List of Voltage Inc. JAPAN’s Currently Cancelled/Dropped Games


So with all the cancellations of games I’ve heard about, I remembered that I had saved a list of the games in which Voltage Inc. was still updating in Japan and the ones that had ceased updating, having been cancelled or dropped, but I never really looked through it. I dug it up and thought to post it so that it may be useful for others who might be wondering if a game they’ve been looking forward to is still being updated. Here’s a list of the ones that have ceased updating. It might not be up to date so I’d really appreciate if someone lets me know if another game has been dropped, but this is what I have so far.

*Before taking a look at the list, though, I would like to remind you that the games below refer only to the original Japanese versions. This means that if the game was released for feature phones before getting an Android/iOS port, then it only applies to the feature phone version. If the game was released for Android/iOS first, then it applies to the Android/iOS version. (I am unsure if these also apply to the GREE/social version of any of the games.) This does not apply to the English versions of the listed games.

For the list of English games that are currently in “undecided” status, go here.

Now that that’s out of the way, onto the list!


Shibuya Love Trip


Resort Amai Yuuwaku -Hito Natsu no Koibito-


Resort Amai Yuuwaku ~Hakugin no Koibito~


Koibito wa Musician


Koibito wa No. 1 Host


Koibito wa No. 1 Host 2 ~Cafe Terrace no Amai Koi~


Cabajou★Himitsu no Koi


Koibito wa Oisyasama


Koibito wa Meitantei


Otona no Koi Tore


Koibito wa Vampire


Bakumatsu Sou Den★Koi no Arashi


Mechya Mote Geinou Gakuen


Koibito wa Top Idol


Dokidoki Koibitokibun


Koibito wa Dokyo Nin


Koibito wa Captain


Tokimeki Saikyo★Ore Sama Gakuen


Koibito wa Onzoushi


Gakuensai★Koi no Dai Sakusen


Kindan★Hokago no Koibito


Kindan★Hokago no Koibito 2 ~Sensei to, Futari Kiri~


Hibike Orchestra no Koibito


Dokidoki Hime Kibun ~Koisuru Seitokai Shitsu~


Koi Shima・Kimi Toita Kisetsu


Koi ni Ochita★Kaizokuo (Eng. title: Pirates in Love)


Shugaku Ryoko★Naisho no Koi (Eng. title: Class Trip Crush)


Darling wa Geinojin (Eng. title: Celebrity Darling)


Ren-ai Joto!★Ikemen Gakuen


Love&Job! Otona no Jijijou


Shanai Ren-ai★Futari no Himitsu (Eng. title: Office Secrets)


Ai wo Sasagu Densetsu no Kishi (Eng. title: A Knight’s Devotion)


Touhikou ~Ai no Sentaku~


Spy ni Kiss to Jyuudan wo


Koi no Tsuzuki wa Honeymoon de


Fukshuu no Kiss wo Anata ni (Eng. title: Kiss of Revenge)


Kimi wo Aisu, Nando Demo


Kaseifu★Koi wa Haiyaku Kara


Akuma to Koisuru 10 Hiai (Eng. title: 10 Days with My Devil)


Campus★Renai Hakusho


Room Share★Sugao no Kare


Shounan★Hatsu Kare Diary


Mayonaka no Juliet


Dousoukai wa Koi no Hajimari


Time Slip☆Koi no Kiseki


Senzoku Hisho★Otona no Koi


Tenka Toitsu★Koi no Ran


Koibito wa Furyou Tenkousei


Mafia na Darling



Oujisama no Propose (Eng. title: Be My Princess)

23 thoughts on “List of Voltage Inc. JAPAN’s Currently Cancelled/Dropped Games

  1. I still can’t believe that voltage cancelled a lot of games ;___; Do you have any list for the cancelled games for the english version ? so far I only know seduced in sleepless city, a knight’s devotion, pirates in love, and kiss of revenge has been cancelled…and also maybe you can add be my princess (王子様のプロポーズ) season 1 in cancelled game section since they haven’t get any update since December ;____;

    • I know! ;________; Most of the games I’ve been looking forward to are on here…. Ah, I don’t. Should I make one or add them on here? I don’t know if those games have officially been cancelled, just that their releases have been “undecided”. Though I suppose I can just put that on them…. Agh, I’ll add it right now. Do you know if the last story was at least good enough to end the series on?! I won’t be satisfied with it ending unless the last update really feels like an actual ending! ;______________;

    • Well, I wouldn’t put be my princess on the list just yet ^^

      They’re still uploading sub-stories for the game, so I would still believe it’s active lol ^^

      • As I said at the beginning of the post, this list only applies to the original Japanese versions. Oujisama no Propose was originally a feature phone game, which is the version Izumi was referring to. That version is no longer being updated. As such, Oujisama no Propose’s addition to the list only applies to the feature phone version of the game, just like most of the other titles on the list, and does not apply to the smartphone/social or translated versions of the game.

  2. I’m still rather pissed off when they cancelled kiss of revenge…actually I really like it, since the story is not same like the other game and yet they cancelled it ORZ. Oh and it’s up to you whether you want to put insert it or not ^^, but I’m still positive that both AKD and SiSTC are already cancelled since it’s way too long after their last update =/

    Unfortunately, the last spin off (Christmas Honey Kiss) is very weak and forgettable =/, I actually love the premises but the execution is pretty weak –” and only 3 characters available for that spin off ORZ. So sadly, the last spin off is not good enough to closing the whole game ;____; and I’m still wondering why the gree version is still getting a lot of events when the app version is already dead ;____;

    • Yeah, I hear the story is really good, so it’s a big disappointment. I wasn’t sure whether or not to make a list for English versions because I had thought that “undecided” meant that they hadn’t dropped it yet and was waiting for a more official and concrete answer. Though I suppose just listing them as “undecided” is enough? I only know of those four games having that status atm….

      Oh no what? Awe man! That really makes me sad! Especially since the Princess Sequels look like they have a really good wrap-up of the series, and we won’t be able to play the last spin off before the Princess Sequel ;_____________;. Yeah, that’s something I’ve been wondering, too. I can kind of see how GREE would be socially appealing (in the sense of like FB games), but I wouldn’t think many people would be glued to it enough (or long enough) to spend so much money for there to continue being events? At times like this, I really wish I understood how that market works. ; ;

      • I guess the whole advertisement for KoR last year is failed ? since I remember back in June / July last year they have a lot of campaign for KoR and yet few months later they start to declining =/. From what i heard, in the monthly version if they used the word “undecided” it’s mean is already cancelled and there’s no more update for that game…maybe they decide to use the same for the english version app ?

        Yeah, I actually love the premise since it’s mention how the heroine and the guy remembering their first meet (the spin off takes times a few months / years after the heroine married with the guy), but the whole spin off is rather boring =/…but at least the CGs is beautiful lol.

        Sometimes I’ve been thinking whether it’s worth or not to keep supporting voltage if they can cancelled their games left and right without any notice -.-, I’m still worried about bmp season 2 since they didn’t have any new spin off since December…and yet the gree version already have a lot of events like valentine, white day, halloween, new year, and even birthday =.=…I don’t see why they won’t make the same for the app version…it’s already pissed me off seeing those gree exclusive events that won’t make it to the app version >:(.

      • I guess? It wouldn’t make sense for them to promote it so much and then not keep working on it if it did do well. It’s a really big bummer :C . Ah, I see. Hm, maybe? I’ll get to putting the list together then. I might as well make it separate from this one so that it’s not too confusing?

        Oh no, that premise sounds so nice! It’s a shame that the execution was weak D:. And only three guys? Even more of a shame! Ah really? Well, the artists always makes beautiful CGs, so I’m happy to hear that at least that still came out great ; ;.

        That worries me, too. I don’t mind spending so much on them, but as a reader, it gets pretty demotivating when so many games get cancelled without a proper ending. On one hand, I can still buy the stories and read them. On the other, I start to wonder if I should event invest myself in the stories if the game is or going to be cancelled. Oh gosh, that worries me a lot! D: That’s bothersome, too, especially since I would much rather pay for a full story and take my time playing it than to play an event and try to complete it before it ends. :\

  3. I still remember when KoR getting a lot of update between June – September last year =/, and most of the story is pretty good too, I know a lot of people still complaining to voltage about this :|. Hmm, I think it’s more better if you post it on separate post to avoid confusion ^^; I’m still doubting that most of the undecided games will get update in future :||

    Haha, I felt that I only buy that spin off for the CGs lol. And I also prefer the artist’s work in the app version compared to the GREE version lol, it’s just like some of the CGs she’s done in the GREE version is look pretty awkward, especially Roberto and Wilfred lol. Keith and Edward is can be hit or miss, and only Glenn and Joshua who look pretty good ^^; And also I didn’t like her drawing of topless or naked CG for the guys, since the muscle is pretty look weird =/

    Yeah, I just talk about this with some of my friends, which most of them are no longer playing any voltage games ever since voltage keep cancelling games without any notice ^^; I also felt it’s like we’re gambling whether voltage will keep updating the games or not .____. and to be honest, I haven’t buying any route since last month lol especially since my fandom has been switched to a lot of shounen and seinen manga lately…^^;

    Yeah that how I feel, I know that voltage get more money from the whole events in GREE (I heard If you want to finish all the character’s route in one events for bmp season 2, you must spend 2000 yen).

    • I really did like the premise for KoR, so as much as I’m excited to get to playing it, it’s still going to hang over my head that it won’t be properly completed :(. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and make another post for it.

      Yeah, the sprites and some of the GREE CGs are a bit off. It doesn’t surprise me, though, considering GREE is a free game while the app version is a paid game, so it wouldn’t be weird if she has to put more time and effort into making the app CGs look better and nicer. Yup, I agree with you. Glenn and Joshua’s CGs are always coming out really nice~ Speaking of CGs, I managed to get the horizontal prologue CGs from the app version. I had to adjust them because of the color, but I have them in case you’d like them as well. :> (I have the Koi Cafe illustration of Glenn that you gave me as my phone wallpaper~)

      Yeah, it is like a gamble. Did you see that Love&Job! got a new social app? I’m not sure what to make of it. I can only hope that they’re trying to see if bringing back old games will give them reason to continue them, but I don’t have my hopes up much…. Right now, I only buy when there’s a sale. I know for a fact that I’m going to play the stories anyways, so I might as well get them while they’re on sale.

      WHAT? Are you serious?! Wow… I’ve been playing BMP GREE since it was released in English, and I haven’t even spent that much on it yet! And I don’t even buy items for the event, just closet and storage before when the events didn’t give us that from the gacha…. Well, looking at it at that angle, I can see why they would work on the GREE version more if it’s more profitable. That’s still a bit disappointment for players who don’t like social games and would rather play the app versions. x_________x

      • I really hate the fact they didn’t even released the season 2 for the english version ORZ. They used to plan to release one new character but of course it won’t come out -_-” I really love the CG and the sprite too, since it’s look different than the other game ^^;

        Yeah I guess that the reason why the artist putting more effort to the app version lol, I still remember seeing some of Roberto’s CG from Japanese events and some of his expression is pretty awkward lol. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to the season 2…since most of bmp season 2 CG for the app version (especially the spin off) are mostly just recycled CG -__-, but the GREE version often get a new and special CG ORZ.

        Oh yeah, I already see that lol. It seem they change the art style and the guys too ~ It makes me wonder whether voltage are going to focused on their social app…and have you seen the newer game from voltage ? (the lies one), from what I read you can get either sweet or bitter ending, and if you managed to get both of them you can get a special confession scene (?) I still not interested to play the game since the guys didn’t appealed to me and the heroine look pretty weird…

        WOW I applause you to play all the events and didn’t spend any money for them ^^; most of the girls I know already spend for almost $100 just for completing 2-3 events and some of the main story ^^; Yeah, I also scared that they are more putting effort and extras to the social games and the app version only get the leftovers ;____;

      • Same. Yeah, I really like the art and how different it is from most of the other games.

        I wonder if there were budget cuts or something which is why the CGs are recycled? It’s something that’s been added to my worries of whether or not Voltage is doing okay when it comes to making a profit. The bad thing about the CGs for GREE is that not everyone can get them in the time limit of the event, so a lot of people really miss out on getting them ; ;.

        I was thinking that, too. I had a feeling that the art looked a bit different compared to how it was before. Probably? If the GREE versions of the other games are getting more attention, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re putting more focus on the social versions. I have! I think you get a confession movie if you complete both endings~ I don’t know much about it, but the bitter end thing kind of interests me…. Well, I’ll just have to wait until it comes out in English to find out.

        Yeah, it hasn’t been that difficult considering I don’t actually spend gacha points and cruz on anything unless I absolutely have to, so I have enough of both to get me through the events without spending any real money on it. If there’s anything I would feel good about claiming as an accomplishment, it would be that LOL! Ugh, same. There’s no way I would be able to continue playing so many social games even if I wanted to, so the app versions are mainly my go-to games. You would think that the version where it’s necessary to pay money would be the one getting the most focus and attention, but I guess that’s not how the business works ;_________;.

  4. Hmm, I forgot where I read it, but someone used to tell that voltage actually making more profit in this year compared to last year @___@. I used to remember when they have official goods store which they close in early 2012…it makes me wonder whether they are already declining since early 2012…and it’s true about the time limit for GREE events ;__; not to mention the missions you must pass ORZ.

    I used to play love & job ! on mobage ^^; and they have change the art indeed lol. From what I seen, the most popular social game from voltage is the gossip girl one…I heard the others (like bmp, msb, mfw) has been declining…from what I read from the voltage social game board, most users feels that voltage putting too much events on short time ;__;

    It’s a accomplishment ! most users probably already throwing money whenever any new events come lol, I heard they mainly use coin to completing the gacha and some kind of that ^^; I guess that how the mobile game business in japan work…they prefer to make a social game where you can play it for free, but after a while you end up spending a lot of money after they make a lot of events ^^;

    • Oh wow, really? I wonder how they figured that out. Yeah, when I found out a few months after that they had closed the store, that’s when I started worrying about how they were doing financially. I don’t remember them saying a particular reason on the page as to why they closed it. Right, as much as I enjoy the events (because yay extra stories!), I really do not look forward to the time limit. It can get pretty stressful ;;.

      Oooo nice! Was it good? Since that was already on Mobage, I’m guessing the new app uses the same storyline? Oh wow, that I didn’t know. I would have thought Gossip Girl wouldn’t be as popular, but looks like I was wrong! I wouldn’t blame them, even playing the English BMP GREE it used to feel like Voltage was pumping out events one right after the other. I know between Christmas and New Year’s there were at least four events, so I’m kind of relieved we were spared from that stress! ;OTL I still remember being really tired after playing an event that I wouldn’t touch the game for days until another event was released….

      I know some people will spend money to get into the Ranking, but I never bothered with it because, as someone who likes to collect everything, it didn’t really appeal to me that I’d only get one item while others got completely different items. For everything else in the event, I had enough Cruz and Gacha Points saved up to not worry if I would run out. Cruz would help with buying Food for energy during Lucky 24, and Gacha Points for getting Love Factors, more Food, and Storage/Closet Space when available. I really didn’t need to spend money if I could already get everything for free lol. Ouch, and here I thought only the Royal Gacha would be used with Coin o____o. I know my brother plays a social mobile game and he’s spent over $100 on it, mainly because he’s impatient with passing in-game barriers and would rather spend money to make it go faster. Yeah, I can see how very devoted players who can’t complete the events without spending money will feel the need to continue throwing money at every event. Back when I first started, I would think that I would throw money, too, if I had any money to spend…. But since I can complete the events now without spending money, it doesn’t bother me so much. Though everyone isn’t that lucky, so spending money is the only way for them to complete them, which I guess is good for Voltage but bad for players. ヽ(。_゜)ノ

  5. Well, I used to read the announcement on voltage’s website about the store closing…they said they want to focused on mobile content and sadly it means they also must closing their own merchandise line .____. It seems they already been struggling with their financial, and they only can relying on their social games…I hear some rumors about how they invest a lot of money for making TV CM (like dreamy days, IYAT) but they can’t reach the target they planned =/. I know some people even mocking down IYAT TV CM, saying it was a adultery game and some kind of that..

    I think it’s pretty decent ^^, I only cleared one route (the childhood friend) since after that I get distracted with the other games lol, I admit tho that the mission is very annoying lol. I think you will like it if you like romance comedy game lol. Yeah I even surprised when I hear that gossip girl is very popular, I know it based on a tv series so maybe it help the popularity ^^; Yeah, it’s more worse for the Japanese version actually, since some of my friends even can’t finish the guys’ main route or sequel just to finishing the events first lol. Haha, I’m know what you feel, I probably will do the same if I must finish those events in a very short time =/

    So if you want to stay in the ranking, you must use coin or some kind of that ? o___o. And what kind of factors to determine you to stay in ranking ? I’m way too clueless about GREE things so yeah ORZ.
    Wow, and I used to thought that I spend about $30 on the first time I’m playing bmp GREE is bad enough ^^; I use the coin just to buy the mission clothes lol, and before I’m completely quit, I already finished like 2 or 3 routes ^^; I used to think that royal factor mission will be completely taking a long time to finish but somehow I always manage to get 100k royal factor before the last chapter…I know, I felt bad to those players that can’t finished all the events due to time or money, and it make me wish that voltage can slowing down their events distribution…

    • Ah, I see. Man, I really wish they didn’t close it, but I guess there’s nothing they can do if it was getting in the way of their mobile content ; ;. Oh gosh, really? Could that be why they also have sales around the time that a CM is released?

      Oh, that sounds good! I remember seeing a section on it in the social section of the Betsukare guide. If it’s romance comedy, I’m sure I’d enjoy it~ Well, Gossip Girl being really popular does explain why it has a section in the shareholder book. I know Gossip Girl has been really popular, so I guess it did help with the popularity of the game. Yeah, the Japanese version gets all the events, which also means that they’re constantly bombarded with them :\. Even if it’s GREE, I really would have rather had an option to buy the stories anyways like we would if it were in the app version. That way I could take my time and play the events even long after the event period has ended. As long as it’s not like Ninja Love for GREE where you have to buy every stage to keep it, though. (≖Д≖;)

      Well, the Ranking works with Current Love Factors (the one you make on your own by winning parties, using Love Factor items, or answer bonuses). The more CLF you have, the higher in the Ranking you’ll be. But a lot of people buy LF items to raise their CLF to get into the top 100 in the Ranking, so that puts everyone else who doesn’t spend money on the game at a disadvantage. The highest I’ve ever been was in the 80’s (late 80’s, I think) when we first got the Ranking, but I was pushed out of the top 100 only a few hours later. I haven’t even been near 100 since then. I never bothered with it again after that. Ahaha! I take long breaks while playing and still go to parties during the breaks, so I always have Cruz and Royal Factors to not worry about it. I’ve taken a long break from Glenn’s GREE route, and I already have over 800k Royal Factors ヽ(´∇`)ノ. I’m such a loser /shot Glenn’s only my third route, though, so I’m being ridiculously slow about it! Same. I’m actually surprised I’ve been able to fullcomp any event while I was in college. I’ve gotten the hang of compeleting events and what I need to do to fullcomp them, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m excited for new events, but not so excited to actually play them….

      • I’m guessing the whole production cost is pretty high and maybe they want to allocate the cost to making mobile games ^^; Well, It doesn’t help that otoge was still viewed as a small market, and girls who love to play it always viewed as “ugly, insecure girls who can’t get a real life guys” even in Japan…I mean even though otoge already been growing since past few years, it’s still viewed as bad thing (otaku culture, since otaku in Japan has negative connotation..) And yeah I know that they’re going to fill down the hole in production making by having sales whenever a TV CM comes out ^^;

        I know one of my friend who play gossip girl, and she said even though the story is average but the whole social aspect is more better than all voltage’s social games…and voltage also use utapri artist (Chinatsu Kurahara) to draw both the sprite and CG and it attract people to play it….Yeah, or just put the same events to the app version…it doesn’t need to be the same, just have the same theme for the app version (like cherry blossom viewing, summer holiday, etc).

        Ah I see, that pretty tedious ORZ. I also found the whole competitive factor in most of social games (like ranking) is really annoying and like erasing the whole fun factor =__=, It’s like you play just to be competitive to other player and I don’t see the difference with any of FPS games…Haha, back when we still in college, we still have a lot of free times compared when we’re already working ^^; and also, bmp 2 already out even though it just for iphone user for now…and only Henry (Hayden) and Kuon routes available ^^;

      • I guess so? Yeah, I know that otaku in Japan has a negative connotation, but I had thought the otoge market wasn’t as bad as it was before, so I guess I was wrong (˘・_・˘ㆀ). I did read somewhere on one of those otome confession tumblrs that one girl’s boyfriend told her the same thing that otome games are for ugly and insecure girls, which is made worse when you realize that he indirectly called his girlfriend ugly ヽ(`Д´#)ノ. Those sales would definitely make sense, then! It’s a bit disappointing, though, that they would spend all the time and money on TV CM’s and not get their target….

        Really? I’m guessing the social aspect isn’t as stressful as the other social games? Yeah, I noticed that! I actually had to do a double-take the first time I saw it because it was like, “Wait… that’s… is that… that artist??? YES IT IS!” I can see how that can also boost the game’s popularity. Yeah, that, too. I’d rather also have GREE stories in the app version, but that’s just me being greedy OTL. It would have been nice to see those themes in the app version either way! :C

        Same. I didn’t like how competitive it looked, either. I saw! It’s been out for about an hour now for Android~ I was supposed to get a Play card yesterday, but they didn’t have the amount I needed. So now I have to wait until tomorrow to go buy another one to buy the routes. ;_________; Unless Google Rewards sends me a survey to get me 10 cents more, then I can at least get Kuon’s Main Story! /cries

  6. Yeah, and seeing a lot of people (especially in tumblr lol) proudly using the word otaku is amused me lol, since we’re already know that otaku in Japan has been connected with some serial killer back in 90’s…well, actually the discrimination against girl who love otoge is more harsher than girls who love anime…most of my male friends have no problem with me liking any anime (whether is shounen or shojou) but they always teased me whenever I play some otoge –” I know, especially since they also keep using a popular seiyuu (like fukuyama Jun for Fukushuu CM) and yet they’re still failed to reach their target =__=.

    From what I heard it’s not really tedious and more free-user friendly, and the events distribution also more “forgiving” compared to the other games lol. Yes, using her as the artist is probably attracting lot of non voltage user haha, compared then using some amateur artist ^^;

    Oh that’s good to hear ~ but it seems the game itself is little buggy ? I hear some people keep stucking at certain chapter…and it’s more better to stay away from tumblr for a while, people already posting CG and whatnot to the tag -___-” oh, the over dramatizing from some user that saying they keep missing the princes and butlers from season 1 or keep saying how they can’t self insert to the season 2 heroine and whatnot…I hope you can enjoy Kuon’s main story and sequel ! ^w^

    • LOL YEAH. Oh gosh, really? Well, I guess I can see why if most people connect playing otome games to “lonely” girls…. Elu likes to make fun of me about my otome gaming, but (I don’t think?!) he’s serious about it. He’s pretty much accepted it as normal lol. Yeah, I would think that using seiyuu would help boost the popularity, but I know a lot of people would rather play otome games that are voiced. I can imagine the disappointment to see the CM with their favorite seiyuu and then find out that the game doesn’t even have voices….

      Ah, I see. That definitely sounds like something I’d like to play~ Yup, using a high profile artists like that has a tendency to be followed by a huge fanbase. I remember seeing someone comment on the game using the UtaPri artist and immediately wishing it was made into English, so yeah lol.

      Yeah, I saw that. I haven’t tried it out yet because then it’s gonna be more painful to wait if I start ;__________;. And yeah, I was contemplating staying away from most of tumblr and FB for the time being. Already on FB I see spoilers spreading like wildfire (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻. Oh what, really? I KNOW I CAN’T WAIT! ((O(≧∇≦)O))

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