Tick Tock

Catching Fire


So I sat through hours of this excuse for an awards show. Yes, I am talking about the MTV Movie Awards. And yes, that TV network founded on music which rarely, and I mean rarely, airs any music. Woah! Well, my back was against the TV as I waited for them to finally show the Catching Fire teaser trailer. After dreadful hours of awkward, sexual and just plain horrific “jokes” and pathetic nomination categories, the trailer was shown. Here it is in all its glory! Though it’s just a teaser, where we don’t get a glimpse at the new arena. Instead, the trailer shows us that the film highlights a lot of what the third book is about: the rebellion and imminent war. If you can’t wait until November, read the books (recycled advice)! The second one might be my favorite, since the arena is so awesome. Now excuse me as I fangirl over a series that I quite enjoy and you should too (instead of the other crap).

Head on over to The Hunger Games Explorer website for more exclusive looks.


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