Blood & Ice


Lissandra, The Ice Witch has finally been released. While no official build has been released as of yet, expect it soon. Maybe I will give it a go and post one under the Games Build tab. Among the release of new champion Lissandra, the Freljord skins are now available. Add to that the icy reworks of Sejuani and Trundle and you’ve got an ice storm sweeping through the LoL community.

Lissandra 2

Lissandra also comes with one skin, named Bloodstone.Lissandra Bloodstone

Oh, and that’s not it. A new ARAM (All Random All Mid) matchmaking has also been released, named Howling Abyss. What’s different is that as you play games in ARAM, you’ll earn points which you can use towards rerolls. This reroll feature will allow you to roll a different character if you’re not satisfied with the one you are randomly given. It’s a really nice map! Take a look at my gameplay screenies below. For more information, click here.

HA 1

HA 2





Someone hates Annie. ]:

Someone hates Annie. ]:






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