T&R: Be My Princess 2 ~Kuon J. Casiraghi~


After playing the mess that was My Sweet Bodyguard (which I will hopefully write on as well), I realized just how much I missed these types of stories!

This took me a few days to compile my thoughts and opinions, but I think this is as good as it’s going to get. I’ve decided to try an organized format for these T&R’s, so hopefully this helps me convey my thoughts and feelings better than my first try as well as keeping it short and brief so that I don’t go off on a tangent and try talking about every little thing in the route. So for now, I’ll just have sections on things I really want to talk about. If anyone has any other ideas on how I can better organize these, I’m all ears!

Two things I want to say before I begin, though:

1. It is not necessary to have played the original Be My Princess before playing Be My Princess 2.

2. Some people have been experiencing bugs since the release and there were comments that continued to voice these bugs even as I was playing. I, myself, did not experience any bugs that restricted me from playing the game or anything of the sort. I have no idea if these bugs have been fixed since then, so please do keep that in mind if you would like to play the game without any concerns or inconveniences.



The Beginning:


OK SO After I finished typing up the “summary” of the common route prologue and prepared to do the summary for Kuon’s prologue, I realized that it was just too long and wordy. So here’s the cut up Kuon-centered summary in a nutshell:

“I am here to escort you to your marriage interview. You have been selected as a potential bride for the prince.”

The story begins in Nobel Michel with our heroine, a pastry chef in training, working at Patisserie Brown when Yosef, the shop’s owner and head pastry chef, informs her that there has been a mix-up in the Nobel Michel palace’s order of flour and they never received it. The shop has been asked if they can spare some flour for the palace. At the palace, the heroine drives the truck to the delivery gate when a car pulls up. From it, Prince Kuon emerges with his butler, Kent. The heroine thinks that she’s in the way where she’s parked and begins moving the truck again, but a bag of flour falls off the back. When she makes an exclamation, she catches Prince Kuon’s attention. He walks over and helps her pick up the bag of flour. When she gives her thanks, he offers to carry the bag to the kitchen for her, but the heroine tries to respectfully decline. He says it would be his pleasure. Kent calls out to Prince Kuon and says that everyone is waiting for him, where is he going? Prince Kuon frowns and says to let them wait, he’s not going to ignore a lady in need. The heroine notices that the sides of his mouth are twitching up as if he’s enjoying himself. Kent tries to reason with the prince, but Prince Kuon tells him that he’ll be there soon, so Kent should go on ahead of him.

In the kitchen, the heroine thinks back how Prince Kuon helped carry the flour, but left as soon as they arrived in the kitchen. She meets with the head pastry chef who asks for her help. The flour incident has caused a mess in the kitchen. He asks if she can decorate a line of cakes that have been finished but still need decorating. Despite still thinking she’s only an apprentice, she tells him she will do her best! After being praised for her work on the cakes, she overhears some of the other staff talking about how the princes are here to look for brides.

After a run-in with Prince Aslan in the gardens on her way home, the head pastry chef catches up to her telling her that Prince Hayden wants to see her. In the banquet hall, Prince Hayden comes up to her and, after a few inquiries on her cake decorating, asks if she can write the instructions on how she did it so that his royal pastry chef can use it for a private ceremony. Prince Oliver makes his way to the two when Prince Hayden, holding the heroine’s hands, attracts attention. After hearing accusing remarks, Prince Oliver pulls the heroine away and out of the banquet hall, helping her escape from the menacing crowd.

On the heroine’s way out, the lights go off in the hall and spotlights are directed to a stage where the six princes are standing. Prince Hayden announces that they will be holding the Nobel Expo, an exhibition in a spirit of international cooperation and cultural understanding for the enjoyment of their peoples. As the heroine is asking a waiter what the Nobel Expo is, he is cut off by the host announcing the bouquet toss. Each prince will toss a bouquet, and the lady who catches it will get to dance with the prince who threw it. The heroine takes the chance to sneak out while all the attention is on the princes. Just as she turns to leave, something hits her on the head.

In an empty room, she thinks back on how instead of catching a bouquet, she had been beaned by one. Now, maids are dressing her up, and preparing her hair makeup. She thinks on how she can’t run away now, especially since a prince is waiting for her. As she enters the banquet hall again, she hears the crowd comment on her appearance.

“You’re the one who caught the bouquet, right?”

She turns around to the concerned voice and…

This is the end of the common prologue and the beginning of the individual prologues.

Just as she’s turning to look at the person speaking to her, Prince Kuon pulls her and they begin dancing. She thanks him for helping her out earlier, but he has no idea what she’s talking about. As soon as the music stops, he lets her go. Before he leaves, she reminds him that he helped her carry something to the kitchen earlier. When he questions her on this, she reminds him that he carried some flour into the kitchen, so she just wanted to say thank you. He leans in close to her face and, after a while, recognizes her as the flour girl. He says that she looks so different, he didn’t recognize her. She calls him a lifesaver since she didn’t know where the kitchen was, but he tells her that he just wanted to get away from everyone for a bit. After a brief chat, she apologizes that he had to dance with her, but he responds that it doesn’t matter who he dances with. She mentally notes that he’s hard to read and, in contrast to his kindness from earlier, it’s as if he’s brushing her off.

The topic changes to him asking that, if she doesn’t attend balls, where does she socialize? When she mentions “dives”, he asks what she means by it. When he says that she really is a regular person, she notices the corners of his mouth twitch. He then calls Zen III over and tells him to take the heroine home.

Back home, she thinks back on the events that took place and wonders if she should tell her friends. Thinking that they won’t believe her, she decides to keep the memory to herself. The next morning, her doorbell rings. When she opens her door, Zen III greets her. She asks if she forgot something or to pay for the flour. He tells her that he’s here to pick her up and escort her to her marriage interview. As she’s wondering if there’s been some kind of mistake, Zen III tells her that the prince was looking for potential brides last night at the party and, when he tossed the bouquet to her, he was choosing her as a potential bride. He shows her a box where a dress and accessories lay inside, and says that it is a small token from Prince Kuon. Prince Kuon selected the dress and accessories with her in mind. She doesn’t believe that this is really happening, even going as far as to pinch herself to wake herself up.

This ends Kuon’s prologue.


The Heroine:



If there was one thing I loved about the original Be My Princess, it was the heroine, and the sequel did not disappoint.

Our heroine this time is a resident of Nobel Michel and an apprentice pastry chef. She doesn’t show any interest in the princes because, as far as she is concerned, there really is no reason to. She would rather put her focus and energy on making her dream to be a top pastry chef come true, though this does not mean that she dislikes the princes and wants nothing to do with them. Though we don’t see her with many friends, she is loved and cherished by those around her, as seen with May and Yosef. And really, what’s not to like? She’s kind and considerate, and more than respectful to others (even if they’ve done something to not deserve it from her). She always has other people’s best interests at heart, works hard when she puts her mind to something, and doesn’t take crap from others when it is unwarranted, all without being rude or condescending. (Kuon constantly complains about her lecturing him, but never sees it as a bad thing.) Overall, I’ve come to adore this heroine in the same way I’ve come to adore Be My Princess’s heroine despite only having played one route. I can’t wait to see what she does in the next routes, and I really hope they don’t disappoint!

Prince Kuon:


Prince Kuon is currently the next in line to the throne of Oriens Kingdom. While initially showing to be kind to the heroine, he reveals that he only used her as an excuse to get away from everyone. He is very cold to her and shows little interest in her except for the small amount of amusement he derives from her. He later sneaks into her room and tells her that he’s run away from Nobel Michel castle to get away from the succession ceremony business and blackmails her into letting him hide out at her place as he doesn’t know anyone else in Nobel Michel. He soon grows closer to her by bonding over things that “ordinary citizens” do in their daily lives and he comes to trust her enough to tell her his doubts and feelings about becoming king. I expected Kuon to be initially cold, but it was a definite surprise to see that he was moreso than I originally thought he would be. It wasn’t a bad thing, though. Throughout the route, you see him grow as a person and, moreover, you see him change. And not just any change, a change that is necessary for him to not only progress as a person, but as a prince and a future king. After playing My Sweet Bodyguard, I realized just how important the change the guy goes through is to me, and Kuon definitely filled the void that My Sweet Bodyguard left me with.


I absolutely loved his relationship with the other princes. He is childhood friends with Hayden, Oliver, and Sieg, so he is more relaxed around them than with others. Even though Ivan and Aslan are not part of the childhood group, and even though Ivan and Kuon look like they tend to have sparks flying between them, you can still see that the two still care for Kuon. There’s nothing I love more in otome games (or in general) than when the guys can actually get along with each other extremely well for reasons that are not work related, and having them as childhood friends makes their friendship all the more precious to me and a lot less forced when interacting with each other.

It makes it even more precious to know that the princes of the original countries in Be My Princess (Philip, Altaria, Oriens, and DresVan) have actually come close enough to let their princes grow up together. Back in Be My Princess, I always felt like the relationship between the princes was mostly work related, basically that they only got along with each other for the most part because it was part of their job. While they did get along with each other to an extent, I never really felt a closeness or a tight bond between them as people or as actual friends any more than I would see in people towards co-workers, so I am more than happy to see that the relationship between the countries has progressed enough that we get to see that the grandchildren grew up together and get a long so well.


And oh gosh, his relationship with Kent. Seriously, I was beginning to have Wilfred and Claude flashbacks between the two. The moment Kent said that Kuon puts up walls Kent can’t cross, I could hear my heart break. Unlike Claude, Kent is better at showing kindness and isn’t too strict when it comes to Kuon and his duties, and has even shown his thanks to the heroine for allowing Kuon to stay at her place. Kent is very caring towards Kuon despite how closed off Kuon is, even reaching out to the heroine to help mend the broken bond between Kuon and his grandfather. He is very supportive of Kuon’s relationship with the heroine even if he still has to make decisions as his butler in favor of Kuon’s duties. Nonetheless, you cannot deny that Kent cares very much for both Kuon and the heroine, and he has no trouble showing it even if Kuon isn’t as kind and caring in return.

King Glenn:


I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to put this here, but screw it. King Glenn is Kuon’s paternal grandfather. He has a very strained relationship with Kuon since the death of Kuon’s parents and is strict with him when it comes to his duties, though Glenn is still as kind as ever. Kent once makes a comment that the two can’t get along because they’re too alike, and boy he isn’t kidding. He also says that, when Kuon was younger, he would never disobey Glenn. However, as Kuon got older, he became more and more rebellious, so I think part of the fact that Kuon can’t get a long with Glenn is also that, more often than not, people begin to stray away from their guardians as they get older. That isn’t to say that Kuon is spoiled or uncaring, but the way he acts is very near close to the way a teenager acts towards their guardians when they can’t see them as anything but “annoying” (I am seeing it happen right now in my own family). The only difference is that Kuon, now 28, hasn’t been able to open up to Glenn because of the added fact that Kuon holds very negative feelings towards Glenn because Glenn treated the death of Kuon’s parents as an obstacle in Kuon’s road to becoming King. His parents were killed by the very people they worked so hard to protect, and the only parental figure he had left told him to just accept it. With everything that Kuon’s gone through, it’s no wonder he’s having a very hard time not only trusting and opening up to others, but trusting and opening up to those close to him like Glenn and Kent. It’s these very trust issues that are keeping him from moving on, and it’s heartbreaking to watch.

Having played Be My Princess, Kuon’s inability to get along with Glenn also breaks my heart because Kuon talks of Glenn as if he is cold and heartless, and I know very well that Glenn isn’t like that. However, Kuon doesn’t allow himself to even try speaking to Glenn so I’m left practically shaking my phone and pleading Kuon to talk to Glenn because, like the heroine tries to tell him, Glenn is a lot more caring and understanding than Kuon is giving him credit for, but the two are just too stubborn to have a decent conversation unless Kuon is able to open up and talk to Glenn about his feelings.


Wow. Oh wow oh wow. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the music is! All the tracks are fitting when they need to be, and most are very relaxing. With double the tracks of Be My Princess, we have a better set-up for the different moods. To be quite honest, I would have loved to have this much of a variety in Be My Princess! My only complaint about the music, however, would have to be the “danger” track. I haven’t played Hayden’s route yet and I’m sure it becomes very fitting in other routes, but I couldn’t help but feel that it was too “exciting” for the situations that it was used for in Kuon’s route. Examples in particular would be in the park when the two are hiding from Kent, or when the heroine is confronted by the other princes. I honestly thought a knife would be pulled, at the very least! Either way, the music is very memorable. I could listen to them on repeat, and have even considered applying a few as notification tones on my phone~

Overall opinion:


So much for the R in T&R!

Let me just say this: Kuon’s route may have just given me as many feels as Glenn’s route in Be My Princess, and even very nearly brought me to tears. The parallels with Glenn’s route, as well as the return of old characters, was very heart-wrenching, and Kuon’s backstory doesn’t help in the emotional department. It was just one big emotional ride, and, while it’s not necessary to have played Be My Princess beforehand, those who have played Glenn’s route will definitely feel a lot more in Kuon’s route. Aside from all the emotional stuff, Kuon’s route definitely had me in fits of laughs and large smiles! The rocky start of a relationship between Kuon and the heroine pretty much guaranteed hilarity for me, and I was completely satisfied with the turn out.

Seriously, how is it that of all the games I never expected to be so emotionally invested in, it had to be Be My Princess? All in all, I honestly cannot put into words just how much I came to love everything about Kuon and his story. I just love the canon Be My Princess series, and I was anything but disappointed with Kuon’s route. Here’s to hoping that his sequel and the other routes and stories don’t disappoint!

16 thoughts on “T&R: Be My Princess 2 ~Kuon J. Casiraghi~

  1. I love your T&R for Kuon’s route ! I have exactly the same feels like you, from the main story to the characters lol. I’m pretty glad that you love the heroine too ! She’s great, same as the heroine from season 1 lol. And I felt the same way with both Glenn and Kuon..both of them are have similar personality, hence why they end up clashing a lot ^^;

    And do you plan to play Hayden or Sieg route first ? I admit that I didn’t really enjoy Hayden’s route since it’s just like there’s something missing, but Hayden in general is a nice character lol.

    • AH I’m so glad! I hope it was less messy than with Wilfred’s T&R ヽ(。_゜)ノ. The heroine is so precious! I hated seeing her hurting and I just wanted to wrap her up in a blanket and hug her until she felt better ;_____; I loved the heroine in Season 1 so much, I’m so happy to see that I’ve come to love this heroine, too! I know, and I was so proud of Kuon finally opening up to Glenn! Aaaahhhh I’m just really proud of them both!

      Hmm… considering there are more sales going on right now, I think I’m going to play something in my backlog before I play Hayden’s route… unless Sieg’s route comes out first, then I’m dropping everything again LOL. Yeah, I hear his route isn’t as good as the others, but ugh he’s such a sweetie in Kuon’s route, I’m hoping I like him enough to enjoy his own route anyways ; ;.

      • Nah, Your T&R for Wilfred is not messy ^^ I like that you criticizing his action and how the story goes since that point (the kiss scene up to epilogue), since we know most of his fans will be always acted like he’s the victim in his route without thinking about the heroine’s feel -__-. I’m pretty glad too that people actually like the season 2 heroine, even though they didn’t need to bring the season 1 heroine and insult her ORZ.

        Ah, I see…I’m pretty surprised that people didn’t warm up to him even though he was more nicer than Wilfred was. Oh, and do you know that some people already scared that bmp season 2 will be cancelled since there’s some people who doesn’t want to play the season 2 ? there’s even a post in the facebook page ^^;.

      • Egh, I know. The guys obviously have their flaws, but I can’t stand when the heroine gets hate for it. Wilfred is a victim of the pressures of being the next in line to the throne, yes, but he has almost complete control over what happens with him and the heroine, so to only put her in the blame is complete and utter nonsense considering she wasn’t at fault for it. Ugh, I haven’t seen that yet and I already hate it.

        He’s nicer than Wilfred?! AAAAHHHH now I’m worried. He’s such a sweetie, it would be a real shame if I don’t like his route ;_____;. So even though he’s nicer than Wilfred, Wilfred still seems more popular? Oh… I saw that. I’m not sure what to think of it. I don’t blame people for not wanting to play it because they can play whatever the heck they want, but if it’s because “I’ll be dating my grandsons! Gross!”, then yeah I’ll be more than mad. I don’t know what else has been said because I’ve been avoiding the page again recently. There was this one commenter that kept posting CG’s from MPD, one posting screencaps from the most recent releases, and others posting CG’s from unreleased games, so I got really upset and blocked the images and just haven’t gone into the comments section. ( ´_ゝ`)

  2. Most of the fans are pretty much excuse the guy’s faults and blame it to the heroine, I don’t even want to say this, but I believe most of Wilfred’s fans are really annoying, they treated him like some kind of perfect guys with no flaws and sometimes they also love to blame the other characters (I used to read a post in tumblr where one user said the heroine should dump Glenn and just end up with Wilfred in Glenn’s sequel)…Ugh you’re pretty lucky to avoid it, since we know most of voltage fandom didn’t like bmp season 1 app version just because the heroine is just a college girl (compared to the gree version where she was a fashion designer)…

    He’s MORE NICER compared to Wilfred was lol, and he also love to tease the heroine (not in a sexual way) and he’s also more open to the other guys and even his butler lol. Yeah, sadly he was not really that popular compared to Wilfred was, since I believe the most popular character in season 2 is either Ivan or Sieg…and, do you think is weird that I never like Wilfred at all ? I always dislike him thanks to his main story, and sadly all of his sequel is really bore me ^^; I never like his character design either, since it more like a “basic princely character” (blue eyes and blonde hair)…I hope my opinion is not offend you ^^;

    Hahaha, I found that reason is really laughable ? maybe because I never self insert or what, but I never feel the princes from season 2 as my grandson ^^; they’re new characters and not my relatives, son, or even grandson ORZ. Like I said, some people are taking the whole grandson thing to the next level LOL.

    • I know (≖Д≖;). Wilfred is full of flaws just like all the other characters. Wtf?? That’s stupid! Wait, what? They didn’t like her just because she was still going to college???? How does that even make any sense????

      Since Hayden is in the childhood friend group, I can see why! Wilfred was always closed off to others, but Hayden being able to grow up with friends can definitely make him a lot more open and easier to get along with than Wilfred. Ah, I see. No, I don’t~ I don’t think he’s the most likable character, but I also don’t think he’s someone you can hate like Yu. I don’t hate Wilfred, but he isn’t the type of character I would gravitate to. If I lok at the other characters, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were favored more than him. But Voltage has a bias to the Spencers so lol. Don’t worry! Opinions are opinions, and yours wasn’t offensive at all!

      I know, same! Even if you did self-insert, the point of Season 2 is so that there are a new set of guys, not so you could think “I’ll be dating my grandson WOOHOO!” There’s a reason there’s a new heroine! If that still doesn’t convince them that they’re thinking too much on it, then I don’t know what else to say.

      • Yeah, some people hating her because she didn’t have a “stable” job like the GREE counterpart, which I found to be ridiculous -__-. So what if she still a student ? there’s lot of time where she can be more mature compared to the GREE version or even other games ORZ. But people have no problem with MSB’s heroine (who is a student too)…so yeah I don’t understand the hate…

        I guess the whole childhood friends really help him a lot, even though his story is not my favorite, he’s a very likeable character. I’m surprised you didn’t like Wilfred that much lol, since every time I see post about bmp, most people are liking Wilfred and his rank in character’s election is till pretty high until now ^^; I’m still hoping they can promote the other characters beside the spencers but I don’t think it would happen anytime…

        LOL that why I using a different names for both the heroine XD, and most of the time I play otoge, I either using the default name or just make a fictional name ^^; and I never feel comfortable to self insert whenever I’m playing otoge…but it is just me actually lol. Oh, and have you read one post about petition for royal baby story for bmp season 1 ? LOL

      • Wtf, that’s a terrible reason to hate her. You’re right, the app version’s heroine can be a ton more mature than the GREE version’s, so maturity can’t possibly be a valid reason. So what if she’s still in school? I don’t understand how MSB’s heroine won’t get criticized for being a student, either. That’s just being unfair.

        Yeah. Wilfred basically closed himself off to everyone, so it’s not like he knows how to make friends. He isn’t my favorite, but he didn’t win me over, especially not after his Main Story. I like his story, though that might just be my bias for Claude talking. I really would like to see the other guys in the game promotions, but yeah, it doesn’t look like Voltage is going to ease up on using the Spencers.

        Same! I always try to think up of different names for each heroine in the games if there isn’t already a default one. I’m terrible at picking names, too. (Imagine my surprise when I pick “Mami” as MFW’s heroine’s name, and then find out later that Takao’s old crush is named “Mimi”, or in MSB where I put her last name as “Okawa” and later find out that the main “villian”‘s name is “Okawara” OTL). I can’t self-insert at all, namely because a lot of the choices available are either ones I would never make, choices that I would make but won’t get me the best ending, or choices I would make but the heroine’s reason for making that choice are completely different than my own. I’m a terribly picky person, so I can’t self-insert even if I tried…. And besides, I like to think of the heroine as her own character more than anything else~ LOLWUT. No, I haven’t, but I’m already laughing LOL!

  3. Uh yeah, and I remember someone wrote a comment about zen’s special spin off (the cohabitation one), and saying “it’s more better if they put this extra in GREE version since the fashion designer heroine is more cooler than the student one” and I just like 눈▂눈. And then I realize why I didn’t playing the GREE version anymore just because the heroine sometime pissed me off when it’s come to balancing her work and her feelings to the princes ORZ. The one that happened in Roberto’s route is still make me want to slam my head to a desk ORZ.

    I pretty much can’t like him thanks to his main story :o. He just showed himself as rude and unlikeable character…and his epilogue is just like ????. I never understand his charm or whatsoever ^^; I’m still grateful that Hayden is very likeable lol.

    I actually use some of characters name from shingenki no kyojin lol. I used one of the character’s surname for the bmp season 2 heroine’s name haha…since the whole setting for bmp (both season 1 & 2) is a fantasy, I thought used foreign name is more better ^^; Same as you, I can’t self insert since my personality and the heroine’s personality always clashed lol, and using your real name is pretty weird to me ^^;

    Sorry for a very late reply….my internet has been acting up ;____;

    • What? I’m pretty sure having it as a GREE event would have just ruined the story considering how filled with misunderstandings they have been lately. I don’t need Zen’s stories to be ruined like that! I think the app heroine is more considerate of other people’s thoughts and feelings when it comes to certain situations, which keeps her from having so many misunderstandings, and ones that could put the relationship at risk. She seems less prone to think or do things that would cause her and the Prince to fight/argue, in my opinion. I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with how Zen’s Special went when it came to the heroine.

      Yeah. I just started his Second Sequel not too long ago, but he seems better than in the Main Story. I guess it’s because it’s been so long since I played his Main Story that most of my negative feelings have calmed down to more of “eh”. He’ still pretty distant towards the other Princes, but he’s mellowed out when it comes to Claude, at least. He can be sweet at certain times, sure, but that really doesn’t change that he can still be pretty cold and rude, too, and not in a comical way. Aaaahhhh I’m so glad to see Hayden is better in terms of being likable! I’m hoping I can finish all the Sequels in BMP before I start any other routes in BMP2~

      LOL NICE! I got pretty mixed up with choosing names when it came to BMP. I didn’t know the story when I started BMP GREE, so I chose a generic name (“Maria”) and a random last name (from the most common language spoken here) because I had absolutely no idea what to name her at the time and I really just wanted to start playing. I found out later how she was from Oriens and how Oriens was their version of Japan, and I was too lazy to choose a different name when I started the app version. Then when I started BMP 2 I thought I’d use a Japanese name, but then remembered that she is from Nobel Michel only after I started playing. Then I find out that she’s not even from Nobel Michel, so since everything hasn’t been translated into English yet, I have no idea where she’s actually from _(:3/ <)_ I hope your internet gets fixed, though! I know how it can get without it ; ;

      • Ugh seriously, some people are love to shame on the app version heroine just because the whole student thing…and I 100% agree with you, I always felt the app version heroine is more gentler and yet maybe some people see her as more submissive compared to the GREE version who is more brash and somehow ambitious..? but then again, I have a same problem with the season 2 GREE version, I felt she can be little bit inconsiderate, especially to the princes, and heck even to her coworkers too -___-. I prefer the season 2 app version heroine lol.

        is second sequel is the royal wedding one ? I admit tho that Wilfred didn’t annoy me too much both in his second sequel and his princess sequel lol. And I agree with you, he was more friendlier to Claude in his sequel, and I think it’s a very good lol. I hope you can take your time to play ~ and today the Japanese version of bmp season 2 just released a time slip spin off ~ they just released Henry, and they planned Sieg for the next release…

        Haha, It because I adore the series and the character too much (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧, and I decide to use one of the minor character’s name lol. Same as you, back when I played the app version of BMP for the first time, I use a rather common name for her lol. It still unconfirmed, but I heard the bmp season 2 heroine is also come from Oriens…but I still don’t know whether is true or not ^^;;

        Haha thanks, It’s already fixed since yesterday actually . And when I don’t have internet, I usually just reading some manga and whatnot lol.

      • Being a student really isn’t a good reason to dislike her. I’m not sure what it is exactly that makes the GREE heroine like that. I can understand her being ambitious because she practically has to be that way for her job (working for Pierre and then for the royal family, which both obviously wouldn’t have hired her if she wasn’t ambitious or if her designs weren’t good), but I find the app heroine to handle tough and stressful situations better. Ack, it worries me to hear that the GREE version of Season 2 has the same problems….

        I think so. It’s before the Princess Sequel. I’m still at the beginning of it, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t go downhill later on. I loved seeing him and Claude get along, though! ;_____; I just want Wilfred to not hate Claude and for them to get along again like they used to, so I was very happy to see that! I saw that earlier! Is it something like the GREE birthday events where the Princes meet their grandfathers from Season 1?

        I thought she would be from Oriens because of who the target audience of the game is, but I didn’t see it confirmed in Kuon’s Main Story or Sequel. I would have thought that, at least in that route, it would have been confirmed that she was Oriensian. I hope we can find out soon, or it’s going to be stuck in my head until then!

        Ah, I see. When I don’t have internet, I usually play any route I’m on at that moment until my internet is back up. I normally don’t have to wait long, though~

  4. Actually it more worse in the GREE season 2 ORZ, I understand that she may be strange to the whole royalty and what, but I remember when she goes ballistic with one of the prince because of a dress -__-” but then again, I felt the whole cast in gree season 2 is little bit different ^^; they even change Hayden to sadistic type…o__o

    Yes, it’s like that ~ actually both the season 2 heroine and the prince end up meet their grandpa and the butler lol. Do you want the CG from that spin off ? I plan to buy all the time slip spin off since it’s pretty worth every cent ~ I hope the second one will come out anytime soon lol.

    Hmm, from what I heard, it’s confirmed via Prince’s secret diary (only monthly user can read it though…), but I really want to see confirmed via game instead…since all of us can’t access the prince’s secret diary ORZ. And is the season 1 heroine is also come from Oriens ? or is still unconfirmed ? ^^;

    • If I remember correctly, the heroine is still works at a bakery in the GREE version? Wait what? A dress? I’m afraid to ask….. I SAW THAT! I had to go to the app version to see if that was a change for the GREE version, but wow. Seeing him as a sweetie in the app version, I’m not sure how I feel seeing his profile say “ドS” ヽ(ヽ゚ロ゚)

      It sounds like it’ll be really sweet! Is it the one previewed on the Sub Story tab? If you don’t mind! I think it’d be better for you to send them to my e-mail instead of posting links here so you don’t have to worry about someone taking it before I delete the link. You can send them here: – ~ I would, too! I hope there’s plans for them to be released in the English version! I think I might cry if they make one for Kevin ;______;

      Oh! Aahh I wish there was a way to read them without being a monthly user ; ; Same! I’d really like to see it confirmed in the actual game. I’ve only played all of Keith’s stories, all the stories except Sequels of the others, and a few Sub Stories, but I don’t remember ever reading anything that suggested that she’s from Oriens. If I remember correctly, though, Glenn’s route in the June Bride story had her say that Glenn looked weird in the traditional wedding wear as kids and said she had never seen it before. If she is from Oriens, maybe it was because she was so young and that’s why she hadn’t seen that type of clothing before? Agh, it still bothers me that it hasn’t said where she’s specifically from! ;OTL

      • Yeah, she still working at a bakery…but it just her attitude toward the princes is just like…what ? I don’t know how to explain this, but it just way too aggressive and rude ORZ. Haha, I believe it’s come from one of the recent event…basically the heroine throwing a fit over a dress ORZ, I decide to quit the game altogether at that time lol. Ugh yeah, I didn’t even dare to play his route since I love love his personality in the app version…I already seen one of his CG from GREE version, and I still can’t believe he is the same person as the one from the app ORZ.

        Sure ~ I already sent one for you, my email is – ^^; If you didn’t receive it, please inform me so I can resend it again

        That’s why I still confused where she come from…I’m still believe she came from Oriens or maybe some of the neighbor country ^^; If I’m not mistaken, the GREE version at least confirmed that the heroine is come from Oriens…since she makes a lot of mention when in Wilfred’s main route ^^;

      • Ah, I see. That’s disappointing. Oh wow, that really does sound bad. I still wonder why they decided to change so much, it really defeats any excitement I may have had of ever playing the game in English….

        Got it! Thank you so much! I went ahead and deleted your e-mail from your comment so that you don’t get any spam or unwanted e-mails. Awe, I was hoping it was portrait size for it. I hope that doesn’t mean that any incoming Sub Stories will be like that, too. ; ; But aaahhhh it’s so nice! It really is a shame that it’s only horizontal….

        Yeah, I still think she’s at least from somewhere connected to Oriens. Yup, the GREE version is always saying that she’s from Oriens. There were some events that had her go back home both in and out of Glenn’s routes, like the Cherry Blossom Viewing event, the first New Year’s event, and the Valentine’s/White Day events~

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