Voltage Inc. To Release Be My Princess Season 2 In May

5/13/14 Update: Be My Princess 2 is now available for both Android and iOS! Happy playing!

A Royal Love Story
-I’ll make you a princess the whole world will love.-

One day, you receive a mysterious invitation
to attend a marriage interview with the prince!

You don’t know how it’s possible, but the prince has fallen in love with you at first sight.
“I can’t imagine marrying anyone else.”
“Take my hand, my princess…”

Your very own Cinderella story starts now!

And right when I already made a Voltage Inc. post. This is going to turn into an all Voltage Inc. blog if we’re not careful, and none of us want that, right?


Well, it’s happening! Voltage Inc. announced earlier today that Be My Princess 2 is coming next month!

Be My Princess 2 takes place 50 years after the original game. This time, the guys of choice are 5 grandsons of the original 6 Princes, one son of one of the original 6 Princes, and two Princes each from a brand new country added into the game, totaling out 8 Princes with routes. Our heroine is still a commoner, but this time she works as a patissier in the patisserie in Nobel Michel.

I know a lot of people have been aching to get their hands on this one, and who can blame them? I definitely can’t wait to start playing it! Just like with the release of Zen’s stories, all bets will be off for me and I’ll drop any route or story I will be playing at the time of the release.

I love baking, too, and have even dreamed about being a patissier at some point, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the heroine in this game! Unfortunately for me, I can already hear Elu laughing at me as soon as he hears about this little tidbit about the heroine. I can hear him making fun of me and saying that it’s me and…. Oh gosh, what am I doing? Someone send help!

Also unfortunately for me, I’m most looking forward to Kevin, and we won’t be seeing his route anytime soon. /sobs But! I am looking forward to the other Princes. We might even find out what happened to the original 6 Princes!

I was also kind of hoping we wouldn’t see a new game release so soon, so as much as I love to see this one being next, it kind of worries me how fast all these releases are going for both the Japanese and English branches. I really hope this only means that Voltage is doing well enough to warrant all these releases, ports, and localizations. But with so many games getting cancelled and dropped, I can’t help but worry right now about the fate of all the current games, including Be My Princess 2. I can only hope that this is all a good thing, but the worry won’t be going anywhere….

Anyways, here’s the original synopsis of 王子様のプロポーズ シーズン2 for those wondering (not completely accurate):

Be My Princess Season 2 takes place 50 years later in Nobel Michel. You work in the town’s patisserie as a patissier. When sent to deliver flour to the castle, you meet the princes of the six countries! They suddenly propose an arranged marriage meeting (omiai)…? What will become of the love between the next king who shoulders the fate of his country, and the town patissier!?* On the stage of a gorgeous world beyond the generation, another “royal family love story” begins…

*国の運命を背負う次期国王と、街のパティシエの恋の行方は!? – I’m not really sure about this part, so if anyone can correct it, please do!

Now we just have to play the waiting game!


14 thoughts on “Voltage Inc. To Release Be My Princess Season 2 In May

  1. おめでとう!(*^◇^)/゚・:*【祝】*:・゚\(^◇^*)
    Finally you can play bmp season 2 (o^∇^o)ノ, I’m hope they can release it any time soon lol. They also just recently released max’s royal wedding sequel for the monthly version…I hope it mean voltage can release the 2nd chapter soon, I really want to see the princess sequel for the season 2 ;____;

    • ィェーィ!ヽ(≧∇≦)ノヽ(∇≦ )ノヽ(≦ )ノヽ( )ノヽ( ≧)ノヽ( ≧∇)ノヽ(≧∇≦)ノィェーィ!

      I know I know! It should be early-mid next month! I think I’ll skip to playing Kuon, though, if he’s available when the game is released! (I have a feeling only Henry and Kuon will be available at the time). It’s gonna be such a long wait for Kevin, though! ; ;

      Oooo really? I hope so! Any idea how long it normally takes for a story to get a port from the monthly version to the smartphone version?

      • YES, you must play Kuon first lol but then again he was my bias from the season 2 along with Kevin XD. Ah yeah, I really hope they can release his story as soon as possible ^^. I also recommend Oliver story too, and don’t forget to bring some tissue ^^;

        hmm, it depends actually…somehow it between 1-3 months ^^; from what I heard, in May they will release another spin off…and still no news whether Aslan’s royal wedding will be released or not ;___; I know that he not a popular character especially compared to the others, but they should at least released his wedding sequel too ORZ

      • Hehehe if he’s your bias, I’ve no doubt he will also be mine~ Good thing I haven’t spent any money lately! My wallet will be ready when the time comes! Oh no, don’t say that! I might end up crying before I even get to the part where I’m supposed to cry! ;____;

        Ah, I see. Oh really? Is it the Prince and Butler holiday story? Aw man! I know what you mean. Even if he isn’t popular, he should still get his stories released. It would be a shame if he gets shafted because he’s not as popular or well-liked as the other Princes…. I guess this proves that the release schedule is based on popularity over other factors? (˘・_・˘ㆀ)

  2. Haha it seem we share the similarity in biases XD, yeah it’s good that you already saving some money for this lol. Well, it just my opinion but unfortunately I didn’t enjoyed either the sequel or even the wedding sequel for season 2 so far ORZ. The main story is still pretty good, so don’t worry ~

    Hmm, unfortunately I still don’t have any idea ^^; they haven’t announce what kind of spin off or what lol. Yeah, I mean in the past time we already know that Edward is the most least popular prince in season 1, and yet we still see his sequel -__-. I guess so ? if you check the monthly version update, either mfw and msb is the one who had the most update compared to the other game…and I already heard some rumors about iyat season 2 will be cancelled this month ORZ

    • Hehe~ Well, more like I haven’t had reason to spend money lately. Awe man, that’s disappointing to hear! I guess I’ll see how bad it is when it comes in English.

      Ah, I see. In any case, hopefully it’s a good one! Yeah, it would be really weird if a main character didn’t have a story that the others got. Oh wow, they’re still getting updates? I’m guess they’re more Sub Stories? Oh gosh, really? I just saw a recent list of games that have been cancelled and I saw that IYAT 2 was still getting updates, but dang. I was thinking of posting the list here on the blog to help keep up, but do you think you can let me know if it eventually happens? I was pretty surprised to see some games on the list like 10DWMD and the Spy ni Kiss one…. OTL

      • Yeah, I hope it more like the writing is not really that good compared to the season 1 sequel ^^; we didn’t even see the heroine attending her princess training and suddenly she already preparing for her wedding -__-.

        I guess it just rumor then…since it’s more harder to predict whether a game will be cancelled or not…in bmp season 2 case is like this, in February they didn’t have any update and there’s rumor that they will be cancelled…and then in March they release Kevin’s wedding sequel…in the past time, if a game didn’t have any update for 2 months, voltage usually give announcement in the website or they just say that the schedule is still undecided..I still keep hoping that bmp season 2 still getting update until next year ;____;

      • Yeah, though I guess that comes with having a different writer…. Wait, what? So it doesn’t show her training at all? I remember it still being a big thing in Season 1 that she was doing some sort of princess training even before the wedding, so why leave it out this time?

        I think the list was recently updated, but it did say IYAT 2 was still getting updates. It took me a while to find the most recent list, but I’ll still try to keep my eyes open. Oh gosh, I can see how it can cause worry. Maybe they’ve got their hands full with all their games that they can’t keep up with the release rate they used to have? I really hope so, too! I’d really hate to see it get cancelled! ;______;

  3. Well, some of the sequel mention about her struggling with the training…but it not really become a main problem or point anymore…the sequel is more like focusing on their relationship instead –”

    Some people predicted it because the writer is more focused on bmp season 2 for gree lately…so that’s why in February they didn’t get any update ^^; I just hoping the update is more stable compared of what they done in the recent month ORZ

    • Ah, I see. So it’s only lightly touched on?

      Oh, the writer also does the GREE version? Oh wow, that kind of raises the question as to why the GREE version is radically different than the app version. o____o Yeah, hopefully it is. It sounds like any game can be cancelled at any moment, so that’s very worrisome for players when there’s a long period with no updates. ; ;

      • Yeah, some of the sequel didn’t even mention her training at all -__-” but then again, the whole class difference is pretty subtle compared to season 1 ^^; so the game itself was more less angst lol

        From what I heard she handled both the non gree and the gree version o___o, and she also even change some of the prince’s age, like kevin from 29 to 26…sieg from 30 to 27…and the personality are also changed too ORZ. and from what I seen from tumblr, they also recycled CG from the non gree version to the gree version lol, Yes that why people getting anxious since February…actually even Max’s royal wedding also released pretty late (29 April If I’m not mistaken…) and people already wondering whether voltage already cancelled bmp season 2 or not…

      • Oooh, I see. Now I’m curious to how it plays out. Hm, I’ll have to wait and see then.

        Oh gosh, now that really raises questions. I mean, even though Season 1 had different writers for the GREE and app version, there was still a consistency between them. Maybe they wanted something drastically different so it didn’t feel like you were playing the same thing over again? I have no idea. Oh man, I can only think that maybe they aren’t paying or hiring the lead illustrator enough if they’re just recycling CG’s. Oh gosh oh gosh, I really hope it’s just that they’re falling behind or something and not that they’re planning on cancelling. I saw two other games on the list that had a question mark on them (Office Secrets and Tenkatouitsu), so I’m guessing right now that they haven’t gotten an update recently like what happened with BMP 2?

  4. That what I feel, in the season 1 the only things the change are the heroine’s background story and some of keith’s background story…but the guys’ personality, age, and background story is still remain the same..heck they didn’t even delete any of the main characters or what lol. I know some people already complained about the season 2 GREE, since it’s like a completely different game ^^; Haha I hope so too, I seeing Edward’s birthday event for gree CG and they reused the old CG from the app version ORZ. Hmm, from what I know both shanai renai and tenkatouitsu already cancelled…and sadly I was rather interest in tenkatouitsu ;___;

    • Yeah, I don’t see why there needed to be such a big change in characters. I SAW THAT. Whose idea was that??? That was a big downer :c. Really? I should add them to the list then. Same, it was one of the games I was hoping might have a chance at getting ported ;___;

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