Voltage Inc. Facebook Fan Misconceptions (From What I’ve Seen)

I’ve been lurking around the Voltage Inc. Facebook page for some time now, but every now and then I come across fans spreading or giving false information when it comes to troubleshooting and releases, whether they know it or not. In light of that, I thought I would at least get some of the information corrected here since I don’t have a Facebook account to actually reply with. And since the info is different and not fitting of the FAQ post, here it is in its own. There are very few since I can only remember a few, but I might add more as they come or as I see them.


If you uninstall your games/Transfer ID’s, you lose ALL of your purchases. You will have to buy everything AGAIN.

(Android only) Nope. Wrong. Very wrong. You will not lose any of your purchases because you’ve uninstalled a game or forgot your Transfer ID’s. Your purchases are connected to your Google Play account, not your Transfer ID’s. There are times where you will even have to use a new set of Transfer ID’s, such as what happened to me when playing the Falling in Love with the Butler Sub Story of Be My Princess. What happened was no matter how much I tried, I could never get Alberto’s Happy Ending. I reinstalled many times and re-entered my original Transfer ID’s in hopes that that would fix my problem, but it did not. On another one of my devices with a different Transfer ID, I replayed the route alongside my main device. I got the best ending on the other device while I got the good ending on my main device even though I chose the same answers on both. I cleared the data on my main device, didn’t put in my Transfer ID’s this time, made the exact same choices, and got the best ending. This meant that my original Transfer ID data basically made it impossible to get the best ending no matter what choices I made. And guess what? All my purchases were still intact. All I had to do was press the Buy button just like before, and all my purchased stories were available for me to play again without being charged again. The only things you will lose when you reinstall or change/forget your Transfer ID’s are your Save Data and Invite A Friend Campaign images (the later which will not be recovered even if you transfer data).

I can’t say the same for iOS since I don’t own an iOS device and therefore cannot test it out myself.

On another note, your Transfer ID’s stay the same no matter what change you make as long as you don’t uninstall your game. Making a new purchase will not change your ID’s. Reinstalling a game will give you a new set of ID’s. Update 7/21/14: Voltage Inc. has changed the way you use Transfer ID’s so that you can only use ID’s ONCE. After you have used them, you will be given a new set of ID’s and will no longer be able to use your previous ones. In this case, you should now begin writing down or sending your ID’s to yourself each time you do a data transfer. Why Voltage Inc. has decided to do this, I don’t know.

On yet another note, Android users do not have a Restore Purchases option or Re-download option. If a user says that they do not have either of those options, then they are not using an iOS device. Don’t make them think they should have one when you do not know what OS they are using. If they claim not to have one and even show proof that they do not have one, then they are using an Android device. There’s no need to make them think that their device or game is glitched or broken.


Give the BMP Butlers Main Stories!

The Butlers already have Main Stories, but since they are shorter than the Princes’ and Zen’s stories, they are all released as the Sub Stories Falling in Love with the Butler.

As far as any more plans for the future, it doesn’t look like there are any plans to release anymore stories, meaning that the stories for the Butlers will not be continued (having originally been planned but then trashed) nor will we see any additional routes in the game, especially since the main writer for the game no longer works with Voltage Inc. and the original game in Japan (王子様のプロポーズ) has been cancelled (info from Izumi).


The fanbooks are only sold in special stores/one time events.

Nooooope. The store Voltage Inc. had to sell any merchandise, including the fanbooks, was closed back in 2012. There’s no “special event” or anything where the fanbooks are available. Other than very rare occasions (such as the TGS earlier this year), they do not produce anymore merchandise.


The Lineup on the Japanese Koi-Game site shows future games that have not been released yet.

Nooooooooope. The “Lineup” page is just a list for the games that are accessible and can be played on a smartphone device. It is not a list to say which games are “coming soon”. There are smartphones that do not operate on an Android or iOS operating system, which is why some of the games on the list don’t have an Install button for Android or iOS. All the games on that page have already been released. Some have even already been cancelled, meaning that unless Voltage pulls what they did with Hatsukare, we will not be seeing those games on Android or iOS at all. There are other pages that list all the other games that Voltage has, split into categories of Adult (for older women such as My Forged Wedding and Kiss of Revenge), Fantasy (such as Be My Princess and Pirates in Love), School (such as Dreamy Days in West Tokyo and Class Trip Crush), Love and Work (such as In Your Arms Tonight), and Social Apps (such as the GREE games). None of the lists are to show any future new games and are just compiled lists of already released games. Just because they don’t show up on the Play Store or App Store doesn’t mean that they are new or unreleased.

On that note, let’s talk about Hatsukare. As many of you know, 湘南★初カレDiary was ported and released in March of this year for Android and iOS devices. However, as I was informed by Izumi not too long ago, Hatsukare has been cancelled on the original device since last year. Why would Voltage port an already cancelled game? I do hope that this means that the game will actually be continued and completed, as well as that it means older games will get ports regardless of whether they’ve been cancelled or not. We just have to wait and see, but, again, the Lineup page is not a list of games coming soon.


Other notes:

Another thing. Not everyone who asks about future releases, asks questions, or even visits knows that the Facebook page isn’t set up to handle customer service inquiries. There’s no reason to bite someone’s head off for asking an innocent and valid question just because you’re sick of seeing them all the time, especially if they’re new commenters. Chances are that they don’t have the time or patience to go through the ENTIRE Timeline and look to see if their question has already been asked. The best thing you should do is either answer the question, kindly inform them that, if their question is directed to Voltage, Voltage does not answer comments on their page, or to point them in the direction of contacting Voltage themselves.

I might as well add this as a minor note. The upcoming My Sweet Bodyguard story titled Goto × Ishigami is not to say that the two will be paired as a couple. It just means they will be together, like a regular pair or partners. Think like a “crossover”. Get it? Cross. ×. Previous stories with the same idea are the Overseas Trip Sub Stories (Rome, Paris, Shanghai, and Kyoto). In those, the “×” was translated to “and”, which gives a better idea of what the route is: a story with both characters. In this case, they are stories where you can choose either character’s route.


In cases of crossover stories, you can find in Pirates in Love the Spin-Off Pirates and Bodyguards. The original title is 海賊×SPコラボ編 (Kaizoku×SP Collab Hen). This is a crossover story between Pirates in Love (恋に落ちた★海賊王) and My Sweet Bodyguard (恋人は専属SP).



I think that’s all I have for now. Hopefully this is helpful for anyone.

8 thoughts on “Voltage Inc. Facebook Fan Misconceptions (From What I’ve Seen)

  1. Ugh I’m so glad you decide to address this, since I really hate the number of misconception on voltage’s facebook -___-. Now I just keep hoping people will stop demanding voltage to release the baby’s sequel and prince Leonard main story for bmp season 1…since we know they won’t release it ORZ

    • Yeah, I was getting too fidgety and almost made an account just to reply, but ugh facebook. I remember seeing a recent comment saying that BMP Season 1’s heroine must have been so useless and a bad Queen for it to still be a bad thing to marry a commoner. That’s not how it works…. I had to leave the room because of that and just… why. Oh gosh, I remember seeing those comments about baby sequels and all that. I can see the appeal for it, but it would be a bit much, especially with how the Princess Sequels are set up to end. I would still love to see Leonardo get some type of route even if it’s in a Sub Story, but yeah, I don’t see it happening. ;_______; Hopefully the BMP 2 writer stays long enough and the game lasts long enough for us to get the stories we want and as well as have them completed.

      Also, if you see or know anything that should be added onto this post, do let me know! I’m pretty sure there’s some I missed, but I can’t remember all of them or be able to look through the Timeline for them. ; ;

      • Man, I really hate those hateful comments for the heroine…seriously at this point I keep wondering whether those girls are really have very low self esteem for keep bashing the heroine ಠ_ಠ. And not to mention the whole “strong” heroine crap…oh, and have you ever seen otome problems in tumblr ? almost all the confession is really embarrassing and make you want to punch people lol.

        Sure ! I admit it since they announce bmp season 2 I didn’t feel to visit voltage facebook page or bmp tag in tumblr anymore…since the misconception comments is really annoy me ಠ_ಠ

      • Ugh, I really hate those comments. It’s like a heroine has to be some sort of “super kick-ass” person to be considered “strong” and likable. I remember seeing someone on tumblr make a post about why girls seem to always hate on a heroine and it had something to do with girls always judging and hating on each other even if there’s no reason to, and it’s reflected on them hating on female characters. I didn’t read the whole thing at the time, but I lost the link not too long after. The sad this is that it kind of made sense. Oh, no, I haven’t. Is that the one where that one person put a few of them together and posted three on the fb page? LOL I had to laugh at those because they were ridiculous. Some of them sounded too focused on Voltage games, too, for a blog titled “otome problems”. I remember one putting down getting a good ending and not having internet, but good endings aren’t always a bad thing when you take into account otome games in general and not all otome games need internet to play. e______e I don’t plan on going to that blog.

        Oh gosh, it’s bad in the tag, too? Well, I knew things were bad in the tags because of the rampant spoilers everywhere, but the misconceptions? Hopefully I don’t have to be even more careful than I already am so that I don’t run into any of those posts. ( ≖Д≖ )

  2. Man I really hate those stereotype, I like both the kick ass heroine and the gentle, sweet heroine. Heck I haven’t see any voltage’s heroine that really deserved to be hated, most of them are pretty mature and sweet girls, and no wonder if the guys are falling for her, since her personality is really great…And yeah, I actually reblogged that post and I think is true, it’s like seeing girls love to bashing female actress, singer, or idols…it rooted from jealousy too I guess…

    Oh yeah that blog, the one that should changed to voltage-problem instead of otome problem lol. I seriously pissed off at the confession that they want mature, sexier heroine instead of childish, sweet heroine ಠ_ಠ. And there’s one girl who said that because all Japanese women are submissive so we end up seeing passive and submissive heroine in otoge -__-. That one of the worst stereotype that I ever seen, since not all Japanese women (or Asian women in general) are submissive and “weak”, some of them are pretty independent in general -___-.

    Nah, some people are posting things like “so I’m going to romancing my grandson ?” and it just amuse me to no end XD. And unfortunately the spoilers are more going rampant lately ORZ

    • Same. I haven’t seen a Voltage heroine that I’ve come to dislike at all. I always see comments like “why do the guys even like her” and all I can think of is how kind and supportive the heroine is and how can the guys not like her? It’s really disappointing to see the fandom hate on the heroines when there’s not much reason to except that she’s there. Exactly, it’s not just in otome games, but in media in general. I guess so, but ugh I wish it weren’t like that.

      Basically. When I saw the one for the internet thing, I could only think about the other otome games I’ve played that didn’t need internet like Hakuoki, Yo-Jin-Bo, and Tokimeki, and then all the other otome games ever. If they’re just going to take into account Voltage games, then they might as well have it in the name and leave the general name to someone else who could do it for all otome games ( ´_ゝ`). LOL WHAT. If they want that type of heroine, they can get her in Voltage Entertainment’s games. Ugh, I hate that stereotype. It’s complete ignorance!

      Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of those! Oh gosh, then I’ll be extra careful. Now that I get the chance to play it for myself, I really don’t want to run into any major spoilers. ( ≖Д≖ ) I’ve held on this long, I can’t have any last minute posts ruining it for me!

      • Yeah, for them the “good” heroine is the one who having sass all the time and kicking the guy’s butt ORZ. I mean, I always admired the heroine for the patience, kindness, and maturity to handling the situation…and yet they always ignoring those value and keep hating her, logically if the heroine is never existed, they won’t meet those guys too, since the heroine is more like the main key in any otome games..

        All of psp otome games can be played without internet, it’s only voltage and most of social phone games that required internet ORZ. Even solmare didn’t require internet to play their game -__-. I used to said to those people, if they want a sassy heroine, they can play the western version and yet they whining about the art style…-___-. I always forever hate those stereotype, since they use it way too often to the point I want to punch anyone who keep saying those ORZ

        Yes, it’s more better to stay away from the bmp tag in tumblr, since one user keep posting the royal wedding CG =___=. She actually can put them under the cut but…

      • Same. I know that I was thinking “Are you crazy??? Have you lost your mind???” a lot when playing White Lies. I have so much respect for the heroines that give off the patience, kindness, and maturity that I’ve seen in the Voltage games I’ve played. Exactly, it wouldn’t be an otome game without the heroine, so why try to get rid of her? e_____e

        Yeah, which is why I could only roll my eyes when I read it. Even if you don’t like the art style, you’re still getting the heroine you want, so why complain about it? And it’s not like you don’t get used to it, either. Same. It also gets really tiring seeing the stereotype like, really, people haven’t moved on from that?? Ugh.

        Are you freakin kidding me? Ugh, then I’ll just stay away from it, period. ( ≖Д≖ )

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