Be My Princess for GREE Cherry Blossom Viewing Event: What We Already Know

Update: For those looking for information about the this event, I made a new post: Be My Princess for GREE ~Cherry Blossom Viewing Event Info~.


“A single petal dancing on the wind…”

w00t! Spring time event in Oriens! If only I could really be happy about it. I REALLY hope that two weeks is enough to fullcomp it. We’re back to two endings!

Update: Completion item names added!

  • The event will be from April 9th to April 23rd (UTC 8:00A.M)
  • Love Passes are not necessary for this event.
  • All six princes will be available.
    • Each prince will have four stages.
      • The first three stages will be with the Prince before branching.
    • Each prince will have two endings.
      • In the Happy End, you will spend it with the Prince.
      • In the Normal End, you will spend it with the butler.
  • There will be a Flower Party
  • There will also be a Cherry Gacha.
    • Each play will use 500pt after the first free play.
    • The Prince will be able to visit you if you place Special interior items that you get from the gacha in your room. He will not come if you place Normal interior items in your room.
      • There are six (6) special interior items
    • Other prizes include
      • Interior Spacex1
      • Love Letter (+300 Love Factor) new
      • Full Course Meal  new
  • You will receive avatar items as completion items for completing each end. new
    • Wilfred
      • Loosely Braided Hair hairstyle (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Sweet Cherry Eyes (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Keith
      • Plaid Chiffon Dress (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Cherry Blossom Geta & Socks Set (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Roberto
      • Short Yellow Trench (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Cherry Blossom Party Kimono (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Glenn
      • Mixed Floral Long Skirt (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Retro Modern Curly Bob (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Joshua
      • Plaid Tunic w/ Collar (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Polka-dot Lace Wrap (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • Edward
      • Colored-blocked Dress (Charm +100) (Happy Ending)
      • Cherry Umbrella (Charm +150) (Both Endings)
    • You can also receive A Blossom-lined Avenue in Oriens new background (Charm +400) with what looks like a park sidewalk under the cherry blossom trees. I’m guessing you can get this by completing either all Happy Ends of the six princes (Based on previous events).
    • If you get BOTH a Happy Ending and a Normal Ending with the SAME prince you’ll get yet ANOTHER bonus


I’ll try to keep up with the updates and add to this when I can, as well as start up an info post as soon as the event is up for play.


6 thoughts on “Be My Princess for GREE Cherry Blossom Viewing Event: What We Already Know

    • It’s fine, it’s not a stupid question! I don’t know the exact answer since it wasn’t officially explained, but from what I can tell, Current Love Factors are the Love Factors that you collected on your own by going to parties. Total Love Factors are your Current Love Factors PLUS the Love Factors you receive when one of your Event Mates chooses you as their partner for parties. I think using Love Letters goes into your Current Love Factors, though I haven’t kept track on which one the Love Letters raises.

      Did this make sense?

      • I know the ranking is based on the Current Love Factors, so what is the point of the Total Love Factors?

      • The Total Love Factors are the ones you need in order to progress through the story. For instance, if the mission asks that you need 1500 Love Factors in order to continue, you’d need to raise your Total Love Factors to 1500. (You’ll be told how many Love Factors you need to raise in your Total Love Factors when you get the mission.) So even if your Current Love Factors isn’t at 1500, you can still continue the story if your Total Love Factors is at, or past, 1500.

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