game ORZ, and they haven’t released any sequel until now, which I’m not surprised it either will be getting cancelled or even already cancelled =/. And as for IYAT season 1, they probably will be cancelled after the wedding sequel completed ^^;

        Thanks for the explanation ! I actually always have a soft spot for Cecile lol, she’s really nice girl and always supporting the heroine relationship, that’s why I want her to be happy in the end T^T. And also, do you find it’s weird that bmp season 1 will released both Roberto’s and Keith’s birthday stories ? since If I’m not mistaken, Roberto birthday is at October and Keith is at February…o___o

      • I thought so, too. But then again, when you look back on the most recent English game releases and the change in titles they got, it’s not as surprising. Yeah, the other translations I found for 妖しい didn’t seem to fit with the game, so I thought “mysterious” would be the closest to it. Ah, I see. Can you let me know if you hear if either of them have been cancelled? I haven’t seen anything yet on it, but I’ll add them to the list once I do.

        You’re welcome! Same! She’s so kind and sweet, I really don’t want anything bad to happen to her ;____;. I saw that! I thought it was weird, too! It really took me by surprise because Keith’s birthday already passed and Roberto’s isn’t even close yet ヽ(。_゜)ノ I’m rather curious as to why they got scheduled like that, but I doubt we’ll find out….

  2. sure, I will inform you again if I already get any confirmation ^^; and I also start to suspecting that both IYAT and hatsukare probably will be getting cancelled in near future especially since both the series didn’t participate in this year election =/, but SND also didn’t participate…the weird thing is, even though bmp season 1 already cancelled, but wilfred still participate in the election @___@, I don’t know who going to write his story though lol.

    Do you know whether those stories will be released this month or next month ? since they actually should release Glenn’s birthday story first before those two…I’m suspecting they’re going to stopping the update in this year for the English version too ;____;

    • Thanks! Agh, hearing that Hatsukare might be getting cancelled again kind of defeats any reason to port older games, as I see it, which is a real shame because I would have loved to see a lot of the older games get a chance to continue ;_____;. Didn’t SND just have an update not too long ago? Oh what? I guess he’s too popular for Voltage to let go of even if the main writer is gone? Maybe a ghost writer will do it?

      I have no idea. The news page doesn’t give a date, and neither of them are showing up for the first half of June releases. I want to say next month, but, looking back on past releases, I have a feeling at least one of them will be released later this month. Yeah, I would have expected Glenn’s to be released instead, but ???. Oh no what? I hope they don’t! Of the few Voltage games I’ve played, it’s one of the only two that I’m most attached to! I want to at least be able to play it until the end, even if it’s just Sub Stories! ;___________;

      • Same, I don’t see any point to released it if they cancel it again in the future -__-. Yeah, that’s pretty weird to see SND didn’t join the election for this year…but there’s possibility that SND sales is not good compared to the other apps…Ugh, I hope his election story is still good even though they end up using ghost writer or what…I just hope they don’t use GREE writer since I didn’t like how she screwed up most of the character -_-.

        I seriously hope they will released all the sub stories for the English version ;___; I know that November / December is still long way, but they should release the Christmas special ORZ.

      • It’s a shame, though, because I was really hoping that Hatsukare being ported meant that we might be able to get older games ported. What I would give for a chance to play some of the older games ;____;. I wonder if SND really isn’t doing well enough to be in the election, though, even if it is still getting updates. Same. The original writing was really good, I just hope that the new writer is up to par. Oh gosh, I didn’t even think of that! I really hope they don’t use the GREE writer! It would be really nice to hear that the original writer will at least write his election story even if she doesn’t work for Voltage anymore, but that’d just be wishful thinking ;____;.

        Ugh, me, too! Especially the Christmas special! Aaaaaahhhhhh I have a mighty need for more Butler routes, even if they’re short! ;________________;

  3. Yeah, it’s rather weird for them to release hatsukare and only port some stories and decide to neglect it .________. I’m pretty surprised to see the election for this year lol, since the theme is more random compared to the last year and 2012 election ^^; I don’t think I want to participate, since we already know who going to be the no 1 *shrug* I don’t even want to think if they use the GREE writer, we either end up with immature heroine or even worse a misunderstanding story ORZ, I prefer if they use the season 2 writer instead if they can’t use the original writer -__-”

    I feel ya ^^; I’m still pissed off when they didn’t release sub story 執事シチュエーション、恋のメモリアル and あなたの卒業….especially the last one, since I heard the story and the CG is pretty good T^T

    and since they’re already released all the keyword, why I get the feeling the new game will be titled as “Enchanted in the Moon Light” ? sounds pretty cheesy actually…

    • Oh really? What were the themes for the past years? What about this one? I don’t have much access to how the election works other than some old twitter icons from the 2012 election OTL. Pretty much. It would be nice to see someone else unexpected to win. It would at least give us some variety. I know, I’d really hate to see a GREE story in the app version. It’s tiring enough there as it is. Ooooh, that would be a better idea! At least we’d know that the story would be good!

      Waaahhh if only! Agh, it really disappoints me that we won’t be able to see those in the app version. I really wish there was a way to access the monthly version even if it’s just for those stories. If Voltage won’t release those for the app version, it would be worth it to me ;A;

      LOL I thought the same thing. Cheesy, yeah, but some of the other releases have pretty cheesy/weird sounding titles (I’m looking at you, SND).

      • Hmm, for 2012 is host club, last year is hospitality…I’m pretty unsure about this year since they start the election at 17 June ^^; LOL I even already predicted which characters that will get in top 5 haha…I’m still wish to see any new characters end up in no 1 position =/. Same, I didn’t want to see the characterization from GREE version in app version u___u.

        I understand that monthly version is only can accessible if we have Japanese phone, but they should at least release those stories to the smartphone user…not to mention we can get the CG in higher quality -___-”

        haha, I felt the recent voltage’s game name is pretty weird lol, from our two bedroom story, kissed by the baddest bidders, and serendipity next door ^^; I prefer their old naming, like a knight’s devotion or love letter from thief x, since it’s more closer to the Japanese title 😡 I actually still iffy with title “be my princess” since I prefer a prince’s proposal haha ^^;

      • That’s… strange. I guess fans are just voting for their favorite characters instead of taking the theme into consideration? That really kind of defeats the purpose of themes if fans are just going to ignore them….

        Yup. As far as I know, you need a DoCoMo account to access the monthly version. Which you need a Japanese phone to get. Which you need to be a proper resident in Japan to buy. It’s way too difficult for foreigners ; ;. Yes! And with the original portrait CG’s from the older games! -still sad about BMP2-

        Same. I have no idea what they were thinking when they decided to make “original” titles. I don’t mind “Be My Princess” even if the word “princess” makes it sound a bit childish, but they can’t really be blamed on changing it since “Prince’s Proposal” was used for their experiment(?) game for Western audiences (I say “experiment” because it looks like they cancelled it not long after it was released). I’m just glad they brought over Be My Princess! I had gotten scared that we wouldn’t get 王子様のプロポーズ at all after Prince’s Proposal was released. Thank you, LLFTX, for giving me hope!

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