Voltage Inc. To Release My Forged Wedding Social App (GREE)?


Late news is late, but I figured I should post something. A bit of other news included at the end~


So if you’ve looked at the Be My Princess for GREE app (or maybe even My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE and Celebrity Darling for GREE, though I don’t play them so I can’t confirm it) in the past few days, you’ll notice there is new a link at the TOP page that leads you to a new survey about a possible My Forged Wedding social game with the text “Help us Make good games!”. You will also get a Full Course Meal at the end of the month if you complete the survey, though I don’t know if it’s the same reward for completing the first survey or if you’ll get a separate reward for completing each.


While there hasn’t been any type of official confirmation or announcement on whether or not we are getting a social app for My Forged Wedding for sure, the survey does prove that the possibility is there and that a release is on Voltage Inc.’s mind.

I am rather on the fence to hear about this, though. With all the Be My Princess for GREE events already taking up most of my time during which the events take place, I’m rather hesitant as to whether I should play My Forged Wedding’s social counterpart considering it’s not abnormal (and actually even expected) for GREE games to have events at the same time. I love My Forged Wedding, so I have no doubt that I will end up playing it, but the fact that having it released would mean that I would find myself playing both Be My Princess and My Forged Wedding events at the same time is just… I don’t know how I feel about it.

On one hand, it’s My Forged Wedding. On the other, it’s a social app with more events to play at the same time as Be My Princess for GREE.

My Forged Wedding,

More events to play.

I have no problem playing the Main Stories, I can do that. But I’m afraid that by playing both, I’ll be unable to finish any of the events. It’s the reason why I never touched My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE or Celebrity Darling for GREE. I didn’t want to overburden myself with multiple, simultaneous events and still attempt to full comp them all. Unfortunately for me, that means I missed a lot of potentially good and sweet stories from past events I never had the chance to even start. Having been in college at the time certainly didn’t help. I have more time than usual right now because I’m job hunting, but once I do land a job, it’s going to be even harder just to complete Be My Princess’s events. Having another game to play events in is just going to exhaust me. I could just not play the events, of course, but I have no doubt my love for My Forged Wedding is going to drive me to attempt it anyways until I realize too late that I won’t be able to do it, if I can at all. I hardly think Voltage Inc. is going to leave room between the two games so that the events happen one right after the other instead of at the same time, though it would still sadden me if My Forged Wedding’s events ended up with the same fate as My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE and Celebrity Darling for GREE where they don’t even have events at all anymore (last I heard).

I’ll keep my eyes open to see what happens, but I don’t think anything is going to change my feelings right now.

In other news, along with the other previously skipped Be My Princess for GREE’s events, this year’s White Day event 私の執事は王子様 (The Prince is My Butler) was also skipped. I was already disappointed enough that 執事たちのNew Year (The Butler’s New Year) was skipped! We could have had Butler solo routes! But now that the White Day event was skipped… I really would have liked to see the Butler’s reactions to the Princes being the heroine’s butlers for the day. I’m very interested on how the endings would have gone, so I’m hoping we get any and all skipped events at all! I mean, I’m glad we get some time to cool down between events now instead of having events pumped out practically back to back, but I would still like to play them later on or so.

The next event is supposed to be Wilfred’s Birthday event with three routes, including… CLAUDE SOLO ROUTE! I will definitely be VERY disappointed if this event is skipped! If we do get it, I’m hoping we get enough time to full comp all three routes and all six endings, which for me wouldn’t be a problem if Voltage Inc. sticks to a full two-week event period (as opposed to normally completing twelve endings). There hasn’t been any confirmation or hint as to whether or not we will be getting this event, but I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open for it! If there is, I’ll post the usual What We Already Know post as quickly as I can, so keep your eyes open, too!

As for that Secret Escape T&R… I’m starting to think it’s waaaaaaaaaaay past its due date, so I won’t be posting it at all. I will try for future events, though!

19 thoughts on “Voltage Inc. To Release My Forged Wedding Social App (GREE)?

  1. and from what I heard they also already skipped most of the prince’s birthday since last year ? @_@. It is too bad actually, seeing most of their GREE games are now on dying state D: and there’s probability BMP for GREE is also on their way to that ORZ” I prefer if they just focused on the existed games instead of making a new game -_-“

    • Yeah, they’ve skipped birthday events, too (among others, I’m sure). The only ones we got were Roberto’s birthday card story and Joshua’s, Keith’s, and Wilfred’s first birthday events. It is, since that not only means we won’t be getting new stories, but that we won’t be getting stories already released in Japan in English. I knew they would have to stop some day, I just never thought it would be so soon, especially with all the missed stories. You’re right, same here. It would be better if they’d focus on releasing stories for one game, finish up with that one, then release another. It’s a lot of work to have to juggle so many games at the same time, especially when events happen at the same time. With the games as a social app, they’re pretty much having to keep releasing new stories and events, and while it’s good for those who want to read more content, it doesn’t help that they’re only limited for a certain amount of time and, if you you miss it, you can’t read it again.

      • wow I never though they skipped A LOT of the character’s birthday ;__; yes, I know that someday these games will stop..but I still want to see the unreleased stories !

        I have the same sentiments to you regarding their app version, I don’t know why they keep released a newer games, and yet they stopped their update for a knight’s devotion, seduced in sleepless city, and the latest is pirates in love ;__; apparently it is the same for the Japanese version, if I’m not mistaken, they already stopped update for 7 or even 8 applications..

      • Yeah, me, too! щ(ಥДಥщ)

        Ah, those, too. Wow, that many already? I understand that they can’t bring out the final stories if the popularity of a game is down and they aren’t making much money off of it anymore, but it’s still saddening that the stories can’t be completed and we won’t be able to read them. (;△;)

  2. I tried to reply to your comment but it won’t show up (´;ω;`), ugh yeah..that how I feel actually, I know that they are business and they can only provide stories for the games that can bring them profit…I actually wondered thou whether their strategy for making a new games to replace the cancelled one is going to be successful or not..^^; I admit that the time when they stopped the update for BMP, I probably will take a long hiatus (ノω・、) since that game is now become one of my all time favorite otome game ^^;

    • It’s fine! Yeah, I was thinking about that, too, especially with them releasing new games in English so soon after their Japanese releases and adding to the load that they already have in managing all their English games. Aaaahhhh I’ll probably still try out other games. My Forged Wedding is still one of my most favorites, maybe even equal to Be My Princess. Pirates in Love, while not as deep as BMP, it have still been entertaining enough for me to enjoy (I have yet to play a route or story where I don’t crack up in laughter). I’ll still be bummed out if and when BMP fully completes. As far as I know, there aren’t anymore Main Stories/Sequels for Season 1 and only have Sub Stories to release. Am I right? I’ve only played Keith’s Princess Sequel, but I think it’s a pretty good ending for Season 1 and then to continue into Season 2 (which still makes me want to cry about Kevin but WELP).

      • well, If you talking about sequels about the princes, I think the princess sequel is the closing for the season 1 altogether D: but It seems the English version still have Zain’s sequel tho :3, and a bunch of spin off lol. Well, the Japanese version (the monthly version) hasn’t getting any update since December D:, I heard some gossip that the writer already resign so she / he can focused on the other games T__T” and from what I seen from her / his twitter, it seems the writer doesn’t want to continue the season 1 stories anymore ;___;

        I’m guessing you will like Kevin A LOT, he’s a big sweetie ~ I admit thou that I didn’t like his GREE counterpart, but then again I can’t stand BMP season 2 for gree just because they change all the characters background A LOT, so most of them are like a different characters altogether but with same design with the app version DD:

      • Yeah, that. With Keith’s Princess Sequel, it actually felt like a proper closing. I didn’t feel like there was a “to be continued” vibe from it, and it didn’t feel like it needed one. I KNOW AND I AM WAITING PATIENTLY FOR ZEN’S SEQUEL! I had to keep myself from buying it in the Japanese version because I’m pretty sure it would come out in English before I can finish it in Japanese ヽ(;∀;)ノ. So, I’m guessing that that’s it for BMP. ;A; Now we just have to wait for whatever is left to be ported to Android/iOS and then translated to English if possible. Oh really? So he/she’s already moved on then… It’s a bit disappointing to hear that they don’t want to work on it anymore, though. Do you mind linking the Twitter?

        I HAVE A SOFT SPOT FOR THE ALFORDS SO I ALREADY LIKE KEVIN ;A;. +999999999999 POINTS IF HE’S A BIG SWEETIE! If the writers are different, then I guess I wouldn’t be surprised for the character change. :\ Really wish there would be some consistency between them so that they’re not completely different people in the games (except Yu, I like GREE Yu a lot more than app Yu).

  3. I’m pretty glad tho that the writers decide to discontinue the series, instead milked it to death lol, some people still want to see royal babies sequel and I’m just like ???? , I think the princess sequel is a very nice closing to the season 1, and let season 2 to shine in this year lol.
    Sadly, his sequel only consist of 5 chapters and no epilogue T___T” and for the spin off, I really suggesting the XXは幸せの香り (XX is the scent of happiness) and 時をかけるクリスマス (Leap through time Christmas), those are the cutest spin off I ever read :3

    Here is the blog and the twitter ~
    http://ameblo.jp/studiom-otome/ & https://twitter.com/studiom_otome
    it seems the writers used to write other voltage’s game too like celebrity darling and roomshare :O

    Yeah, I little bit iffy when I’m seeing almost all the princes suddenly has a siblings @__@, and kevin’s route is more like a soap opera, since they decide to insert his cousin (?) and make some love triangle stories again ORZ” … yeah, he really different from his grandpa which really refreshing to see :D, now I really wish BMP season 2 can just come out soon so we can talk about the guys lol ~

    • That’s right! I get that it would be nice to see them as parents, but I don’t think it should be a sequel. A short sub story maybe, but it’s one that we don’t really need. I like how the Princess Sequel (Keith’s at least) ended, and I think it’s a nice wrap up for Season 1. It’s time to move on to the next stories~

      I SAW THAT ;A; Oooo I’ve really been interested in those two! I’m going to wait and see if they get released this year in English, though. I can’t read Japanese to save my life, and if I buy them and they do get translated, it would probably be released in English before I can finish any of them ヽ(;∀;)ノ.

      Oooh thank you! I’ll check them out later! Wow, really?! O_____o Now I want to compare the writing to see how it’s changed, but lol can’t read the other two OTL.

      Oh what. I knew about Shion, but I didn’t know other princes had added siblings! That would throw me off, too. Oh no Kevin D: It sounds really bad… So I’m guess GREE version really does have different writers if the difference is so big like that. OH MAN I want to play his route so bad! I’ll probably skip Henry’s route and go straight for Kevin because I JUST NEED HIS STORY. Then I’ll probably come back here and cry about it ( ;∀;).

      • yeah, I really don’t really need to see another sequel for season 1, since that princess sequel is a great closing ~ I really hope those spin off get translated soon ! but the Christmas one will probably translated between November or December T__T” and just fyi, the 時をかけるクリスマス has a season 2 version also lol.

        well, roomshare is not released for the iphone user…but I can guarantee that there’s A LOT of improvement from celebrity darling to BMP, I still hoping that writer can make another scenario for voltage again, I love her / his writings ^^

        yep, I know oliver get an older sister and he also pursuing a modelling career, and I just like :|, man, I really hate to said that but I really detest the whole twin siblings thing, I already cleared kuon’s story for gree version and I dislike his backstory so much >_>, If you don’t mind spoiler I’m going to write it later…yeah, I don’t really mind it if the backstory for gree and the app version is slightly different, but this time is just like completely different game altogether… I also love kuon’s and oliver’s route too :D, it’s almost same as season 1 where all characters have a great stories ^v^

      • Same! Yeah, it’s a long wait ; ; . OOOOO FLIP I WANT THAT, TOO, NOW. I’m hoping we get the メモリアルXmasナイト story so I can read more Butlers ;A; . They’re super short, but it’s something! Have you played that one?

        That’s great to hear! Yes! I just love the writing, and I hope we can see more games in the future with the same writer! (*’▽’*)

        Oh what? Modelling? But he’s a prince?? Ah, I see. I don’t mind spoilers for this, so you can write it! Same. It gets really confusing if the stories are completely different, too. Uwa I want to play Kuon’s route, too! How could I pass up Glenn’s grandson! (≖ ´ ᗢ ` ≖ ) Asdgjslhj now I REALLY want that game to come. I don’t know how I managed to wait so long already. _(:c/ <)_

  4. メモリアルXmasナイト is also pretty sweet, I love how the butlers finally get some love too hahaha, December can’t come more faster T___T, I’m still disappointed that they didn’t release the white day with the butlers for iphone user ;___; and some spin off like 恋のメモリアル and あなたの卒業式

    well, since I’m not really into his route or whatsoever, and I finished his route like in last year ? I just giving up the important points :
    – He basically working with the heroine in the same bakery in Charles (the prologue), and he actually invite the heroine to the party in Noble Mitchell (the heroine doesn’t know his real identity)
    – His parents already divorce, and his twin brother is the one who become the crown prince
    – there’s amnesia part too (WHYY)
    – He used to detest his twin brother until the heroine and the other princes help him to repaired the relationship between these two
    – He used Himuro as his last name
    – Old! Glenn, Yu, and Alan didn’t make appearance If I’m not mistaken
    sorry for just pointing out the points, I’m not really remembered his route since it’s way too much drama and the mission makes me want to throw my phone multiple time haha :<
    I also can't stand kevin's new butler who annoy me so much due to his arrogance (`Д´), I prefer Old! Luke as his butler honestly :_>

    • How are the Butler routes for it? Is the heroine still with the Princes with you choose the Butlers, or is she not like in the Butler Main Stories? PLEASE TELL ME IT’S LIKE THE BUTLER MAIN STORIES! ;A; I KNOW! I’m still holding on to the hope that Voltage will release them for us. ;___;

      What? Why is there an amnesia part? Is it like a big part of the story or a small part?? I heard about Glenn, Yu, and Alan not showing up in the GREE version. Why would they take them out?! ;A;

      It’s fine! I wouldn’t blame you, I’m surprised my phone lasted so long from my raging from stupid drama in some of the GREE events and Solmare’s games ( ´_ゝ`). Aw man, now I’m not too sure if I want to read the GREE version anymore. I’m afraid I’ll end up disliking it, and I don’t want to dislike anything BMP ;A;.

      I vaguely remember reading something about Luke not being Kevin’s butler, but I can’t remember the face or name of the new butler. So Luke is just around in the GREE version like Alec is in Keith’s non-GREE version?

      • Don’t worry, the heroine is not having any relationship with the princes =o, actually it’s more like the continuation from the sentimental summer spin off lol. sadly they didn’t give us any CG from the butlers (ノД`)・゜・。 oh except for Zain.

        the amnesia part sadly become quite a major storyline ORZ, seriously he doesn’t really need any of drama anymore. I really disappointed too after knowing those three didn’t appear on the GREE version D: since in the app version Glenn become a major character >_>

        I really hate that in order to getting happy ending, instead of only having A or S compatibility and high royal factor, now you must earn another point (which I forgot what to name it), and It’s way too buggy sometimes, since there’s time where my gacha point is gone missing and other >_>. I really advice to you to stay away from this, I played this last year since I’m pretty upset that voltage hasn’t released the season 2 for iphone version, and getting more disappointed.

        The new butler’s name is Gabriel, and Zain 3rd is also being replaced by a new butler in Mitchell castle D: Unfortunately I didn’t have any patience or motivation to play Kevin’s route in GREE ?, since I will end up rage quit in the middle lol, so sadly I didn’t have any idea..not to mention that butler is pissing me off so much

      • YESSSSSSSSSS I CAN’T WAIT! Why is December so far away! ;______; WHY NO CG’S THOUGH! ;A; (Though I’ll be happy just to have stories //shot)

        Aw man, that’s disappointing. Oh really? Argh, that makes me even less excited for it. :C

        Oh gosh, are you serious? What the heck? So it has to do with gacha points? Ah, I see. If it is brought over for English, I hope I can stay away, then. Hm, I wonder why it’s taking so long for the iOS version to come out?

        There we go! Gah, I still can’t remember his face, but I think he also had brown hair? Oh! Isn’t Zen’s replacement supposed to be the same but with a slight color change? Or does he have a different name and everything? Ah, don’t worry about it then. I wouldn’t want to play it either if it upset me too much (˘・_・˘ㆀ).

  5. I’m sorry for making a bad impression for bmp season 2 for gree, I just disappointed with the management lately and seeing the gree version keep getting events and whatnot, I felt that the app version will be cancelled this year :__>

    • Don’t worry about double posting! I can delete the doubles~

      Nah, no worries! I know how frustrating and upsetting it can be, and I’m really grateful that you’re sharing this with me. At least now, if I decide to start playing it, I know what to expect and won’t be as shocked if I get disappointment out of it. Ugh, I hope not. I’d really hate to be disappointed on another app that fails to get all their stories ported, even if we don’t get them in English. ;___;

  6. wow sorry for double post, my comments are getting cut earlier ORZ

    I’m sorry for making a bad impression for bmp season 2 for gree, I just disappointed with the management lately and seeing the gree version keep getting events and whatnot, I felt that the app version will be cancelled this year :__>

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