Lunar Revel Giveaway

Lunar Revel Giveaway

Welcome to our fourth or fifth or whatever giveaway! This time, we’re celebrating the now available Lunar Revel event on League of Legends!

Rules are simple:

  • Fill out the form on our GIVEAWAY page on top. Enter your name (last name is optional), e-mail (to contact you), which prize you want (League of Legends RP or Monsters University Blu-ray+DVD), submit! One entry per person!

One person will win the League of Legends Riot Points ($20) and another will win the Blu-ray+DVD. Two winners! The Riot Points code(s) will be sent via e-mail. A mailing address will have to be provided if you win the Blu-ray+DVD ONLY if you win. This way we can ship it out as soon as we can to you! We promise.

*Giveaway closes Sunday, February 2, 2014 at 11:59pm (Central US time). Click HERE if you want to check the central time.

Open to US residents (Blu-ray+DVD) and/or NA server (Riot Points) participants only.

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