How To Contact Voltage Inc.

Because I can’t stress this enough and people still can’t seem to get it in their head that they should not only complain if something really bothers them, but that they should also make their complaints known upfront to Voltage Inc. themselves.

*Let me say this now in the case that anyone missed the announcement. If you are trying to contact Voltage Inc. for customer support, DO NOT COMMENT ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE. They’ve already made it clear that their Facebook page IS NOT a support center and WAS NOT set up to handle customer service inquiries. If you have any questions or need help from the team, USE THE FORMS BELOW OR THE iOS EQUIVALENT. By doing so, you have a better and higher chance to get a reply and get your problems fixed. The Voltage Inc. team DOES NOT answer comments made on their Facebook page. (This does not apply to the Voltage Entertainment USA Inc. Facebook page. Voltage Entertainment does respond to comments on their page.)

So, taken from my previous post and added to, here are ways to contact Voltage Inc. and Voltage Entertainment USA Inc. (Just make sure you put in your e-mail address in the inquiry forms, since it’s not being redirected from inside the apps):

Last Update 5/14/14: Added Be My Princess 2 and Voltage Entertainment’s Tumblr. If anyone can get me the My Romance e-mail addresses for iOS, I would really appreciate it!

NOTE: The inquiry forms and e-mail addresses are from the Android unless otherwise stated. If someone can get me the links for iUsers, then please do so!

Voltage Inc. games:

Voltage Entertainment USA Inc. games:

I have tried it and they do respond, so if you honestly want them to hear your opinion, LET. THEM. KNOW.

Let me also say this before anyone starts sending them e-mails about how they should stop with the Westernized art: STOP. NOW. I understand that you don’t like the Westernized style and would rather have the Japanese anime art style, but there IS  a market for the Westernized art style, and just because you don’t know or see people around you demanding it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. I’ve already expressed my opinion about this on tumblr, and I feel that if I go more into what I said, it’d be better to make it in it’s own post. So for now, I will just leave that link. But if you feel that you still have a problem with the Westernized art, please let them know how you think they can improve. Don’t just tell them to stop. If you prefer the original art over the Westernized art, then you, like it or not, are NOT their target audience.

If there are errors in the links or if there are broken links, please let me know so I can get them fixed.

11 thoughts on “How To Contact Voltage Inc.

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    • Well… uh… hm.

      I… really don’t know what to say to you. ;; The best I can say when it comes to Voltage Inc. is… maybe send them an e-mail and ask about the possibility of them accepting story ideas? The current contest they’re having isn’t open to accepting writing from foreigners, so I honestly don’t know how open they are for accepting story ideas and making them, if at all. I don’t think the contest guarantees the story being made into a game, either (though there have been a couple of games made from last year’s winners in Japan).

      The best this I can say in general is… make it yourself. To be honest, if you really want to get your game published, this is most likely the best route to go with. I haven’t looked into it, but the Lemma Soft Forums are a place where you can get help in developing a visual novel. It’ll take a while and hard work, sure, but that’s probably your best bet. I’m not very familiar with the Otome Game Ideas tumblr, but maybe you can submit yours there, too?

      I hope I was at least a little bit helpful even if I couldn’t help you with Voltage Inc. Good luck with your story, though!

  2. thanx so much 🙂 but also about the contest, when it says in I really have to colour it? I think my drawing looks better black and white…….

    • Only the color illustration, the one asking of “The boyfriend embraces the heroine from behind her”, has to be in color. The character sheets have to be in black and white.

      Good luck with the contest!

  3. voltage games doesn’t let me buy the characters of the main story, special, sequel, or epilogue please help me and reply back thank you.

  4. Hi Shabby
    I tried using the contacts for Voltage Entertainment that you provided (because I have a bug in my game and it’s making me cry!!!) but the bounce email you get in return says that email is a fake address?

    • Oh gosh, I am so sorry!

      If you don’t mind, would you tell me which address is the one that gives you that response? I just checked back on the Google Play pages, and it looks like the e-mail addresses of some of the games were changed since I last updated this post. I’ll fix them up right away along with the one giving you that response as soon as I can!

      If it’s also of any help, Voltage Entertainment does respond on their facebook page and they also have a new forum, so you might be able to get some customer support from there!

    • The automatic reply is just to let you know that they’ve received your inquiry. They’ll respond to it as soon as they can, but it may take a while if they already have a lot of inquiries to answer.

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