Voltage Inc. JAPAN Releases… A Suspense Game?! (生存率0%! 地下鉄からの脱出)


Crappy translation ;; :

A desperate situation! Escape the subway of death!

Who to suspect, who to believe?

The setting is a subway of a metropolitan area at midnight.

When the train’s driving suddenly become reckless, fourteen passengers are trapped, and one finds a body.

Is there a criminal among these? Suspicion rises inside, who to believe, depends on you.

生存率0%! 地下鉄からの脱出 (crappy translation: 0% Survival Rate! Escape From The Subway!) looks to be a horror suspense game released by Voltage Inc., a mobile gaming company best known for releasing otome games.

This is… quite a surprise! I’m not a big fan of horror. ;; But it looks like it’s a VN with a prologue and character routes just like the otome games, so it might not be too bad. I hope. At least for the suspense part of the game. It looks like the difficulty is high, too, so it might be fun? I DON’T KNOW I’M ON THE FENCE. I want to try it, but then it’s suspense, but then it’s Voltage Inc., but then it’s suspense, but then it sounds interesting, but then it’s horror suspense. I DUNNO, MAN.


EDIT :  JUST FOR THE RECORD! 生存率0%! 地下鉄からの脱出 IS NOT AN OTOME GAME. After reading some of the Youtube comments of the OP (and because I can’t sleep), I thought I’d try to translate the rest of the description that comes after what’s above. So if I’ve made any mistakes, please let me know where it should be fixed or corrected!

☆★The operation is simple! The degree of fear is MAX!★☆

“0% Survival Rate! Escape From The Subway!” is a suspense game in the form of a novel that you can play for free.

To play, tap the screen to advance through the story! Choices appear during the game. You will receive damage depending on the answer that you choose, and the way to escape becomes steep.

Can you reach the end, and escape the subway?

☆★Selectable Characters★☆

A strong office worker with a sense of justice, a “my pace” dispatch female office worker with an unyielding spirit, a part-timer who is uninterested in approaching women,… In addition, attractive characters, people of suspicion, deception, and to believe in…

Whom do you choose?

※The Prologue and Main Story are free to play
※The Main Story of each character has 20 episodes. There are 60 episodes in total.
※In this app, progress is saved automatically at the end of every episode.

2 thoughts on “Voltage Inc. JAPAN Releases… A Suspense Game?! (生存率0%! 地下鉄からの脱出)

    • Do you mean an official English title or just a translation? It doesn’t have an official English title, but I did give a rough translation of the title as “0% Survival Rate! Escape From The Subway!” The game just came out in Japan, so chances of getting an English version of this game anytime soon is steep. It doesn’t hurt to let Voltage Inc. know if you’re interested in the game, though! :>

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