“Many People Think Voltage Inc. is a DISCRIMINATOR!”


Because it’s not like you need to put any actual work into bringing the games over, amirite?

Because I’m still not over it and I had something else to add. (And I feel like I need to get this off my chest before I post that T&R that’s been in my drafts for five hundred years.) Like I said before:

This is why I don’t participate in the fandom part of fandoms. BLESS YOU, JESSICA! I could really use a break from all these GREE events, too.

Sorry, Fedora Kaguya, but I’m not part of the “many” you speak of because I understand that Voltage games were originally targeted to Japanese women who live in Japan, not necessarily anyone and everyone who wanted to play their games all over the world. And can I make a point that Voltage Inc. DOES NOT BELIEVE WE CAN’T AFFORD THEIR GAMES.

Did you get that?


If that were the case, they wouldn’t even be bringing them over for the English speaking audience. I hardly think a company would risk sending something, much less everything they have, outside of their country and outside of their target audience if they didn’t believe it would sell.

The obvious reason Japan has more games from Voltage Inc. than we do is because those games are still in original Japanese. If you’re so upset about it, then play the Japanese versions. No one is stopping you from rooting your phone, downloading the Japanese versions, and buying the routes in Japanese. The only problem you’d come across from that is that rooting your phone might brick it, you’d need to know Japanese (or at least know how to type it into a translator), and be okay with paying in yen. Heck, there are other ways to bypass having your phone rooted and still be able to play the Japanese versions (for Android, I’m not so sure about iPhone). Voltage can’t just snap their fingers and have their games magically changed into English and work on non-Japanese phones. There’ s actual WORK and TIME that needs to be put into it. Voltage gets a bunch of complaints about how they’re so slow in releasing new updates and new games, and once one does come out, people are quick to point out the bugs and flaws. The faster that Voltage is rushed and pressured into releasing new content, the less time they have to fix any issues before it’s officially released. I CANNOT stand when someone complains to Voltage about their lack of updates, and once their anticipated update is released, they’re quick to criticize Voltage for their errors. THE SAME PERSON. I want new updates, new releases, and more bug fixes just as much as the next person, even despite how far behind on playing these games I am, but I’d rather wait longer for an update and release with as very few problems as possible as opposed to “GIVE ME GAME NAO” and have it chock-full of typos and errors.

Another reason Japan has more Voltage games is because most of the games are made for Japanese feature phones.


These awesome babies.

You can buy these phones off of eBay, but there’s no guarantee that they work outside Japan. I have looked around reading up on these phones because heck, I want one! Unfortunately, majority of what I’ve read says that they can’t be used outside Japan. Others say that they can, but it would be roaming and it’s more for traveling (living in Japan but leaving the country for a bit) and is VERY expensive to use since you, and anyone who calls you, will be charged international rates. Some eBay sellers sell “unlocked” phones, but I’m not really sure what exactly unlocking them does. (If anyone can clarify, then I’d be very grateful!)


■List of supported devices■
You can enjoy 『恋の続きはハネムーンで』 with the following handsets.
※Compatible with Android OS2.2 and up.

Not only that, but the feature phone versions on these games have a monthly fee. So instead of paying just ¥450 for each route in each game to keep and play whenever you want, you will pay ¥315 a month to play one chapter each day with no BGM or OP*.

*Correction thanks to Izumi!


Translation of highlighted:
Monthly Fee Version 【Android/monthly fee 315yen】

And for those wanting to know, ¥450 is the price for the main routes in the app versions of the games. At the current exchange rate (as of typing this), you’d be paying $4.96 for each route in the original Japanese version. Compared to the $3.99 for each main route in the English versions? I think I can wait. As for the feature phone versions, I don’t know how exactly it works when it comes to the months in between updates. I wouldn’t want to pay $3.47 a month for a game which I’ve already completed all the released routes and waiting for updates. Though I think the feature phone version gives you access to other goodies, so I would definitely consider paying for it if I was allowed to (and against the will of my weeping wallet). Then again, I’d also probably stick with the app versions, too, since the images are higher quality.

Anyways, Fedora Kaguya, I don’t think it looks good on you to post this on a post from Voltage showing their appreciation to their users and wishing them a very best New Year. Great way to show your thanks(?) to one of the few companies that’s bringing us English speakers some Japanese otome games.

I’m not trying to start a witch hunt here or anything, but my gosh. I understand the want for more releases and faster updates, but is there really a need to go to those types of lengths to get your point across? How about sending them a nice e-mail instead? Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work going into these English releases. Have a game in mind you’d like to see brought over? Kindly let them know that you’re interested in purchasing and playing that game. Have a sequel you’re itching to play? Let them know which character and in which game you’d like the update for. Want to play a certain spin-off? Let them know which one and in which game you want the update for. Don’t know what spin-offs there are but want one anyway? Let them know you want more spin-offs for which game. Let them know! You can even send them a message through the game app itself. (Open the app > Help > Answers to other questions > “Yes” to go to the Contact Us webpage > go to the very bottom under “2. Inquiries” and tap “here” (link) > fill out information and select Message Subject > Next > Ta-da! Type out your message. I have tried it in Pirates in Love and they have responded.) Here are the contact links for the currently released apps themselves if you can’t get to your phone. (Just make sure you put in your e-mail address in the inquiry forms, since it’s not being redirected from inside the apps).

I’m pretty sure if you can take the time to write a rude and unappreciative message to them on Facebook (of all places!), you can send them a kind and generous e-mail instead. There are ways to tell them your problems and issues that are really bothering you without sounding like a total jerk about it. If anything, I should be one of the last people to be talking about not raging at Voltage Inc., considering I do it a lot (most of my rants come from Be My Princess for GREE [event stuff like no breather time between events, not enough time period to fullcomp an event,… etc.] and the way a route plays out.) If anything, I rant about the same things in these games as the things I rant about in other types of media (anime, manga, TV shows, movies, etc.) except for the GREE thing. As much as I’ll rage about Voltage Inc., I am grateful enough for them that I am not going to bash them and be a jerk about it, and while I don’t expect any of the above types of comments to decrease, I just hope that people realize that Voltage can’t do anything and everything at the snap of a finger or a click of a button. Just have patience.

TL;DR: BE PATIENT AND DON’T BE A JERK. No one likes a jerk! 🙂 (And there’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of research.)

(I’m still at the very beginning stages of learning and understanding Japanese, and everything I’ve typed in regards to the way Japanese feature phones work and such is from what I’ve been able to understand through the help of translators. If I’ve misunderstood something, put in wrong information, or there’s something that should be added or mentioned, please let me know in the comments!)

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  2. Respect to you! I totally agreed with you, if they’ll just try to look at it from another point of view, they’ll understand…..wise words there, wise words…..

  3. I don’t know whether you will read this or not lol, but I completely agree with you ! I always felt bad to voltage since people keep complaining for everything, from the artwork to schedule orz. I remember when 王子様 season 2 just released in January, people keep flooding both the itunes store review and the facebook page begging to translate it as soon as possible @_@, just give them time seriously..they just recently released it and translating the stories will eating a lot of time orz

    • No worries, I try to read and reply to all comments on my posts!

      Same here! I suppose you mean the Android/iOS version of the game? Season 2 was out long before that, and people were still demanding for its English release. My gosh, at least give them time to port to Android/iOS AND profit enough from the game to let them translate it. For newer games that are released on Android/iOS platform, they still need to profit enough for them to want spend the ~$10,000 to translate the games into English. I cannot stand the facebook comments. I still see people spreading false rumors and information and I always feel like I have to hold back from making an account there and commenting on everything. ヽ(。_゜)ノ

      The best thing we can do now for new releases is to continue to show our support to Voltage Inc. and buy the newest releases that we want on the first week they’re released (I remember reading somewhere that the first week of sales are CRUCIAL, though I don’t remember reading if it was the same for English releases). If not that, then continue to buy stories nonetheless. Voltage Inc. is, first and foremost, a business. One whose main target audience isn’t us. We can’t let ourselves forget that.

      • thank you for the reply :D, yes I mean the app version since I doubt the GREE (SNS version) for 王子様 season 2 will be released in app store, and here I thought the whole “why-you-can’t-translate-this-more-faster” is already bad enough in Facebook, but when I see the complaining in tumblr (seriously, back when 王子様 season 2 just released for a week, people already sending emails and whatnot, begging to translate them NAO), I just way too amazed to seeing people like that..and translating from one language to another language is not easy, they need to proofread and make sure it not sounds too weird or forced -_-”

        yes, it is true that the first week sales is crucial, I hear this is the main reason why voltage hasn’t update the non gree Celebrity Darling (the Japanese version) for a long time, since the sales is pretty low D:

      • Well, the feature phone version is what was ported to Android/iOS, and the GREE version has been out since September (between the releases of the other two). I still remember people asking for it the moment it was released for feature phones. Is it that bad on tumblr, too? I attempt to avoid most anything on tumblr about Voltage stuff since there are a lot of spoilers and complaints posted. It’s good to send Voltage e-mails about your interest in them translating a game into English, but it’s another thing to demand it of them when they can’t even be sure if they’ll make any profit or gain out of it yet. Heck, Hatsukare was just ported to Android/iOS. Just seeing that makes me hope that they can get more games ported and then translated to English, but it wouldn’t help to keep bugging them about it. (Not that I wouldn’t like to see new games released, I just have more interest in their older games right now.)

        Hm, I suppose so. Though it looks like they were still able to start another game for Celebrity Darling (LoveDuet). I haven’t looked into it much, but it looks like another social game, so I’m guessing they can still make money off it even if the stories are completed. I am disappointed that there’s a higher chance that we won’t be seeing the app version in English, though. A friend tells me the GREE version is better (not counting the Missions), but I’d be more inclined to play the app version. I do hope to play it either way, whether we get it in English or I have to speed up learning Japanese, whichever comes first~

  4. the complaints in tumblr ? well, from what I seen It can be worst too lol. I know one girl who filled down the survey in MFW and said “give me BMP 2 or die” or something like that…man, I just hope she is joking but seeing she is way TOO obsessed with BMP (and this is someone who is prefer BMP over all voltage’s game) make me cringe -_-. I actually start to avoiding most of voltage’s game tag since is cluttered with spoilers, nsfw content that way too vulgar, and last but not least the complaints.

    yes, it seem CD was a more successful in social game genre. I already tried the non social type (released back in April 2012), and the writing can be little bit off lol and the artwork style can be little bit weird to some people, but honestly I think is still more better than the recent voltage’s game like serendipity next door (I’m played in Japanese ver and the sequel bore me ^^;)

    • Oh what? Are you serious? That’s… wow. That’s just terrible. I don’t check the tags at all because of all the spoilers I used to see there, and I’ve been able to avoid any nsfw or vulgar content for the most part. Though I can’t say the same for Facebook, unfortunately. = =

      Yeah, I noticed the art seemed rather off, though I only thought it was because the game was older (which might not be the case seeing as the art in their other games isn’t as weird). I haven’t played Serendipity Next Door either, so I don’t know how it is. I’m a bit disappointed to hear that it bored you, though. :\ Well, hopefully it won’t be as boring for me when I get to play it.

      • yeah, the first time I see her post that I just like “ಠ______ಠ” and the fact she post it just 2 days after the release of 王子様 season 2 is make me cringe geez…ugh you’re so lucky to avoid all the landmines, I don’t mind nsfw content, but most of nsfw post about voltage’s characters (or more extend smut fanfics) just way too vulgar, but it is just me haha ^^;

        Celebrity Darling is one of their oldest game isn’t it ? I heard they’re released in 2008, so the artwork and writing maybe not everyone cup of tea ^^;.
        I hope you can enjoy serendipity, I actually didn’t like the artwork too…is like some of the CG are little bit..off ? and maybe because I usually enjoyed the stories where the heroine is involved with the guys with “higher social status” like BMP or Kissed by the baddest bidders lol

      • I don’t see how that would be very effective, just as the idea of “let us read your games for free or we’ll boycott you!” isn’t very effective, or smart for that matter. Threats aren’t going to help them release stories and games faster. If they can’t release it, then they can’t release it. There’s no point in making threats like that. I’m glad to have been able to avoid most of it. There was (is?) a Facebook group I saw a while back and the things posted on it were just… why. It’s a closed group now, I’m guessing because the content that was posted as I remember seeing a content warning on it. I stay away from fanfiction because I never find anything good lol. I tried one of Be My Princess that I happened to see on tumblr and thought I would give it a shot despite my uncertainties. Never again.

        I do believe it is, though I guess they hired better artists after Celebrity Darling. Oh man, I hope the writing isn’t too bad. Bad writing can really throw me off. ; ;

        lol yeah some of the anatomy in the art is a bit… ???. The character design was by the winner of the illustration contest from 2012, so I’m sure her art will get better in the future. Ah, I see! I like those types of stories, too, but I also dislike them because a lot of the drama has to do with the woman (or man, in other stories) not being “good enough” because of their social status or ranking (even though I can understand why). I absolutely love Be My Princess~ How is Kiss by the Baddest Bidder? I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m very interested in doing so~

  5. …It seem I know that facebook group that you mention lol, I accidentally see some of the edit ? or somekind of that and that alone make me feel uneasy…or maybe because I don’t like it when I see my favorite game / characters degraded to just eyecandy purpose D: and yeah fanfics, most of them right now only screams “smut fest” without any substance or whatsoever haha ^^;

    actually, Serendipity next door has gotten quite good reception within the international voltage fandom…in the Japanese fandom they seems rather dislike the stories and the artwork ^^; So you love be my princess too ~ it’s one of my favorite games from voltage, and the season 2 makes me love the game more ^^.

    Kissed by the baddest bidders ? I admit thou that my first experience with Eisuke is not really that good, but soryu and baba’s stories are way more better, and the things I like is, all the guys are not what he seems, and they actually have some hidden sides ^^;. The artwork is very beautiful and they have a lot of variety in their sprites too ~

    • LOL YEAH that group is… kind of hard to miss. I had the same reaction. I really don’t like to see characters in a series I like being reduced to that type of eyecandy and fanservice, so seeing that kind of stuff really bothers me and makes me uneasy. I try to avoid it if I can so that I don’t kick up a fuss. Ah, I’m disappointed to hear that. The one I read was really short and with no smut, but it was still so ridiculous that I literally had to walk around my house just to come back from losing myself.

      Oh really? Hmm, now I’m interested in as to why. Be My Princess is my favorite Voltage game next to My Forged Wedding~. I’m really hoping Season 2 does well enough for Voltage to be able to translate it into English! Even more so if it’s as great as (or better than, I hear) Season 1!

      Oooo now I really want to play it! Unfortunately for me, I have a huge backlog of stories to play from the other games, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to buy or play any of the newest games. :C The art is definitely appealing to me, and if the TOP Menu is any indication, it sounds like the music will be just as good!

      • I feel the same with you, I really hate when I see people labeling either Keith or Joshua as “only good for eye candy lol”, I mean seriously ? Those two are my biases from BMP and as someone who played their stories since main story to the spin off, both of them are more than eye candy guys ORZ. Yeah, I used to read a smut fic featuring the butler…needless to say, I decide to drop them halfway since is more like a badly written erotica D:

        As far as I see, BMP season 2 is doing very well in Japan ! :D, I barely seeing people write negative reviews in the itunes store and play store, beside some people complaining about bug. I really like the season 2 is because how the story approach is quite different from the season 1 ^^; but I won’t spoil it since it will be ruin the fun XD. If I’m not wrong, there’s probability BMP season 2 will be released in this year, since the Japanese version has been pumping a LOT of updates (seriously, they released a new stories for almost every week lol)
        Btw, did you know what happen to BMP GREE version ? It seems they didn’t have any events, and they didn’t even bother to released the sequel and whatnot =O

        Ah I see, I hope the prologue didn’t make any bad impression to you..since it can be a turn off to some people haha..^^; actually, I haven’t played any of voltage’s newer game beside BMP season 2 and Kissed by baddest bidder..mostly because the backlog of these two are pilling up ORZ”

      • Oh gosh, those two especially. I saw a photoset a while back on tumblr on Keith that was supposed to be funny but… it was just a compilation of bad sex jokes and I just couldn’t stomach it. I LOVE those two! While I haven’t been able to play all of their stories and spin off routes, they’re still precious to me. I get too emotional for Be My Princess ;____;. Wha… that’s… I’m guessing it was a chapter fic? Yeah, I wouldn’t touch something like that with a 100ft pole. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. :\

        That’s great! I may have… read a few spoilers when looking it up a year or two ago… (/__\) IT WAS IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE…. BUT UGH I WANT TO READ IT SO MUCH. It already makes me want to cry just knowing they’re the grandsons of the Season 1 guys ;____________; (ESPECIALLY KEITH BECAUSE I READ ABOUT THAT AND I HATE TO THINK ABOUT HOW HE WOULD FEEL). Though I guess that thought would be answered in BMP GREE’s time travel event (the one where they see the Season 2 guys)?

        Speaking of which, no, I don’t. :C Yeah, they’ve been lacking in events recently. I can’t really feel terrible about it since I’m kind of glad that they aren’t pumping events one right after the other like they used to, but I am worried that we won’t be getting those events back…. We’ve already most recently missed one Christmas event (キスで始まるXmasデ―ト), two New Year’s events (2人きるのNew Year and 執事たちのNew Year), and the White Day event (私の執事は王子様), not including the skipped birthday events. I haven’t heard anything on whether or not we’ll be getting Wilfred’s birthday event this year either. I noticed the missing sequels, too, since if we were kept by the same schedule as Japan, they should have been released by now? Am I right?

        I… haven’t even played the prologue ヽ(;∀;)ノ. But I have heard that just the idea of it makes it hard for some people to stomach, and I respect that. It doesn’t bother me so much, though. I haven’t started any game other than PiL, MFW, SitSC, BMP, MSB and WL&SN (Voltage Entertainment). Ahaha you, too? I can’t walk away from a sale, so a lot of my backlog is from them (/__\). I just started MSB recently, so I’m gonna play through all the Main Stories (and maybe buy the stories after that) and Sub Stories that I have so far before moving back to BMP. At least I know I’ll be busy for some time! (´・ω・`)

  6. I actually love all the characters on be my princess :D, I admit thou that yu can be little bit..creepy ? hahaha. Same as you, I was little bit protective when it come to those characters :<, and I can predict that those "jokes" will be running rampant too on season 2 characters D: I even read some "rape joke" (seriously people…) about Henry (Wilfred's grandson) and that so gross, rape is never a joke ORZ…but then again the poster seems love to post some vulgar things about the guys -_-" Oh no, the fanfic is just an one shot but more like "how to put the most vulgar things in one fic" DD:

    LOL the spoiler for season 2…I manage to skip those ^^; and I think the game is worth the wait :D, I hope they can release it to the English audience as soon as possible 🙂 And speaking of release date, have you ever read one of tumblr user who claimed that voltage will release BMP season 2 for english user on March ? I remember that post causing a ruckus for a while lol (it turned to be a hoax )

    I'm guessing they are no longer getting any profit from the GREE version compared to the app version ? I mean, MSB and CD for gree didn't have any events since last year…

    yes, and maybe the fact I'm more emotionally attached to those two makes me harder to play the other games lol, and maybe the fact I'm not really interested on the newer games (they seem more like recycled an older app stories and make a brand new cast :<)
    And do you have any opinion regarding in your arms tonight ? I used to play them but I didn't found it to be that great, since a lot of people like it…it just like I used to read those plot (the husband having affair, the heroine found different man in the end) on some romance novels or some kind of that ^^;

    • Same here! I absolutely adore everyone! Except Yu. He can go bury himself in a ditch |D . He’s more than a bit creepy, he’s a flat out jerk in Glenn’s route, and not the kind of jerk that I like in characters :\ (there are some jerk characters I like because they are jerks, but Yu isn’t one of them). Agh, I hope I can avoid the ones for Season 2, too. Wtf?? That’s horrible! Why anyone would even want to make that type of joke is beyond my comprehension. Hopefully, I can avoid that particular person and anyone else like that. That’s… more than a bit much for a one shot. It sounds awful!

      Lucky you! I’ve been able to avoid any other major spoilers for the most part, but I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it even if I didn’t! If you say it’s worth the wait, then I’m all the more excited! Ah, no I haven’t read about that. Was it a recent thing? Why would someone spread a rumor like that??? I’m sure a lot of other people are excited and anticipated an English release, but that’s a bit mean to spread misinformation like that.

      I was thinking that as well. I hear they haven’t been doing so well in Japan either, so I’m guessing it’s because of dying interest? Like, all the players have already finished the Main Stories and such, so without events, there’s not much other reason to keep playing? It’s rather saddening that there isn’t another way to be able to read all the missed stories. If there was an option to buy them, I would definitely pay for it. As long as it’s not like Ninja Love for GREE, though. Paying for an event route and then having to pay again for an item to unlock the best ending if you pick the wrong choice? No thanks.

      Ahaha! I know someone who is the same. I’ve enjoyed the other games I’ve played, but so far, none of them can ever compare to or top Be My Princess and My Forged Wedding when it comes to being emotional about them. I’ve only read a lot of poorly written YA and novels for women, so these stories are most likely better than a lot of what I’ve read before. Unless they use the same templates as bad shoujo manga, which I’ve read too much of, too. = =;; The only ones that seem to be not as good as I expected are Toranosuke’s routes from Office Secrets (looks like I forgot to include OS in my other reply OTL) and Yuzuki’s from SitSC, though it may be because I wasn’t too emotionally attached to them. I can’t say that the other stories and routes are the same since those are the only ones I’ve played in those games. ;;

      Ah, I hear it’s really sad, emotional, and feels inducing, and that it’s one of Voltage’s best games story-wise. I haven’t played it at all, so I don’t have a personal opinion to offer :\. I can see how it wouldn’t be as great to you as others. I feel that way on a lot of other stories, to the point I can guess what will happen, and a lot of time it isn’t very fun to be right. I haven’t read anything with cheating spouses except for one book, but it was pretty funny, and I think IYAT is a more serious story? I do hope you can find something different to read, though. I know the feeling of “read one and you’ve read them all”, and it gets difficult to find something that stands out to you. (˘・_・˘ㆀ)

      • I was majorly pissed off at Glenn’s route thank to him ಠ_ಠ, and he also sounds way to desperate to getting the heroine’s attention ORZ. I’m really grateful after I found out that in season 2 all the butlers are nice and very supportive to the heroine and the guy ^^;..
        I know right ? and sadly, some peoples are liking her post and even reblogging it wow..I probably blacklisted both bmp tags in tumblr whenever season 2 released lol.

        Actually, It happened back in January ? basically one user claimed that voltage going to release the english version of season 2 in March, even though we know that voltage usually only announce their newest games in facebook…so yeah, it is a mess indeed ๏_๏

        where do you hear the information about gree version is not doing well in Japan :o? I know that love letter from thief X for GREE is not longer getting any events since last year..but I feel that those SNS games are only marketed to casual players ? since I know most of hardcore Japanese voltage fans usually hate GREE version ^^;

        I pretty much surprised at first when I’m found out that I really liking BMP stories more than the other games lol, since as we know that BMP storyline is not really that “original” but I really appreciate the writers that make the stories to be engaging , and the fact I love the characters design too ~ and I agree with SiSTC, the stories are not really that deep ? but I feel there’s something missing when I’m playing any of the stories from that 0_0″

        I guess the fact that I don’t like IYAT because of the cheating aspect…and the season 2 doesn’t even make it better..-_-” I heard that IYAT is not really that well received in Japan actually…the game start to getting more popular thanks to the TV advertisement last year..

      • Glenn’s route is one of my most favorites, but Yu was seriously a downer throughout the whole thing. I think he’s more selfish than anything, wanting the heroine to himself even if it hurts Glenn. I’ve always felt that if the heroine chose to be with Yu, Yu would just flaunt it in Glenn’s face. I’m playing Glenn’s GREE route right now, but Yu is A TON more nicer, caring, and selfless than the app counterpart. At the point I am at, he’s more willing to do what he can so that Glenn and the heroine are happy, even if they are together, than he is willing to have her for himself. He’s such a sweetie, it makes me really disappointed that he had to be a jerk in the original. ; ; I’m happy to hear that the Season 2 butlers are supportive, too! Aaaaahhhhh I want to play it even more! Oh what. She hadn’t been called out on it at the time? That’s awful. I don’t have any plugins or anything to blacklist tags on my browser (I use Waterfox), but if it becomes a big problem, looks like I’ll have to start using one :\ . I don’t follow or look at tumblr blogs with a lot of Voltage stuff, so I think I’m safe if I stay out of the tags for now.

        I see. I was wondering if that was the reason Voltage made that announcement on their Facebook a while back about there not being any other social media sites that they use, and tumblr was one of the sites they mentioned. That was back in December, though. Still, that was a rather dumb thing to do, ESPECIALLY since Facebook is the only place Voltage releases announcements that big.

        Oh, no! I meant in general in popularity. I haven’t heard much about the reception of their GREE games in Japan. Ouch! That was just released last year, wasn’t it? I would think so, too, considering you get a limit to read each day (not including events). I can completely understand why players hate GREE, though! LOL

        I KNOW RIGHT? Of all the games I never expected to be so emotionally invested in, it ended up being Be My Princess. I just love the stories and the characters, I feel like I could write essays on them and then end up babbling about how much I love them instead. ;____; That’s it! SitSC and OS aren’t too deep, so you don’t really get attached to the stories and characters unless you feel a personal connection to them or if you just like the characters, I guess? Like Yuzuki’s complex about not going able to compare to his brother in terms of success (they’re always being compared since they’re both successful, but Satsuki was successful in the business world for his smarts(?), and Yuzuki says he’s only successful in entertainment because he has a pretty face) and Tora not wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps. From what I remember, though, those were pretty minor things compared to the rest of the story. I think that if the stories touched on those things more, I would have come to like them more. They’re not bad, but I feel like they had so much more potential.

        I know that when IYAT was announced, there were some people on Facebook saying they wouldn’t go near it because of the cheating aspect. I can see why, though. It can be a pretty sensitive subject for a lot of people. I guess the difference in popularity between Japan and Western audience is clearer with IYAT? I remember there was a point where some stories were released in English, but not yet released in Japanese. I haven’t looked into it much so that I can avoid spoilers, but I don’t know what to expect from it. I just hope I haven’t read enough positive reviews and comments on it to the point where I expect too much from it and end up being disappointed. Oh, I remember something about Season 2 being connected to Season 1 because a character(s?) work in the same place as another character in Season 1 or something? Do you know if it happens at the same time as Season 1?

  7. I actually like Yu in GREE counterpart :p, but then again I heard the writer for the app and the gree version is not same person ~ and the GREE version is out one years since the app version released if you following the Japanese release, so there’s a lot of time to improve for the management ^^. Nah, I haven’t seen anyone called her for that, since people think is normal -_-”

    Actually, you are not missing anything for not going to any of voltage’s game tag, I don’t know since when, but the whole fandom has been filled of drama, passive aggressive comments, and the whole stealing people CG / translation. I know they are group of new players that just really pissed people off, they constantly tagging their hate in the main tag (I already seen people saying want to kill sora from my sweet bodyguard =/). And btw, have you ever seen some girl who post saying that Keith is a whore ? and when people called her for that, she said she was just joking, I mean wow..what kind of joke is that ? ORZ

    Ah I see, I though you mean about GREE’s popularity in Japan ^^; ugh yeah, It was the lesser popular GREE games, so I understand why they didn’t want to continue it anymore…I know the jokes among the fandom, saying that GREE games is more targeted to ドM crowd lol ^^;; but I also keep seeing a “low quality” SNS game from smaller companies, I used to play one of the game (sorry I forgot the title lol) and when I reached the chapter 3, it’s won’t allow me to continue ORZ

    You nailed it about Yuzuki’s story ! I felt the whole story is about his inferiority complex and he keep compared himself with Satsuki..and this is the main reason I didn’t touch Yasuto and Meguru story from class trip crush and 10 days with my devil..since both of them seen as the “lesser younger brother” ^^; Ah, I haven’t played office secret yet lol, I actually not that interested in the whole office love story lol. Hahaha, I actually used to write characters analysis and why I really love them back in few years ago ^^; This during the day when I’m really addicted to BMP lol, it is really embarassing ~

    The whole cheating subjects is indeed a very sensitive subject, especially on Asia culture and the main target is for women in her 30s so I’m guessing women in early to middle 20s probably won’t interested ^^; The newest voltage’s game is too focused on women in her 30s, and there’s one characters already getting any criticism since he kept called the heroine as granny ( ババ), and I actually not going to touch that game, since I’m clearly not their main target ^^; Hmm yes, IYAT season 2 takes time during IYAT season 1, and most of the season 1 characters make a appearance and have a minor role too…the husband this time is more nicer compared to Kouichi, but he creep me out A LOT ORZ”

    • That explains a lot. I was thinking that Voltage just got a lot of feedback saying that Yu was too mean, but it makes more sense that the writers are different. I don’t know how Yu’s reception is to the Japanese fanbase, but I see a lot of people still fangirling for him so ┐(‘~`;)┌. That… shouldn’t be normal. I hate to think that there are actual people who agree with her.

      You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s terrible! I know every fandom has “those people” in the fanbase, but it still saddens me that Voltage’s fandom has them. Wow, no I haven’t. I’m just… speechless about that comment towards Keith. That’s just… I can’t… ??? I can’t see how that is a joke. Those are just terrible things to say, even if they are just jokes.

      Ouch, that’s too bad. LOL I can see why. A lot of people make it out to be like you have to kill yourself over these games just to be able to proceed because they’re difficult to play unless you throw money at the companies. Are you serious? It wouldn’t let you pass at all? That’s crazy!

      Yeah, though with me, I just couldn’t connect with it. Like, I understood where he was coming from and why he would feel that way, but I couldn’t bring myself to care as much as I felt I was supposed to. Do Yasuto and Meguru also have inferiority complexes? I haven’t played them at all so I don’t know how they are or how the story is. Ahaha! I see! I think I’m pretty open enough for romance story settings, so none of the games so far have made me think that I won’t want to play them. I would love to put all my thoughts out as to why I like or dislike a character, but I always feel like I can’t put my thoughts and feelings exactly into words and will just end up making no sense or writing something else. I already tried it with Wilfred, though I’m still not too happy with how it came out. My thoughts were all over the place, and I feel like I still left out a lot of things I wanted to say. :C

      Yeah, I was thinking that, too. YEAH I SAW THAT. I saw him calling her that and the first thing I thought was that it was rather harsh. I was thinking it was a game I’m not too excited to play since I’m not their main target either, but I might pick it up later on (if it gets translated) for the heck of it. Oooh, I see. LOL REALLY? Nicer, but creepy… That’s weird, so I’m not sure how to feel about that!

      • yeah I guess since last year the whole fandom has been gone down the sink so quickly -_-” I felt the newbie was more aggressive and entitled to death orz, yeah that comment is really offensive, It like that girl didn’t understood his background and just judging him by the CG ಠ_ಠ. But then again, I feel like I’m almost completely done with otome fandom in general, on the other side, I always getting bashed or dished by people who exclusively playing otome games on psp / PC, and keep saying that mobile phone otome is trash or shallow, I mean wow what a very nice way to generalizing, and most of them haven’t tried to play it AT ALL. I already played a lot of otome games in psp, pc, and the latest is mobile, and needless to say, I found quite a lot of bad games in both psp and pc ^^;.

        yeah, and the other reasons is, when some certain events makes it to the GREE version (I take an example for my sweet bodyguard, the GREE version has april fool event, but the application version won’t get it), and that alone make the fandom angry, I know some Japanese bloggers used to send e-mail regarding this, and demanding that the management will be fairer when it come to distributing the events to both Gree & application version ^^;

        And I don’t know whether you already hear this or not, but BMP season 2 for gree cut down one of the character, so they just have 7 characters instead 8, and of course the one who getting cut is the least popular, heck even the monthly version of bmp season 2 decide to skip his royal wedding sequel and straight make Keith’s grandson (Kevin ?) royal wedding sequel instead lol

        Well, from what I read from my friend who played both the routes, it is indeed they have sort kind of “I’m not that good enough for the heroine, she better going out with my brother” and I just like D: I really never like guys who like that, both in fictional or real life, and when I’m playing tokimeki memorial girl’s side (my first otome game ever :D!) I even can’t finished all the characters, since the junior is way to obsessed with the most popular guy in school (hazuki kei ?) and his voice is way whiny q_q

        I already read your analysis on Wilfred’s route, and I think I catch your point lol, I admit it that when it comes to the princes, he is my least favorite…I don’t mean I hate him or what, but his main story (especially app version) make him sounds like he just playing around with the heroine, there’s one scene where he kissed her and after that he told her to forget it ???? also the one where he said he still want to continue his engagement and the heroine told him that she want to go back to Charles, and he like “no, I’m not allowing you to go back” I just like ಠ________ಠ, I understood that he is putting the royal duties on himself, but no need to bring the poor heroine to that, at that time I just really want to ship the heroine with the other princes instead, she didn’t deserve all that fiasco DX. I also way too protective to the heroine, both in season 1 and the season 2 of BMP lol, I felt bad when they end up getting the flack just because she just a commoner orz.

        I seriously offended when he calls her that, and from what I read from the free first chapter, he is going to be my least favorite characters from voltage game, he is just rude and inconsiderate, and also this game only have younger guys (the oldest is like 26, and the youngest is 22) so there’s a large gap between the heroine and the guys. Yeah, the IYAT season 2 husband actually have some kind of past…and that the main plot for his story *shivers*

      • Ugh, I hate when fandoms get a lot of bad apples like that. It just makes everyone look bad. Wait, she made a judgement on just a CG? Talk about judging a book by its cover e______e. Keith, as well as all the other characters, are so much more than just their backgrounds and first impressions. It’s why I’ve come to love them so much. Ah, I know how you feel. That’s a pretty BIG generalization to mobile otome games. Not all of them are like MoteMote e___e. Since I can only play in English, I’m not in too deep into the general otome fandom other than just reading second-hand reviews and comments on other games, but I’ve felt like that before, too, where I would feel like I shouldn’t bother with it anymore. After a while, I just decided to keep playing because I enjoy the games and stopped bothering with the fandom itself (which is why I tend to avoid other blogs and such in the fandom, they can be a real big downer). I believe you! I’ve read some reviews of PSP and PC games that I would really be excited for (whether or not I could play them) and find out they’re not as good as I was hoping. Not every game and platform is for everyone, so just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let them get to you. Don’t lose hope!

        Yeah, I’ve gotten upset about that before, too. Sometimes I wish Voltage would release another app for the games that is exactly like the GREE version, but let us buy the event routes without missions (and keep them). I would definitely spend my money there if it meant I could reread past events and even read current events without having to spend too much time trying to complete everything before the event period ends. I’m not sure if Voltage can do that when it comes to costs, but one can dream~

        I HEARD ABOUT ASLAN IN THE GREE VERSION! ;A; He looks like such a sweetie, though! ;_____; That’s pretty disappointing to hear. Have you heard of any particular reason he’s the least popular? I would have thought he’d be one of the most interesting since his country was added.

        Oh what, nooooo! Yuzuki wasn’t one to give up, but I hate when characters’ complexes are like that ;_____;. I tried playing that, too! I never got past my second route, though, because I decided to try going after Kei and… gave up OTL. But I remember who you’re talking about! I thought he was adorable as a kouhai and little brother type, but I don’t think I was interested in playing his route. Sometimes I think about going back to try playing it again but… I’m really weak at stat raisers ヽ(;∀;)ノ.

        Ah, it was more of my thoughts on the route as a whole. I think if I wrote an actual analysis, I would talk about deeper things like Wilfred growing up with and having to accept the pressures he’s given, why Claude acts the way he does towards the heroine and how he’s hurt when Wilfred pushes him away, and just dissect every bit and aspect of the route that affected and touched me so much (while leaving out the GREE route). Ah, I see. The kiss scene to me felt more like him taking a chance and stepping out of his bubble of the role as the “perfect prince”, and then jumping right back into the bubble the moment he felt like he just made a huge mistake (in the same sense as someone leaving their house and then running back in at the first sign of trouble but still looking out the window), which was such a big step back for me seeing as he would still make passes to the heroine that I just wanted to scream “MAKE UP YOUR MIND!”. Yeah, that part with him not wanting her to leave was him struggling over going through with his royal duties and doing what he wanted, but I think his struggle just lasted too long for me? I’m not sure how to explain it, but it’s like throughout the whole route, he didn’t seem to make any major changes when it came to deciding what he should do except for becoming more “rebellious” and against what he’s supposed to do. I always chalked it up to the fact that he’s supposed to be the cold, distant, awkward, and aloof character who is stuck in a position that he was born and forced into and in a place where tradition and expectations are to be met to a T while struggling with choose what he’s supposed to do and what he wants to do. Too much back and forth? I just think it wasn’t the best execution of it. And I agree, it was rather painful to see him not want to let go of her when he was still inside that bubble of his. The Normal End didn’t help with this either. I adore the heroine, so it was rather frustrating to keep seeing her going through all that. I understand the families’ needs to want the Princes to marry other high class ladies, but dang man the heroine is a kind, patient, and more than decent person, there’s no reason to treat her so cruelly just because she’s not high class.

        Yeah, that threw me off when I read that. I think I can only stand rude characters if it’s funny, but I can’t stand them if they’re not. Like Yu. Egh. My guess was that they were going for the “older woman” genre of game instead of just having one younger guy or one guy with a large(r) age gap. I don’t know, I kind of like the idea that Voltage is going for different genres, but it’s not something I’m excited to play for myself and I don’t really know how well received the “older woman” aspect is taken in Japan (it’s pretty normal here, I suppose). Oh my gosh, I’m not sure if I want to know about the Season 2 husband now….

  8. Sadly, the whole voltage fandom currently filled with peoples with mindset like that (´Д`。), I felt peoples are just really playing those games without even reading the characters’ background anymore and just treat them like a freak show that you can degrade to just some mere sexual things (duh I don’t know how to explain it). I heard some of them are sending mails to voltage demanding to make a R-18(!) games, just because the implied sex scene that we get in the current games are not enough -__-”

    I really glad you can stay away from the elitist like that, those comments come from my friends actually, they said most mobile otome are just shallow, unworthy since they are not having high class seiyuu, and some others comments that I won’t mention…and the main reason why I haven’t bother to play psp or pc otome games is because I no longer have time to sit down for 7 hours just to complete the game, ever since I have full time job especially ORZ” while voltage’s game only take you to 3 or 4 hours to complete it, and oh the updates ! who hates them actually lol. And somehow, I used to counter back those comments and said that just because a games with a high class art and high class seiyuu doesn’t determine the story quality, they get angry and send hate message to tumblr lol so classy.

    I just want the staples events (white day, valentine, Halloween, etc) to stay in the app version also ;__;, since we know how much we love those :D, and seeing them become gree exclusive events can be really pissing people off lol, some reviews in itunes store complained that voltage is really unfair when it comes to event distribution, since we already know that GREE version is more event oriented and we only get sequel later, where application version more like focused on sequel and the spin off are more like a substitute stories lol

    yes Aslan is that character that get cut lol, hmm…from what I see, peoples seems felt he was way too negative thinking ? I actually got the vibe too from him, and sadly both his main story and sequel really flat out down boring, and the spin off “His Point of View” doesn’t help either ORZ”…and maybe because he the most least interesting when it comes to the “nice guy” group in the season 2…I mean, we already get Henry, Oliver, and Max when it come to the nice, caring guys in season 2…so yeah he really getting lesser attention…and the last was more racist actually, some people are way bothered the fact he is not having pale white skin like the other guys, and calling him dirty =| or calling his country as the poorest country orz.

    I agree with what you said about him, I really wish he can make up his mind, whether to stick to the royalty duties or staying with the heroine..oh, I know his normal Ending, it is just way uncomfortable to me to read (ノД`)・゜・。, poor poor heroine, she never deserve this…yeah, the games can be rather harsh to the heroine isn’t it ? she was a sweetheart, compassionate girl, and seeing how she barely having a brokedown (the only time she’s crying is when she end up separated with the guys for a while) I always though she is a very strong girl, and I remembered that in season 2, she always remembered as a goddess or some kind of that, and I think she deserve it 😀

    that game so far have mixed reviews actually…some peoples hate it just because the age gap, the “baba” things, and many others…from what I seen, older women younger men are quite rare especially in Japan ? in my hometown (Indonesia), most guys prefer to married women who are more younger than him, since they felt older women are more control freak ? or some kind of that lol. Ugh, and maybe the whole reverse cheating is turn me off..since IYAT season 2 more focused on heroine who found her long lost love when she already married with her husband

    • I know what you mean. I’ve seen people play these games so that they can “feel loved” or do the whole self-inserting thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but (in my opinion) it becomes a problem when people are playing the game just to feel romanced and ignore everything else about the story and characters because “HOT GUYS <3<3<3". I saw someone post on the Facebook page for an R18 game and… why.

      I don't know many people to discuss otome games with orz. Awe, I'm sorry to hear that. Oh yuck. Seiyuu, platform, and such aren't what make a good game. ( ´_ゝ`) I don't have many friends that play otome games, but they don't bash on mobile games. It's ridiculous to think that things outside of the actual writing (and sometimes the system and art) is what keeps a game from being a good game. I completely understand. Voltage games were easier for me to play when I was in college because of the little time I had. And with the updates, you can still keep playing it after you've finished with the core story. And with short Sub Stories, they're really quick little chapters that add to the experience. I've seen reviews for games with GREAT seiyuu, music, system, and art, and it still turns out to be a crappy game that players wish they didn't spend their money on. They should understand that not all types of games are for everyone.

      Yup! Those are always fun! Yeah, I guess because GREE is more focused on the social aspect (events make you "socialize") and app version is more focused on the core story? I have no idea ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Seeing as the GREE version has different writers, I'm guessing they have different groups of staff working on them separately? That could be why their releases are different.

      Oh noooo that's too bad. I was hoping to hear that his route was even a little bit interesting, so I'm rather disappointed that it wasn't even with the Sequel and His POV stories. Ah, I see. That's terrible! I can understand if the story wasn't interesting, but wow. I was honestly hoping racism wouldn't be a reason for it, but I guess it was just wishful thinking ( ´_ゝ`).

      UGH the Normal Ending almost had me throwing my phone across the room. Seriously, what kind of life is that for her?! I saw her the same way, too. She also has a strong sense of responsibility, and I admire her a lot for it. ASDFDLJKGH YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY IT MAKES ME TO HEAR THAT SHE'S REMEMBERED SO HIGHLY ;A; I'M SO PROUD

      Ah, I see. I know in Glenn's route, the heroine being older was a bit of a problem (it wasn't even that big of a age gap), but I didn't think about whether or not that reflected real life Japan. I haven't played any other routes where the heroine is older, though. I don't really pay attention to age preferences where I live, but I guess it's more like anything goes as long as it's legal? Ah, I see. I know in Season 1, the husband cheated. Is it the same in Season 2? Or is it just the heroine who cheats? I had read somewhere that in Season 1, the heroine doesn't actually cheat while she's still with her husband, so I'm not entirely sure what exactly happens. ; ;

      • I don’t see any problem with people who self inserting too, but If they just plainly played those game just to downgrade those characters to some kind sex jokes, then It’s is a wrong way to played those games ORZ…honestly, I guess some people have no idea what kind of R-18 games are D:, most of R-18 otome games I used to play have a “rape” ending (yes, the bad ending is which the heroine getting raped) so..I don’t want to see that in voltage’s game EVER…

        true that, most of them dissed mobile phone otome games just because they are not voiced, or saying that the whole buying $3.99 for a characters is expensive ಠ_ಠ, well seeing most of them actually buying the limited edition that can cost $299 (not include shipping, tax, etc) I found their opinions to be contradicted ? oh and talking about voltage seasonal spin off, I don’t think I can get them If it was a psp / pc games, they will make a separate fan disk which cost more than $30, and most fan disk just more like a voltage’s epilogue just more longer lol

        Hmm, there’s some kind of probability that both gree and app version has a different teams and management…I decide to check voltage recruitment website, it seems they have a different teams when it comes to managing those games…and the gree version has a different writers from the app version ?

        I know right ? I really disappointed when I read those reviews, If they don’t like him, they should use different reasons, not just plainly saying he’s dirty or poor..I understand when people says he’s way too negative and maybe the fact his butler is a little kid can be turn off to some people ? even if he treat his *young* butler like a brother..

        The first time I read that the season 1’s heroine is treated as a goddess, I just like *I’M SO PROUD OF YOU GIRL!” If I’m not mistaken, she is greatly remembered as a great queen, mother, and wife (TωT). Oh, and I love it when most of the grandsons talking about her to the season 2’s heroine, it is just way too adorable since you can feel most of them are attached to her lol

        I usually not going for younger guy older heroine route either, but Glenn’s route is pretty much good and the fact both of them are childhood friend is make the route more sweeter..I guess I really like Glenn just because he is not act like some younger guys stereotype in otome games (the one who keep compared himself to the older guys), I know there’s time where he little bit insecure when he realize the heroine is slightly more older than him but it just solved quickly so I don’t found it to be bothersome ^^; and I really love his eyes..it just way too beautiful, but then again, all of BMP characters have beautiful eyes ((*´∀`))

        I guess as long as both of the parties are legal, is alright ^^; even thou It can be little bit creepy to seeing 18 years old girl going out with 30 something guy…I read some news about a k-pop girlband member who just recently graduated from high school who dated 32 years old guy lol, but they broke up after 3 months dating…I’m guessing the girl is not mature enough for the guy ? well, I guess is little bit spoiler for IYAT season 2…basically the heroine cheating her husband for , I’m not playing the epilogue so I don’t know what happened in the epilogue ^^;

      • I guess they just think that because it’s R18 that it’s just all porn? I don’t have interest in R18, but from the reviews I’ve read and from what I’ve heard, there’s rape even when you don’t get bad ends. I think I remember that PersonA(? The Phantom of the Opera one) had rape no matter what route, ending, or choices you picked. NOPE. That doesn’t fly with me, and I’d REALLY hate to see Voltage make an R18 game in fear of things like that. Someone already got angry with Voltage for KBBB because it made her think the game was about sex trafficking (though I don’t think she played it or got past the prologue), so I don’t want to imagine the backlash Voltage would get for even stepping foot into R18 territory.

        ┐(‘~`;)┌ If you can’t afford it or would rather go for something cheaper, then by all means. But yeah, I can’t see how $300+ LE games are better for your wallet than $3.99 a route (not to mention where you can actually choose which routes you would rather spend your money on and skip the ones you’re not interested in). And if it turns out you didn’t like a game or route, well, at least you didn’t spend $300+ on it! I think it would be cool to see the games ported for PSP with maybe alternate and longer stories, more content, etc. or as just another option for people who don’t have Android/iOS phones to play them on. But you’re right about the FD’s. They would be (or used to be?) around the same length as the original game, but that would be a LOT of FD’s when you see how many Spin Offs there are ヽ(。_゜)ノ. I’ve seen some FD’s lately that are half the length of the original game but sell for the same price, and I think that’s a bit strange. Though I guess if the story is good enough, it would make up for the little time it takes to finish it.

        I think the writers are different from the GREE and the app version as if would explain some differences in the writing. I saw something that said that the writer for BMP GREE is “M Kitamura”? I’m not sure who the writer is for the app version or if the GREE stories are written by different people and credited under Kitamura based on some of the strange writing from various GREE events (there was one where every action was literally done “softly”). I have no idea orz.

        I’m really more disappointed to hear that he was disliked for those reason more than for his route not being good. That’s a stupid reason to dislike someone for.


        Yeah, I was a bit unsure about Glenn before I started playing in GREE version (I had already wanted to play his route, but finding out his age made me a bit hesitant), but I was glad to see he was much more mature than his age gives away. He’s actually who I see being the OTP with the heroine (≖ ´ ᗢ ` ≖ ) because wow that STORY. Yeah, he doesn’t let his age bother him as much as the introductions make him out to be. I honestly thought he would have a major complex over it, so I was surprised and happy to see he wasn’t like that. Oh gosh, I love their eyes! I remember seeing one of Joshua’s first GREE event CG’s and the moment I saw his eyes, I practically yelled at my phone “NO STOP YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS NICE”, but it was in vain since I came to love him anyways (*´ェ`*)♡ .

        Yeah, that can be creepy, but if she’s legal then there’s not much that can be done about it except voicing concerns ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Oh wow, really? I’m guessing the man broke it off? I remember reading somewhere that some young girls like dating older men because guys their ages are too childish or immature for the girls’ tastes, and older men are more laid back or something like that? I have no idea why men would want younger women unless they just like younger looking women ┐(‘~`;)┌ . I suppose as long as they’re legal and happy, then good for them. I guess it’s only creepy if the girl is REALLY young, too. For instance, I’ve yet to see anyone make any comments about the age gap between the heroine in My Forged Wedding and Kunihiko. It’s about a 12 year age gap, but she’s 23 so she’s already an adult. The student from Yamato’s Main Story creeped me out, though, with her wanting to be with Yamato so much, though it could have been the fact that Yamato is her teacher that added to it. I’m really iffy on student-teacher relationships. So the heroine is the only one cheating? Oh wow o___o that’s definitely different. I’m curious as to how the husband takes it. Oh, does the husband have a route?

  9. Oh that PersonA one…I pretty much dropped it halfway just because it screams porn, porn and more porn ORZ, and yes sadly that game just filled down with rape ;__; and there’s also trick or alice and Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori which featuring a rather bit underage heroine…I tried the demo and needless to say I decide to skip both game altogether hahah…lol I see that review too, and that person probably didn’t even bother to finish the prologue or play the free chapter ORZ. I guess only the minority who want voltage to make R-18 games lol, since I don’t think both itunes store and play store allowed vulgar content :p

    That’s the reason why I love voltage’s individual pricing, you can choose which characters you want to buy first, or just buy the routes that appealed to you and skip the other one. I remember when I first playing NTT Solmare’s ninja love and heian love, I end up only playing like 2 or 3 characters since the rest are not really that good lol. I pretty much see people judging mobile otome games as a shallow games that have no depth, compared to psp games…and I partially disagree ? I know that not all mobile otome games are really that good, but there’s some gem in it…heck even since I start play voltage’s game, I realize I haven’t playing any of my psp games anymore lol

    The app version seems barely mention the name of the writers or the illustrator :O, and from what I heard, voltage seems often used a different illustrator for different stories and spin off ? I notice this in PiL, the CG from their earlier spin off and the one in Alan’s second sequel looks very different 0__0″ then the CG style for love letter from thief X, I notice the difference between takuto’s main story CG and Atsumu’s main story CG…

    LOL I KNOW RIGHT ?? I really suggest you to play Joshu’s grandson, since damn…he maybe little bit rude and arrogant, but you can feel that he really attached to his grandma A LOT, I even dub him as “grandma’s boy” hahaha xD

    Glenn is like my favorite younger guy in otome game ever, he really mature for his age and most of his CG make him look like in his early 20 instead of 18 カカカカ((*゚Д゚*)). I don’t know how to describe those eyes..I guess the color gradation make the eyes look more expressive ? and those eyeline too |・´∀`・)ハァハァ

    hmm from what I seen, it seems the guy who broke it off, but both of the agencies keep refusing to explain what happened to both of them . I’m think like that too actually, one of my friends ends up with a guy who 7 years older than her , she used to date a guy that have same age with her and they broke up since the guy is way too possessive, to the point she can’t going out with me or my friends…so I guess girls actually prefer older guys since they already have a decent job or more mature lol. The husband indeed has his own route, and since I just only play one character, I pretty much can safely said that he is way too heartbroken..unfortunately I still have yet to finish the last 2 chapter so I can’t say what happened, not too mention that app is way too buggy ;___; it keep crashing and stuck at the loading screen

    • OH GOSH I heard those two were terrible! Beyond terrible! iTunes and Play Store don’t, and yet we have NTT Solmare slipping in sexual text content that people say is like porn ┐(‘~`;)┌. Either way, I still wouldn’t want to see R18 stuff from Voltage. For me, what they already have in their games is more than enough for me (sometimes I wish there was less but it can’t be helped I suppose).

      UGH I bought most of their games back then because they were on sale and Voltage only had two games out, I think? Bleh. I played some of Ninja Love and My Sweet Prince, and I only ended up liking the three routes I played so far in My Sweet Prince (I warmed up to the characters), but I didn’t like any of the routes I played so far in Ninja Love ( ´_ゝ`). Glad I got them when they were on sale… I haven’t even been able to pick them back up to finish or start the other games. I really don’t want to bother with the new ones…. Ninja Love is one where I would say is pretty shallow and not having much story to it. I had to drag myself through it. Voltage’s games (at least most if not some) are definitely diamonds compared to Ninja Love. I have Sweet Fuse that I need to play, but… I’m more inclined to play Voltage games. I’ll get to it, just not anytime soon (˘・ω・˘; ). I think the only game that will break my track right now is Hakuoki PS3 (FANDISK!), but I won’t be getting that for a while~

      I know! Most of the fanbooks leave out that information, too! :C Oh! The illustrator from PiL is the same one from the beginning! I think she just improved in her art. I thinks it’s a huge improvement for it to be so obvious! She even does the art for that ボーイフレンド(仮) game and Voltage’s トキメキ最強オレ様学園! Here’s her portfolio site: http://lovecom.chu.jp/com/top.htm . It’s such a huge difference, I also thought they got another illustrator! I saw the CG coloring change in LLFTX, but I thought the art was the same except for the coloring? I don’t think I’ve managed to find out the illustrator for that one yet, but I’ll try looking later today!

      OH NO REALLY?! I JUST SQUEALED. FROM HEARING THAT, I ALREADY LOVE HIM! “GRANDMA’S BOY” HOW PRECIOUS! Ooooh now I really want to play the GREE 時をこえたプリンセス event and see the grandson’s reactions to seeing their grandparents. (That’s what happens, right?) I hope they didn’t use the GREE versions, though….

      That, too! It’s pretty easy to forget he’s only 18 until it’s brought up. I THINK THAT’S IT! The way they’re colored just makes them so nice and aaaaahhhhh~

      Ah, I see. Oh wow, then I’m glad they broke up. That’s a bit much for being possessive (lll ̄□ ̄). Yeah, they’re not as childish as younger guys because… young guys can be weird lol. I talked to a girl once in high school whose boyfriend was a stripper and she was completely okay with it because it didn’t bother her, but he had a problem with her not being bothered by it. … ??? I never understood that, but I think she dumped him because of it. Oh gosh, I’m not sure whether to feel sympathy for him or not (because of creeper). Ouch, I hate when that happens. My phone does that sometimes, too, with the games with the new UI, and I get impatient trying to fix it that I leave my phone alone for a while after that. OTL

  10. I keep forgetting about Solmare and their “oh so steamy” writing lol, I remember seeing some text from ninja destiny (?) where’s the guy said about dildo or some kind of that, and some scene looks like straight come from R-18 games too, both the text and the CG, and I heard the ninja love for gree have sort kind of BDSM events that didn’t even make it to the app version, since itunes & play store won’t allow it ^^; I heard voltage in the past used to having hard time to submitting their stories to the stores, due to the adult content…and think about it, it’s the main reason they change to newer layout ? since they can update their stories without even need the store’s approval 😮

    I’m pretty surprised you didn’t like ninja love ! I though it was the most popular solmare’s game, but I actually little bit meh too when it come to solmare’s games, the characters stories are not really engaging and the artwork can be little weird :o. Why you didn’t like ninja love ? I admit that one character (Goemon ?) is really rubbing me off, I remember when he decide to grope the heroine’s boobs and says he mistaken it as her stomach ಠ_ಠ. There’s also some CG from ninja destiny where the guy groping the heroine’s boobs…

    I thought that PiL have different artist, but it just like she changed her style . Speaking of which, BMP season 1 CG from the main story is not really good isn’t it ? but I’m so glad the artist decide to improve and makes a smoother CG on the later lol, and I love how the artist makes the heroine appearance too ~ she so pretty *___*

    Even his last email from his happy ending mentions that he want makes the heroine to be like his grandma, so yeah he obsessed with his grandma lol, but just little note from me, despite he was the 2nd oldest guy, he can be little bit emotional clingy ? well sometimes I think he can be like Wilfred when it come to jealousy part

    WOW that was…weird ? I’m so glad she decide to dump him, I know younger guys are little bit hard to handle, I used to date a younger guy and after 1 month we decide to broke up since I don’t think I can handle the drama D: yes, no matter how much I love the new GUI, but sometimes I having a hard time to load the app especially if the internet connection is not really good haha..

    • LOL ARE YOU SERIOUS? I know there’s text from Can’t Say No(?) since I saw a screenshot of it once where the text was… well, explicit. Oh wow, I didn’t know the CG’s were like that, too. Ah, I saw that Ninja Love event. From what I’ve read in a review, it was less BDSM and more that the heroine was drunk, upset at Saizo (I think he was the only one who had that story?), and threatened to do stuff. But she didn’t know wtf she was doing so the most she did was tie up his hands. I stopped bothering with the GREE game after I read that. I’ve seen other people make comments on other events, and I’m glad I decided to stop lol. Oh really? I didn’t know that. It makes sense, though, for them to change the way they make updates so they can bypass the approval process. It’s now just a bit difficult to see when there’s been a new story release unless you constantly check the apps or Facebook page (˘・_・˘ㆀ).

      Really? I couldn’t get into the story or characters at all, no matter how much I tried. I’ve never disliked a heroine before, but Ninja Love’s heroine annoyed me to no end with her constant angsting over not being “sexy or mature” enough for the guy. I think I would have liked it more if it wasn’t for that. I hate to see heroines worry about that kind of stuff, but the heroine in Ninja Love was just too much (I remember reading somewhere that she was 14, so that didn’t help). I like the artwork, though. I think I kind of liked Goemon at first since he was funny, but yeah, by the end of the route I couldn’t enjoy it. I enjoyed the My Sweet Prince routes that I’ve played so far, though.

      Yup! I think it’s a really good improvement compared to the firs CG’s of PiL~ Yeah! The art in Season 1 isn’t too bad, but there was a lot of room for improvement, and the artist did just that! And I know! I saw Glenn’s CG from the June Bride Sub Story and WOW! I wanted to cry, she’s so pretty! ;____;

      PRECIOUS BABY! That’s so cute! Ah, really? Hmm I guess I’ll have to play his whole story to see if him being emotionally clingy will be a problem. If I like him enough, I don’t think it’ll bother me too much. I already really like him, so hopefully it’s not too bad to change the way I think about him!

      Yeah, it was ridiculous. He found a girl who was completely okay with his job and he’s not happy about that? She told me that he didn’t think she loved him because she wasn’t upset about it. What??? I still can’t understand it. Ouch, I’m sorry to hear that. Glad you got out of it, though. Yeah, it gets pretty annoying. It’s also hard to close the apps when there’s no option to close it like with the newer apps. I have to keep manually ending the apps like Kiss of Revenge because they’re still active when I’m not using them orz.

  11. yeah, someone uploaded a screenshot when the guy mention about dildo or some kind of that hahaha ^^; oh that can’t say no game…I remember that too lol, it something like “should I put the phone on my breasts ?”, I know someone posted a screenshot in tumblr lol. Yeah, I heard some information about voltage having hard time in past when submitting the stories, especially if the story involved a naked CG lol. . I see, I guess I mistaken it as a hardcore BDSM event lol, but I’m really prefer if I can staying away from these

    It what from I seen from tumblr fandom actually ^^; not to mention ninja love got like 3 social games version lol, ah yeah I get your points…I too felt like that, she way too immature and sheltered so there’s some room to improvement but the writer decide to ignore that D:.

    It seems voltage going to release their newer game soon, it’s police department story. What’s your first impression on that ? I hope it means bmp season 2 will be released next :D, the only bad thing from this game release is people are going to praise the heroine in this game, saying she is more strong and badass compared to the other voltage’s heroine, and sadly there’s some people who already started that ಠ_ಠ

    I really prefer if the artist just keep improving their art, instead become more worsen lol. I know some people saying that the CG quality in the newer spin off for Seduced in The Sleepless City Japanese version is more degrading compared to the older CG. From what I seen, It’s more like anatomy becomes more weirder ? especially the heroine who keep drawn in weird angle… don’t forget to check Wilfred’s CG too ! and some season 2 CG also drawn the heroine with eyes, should I say both the heroines are indeed have a very good genes ? 😀

    It’s is become a major back story in his sequel actually, overall he still a sweet guy just love to teasing the heroine haha, but he just too devoted to the heroine same as his grandpa does o(●´ω`●)

    I know one of my mother’s friend who married a guy 4 younger than her, but their relationship work, so there’s also mature younger guys out there It just hard to find lol. But there’s also older guys who still immature too, so it’s more like become more selective hahaha

    • Oh my gosh, why. LOL That’s not the line I read but STILL WHY. I saw this one on Twitter, but ugh I can’t even bring myself to say what it said. Oooh that makes sense. lol I don’t blame you. It was being promoted as some hardcore BDSM event so when I read the review, I just laughed at it. I hear the events are ridiculously short, too, so I don’t think they’re worth buying and playing even if you wanted to. = =

      YEAH There’s multiples of the same story, you’d think they’d have changed it or something instead of keep bringing out social games = =. Yeah, there was room for a lot of improvement, but that chance just wasn’t taken, so it just ended up being an so-so game at best.

      I saw that last night! Hmm haven’t been very interested in that game since I first found out about it. The other games always took my attention away first, so I’m not too excited about it. Ugh, I know. I read some of the comments not too long after it was announced and I’m already sick of it. Someone made a comment that “hopefully this heroine has a personality”, and I am absolutely sick of the idea that a heroine who isn’t a “strong, independent, ass-kicking badass” is someone with “no personality”. Is that implying that people who are just like the heroines or can connect and relate to the heroines also have no personality? It’s stupid! These heroines do have a personality whether or not the players agree with it, like it, or can relate to it. There are different types of personalities and strengths, not every single heroine has to be someone to praise for being (physically) strong or “badass”. They sound like the people who bash Yui from Diabolik Lovers for being “useless and stupid for not trying hard enough to run away” ( ´_ゝ`).

      Same! I haven’t really looked at the new CG’s for SitSC, so I can’t comment on it. I thought the art in the older CG’s were a bit off to begin with, so it’s disappointing to hear that they’ve gotten worse (˘・_・˘ㆀ). I forgot about Wilfred’s CG! I went back to see it and aaahhh I just want to frame them! (≖ ´ ᗢ ` ≖ ) As you say, they must have great genes!

      Oooo I can’t wait! I’m sure I’ll love him just as much as his grandpa! (*’▽’*)

      Ah, you’re right. I guess you just have to be open and know what you want from your partner in a relationship. It can be pretty tricky!

      • Sometimes I feel that NTT solmare can be little bit…desperate ? when it comes to selling their games, so they think if they can put more smut or steamy scenes, it can be more recognized ORZ” not to mention they released a 3 new games in one month ? no wonder the story flow is too fast paced and rushed, and the translation is too weird most of the time..

        I agree with you, I haven’t played that game beside the prologue and the free chapter, and I still haven’t decide whether I should buy one route or not lol. And the guys is pretty damn rude to the heroine at the prologue, and that makes me losing any motivation to play…I seriously hate those comments a lot, I hate the whole strong female concept is the sassy,aggresive type and if the heroine is shy or introvert then she is a weak ! I really like the heroine from kissed by baddest bidders, she may not physically strong, but she really way too emotionally strong, especially the situation she put in…

        oh, can I continue my gree rants from the other post ? since my post keep getting cut T__T. Lately I’m little bit pissed off at voltage’s management, some backstory for both gree and non gree of bmp season 2, as we already know bmp season 2 (app version) didn’t have a “staple” spin off like white day, Halloween, characters birthday,and some others, but the gree version already have white day, character birthday, and ton of other events. I already decide to send emails via the app support and the official office emails (thanks for the link!), I just ask them to release those staple events to the app version too lol, I still haven’t getting any reply, but at least I tried..

      • I can’t argue with that. If they think that their games are made better because of smut, then they’re either greatly mistaken or we’re not their target market. Yeah, I was skeptical with so many releases at once. I briefly read a review for the Magic Sword(?) one, I think, and it said that it was too rushed. If I’m going to spend $4 on a route, I’m going to buy from Voltage. At least I know their routes are better written, good length, and if I don’t enjoy the whole route, I’ll still have enjoyed part of it.

        Really? That sounds disappointing. Hopefully the routes themselves are better and the guys warm up to her. As much as I also enjoy “strong” heroines sometimes, most times I can’t help rolling my eyes at them. I played a demo for an English otome game that had high praise especially for the heroine. In it, she manages to beat up a whole gang of delinquents. I stopped playing after that. I thought it was too much and just SCREAMED “Look! I’m a Strong Heroine!” (the scene was comedic, I think, but I wasn’t laughing either). I like better when a heroine is emotionally strong even if she can’t do much to defend herself. Not all people are like the “Strong Heroines” players want, and I find it just a bit more difficult to relate or empathize with these kinds of characters because most of the time they’re done badly (like the mentioned SCREAMING “Look! I’m a Strong Heroine!”) or made into characters I dislike, and I just end up not caring about them. If I can’t come to care for a heroine whether or not she can kick butt, then I’m not going to want to bother with the game. I want strong heroines, yes, but that doesn’t mean that shy and introverted heroines aren’t strong.

        Go ahead! Ah, I see. I wonder why they’re skipping the events, though? That’s a big disappointment! I haven’t been checking the app lately, but it’s a surprise to hear that they haven’t been releasing special event stories like that (˘・_・˘ㆀ). I hope they answer you soon! I don’t know how likely you are to get a reply from the Japanese offices, but the English ones don’t take too long to answer (though they’re answers for releases are rather vague…).

  12. Sadly, I think solmare was thinking that releasing a lot of games with 3 characters in short times is going to be successful :o, I actually tried to download the fairy tales one…and even the prologue didn’t give any motivation to buy the route lmao, I think they are more successful in social games department…haha, even when it come to voltage’s game, I even more careful to buying routes, since I used to buy a lot of routes that just flat out boring or didn’t reach my expectation (*cough* most routes from 10 days with my devil, from our two bedroom story, and serendipity next door)

    I really hope so, I mean those guys are just plain rude…I mean she just recently transferred, and she still a rookie and one guy said they don’t need a woman in this department *If I’m not mistaken* and that hella sexist ಠ_ಠ. Ugh yeah, those way-too-hard snarky heroines are never my favorite, yesterday I play speakeasy tonight from voltage USA and there’s a lot of time I just want to shut the heroine’s mouth since she really comes as annoying brat ಠ_ಠ and I just played the prologue , I know the writer wants to make the heroine to be more appealing to the western market, but she really get on my nerves lol. What the ?? why it’s more like a parody of otome games ? I doubt I can survive that haha..
    I also love the emotional strong heroine too ! somehow I found how amazing they are to keep calm in their situation, and helping the guys too ~ I believe those guys also prefer girls who are emotionally strong, heck some of them are mention in emails or even in the games.

    Oh , speaking of seduced in sleepless city, I’m still wondering what makes that game become one of the most popular game in Japan ? I mean…I know that the writing is improved since the main story..but it still one of the weakest writing in voltage’ games..and It’s also one of the voltage game that way too focused on the sex scene and lovey dovey scene ಠ_ಠ… Just look at the CGs, most of them are naked in bed or bath or some kind of that, I don’t really mind fanservive but somehow they are more focused on that instead making more better plot, but some game like kiss of revenge which have solid storyline and character development end up getting cancelled since January…

    I’m really thankful that you want to hear this rant ;____; I’m just frustrated actually seeing how the management handling down their games, and GREE games are always mean to be a secondary games, not a main games.I don’t know thou why they don’t want to release those seasonal spin off to the application version, I know one person who send emails to them regarding valentine and white day spin off, and they didn’t explain the reason.. And maybe my frustration for GREE version is comes from most of tumblr fandom who acted that GREE version is more better than the app version, and acted that the app version is the one that ruined the game altogether..and they are going to tear you down when you disagree with them ಠ_ಠ. I know one girl who posted her honest opinion about voltage’s gree game and she getting a lot of hate messages. Actually I used to get a reply after I sending email to the office mail, I ask about the status of BMP season2 for smartphone user and the status of a knight’s devotion, sadly the answer is rather vague, but at least they replied lol.

    Btw, have you ever filled the game’s survey ? actually last month (February), they send out a survey to BMP season 2, and they ask some questions like who is your favorite character, did you know about the season 1, who is your favorite character in season 1, and the most important question is which story you want to see in the future, and the options are : sequel, spin off, situational stories (I have no idea what is this..), character’s birthday and other (you must describe the stories you want to see). I’m ashamed to admit that I filled down that survey more than once lol. I hope it’s mean the management going to make more stories, and we can see those staple spin off like Halloween, valentine, white day, and many others 😀

    • I never thought of that, but if it’s working then good for them? I don’t know, the amount of releases they had were surprising considering reviews I’ve seen on how short and how not deep or engaging the stories are. I’ve lost all desire to try any of their games that I don’t already own. I suppose they would be more successful in social games, especially if you have to keep buying the GREE events with GREE coins, and then spend more GREE coins to save individual chapters of the stories. Not sure if it works the same way for their other social games. Hm, I suppose I can only say that since I still haven’t played most of Voltage’s games. I’m sure I’ll be more careful when I start to catch up, though, especially since playing Tora’s and Yuzuki’s routes (not that they were bad, but I don’t have high expectations for the rest of the routes).

      Oh wow, that’s terrible! Really hoping they get nicer. It wouldn’t be worth playing a jerk’s route if he can’t be redeemed. Oh really? I’ve been wanting to try out Speak Easy, but it’s not available for Android yet. I’ve played White Lies & Sweet Nothings and, while I’ve really enjoyed it for the most part, there are times where the heroine is just too much and I have to stop playing for a bit. Overall, I still prefer the heroine from My Forged Wedding. The heroine in White Lies can be rude and impulsive, and while it’s funny sometimes, other times it’s not and it just leaves me annoyed. Like this neighbor/coworker of hers that is only trying to be nice and friendly to her, but the heroine only finds her annoying. Like, I can see how the neighbor can be annoying and overstepping bounds and such, but she’s not doing anything with ill intention and is only trying to be friendly. No need to treat her like a parasite ಠ_ಠ. I have one more route that I’ve bought, but I had to take a break from the game. I needed a break from that heroine! I hear that My Killer Romance is better on story than 10DwMD, so I’ve been wanting to try it out. I haven’t had reason to yet, though, so that’s still at the very back of my backlog lol. It wasn’t a parody, it was a serious otome game. I heard good reviews about it (storywise), but I suppose it’s just not for me. Yeah, I find it easier to relate and empathize with heroines who are emotionally strong. They can even be inspiring even if they’re not physically strong because it shows that you don’t have to be able to kick butt to overcome life obstacles. In a lot of real life obstacles, there is no option to punch someone or talk them down, and doing that may just even make matters worse for you. You have to get through it the best way you can with the best of your abilities, and I love heroines who do just that. I don’t blame the guys for liking heroines like that. It’s a really good trait, and one that I think gets lost in a lot of people (a lot of people don’t see anything good in the “trying your best” attitude unless you succeed).

      It is? I’m glad to hear that the writing has improved, but if it still isn’t the best, I have to wonder why, too. Same, I don’t mind fanservice, but it gets annoying when it begins to overshadow the story. Aw man, really? I hear the story for Kiss of Revenge was really good, it’s really disappointing to hear that it’s cancelled or had a lack of updates. :C

      No problem! I know what it’s like to want to rant and not have anywhere to write it, so you’re always welcome to come here! I really am a bit baffled as to why they would skip those stories, though. I get why GREE would get them, but why not the main app??? Agh, I know tumblr fandoms can be rabid and toxic. I hear that for MSB and CD, the GREE stories are better, but that doesn’t make the experience better. I would still rather buy the full stories instead of having to wait for passes or play events like mad to finish them. And from what I’ve seen of BMP, I’d rather have app Spin Offs than GREE events. On Main Stories, I can see how some GREE stuff is better than app stuff (I like Wilfred and Yu better in GREE, for instance), but that doesn’t change the fact that the app stories are the original canon. And besides, these are just opinions on taste, there’s not real right or wrong answer on which one is better = =. Oh what, are you serious? That’s terrible! I don’t like posting my opinions on tumblr because I always feel like I’ll get attacked if the wrong person reads it, so I try to keep my rants and complaints here where people are more likely to discuss it if they want to put in their two-cents, or ignore if it they don’t agree. Tumblr is like open season on opinions…. Oh, so they’re just as vague as with the English releases? That stinks. Yeah, at least they replied. I can kind of understand why they’re vague about it, though. It’s be a lot more disappointing for us if they said there were releases lined up only for them to be unable to release them. It’s easier for them to keep quiet about it and then announce it when they’re positive they can release it, and better for us so we don’t feel like they’ve lied to us about certain release that they said they would release but then couldn’t.

      Uh, not really? ; ; I haven’t played the other games enough to feel fair in filling them out. Situational stories??? I would think those are the Spin Offs, but if Spin Offs are already listed, then I have no idea ヽ(。_゜)ノ. I don’t blame you! I would have filled it out multiple times, too! I hope so, too!

      • Uh yeah Solmare’s games are mostly miss to me =/, I found the their games themes are rather bit random ? like the hero one and the can’t say no lol. Of course they can get more profit from GREE games thanks to the microtransaction concept -_-“, I already stopped playing all GREE games since I realize I’m mostly stressed out at the end of the day ORZ. Yeah, I even thinking whether I should buy the remaining 2 sequel routes in bmp season 2 lol, and the new character from my forged wedding route..^^;

        Speakeasy hasn’t out yet in android ? o__o. I’m guessing I don’t like her just because her personality is completely different than mine lol, oh wow…I don’t think I want to play white lies anymore lol, I don’t appreciate rude heroine even her intention is not like that. That’s what I want to say ! When it come to real life issues, the most important things is how you can handle the situation calmly and not getting panic easily, I don’t see punching peoples can easily solve the problems D:. But sadly, most of the fandom still think “strong” heroine = sassy, always pick the fight with the guy, must know how use gun, etc…I heard from my friend, my romance killer is more like darker and mature version of ten day with my devil lol, It’s sad thou that some people still won’t play it just because the art…I already been thinking to give a shot someday lol

        It’s just my personal opinion actually for seduced in sleepless city ^^; I’m still thinking that Ryoichi is one of the most overrated characters from voltage…I don’t really see anything special beside he just a little bit sadist and quite good looking, he just lack of depth but the fandom acted like he the best character everrr -_-“. I really love kiss of revenge and seeing the game getting cancelled just after their first anniversary is really disappointing…I guess people didn’t like a revenge-themed story and I heard the season 2 is rather bit weird ? or so I heard from my friend haha..

        Yes, they decide to skip those spin off altogether without giving any explanation…It’s really frustrating to see my favorite games becomes like this T___T. I admit that I’m become more and more inactive in tumblr since I’m getting attacked by a rabid fangirl last year after I post the inquiry about seduced in sleepless city status, and one girl decide to say that I was a liar and I should delete that post, I mean wtf ?? I know one girl who keep bashing bmp non gree and saying it was a trash and whatnot, she end up deleted her tumblr If I remember correctly…I too always feel the app version will be always the canon version, and the gree version is more like an alternative version..since if the app version is not successful, the gree version won’t be made right ? for example, we haven’t see ten days with my devil or a knight’ devotion for gree…well, the Japanese replies is more vague actually lol, when I ask about bmp season 2 last year, they just said “we are working on it” lol, I know that they can’t tell their release plan to the customers since it can be leaked on either blog / facebook or something like that hahaha…

        Oh I see, they used to have survey on my forged wedding and our two bedroom story earlier this year :o..haha I didn’t have any idea too what is situational story ^^; but I just said that I really appreciate it if they are going to release more seasonal spin off…

      • Ahaha I can’t let go of the BMP GREE events ; ;. Oooo who are the last two routes in Season 2? And do you mean Akito for My Forged Wedding?

        Ah, nope. Since VEUSA is a small team, they don’t have the resources for the right tech support for Android, so Android releases are delayed indefinitely. They said they’re waiting for the right opportunity to release Speak Easy, though it won’t be for the near future :\. I see. I don’t mind if the heroine is different than me, but there are things I really don’t like seeing, like her being rude for no reason or for a stupid reason. Yeah, I always feel like yelling when she’s like that to her coworker. She doesn’t actually say or do anything rude to her (unless the coworker becomes a threat to her job), but she’s always thinking rude thoughts, and I’m still not okay with that. I think a strong heroine is also one who can keep her cool even when she has every right and reason to lose it because she knows that losing it isn’t the best course of action. And even if she does panic, she’s able to regain herself and work on solving her problem from there. Oh really? Ah, I know! I don’t think the art is that bad, especially compared to Prince’s Proposal. I think VEUSA has improved a lot on their choice and style of art. If you ever try it out before I do, let me know how it is!

        I haven’t played Ryoichi’s route yet orz. But he got that short animated clip from winning a popularity poll, right? I’m not surprised to hear that he lacks depth since I already assumed SitSC didn’t have much as a whole. I guess not? Oh really? Did your friend tell you what Season 2 is like? I only know the synopsis of Season 1 and haven’t played any of it, but I have no idea what Season 2 would be like.

        Yeah, I know what you mean :c. Wait, what? They attacked you for posting an inquiry? Wtf? I don’t get how they would think that it’s fake so ??? Egh, I hope she deleted it. That’s just terrible. Basically, yeah. If the game doesn’t do well in feature phone, there would be no reason to keep working on it and make a GREE version. Hmm, I know social apps have been releasing in the past few years for the games, so I don’t know why 10DwMD and AKD don’t have GREE versions. Though AKD Japanese version was cancelled, so that could be why there’s no GREE version for it. I haven’t heard anything about 10DwMD, though. Oh really? Well, “We’re working on it” is still a better answer than “we are unable to reveal our plans for future releases” |D ? Yeah, but at least we have the catalogs to see how the releases are faring~

        OH I checked the MFW one and I didn’t remember doing it so I filled it out! I hope more people asked for the same thing you did. I’m sure they would take it into consideration even more if they got a good response to it.

  13. I pretty much stopped playing GREE since last year..and after that I heard some people’s account getting hacked ? I used to heard the rumors in tumblr, she said someone using her love passes, her cruz is missing, and there’s some others…and that alone makes me don’t want to play the game again haha…The routes that I haven’t buy in season 2 are Max’s sequel and one of the spin off lol, to be honest I usually never have problem with older men in otome games, but he sometimes rub me in the wrong way..I don’t know how to explain it but he just no really that attractive compared to the other guys (yeah I’m shallow I know that DX) yes I mean Akito lol, but then again lately I’m just focused on buying Ren & Haruka’s route lol, since two of them are my bias ^^;

    I see…I know that voltage USA was more smaller company that the main company, but is too bad that they still haven’t released it on the android…I really don’t think I can handle the game though If she acted like that .__., of course ! I’m hoping it will be more better than the 10 days with my devil, since I’m really anticipated that game last year and sadly the story is not really that good, but at least the artwork is clean and not weirdly drawn lol.

    Actually, some people in Japan keep questioning the whole popularity award…since Ryouichi is not a good representation of deep, well developed character ORZ, and more like he’s winning the no 1 since he quite good looking haha..well, from what I heard, the season 2 is not really that deep compared to the season 1..It’s like written by a different writer since she felt the story is more focused on the fanservice instead of filling down some of the unanswered questions from season 1 :O

    One of the girl said that I’m a seduced in sleepless city hater and I’m more prefer shallow story =| I never understand why they getting defensive when I’m just posting the inquiry I get from the customer service orz. And there’s one user too who keep posting CG from Japanese version and she said “Of course, I’m not a stingy user like some people who doesn’t want to post the CG or asking for credit” I mean it’s good for her to sharing the CG, but she doesn’t need to put down other people who doesn’t want to share or asking for credit D: people have different rules and since they buy the route with their own money, I don’t think they ask too much if they just want to be credited.

    I hope so ! I already seen people asking for the butler’s route too ~ I really love the saint Charbel (?) butler…he really attractive and his blushing expression is way too priceless haha, but I know one girl who way too attached to the season 1 butler’s who refuse to play season 2 since she said she doesn’t know how to live without the season 1 butler…I’m pretty much speechless since I have no problem switching down from season 2 to season 1 and some of the princes already died in season 2 lol

    • Oh, I heard about something like that, but it was more that people were opening their apps and finding they were logged into another person’s accounts (different names, avatars, chapters, routes, etc.) and didn’t know how to log back into their own. I’ve never had a problem like that, though, so I could only assume it was a bug. LOL Yeah, I’ve been kind of iffy about Max, too, but he looks really nice. Oooo so you haven’t played any of his stories yet? I haven’t played Haruka’s yet, but I can understand why you like Ren so much!

      Yeah. I do hope that their work on getting the new framework up and running goes as planned. It would mean that Android gets the updates just as quick as iOS updates, too. One of the good things I heard about MKR over 10DwMD is that it’s a lot easier to understand and there’s better explanations to what’s going on. Yeah, I don’t get creeped out or uncomfortable when I see most of the art, so that’s a really big plus.

      Now I’m interested in playing his route to see if there is anything in there. I’ll probably just disappoint myself, though. Hm, I can’t really measure attractiveness so I wouldn’t be able to say how he is compared to the others ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Oh wow, ouch. That already sounds disappointing if she feels it’s more focused on fanservice. And here I was hoping it would be just as good as I hear Season 1 is….

      Oh what? That’s ridiculous! There’s really no reason to get so defensive about something like that when it’s from an official inquiry response = = . Egh. If people don’t want to post CG’s, then that’s their choice. If they do and ask for credit, then that’s their choice. No one is better than others for posting them without asking for credit. If the posters want to slap a large watermark that takes up the whole CG, then that’s their choice. They bought the route and earned the CG’s, so in my opinion, they can do whatever they want with them so long as it stays within the laws (like not infringing copyright or using them in a way that Voltage wouldn’t like, etc.). Asking for credit doesn’t make someone stingy ಠ_ಠ.

      Oooo more Butler routes! I would really like to see that! Well, I can see how it might be hard to move on from the Season 1 characters, but I don’t think it should hold them back from playing Season 2. You never know, she might come to love the Season 2 Butlers as much as the Season 1~ She just needs to give them a chance.

      • Ooh I also heard those too ! but this girl said, her love passes are missing, most of her closet and interior items are missing, and someone switched the character and somekind of that :o. I heard that is only affected to those who living in Southeast Asia ? Is still making me unmotivated though to play again ^^; I already played his main story, and he is indeed a very nice guy, I guess I little bit turned off during the mid play…and his happy end doesn’t even help either lol, If you like older guy he may perfect for you but he was little bit flirtatious, even more than Oliver was lol. I really like Haruka’s 小悪魔 personality, and he also excelled in ikebana is a big plus to me :D, he just reminds me of Outa from Kissed by baddest bidder tho a little bit ^^;

        I heard that too, my romance killer is more depth than 10 days, and I think the artwork is matched with the theme, and reminds me of marvel’s comics a lot. Haha I remembered the artwork for a prince’s proposal and knight of my heart…especially a prince’s proposal where almost everyone turned into wax figure lol.

        Yeah, I’m still thinking what’s the point of the whole award actually..since the winner is always the same, it’s either Ryouichi or Subaru. You never seen someone like Kurosawa Toru for example to win or even make it to the ranking ORZ, it become more repetitive ever since last year…the only benefit you got is the special story for the winning characters..Yeah, sadly the season 2 is not really that good from what I heard from my friend, they indeed introduce one new character but that just it 😐

        I guess they having a hard time to accept the fact that seduced in sleepless city schedule is indeed remains undecided ? ^^; I know right, I just like “yeah that nice you want to share those CG, but no need to insult the other posters who want credit or what”. I know one tumblr user (she called yuvi ?) who decide to delete and no longer posted her CG or translation again after people keep stealing her translation and CG, and she get a lot of backlash from what I heard from her friend…I also used to post CG and even the postcard from 恋に落ちた海賊王 since I know they change Shin and Soushi’s design but since people keep reposting those I decide not to posting CG again until now =|.

        I hope she will change her mind after bmp season 2 is released ^^; I just don’t like how she said that all butlers in season 2 are ugly and not on par with the season 1 when she haven’t played the game ㅋ__ㅋ. And there’s also one girl who keep whining everyday and said how voltage is evil and only focusing on Japanese customers since they haven’t released bmp season 2 in English, I mean be patient please ! they just released the Japanese version in January, and they must translate everything first and make sure it’s not full of bug when it released, even when they port from the feature phone to the smartphone version it takes 1 years and 4 months…and yet it just like 3 months since the Japanese release in smartphone and she keeps whining ಠ_ಠ.

      • Ah, I see. I thought it was just a bug when connecting to public internet access points, but I don’t blame you for not wanting to play again. Ahaha I got that kind of vibe from him when I first saw him. I think I remember seeing someone saying he looks like a hobo, too, so I don’t think I can take him seriously xD. Oh flip, I forgot Haruka was that kind of person! I had to go back to see his profile. Ah, I don’t know much about ikebana, so I was hoping to learn a little bit from his route. Is his route fun?! It looks like his route is fun! (leaving out the story stuff)

        I think so, too. Agh, I made Twilight and doll jokes about those games a lot. I liked Knight of My Heart’s art a bit better, but I thought it could still use a ton of work. Well, better compared to Prince’s Proposal and My Lover’s A Thief. I didn’t look too much at the one from MSB.

        Wait, really? Wtf then?? If the results keep being the same, I would think they should make new rules or sections in the polls (like voting for guys for different sections or reasons and such). I’m guessing now the special stories go into the Cafe? Aw man. That’s really disappointing to hear. Forget new characters, I think the overall writing should have improved (if not stayed as high) in Season 2 even if Season 1 was amazing.

        I guess? But they shouldn’t let their denial go so far as to attack someone else. I just stamp the NooBabble “B” at the corners of the stuff I post lol. I have my own reasons for doing it, but it doesn’t mean I’m trying to be stingy. Oh what? That’s stupid! If she doesn’t want to share anymore, then that’s her choice. I don’t blame her for it, especially if her stuff was being stolen. But getting backlash for it is just ridiculous! Ack, now I’m afraid to find out if any of my stuff has been reposted like that. I mean, I don’t mind much since I have the stamp on it, but I can’t help but wonder if someone took it and just cropped out the stamp… I don’t even want to think about the gifs, because I don’t mark those at all ; ;

        Er… that’s a bit much…. Well, let’s just hope her mind changes a least a bit when Season 2 comes out so that she doesn’t see them in a negative light anymore~ Oh what? Not only does she have to be patient, she needs to realize that we aren’t their major and main target audience! Why would Voltage give us as much, or even more, focus than the Japanese versions? That makes no sense! They have to make their Japanese branch their priority and let them get to us when they can, whether we like it or not. Voltage Inc. aren’t magicians, and insulting them isn’t going to make they work faster. I would much rather Voltage takes their time to bring the games over so that we get as little bugs and typos as possible. Already there was someone claiming Voltage was pulling an “April Fools” prank with the recent KoR release when their devices were getting a bug. The release was available the same night it was released. I don’t know what was wrong with their games, but it must have been a bug on their phones because it showed up just fine on mine (it looked like it was only on Android phones). And it was already released on iOS at that time, so I have no idea why anyone would think it was Voltage pulling a joke. Also, Voltage hasn’t done anything like not releasing stories for April Fools, and I honestly don’t remember them doing anything for April Fools except for that short story thing at the beginning of Be My Princess for GREE last year with Subaru, and they immediately said it was an April Fools joke as well as gave out free Full Course Meals to everyone for the heck of it (in which someone else complained about only getting one instead of more). I hate seeing the complaints so much, I can’t even tell if people are joking anymore and immediately get annoyed….

  14. I used to thought whether or not is just happened if you play in public wifi..but then again I already losing interest after a few months without events and I already finished all characters ^^; oh that hobo joke…I’m no lying if I called him hobo too at first, since he’s look like that lol. Ah Haruka’s route ? It’s pretty nice, and there’s little bit class difference though, and his grandma is pretty strict lol…but overall I love his route and the relationship between the heroine and him :D.

    Ugh yeah, the award result is always the same..is always between Subaru or Ryouichi as the number one…I’m pretty pissed of since I really want to see either our two bedroom story or kissed by the baddest bidder characters to at least win the no 1, but I don’t think it would happen, especially since voltage is pretty biased to both seduced in sleepless city and my sweet bodyguard lol. yes, the stories are available only on the koi cafe app, and the more I see…it’s more like a competition that makes a certain game / character fans to bring down the others, I remember seeing some people leaving rude comments to the characters that ranked at 30-50 and said that fans of these characters clearly have no taste or whatever…I just wish they can get rid of those awards things and just focused on managing the stories for each applications..

    I think is a good idea for you to having a watermark ! since people can’t claim it as theirs if they want to steal it lol. The hardest is when come to translation, since I can’t put any watermark or something like that =o…yeah, thanks to that, she no longer active in tumblr anymore, and even the last month she just only posting about tokimeki restaurant…I miss her though, I used to talking about bmp season 2 with her =(, and she also change her skype too, so I can’t contacting her anymore ORZ

    I really hate the mindset that “voltage is an evil company that only focused on Japanese market first instead of ME!!” I really tempted to leave message to her and explaining how voltage is a Japanese companies and of course their main market is in Japan, and they really should be grateful that voltage keeps releasing newer stories and games after the whole hacking, youtube videos things, and the complaining =/. If she really want to play bmp season 2 so badly, she should use her time to learn Japanese instead of whining and writing a bad sex joke on bmp characters, seriously. Yesterday, I decide to check her tumblr just curiosity , and majority of her post are about dirty head canon about bmp princes and butlers (there’s a lot of nsfw posts about them) I just like…what ?? how can some people have time to write down things like that ???

    oh yeah, I see that too…and people already claimed it as April fool prank ? but at least they still released it before weekend, so people need to chill down -__-”
    back at last year, they used to release a spin off for mfw in Japan version, and there’s a bug that won’t allow the user to buying it…and it take 2 days to fix it (not including the weekend) and I’m really amazed how the customers are not getting angry or what but just patiently waiting for the bug fix..ah yeah, I see those april fool’s opening on MSB for gree too ! lol, I guess we won’t seeing april fool events or spin off this year ;__;

    • LOL I saw that promo picture of him and I couldn’t stop laughing! “Bah!” with class difference. Hopefully I get through my backlog soon enough to get to play Haruka’s route~ I don’t think I’ll be buying it anytime soon unless my backlog clears up or there’s a sale for his stories. Whichever comes first \o/.

      Do any of the characters from the new games even make top ten? I haven’t seen the most recent results :\. Egh, I hate when fans act like that. It’s just a popularity poll, not an assessment or judgement of which characters and their fans are better than the others = =.

      I have no idea why they would use my stuff (other than scans, but that’s a different story). Yeah, translations are harder. I know a translator who puts her URL throughout her translations so that it shows up when someone just copy and pastes it, but those can easily be removed :\. Ugh, I just hate it. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to talk to her. I would say to leave an e-mail address or something in her inbox in case she sees it. I do hope you get in contact with her again.

      It’s just plain ridiculous and entitlement to expect Voltage to put aside their Japan branch in favor of the Western branch. She doesn’t even need to learn Japanese, just to know how to type everything into a translator. Not everything will make sense, but I’m sure it would make enough sense for her to understand what’s going on. Ugh, I really want to say I might have gone to her tumblr once since I don’t want to think of a lot of people doing that, but uuuuuuuggggh. I don’t remember what tumblr it was, but there was a head canon(?) post I saw of hers, I think, on someone else’s tumblr about how the guys would react to the heroine divorcing them and… I stopped reading after Keith’s because wOW DID WE PLAY THE SAME ROUTE??? DID YOU EVEN PLAY THE NORMAL END????? ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THE SAME KEITH ALFORD????????? I went to her tumblr and the first post I saw was a NSFW head canon on the Butlers and I immediately closed the tab. If it is her, then I’m glad I stopped. Just that one post was rage inducing, but I would have probably had to go outside for a few minutes if I saw more posts like that, NSFW posts, and the ridiculous complaints.

      It’s not even April 1st yet and they’re crying “prank?!” even though other people have confirmed that it’s already been released? Where would you even get that idea??? You need to be patient with releases, especially when they’ve just been released. If it makes you feel better to send Voltage an inquiry about it, then go ahead, but the world isn’t going to end if you can’t buy it the moment someone says “IT’S OUT ALREADY!”. OH LOL It was on MSB for GREE, too?! I have to admit, I almost fell for it! I was too busy freaking out with “Wtf is going on?!” LOL! It looks like it. :\

      • LOL that promo picture…XD, I just end up buy and playing his sequel yesterday since I’m curious seeing how his relationship with the heroine , I just only in chapter 4 and keep wishing that I can ship the heroine with the other guys or even with his butler, but If I wrote it, it will be a spoiler >_>” I hope the next chapter will be more better ORZ”. I hope Haruka’s route will be on sale anytime soon ! the Japanese version currently having sale on Yamato, Takao, and Haruka’s route lol.

        Sadly no, the only new character that end up in top 20 is Eisuke from kissed by the baddest bidder, the rest ends up in 20-30 ranks >__>. Sadly some people are sad like that, they think the whole popularity poll is determining which game is the best…

        I admit that sometimes she can be little bit…arrogant ? and back in October last year when she suddenly playing tokimeki restaurant (another mobile otome game, which you can also decorating your restaurant and the guys will coming ) she suddenly gone into voltage bashing, she keep saying how tokires is more better and that voltage’s game is boring since it doesn’t have minigames and events…I don’t have any problem if she suddenly preferred tokires or even another game, but are the bashing are necessary ?
        And also there’s one time when she compared a knight’s devotion heroine and BMP heroine, and she said that AKD’s heroine is more mature than BMP heroine..she said BMP heroine is dumb and some kind of that >___>” sometimes I wondering why some people can’t liking one heroine without even bring down the other…geez

        OH YEAH I READ THAT TOO, my expression when reading that headcannon (along with some others lol seriously), is ಠ___ಠ. And there’s also one time when I read another nsfwish headcannon from her and after that I need to watch some reality show to erased those things. I mean wtf man, those characters are not even the same characters that we played, that why I keep believing that she actually never care for the character’s development at all and just treat them as eye candy guy >___>. OH AND THERE ONE TIME WHERE SHE CLAIMED THAT KEITH IS ALREADY DEATH IN SEASON 2 (AND WE STILL NEVER KNOW WHETHER HE IS STILL ALIVE OR NOT) and I just like…wow what a very nice way to making a false information…especially if you haven’ played the game..ORZ.

        LOL I read those too, some people are acted that If I can’t buy these now, my day is going to be ruined!!! I mean, be patient seriously…no one want to read your whining just because you can’t buy the route instantly , and just yesterday there’s one girl in voltage’s facebook pages already asking when the next update will be released, since she claimed she already finished all the new update ಠ___ಠ. And I’m still stuck with my backlog from December hahah…>__>

      • Ah, sorry to hear that. Hopefully it gets better. Ah, I saw that! They’ve been having a lot of sales on their stories recently, right? I remember seeing not too long ago for DDiWT. I don’t remember what it was for, though. Also, if I’m not mistaken, Voltage is lowering the prices to accommodate the tax raise in April, am I right?

        One one in the Top 20? Ouch. I guess they don’t know what a popularity poll is supposed to be about if they’re going to use it to bash others….

        Oh what. Well, I actually like when my otome games don’t have minigames ad I’d prefer Sub Stories over limited-time events. Not everyone likes those types of things and not everyone likes games without minigames and events. You can’t really compare the two types of games and honestly say which is “better” because they’re not the types of games to be compared to each other in the same way a romantic comedy can’t really be compared to a horror film. What they have in common is that they’re both films, but they’re completely different genres. I get if she personallly prefers Tokires over Voltage games, but I agree, the bashing is completely unnecessary.

        LOL WTF. I haven’t played AKD yet, but wow, the BMP heroine is NOT dumb or immature. Of all the games I’ve played so far, she is one of the most mature heroines I’ve seen (and it’s part of why I love her so much). I haven’t seen her do anything worth insulting at all. Same, it’s like you can’t like a heroine without disliking the rest. It’s completely ridiculous!

        UGH SO IT WAS THE SAME PERSON??? Like seriously wow. That post literally did not only just ignore Keith’s whole development as a character, but even ignored the CANON fact that Keith was still a better person when the heroine left him than he started off when he first met her. And that’s not including the fact that Keith has people around him who care about him enough not to let her leaving him affect him so much that he would backtrack and become self-harmful. If anything, it was the heroine who suffered the most from it because she literally has no one to help her through it. Keith has Cathy, Luke, Alec, and his parents who care way too much to let him fall. The heroine? No one. She’s living in another country, her family is back home, there has never been any implication that she can talk to her college friends or if they’re even anything more than classmates, she literally has to get over it all on her own with no one to support or encourage her. This is leaving out a lot of other factors. I could probably write an freakin essay as to why that bothered me so much because the Normal Ending alone was painful and SERIOUSLY DID WE PLAY THE SAME GAME?????? Oh wtf??? So it’s never been canon confirmed that Keith is dead in Season 2, yet she’s claiming he is? And she hasn’t even played it? Wtf? That’s just… wow.

        Seriously, not all releases are going to come out just as planned. You need to leave room for error. Heck, even Voltage doesn’t announce the releases the moment they’re available. Doing so when they’re not even sure everything is working properly wouldn’t help anyone. I saw someone ask for more updates, which I couldn’t even laugh at because Voltage has been releasing stories like crazy lately, and she wants even more updates? Voltage isn’t some factory line or a bunch of computers, they need time to get the releases prepared yeesh. I still have stories in my backlog from September ahaha OTL….

  15. I hope so ^^; I pretty much decide to switch to other game now since I don’t have any motivation to continue for now lol, oh as for dreamy days sales is to celebrating dreamy days TV commercial ^^. Oh yeah, actually they are raising the prices for all stories, except for the main story that getting lowered from 450 yen to 400 yen..

    Ugh yeah, I don’t get why she compared both of them when in the past time she played voltage’s games..I mean I get it that tokires has more minigames or even some kind of “task of the day” you need to complete, but they are more like GREE games or even more time consuming >__>. I remember playing it for a short time and decide to give up since there’s time when I need to wake up between 3 or 4 A.M just to checking the game ORZ.

    That why I rolled my eyes when she said she is immature..BMP’s heroine is one of the most maturest heroine I ever seen in voltage’s games, seeing what kind of condition she is facing off..oh and she’s referring the heroine in Wilfred’s route btw, which makes me wondered how you can say she is immature in his route when I’m pretty much amazed at her action most of the time…but I know some people who hate BMP’s heroine is because of what happened in Keith’s epilogue (remember when she said she’s not ready for having sex ?), people said she is prude and idiot, I’m pretty amazed at some people who hating her for a small things like that..

    YES IT’S THE SAME PERSON WHO KEEP MAKING THOSE DUMB HEADCANON AND TAG IT TO THE MAIN TAG IN TUMBLR, I DON’T REALLY CARE IF SHE NOT TAG THOSE IN THE MAIN TAG SO I CAN’T IGNORE IT BUT…I keep shaking my head reading those, It makes me wonder why she always ignoring the canon story and the heroine’s background, I probably won’t touch those normal endings since some people said it’s way too painful and I don’t want to see my girl getting hurt and what >____>” Ugh yeah, I really doubt those princes can going so far as getting into those things, since they still have their butlers, family, and heck even the other princes. But the heroine is obliviously the one who get hurt the most…and yet she ignoring those -___-” Yes, she claimed that Keith is already death in season 2..I still yet to found out whether he is still alive or not, but she doesn’t need to claimed he’s already death especially his status is still unclear until now..I get that she’s excited for season 2 but it getting more annoying..ORZ

    I’m still wondering whether she is really read those story or just skipped those just to get the CGs…heck I even wondering why some people can posted their CGs directly after the stories just come out @__@…wow, I guess those backlog come from voltage’s newer games like dreamy days, our two bedroom story, and such ? ^^;

    • Oh that’s not bad. Fingers crossed that it gets better, though! Oooooh I see. Now that I think about it, I think I remember seeing “CM”, but I guess I had forgotten it (I don’t check the Japanese apps so much ;; ). OH PFFT I was seeing the numbers wrong because I didn’t look close enough. My bad~

      Yeah, there was a facebook game I used to play where you run a cafe and just make food and sell it. I figured Tokires would be something like a cross between that and GREE games or some such. I kind of miss playing that game, but I would have to wait a whole day to play it again because the food would take 24-48 hours to make LOL OTL. And I haven’t used facebook in years sooooo

      Hm, I think the only immature thing she did in Wilfred’s route was when Claude walked in on them in the Epilogue? Otherwise, she didn’t do anything to be worth called immature or dumb. She handled her situations so well considering everything that was going on. LOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I LOVED THAT PART! Freakin…. Her not being ready has nothing to do with her being a prude or an idiot. And even if she was a “prude”, that’s no reason to hate her so wtf??? That scene just made me love Keith, the heroine, and the route so much more I just can’t comprehend why people would dislike her just for that.

      WTF SHE PUTS THEM IN THE MAIN TAG???? WOOOOOOOOW. Forget that those head canons are way off, why would you even put them in the main tag if they’re just head canons??? It sounds more like fanfiction than a head canon! Oh yeah, some of the Normal Endings are just painful (the only ones who didn’t end up/stay with the heroine at some point/one way or another were Keith and Glenn, my most favorites ;_____; ). Exactly! Another thing is that they have such a huge sense of responsibility that they know better than to let themselves or each other fall to hard, and it’s also part of their job. (Except Yu because the dude up and left the palace in the Normal Ending NOT TO MY SURPRISE. THAT FREAKIN JERK.). (Not to mention that as royals, they really aren’t guaranteed to marry the love of their life and were probably raised knowing that there was a higher chance that they’d have to marry a woman or high class lady even if he didn’t love her, but that’s besides the point and I don’t want to write an essay ;A; ). YES THANK YOU. They guys aren’t going to be the only ones hurting and suffering. The heroine is, too, and it’s going to be harder for her because she won’t have any support. I like to think that in that situation, Lord Nobel Michel will get to speaking to her, she finds out the thing about her grandmother, then uses it as a stepping stone so that she can bring herself to have the same strength as her grandmother and get through it, eventually moving on and starting a family and telling her story to her kids anD I JUST WANT HER TO BE HAPPY OK. Oh wtf, that’s just… why. How can someone even go on claiming such things if they haven’t even played it. I just don’t understand it.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Seriously, that is a lot that was missed. UGH I HATE THAT. It’s the main reason why I never looked in the tags and why I tend to avoid Voltage blogs. I get that they want to share, but at least give other people some time to play it themselves before plastering the CG’s everywhere. = = LOL not really. At least 90% of them are from sales of older games ;; Dreamy Days stories were just added because of the recent sale so ヽ(;∀;)ノ.

      • Actually, I decide to finish his story last night…his story is still average thou, but the main point is his last CG…IT JUST LIKE COME STRAIGHT FROM CHEESY PORN MOVIE LMAO (just think rose petals in bed), I can’t stop laughing seriously XD;; I know that the artist want to make something that looks ~*romantic*~ but end up failed LMAO, fortunately all the other guys are not end up with something cheesy like that lol. I only know that they having dreamy days sales after seeing the promotional banner xD; and most of the time I missed out the sales -_-”

        Oh yeah something like that, it like dinner dash(?) with some hot idols who pays visit to your restaurant and such, I’m pretty much get bored after playing it for 2 weeks…but then again I didn’t really liking the characters, heck even the heroine is more blank slated than any of voltage’s heroine ORZ”

        That Epilogue scene…I just like “what are you doing ??” lol, but honestly I never found her to be annoying or some kind of that…I know right ? people are really that desperate honestly just to find her flaws or whatsoever -__-” I really like Keith’s epilogue too ! It’s so sweet and makes me appreciate his character and seeing how he is more matured compared to the main story , and I don’t get it why people whining that there’s no “sex scene” in his epilogue, heck if they want to see that they can play the other guys’ epilogue, and it’s not like the heroine decision is ruined the epilogue altogether ORZ”

        I really want to see their reaction to the season 2 main story happy end, it little bit spoilerish *there are some characters that are not “doing the deeds” with the heroine in the main story* I’m not surprised they will bash down the heroine for being so prude and dumb, I don’t see anything wrong either with prude heroine, It’s her choice seriously -__-”

        UGH yeah she tag it on the main tag, so you really can’t avoid it >__>” I don’t understand most of headcannon actually, since as you said, it’s more like fanfiction where you can altering the character’s personality and background -__-” wow, so he really leaving the palace ?? wtf ?? and also…if you don’t mind, can you telling me what happen in the normal endings ? I’m not strong enough to play it by my own ;____;
        Oh yeah..I actually always feel bad to the other guys actually, since in the end they will be end up marrying someone that his parents choose, not because marrying of love, and especially with Glenn, damn I don’t even want to think what happen to him seeing the heroine married with the other guy ;___; I don’t even want to think to the season 2 guys too..this game is giving too much angst to me D;

        I don’t even want to rant about some tumblr user who apparently having an access to the monthly version and to some extends to Japanese GREE version, remember when bmp season 2 hasn’t released to smartphone user ? I know one user who keep posting the spoilers for season 2, from CG to the monthly schedule…I don’t even know what’s the point to share it except she want to brag the fact that she can play the season 2 more faster than other people…and I’m still pissed off when I accidentally see the bmp season 2 royal wedding’s CG in my dash >__>, apparently one of my friend decide to reblogged it and it showed up in my dash ORZ”

        oh I see haha, I hope you can cleared out your backlog soon ! Metro PD just released today isn’t it ? have you decide who’s your favorite guy ? I admit tho I kinda like Hanai Kazusa, since he’s the one who look appealing to me …to be honest I didn’t really like the art style for this game…and the whole police things didn’t interest me ^^;

      • Oh gosh, that sounds very… Levaincois LOL. Glad to hear that the other guys’ endings turned out better, though. I think I saw the banner in another game so that’s how I found out, though I didn’t open up the app to check.

        Oh, I’m not sure how Diner Dash works, but I did like the Cake Mania game, and that one you were pretty much timed to serve customers. The one on facebook, though, you just cooked food, put it on the counter for serving, and that was it. However amount of food/drink you made would be served to anyone who would sit down. So Tokires is like Diner Dash? Ah, I see. I thought the game looked cute, but the whole social game cooking thing wasn’t something I wanted to get into. At least not again lol.

        lol yeah, that scene just came out of nowhere. I hate when people complain so much about a heroine’s flaws. My gosh, she’s freakin human! She’s supposed to have flaws! But it also pretty much guaranteed that people will still complain about her even if she’s “perfect”. They can’t please everyone. = = Exactly! That scene was supposed to be a big thing considering the type of character that Keith is initially portrayed as, so it disappoints me that it’s reduced to the heroine being criticized for making her own decision.

        AHAHAHA I WANT TO SEE THE REACTION, TOO! Seriously, though, wtf? BMP is so much more than just hot guys and fanservice. It really bothers me when that’s all someone sees them as to the point that the heroine is bashed because she didn’t make the “sexy, fanservicey” choice. If she doesn’t want to sleep with the guy, then it’s her choice. She doesn’t have to do it nor does she have to have a reason not to.

        From my understanding, a headcanon is a theory that is not supported or implemented in the canon story, but there isn’t evidence in the canon story that goes against it so that it’s still possible for it to happen? Kind of liking using canon facts to fill in the gaps while still staying within canon. Ignoring everything else or altering canon facts just makes it fanfiction/AU fanfiction. = =;

        LOL YES HE DID. Ok so here’s what basically happened in the Normal Endings:

        • Wilfred: The heroine sees the news that Wilfred’s and Cecille’s engagement is called off. Claude visits the heroine at the castle and explains to her that in exchange for Wilfred accepting his position as Crown Prince, it was agreed that he would not marry anyone, including the heroine. The heroine is given the ultimatum that if she still wants to be with Wilfred, Claude is to take her back to Philip, but if she doesn’t, she will be unable to see him at all. The heroine returns to the Chateau to confront Wilfred on how it wasn’t fair to have her make such a decision, saying that neither of those choices could make her happy. He tells her that having always had other people make choices for him, he wanted her to make her own choice. He tells her that he can’t make her that he can’t make her his queen at the moment, but they can still be together. She decides to stay, dreaming that she would one day be his queen.
        • Keith: The heroine bumps into Laura on the boat. Laura consoles her as she cries, and the heroine finds out that Laura requested that the route be changed to go straight back to Charles. They both have a laugh, and Laura says that they will both find someone better than Keith. A few months after returning to her normal life, the heroine sees Keith on the television with the expression that wasn’t that of the Prince Keith she knew, but of a king. As her feelings start to flood back with her memories and longing to have still been at his side, she sees him smile the same smile he always gave her on the television.
        • Roberto: The heroine’s landlord and college friends won’t stop asking her questions about her relationship with Prince Roberto and gets irritated because she’s trying to forget him. At her college gates, she find Cynthia waiting for her. Cynthia drags her to a cafe to talk and comments that at least the heroine is well. When the heroine asks about Roberto, Cynthia doesn’t answer. She then tells the heroine that she should come back to Altaria if she is that worried, says “That way, Roberto might…”, and leaves. Back home, the heroine sees the television news announce Roberto’s fiancee. Right after, she gets a phone call from him and, in a cheerful voice, he tells her that she was the one who told him to become King and to treasure his own future, so he’s made up his mind. In a serious tone, he then asks her to stay by his side as his only true friend, saying she is more important to him than family or lover and completely irreplaceable. The heroine tells herself that she knows very well that she will only get hurt if she accepts. In tears, she accepts anyways because she wishes to support him second to none, even if their friendship is from a distance.
        • Glenn: A few weeks after leaving the palace, the heroine bumps into Yu on her way leaving college. He tells her he’s left the palace now that everything has cooled down several days earlier. He had called the King, Glenn, and Alan to announce his resignation. Alan is shocked that Yu is leaving, too. Glenn asks him if he’s leaving to go be with the heroine. When Alan hears this, he also asks Yu if he’s going to see the heroine in more shock. Yu smiles at the sight of the two and asks if it makes them jealous, focusing on Glenn. When Glenn demands what it is to Yu, Yu replies that after he leaves, “absolutely nothing at all”. The King doesn’t care about Yu leaving and let’s him go. As Yu leaves, Alan sadly asks if Yu is really leaving. Back with the heroine, Yu asks if he’s troubling her by being there. She wonders if Alan and Glenn are sad that Yu is gone, too, and Yu smiles and tells her that he’s sure they’re not, and that he wanted to see her as soon as possible as he takes her hand. Yu wants to start over, but she says they can’t. He says right now he just wants to be with her and speak with her again. When she hesitates, he lets her go and says he will be her childhood friend for now. When Yu leaves, she hears Glenn’s voice behind her ask if she’s going to keep seeing Yu. She turns around to find Glenn and asks what he’s doing there before he hugs her. He kisses her, saying it’s punishment for forgetting about him. He then apologizes to her and says she won’t see him again. He tells her that he wanted to see her one last time and says he hopes she finds happiness with Yu. As he’s leaving, the heroine is unable to move and chase after him as she watched him walk away.
        • Joshua: At the press conference, Prince Leonardo interrupts and attacks Joshua with a knife. Joshua’s bodyguards stopped Leonardo and removed the nkife before anything could happen. Joshua takes the knife and holds it out for Leonardo to take back, saying that if Leonardo truly hates him that much, then he should kill Joshua. Leonardo takes the knife back and turns it on Joshua, but Joshua doesn’t move. Joshua says that if stabbing him will make Leonardo feel better, then by all means, but asks him where that would leave Leonardo. Leonardo says he has nothing left, has all but destroyed Nerwan and has nowhere to go. Jan cuts in telling Leonardo not to say those things because he has always acted with Nerwan’s interests at heart and that Leonardo will always have him by his side. Jan pleads with him to put down the knife, but Leonardo is hesitant. Joshua announces that Jan was the one who set the fire and reveals who Jan really is. He says Dres Van claims no responsibility for Jan’s actions. When the King laughs and believes that this is the end for Nerwan, Joshua counters him saying that Dres Van is going to be a good neighbor and assist Nerwan wherever possible. At the King’s surprise, Joshua says Jan is as important as family to him and then promises to work with Leonardo to rebuild the estate if Leonardo and Nerwan promise to have a strong and supportive relationship with Dres Van. Joshua tells Leonardo to shake his hand if he agrees or to stab him if he doesn’t. Leonardo agrees and Joshua addresses the reporters to keep what just happened a secret and tells them that if anything gets out, they will be punished severely. On the day the heroine leaves the Manor, Joshua says that he would probably have thought the same way as his father if he hadn’t met the heroine, adding that meeting her must have been fate helping him to become a great King. He says he plans to be the best King that ever lived and asks that even though they have to part if she can promise to keep him in her thoughts. In tears, she answers that she will. She begins to think that she has to give up on them because they’re from different worlds, but Joshua hugs her and says he’s not the man he wants to be yet. He tells her that once he becomes that man and King, he will be able to tell her how he feels. While he can’t promise her when that will be, he asks her if she will wait for him. She says she will, and he kisses her to seal the promise.
        • Edward: The members of the royal conference is still opposed to Edward’s and the heroine’s relationship despite her family line and her connection to Lord Nobel Michel. The conference begin to insult the King, Edward, and the heroine before the King stands up to them. Lord Nobel Michel is brought in to help with the discussion so that it will end the discussion, but the conference holds their ground, saying that the King is trying to pressure them into ending the discussion improperly, even saying that Lord Nobel Michel would side with the King to the bitter end. After hearing enough, the heroine cuts in for them to stop and declares that she’s going to leave. She says that if she was never there, none of this would have happened, and so by leaving, things will smooth over. Edward tells her that if she’s going to leave, then he’s going with her. The conference asks him if he’s going to run away with her again, and say that he won’t be able to come back a second time. The heroine hesitates and begins to attempt to change his mind, but Edward says that there’s no reason for him to be there if she isn’t with him. He imagines his parents would permit him to do so, and they nod hesitantly. The King says they should leave for a while until he smooths things over with the conference. Lord Nobel Michel suggests that they stay at Nobel Michel Castle until everything cools down. A few days later, the heroine finds Edward in the Nobel Michel Castle garden and he tells her he was wondering how the roses back at Charles Castle are doing. The heroine tells him that he doesn’t have to be there and can return to Charles, but he hugs her and says that he can’t leave her alone to see her heart get torn apart by the conference and his father. He squeezes her too tightly and apologizes, saying he just imagines her flying away for some reason. She tells him she won’t go flying away and that she’ll stay by his side forever. He hugs her again and says he believes her, but that he begins to feel uneasy when he can’t feel her warmth. She begins to think that they may not be accepted by the royal conference and if that happens, they may be stuck in Nobel Michel forever, and if that’s what it comes to, then she’ll have to give up on him and let him return to his life. His warm hug makes the thoughts go away, though, and Edward says she’s sure everyone will give them their blessings and the day will come when they can embrace one another, and tells her to just feel his warmth like that until then. All she could do was nod and dream about when that day would come, but knew that one thing was certain: she was by Edwards side right now and she believed what he said and just took in his warmth.

        WHOO That was more than I thought it would be. But yeah, those are the Normal Endings. I’m sorry if Edward’s sounded confusing with the royal conference, I kind of forgot what happened in the route ;;OTL. As you can see, some endings had more happen than others, and some were just wHY WOULD YOU DO THIS??? I played them all when the new UI was released and I’m still reeling in feels from them ;A;. Exactly! AGH GLENN’S HURTS EVEN MORE. It’s just painful to think that he’s been holding onto his first love for so long and I don’t think he would let go even if he’s already married. UGH IT HURTS. THIS GAME SHOULDN’T HAVE THIS MUCH OF AN EMOTIONAL AFFECT ON US WHAT THE HECK.

        Oh what? I’m guessing she doesn’t even hide the spoilers like under cuts or anything? Ugh, I can’t stand those. If I’m looking through a random blog and a photoset comes into view that’s just full of story CG’s, I automatically close the tab. I don’t need to see more of that. THERE WAS THIS ONE photoset I saw last year of “favorite Wilfred CG’s” or something and the last CG in the set was of Henry… I didn’t know whether to laugh or not because it’s not that hard to tell them apart? Like, the CG wasn’t small enough where you couldn’t make out the differences so??? ANYWAYS. Yeah, I’ve made some friends on tumblr who I don’t follow because of situations like that. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that most of the things they reblog aren’t things I want to see on my dash, most of the times it’s spoilers or CG’s of stories that just came out. But yeah, it’s always a game of avoidance when it comes to Voltage blogs = =.

        Yup, so I have to clear the older games before I get to play any of the newer ones. Unless I spontaneously decide to bump up stories to play next and skip a bunch of them again LOL. I might just do that for Dreamy Days stories /bricked. Yes it did! I haven’t tried it yet. But yeah, Hanai looks more approachable(?) to me. I haven’t seen much more than the promotional art for it, but it looks like a style that would need a bit getting used to for me. Not that it’s bad, just different than my usual preferences. The whole police thing is interesting to me (I watch a lot of law and cop shows lol), but yeah, I can’t really make a judgement on it yet since I haven’t tried it. Fingers crossed that it isn’t too bad, though!

  16. I don’t think even Ed’s CGs are like that ^^; I mean man, are the rose petals really necessary ? and the text are more cheesy than the CG I even can’t describe it Lol…yeah, I remember missed out the sale for rihito’s story and they even cut the prices to 100 yen >__>, I’m still waiting for our two bedroom story sales or even the ayakashi games lol, since I’m still unsure whether I will like the story or not, and It’s more better to buy the stories when it still on sale lol.

    Yeah I guess It’s like that, and you can also decorate your restaurant too. The guys will come sometimes and you will have sort kind of special events. I actually love the decorating aspect, but if you want to buy a better furniture, you must real money to buy it ORZ. I’m not blame you either for not trying it. After playing GREE, I don’t think anyone want any stress inducing games all over again lol.
    Btw, have you read the announcement from GREE ? I heard they are going to discontinue their service in some countries…and maybe this is the reason why all voltage’s GREE games no longer giving us events ? hmm…

    Man I really hate when people are bitching about the heroine’s smallest flaws, it’s not something that big or fatal, and you’re right if the heroine is so perfect, they will label her as “Mary Sue” that they cannot self insert just because she is wayy to perfect LMAO. Speaking of fanservice, I remember few months ago I found the bmp’s writer (the app version, her name is shirataba Michiru), and she said she rather disappointed that people are keep asking her to write more “steamy” scene, since she doesn’t want people to see bmp as an “adult” game, unfortunately she already deleted that entry and I forgot to screencap that –“.

    they will of course blame the heroine, and bashing her again for being so dumb . I understand that, I really hate it when people only play bmp just for sake of fanservice, and I thought that bmp is one of voltage’s game that can balance both the story and the fanservice lol. Heck, even season 2 is more tamer in term of steamy scene in my opinion ^^; I haven’t see anyone leaving a hickey or some kind of that for example .
    And as for heroine bashing, I remember when one of my friend talking about a post in tumblr when one girl saying she want to slap the gree bmp heroine in Joshua’s valentine 2014 event…do you know what happened in his valentine 2014 event ? I mean the comments are more harsher saying that she should be bitch slapped and he deserve a better heroine >__> I get that she may not the best heroine that ever exist, but the comment is really disgust me A LOT. I don’t even get it when some people are taking their hate for a fictional character to the point they want to kill her or what.

    Hmm yeah, I’m little bit confused too about headcannon, but then again I never wrote fanfic or some kind of that so I guess I’m little bit clueless lol. I appreciate if she can make a decent headcannon, the one that didn’t ignoring the character’s background and the background’s story…but this girl..she’s like making a brand new character and slapping them with the bmp’s names…

    Wow, thank you so much for this ! damn most of the normal ending are so heartbreaking (ノД`)・゜・。 the one that hurt me most are Roberto’s and Glenn’s, I felt really bad to the heroine, since it’s too oblivious that she is the one who getting hurt most ;__; the good thing about season 2 is, they only have happy and good ending, so we won’t see any heartbreaking endings like this. THAT’S HOW I FEEL, I STILL CAN BELIEVE THIS GAME MAKES ME CRIED FOR SEVERAL TIME, AND NO OTHER VOLTAGE’S GAME MAKE ME CRIED LIKE THIS LOL.
    Btw, do you have any suggestion for good image uploader site ? I have some special CG from the 恋 cafe app, and I want to share it with you, I don’t know though whether you already seen it or not ^^;

    Nah, most of the spoilers are never going under the cut, so they are shown up directly ORZ. LOL WHAT, but I understand actually, since both of them are can be little bit hard to tell them apart, I mean sometimes I even mistaken Kuon as Glenn lol and they still have a different hair color at least. While Wilfred and Henry is more like a twin instead of grandpa – grandson ( ´∀`). I already been considering to do the same too, since there’s one of my tumblr’s friend who keep reblogging spoilers for bmp season 2 and some other voltage’s games…and she probably don’t mind If I unfollow her lol.

    Ah I see, I guess you will end up like it if you love criminals and police things lol. And I’m guessing it’s the sprite that bothering me the most…it just doesn’t blend with the background…oh, and they cut the CG so it will be landscape mode instead of portrait mode, which disappointing since the CG in the monthly version still is on portrait mode =/. I guess Hanai will be the most popular guy it seem…since he more like takuto’s from LLFTX lo.

    • LOL Well I meant the rose petal thing. I’m pretty sure Edward did something similar for a GREE event. Oh gosh, I think I’ll just laugh if I play that! Oh flip, that’s a huge discount! Yeah, you’re better off buying the stories on sale if you’re still not too sure about them.

      Oh gosh, I used to love decorating my cafe in the fb game. Doing that was always fun! Oh, yes, I did. I got scared before I read it because I thought it was an announcement to say that it was shutting down permanently (since there’s still no sign of an event soon), but it was only for a few countries. It’s really disappointing that they have to shut down in some countries, though.

      WELL she’s already labeled “Mary Sue” so it’s like she can’t be perfect but also can’t be flawed, which is ridiculous. Oh no D: Ugh, I would feel terrible, too, if something like that happened to me. I really hope she doesn’t get discouraged by it. A great story with great writing is always better than a bunch of fanservice and adult situations, and it’s disappointing to see people want it the other way around.

      I’m actually glad to hear that Season 2 is tamer than Season 1. Not that it’s too bothersome in Season 1, I just don’t want the fanservice to overshadow everything else.

      Oh wtf??? Yeah, I played Joshua’s route in that event. I’ll admit that Joshua’s route had me “wtf is going on???” for most of it, but I think Joshua and the heroine (as well as everyone else) were just victims of bad writing. I’ll also admit that I’ve had those moments where I wanted to “slap some sense” into the heroine (and sometimes even the Princes), but I would never think of physically hurting her wtf??? I find it rather disgusting whenever someone threatens physical harm to a heroine because the player doesn’t agree with what she’s doing. I saw a comment on fb about Metro PD and someone said they wanted to hit the heroine. That made my physically sick to my stomach. I don’t care how much anyone dislikes a female character, I will never accept anyone wishing any physical harm on her just because they dislike her. It’s plain awful, disgusting, and just should not even be acceptable as a joke.

      Yeah, I’m still not too sure how headcanons work, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to be. You’re right, that’s basically what she’s doing. Go on an headcanon all you want, but don’t ignore the facts just because you don’t want them. If you can’t accept them, then just say you’re writing for fanfiction or AU or whatever.

      I know! ;A; OH GOSH THAT’S SUCH A RELIEF TO HEAR! I don’t know if I can take anymore heartbreaking endings like that! (ಥ_ಥ)

      Ah, I don’t really know. I typically use tumblr or this blog to upload images, but I don’t know how private it would be on tumblr or another image uploading site. Do you have a Dropbox? Oooo which one is it?

      Ugh, I hate that. I would understand more if, say, the CG was small enough to make that mistake, but it was big enough to show the differences (I guess it was easier for me to tell because the moment I saw it I thought “??? THAT’S NOT WILFRED, THAT’S HENRY”). Yeah, Wilfred and Henry look more like twins than anything, which is pretty funny on its own (I hear Henry is a “carbon copy” of Wilfred lol). Yeah, I think your friend should understand why you would unfollow her. It does lighten the load of your dash when it comes to seeing things you don’t want to.

      Oh really? I guess it’s because Voltage still uses some of their common stock backgrounds and the style doesn’t match up with it? Oh wait, what? So you can only download the CG as a landscape image? Wha??? LOL IS HE REALLY? I’ve gotten an idea of how Takuto is from the promo images on the fb page, so I think I would really enjoy Takuto’s character. If Hanai is the same, I’m sure I’ll enjoy him, too!

      • Ah I see, I didn’t played a lot of GREE events so I probably missed out that CG lol ~ yeah, I’m still waiting for more sale now lol, since I don’t want to spend full price on story that I still don’t know whether I will enjoy or not ^^;

        I also love playing line play too, do you play that ? Basically you can decorate your room and your character, they usually have a limited time gacha too. you can choose from a female, male, and animal avatar :D. Oh I see, it too bad actually ORZ…some of my friends probably will be pissed off since they can’t access their GREE games anymore -__-”

        Yeah, this is why sometimes I felt the app version of bmp is more tamer than the GREE counterpart…am I right ? lol. Well, from what I see from those people, they probably always hate the heroine, since they jealous seeing the heroine getting the guys affection or some kind of that ^^; their mentality always explain that “real life guys are sucks, why can’t those voltage’s guys are exist” and they end up hating the heroine who seen as someone who doing nothing but the guys end up liking her, bonus if there’s more than one guy who like her ^^; I admit that I never getting jealous whenever I’m seeing the heroine with the guys, I even don’t know whether I can handle those fictional guys lol (especially when they are getting possessive or jealous, like he can’t see the heroine talking with the other guy or some kind of that)

        LOL I see haha…so in your opinion, is the writing in GREE counterpart is more “wtf” than the app version ? and what’s your opinion for the gree bmp heroine ? I only play for a very short time so I don’t have any idea how she act or what ^^;. True that, I don’t even liking all voltage’s heroine, but I probably never saying that I want to slap, punch or doing some physical things to her ಠ_ಠ. I know some people said “oh but It’s okay though, since she is just a fictional character” I think it still problematic, I always view people like that as someone who is hostile in real life ORZ.

        Yep, and those good endings are really worth to read lol. But then again, I felt the season 2 is more less angst and more lighter than the season 1 lol. There’s still some heart wrenching scene, but the whole atmosphere is more lighter hahaha. I only buy the Wilfred’s and Glenn’s one, since the rest of them are just an older CG but with more text or effects lol. I already tried dropbox, hopefully I’m doing it right >__>” :

        Haha, I guess that user still new to bmp universe ? I always felt Henry is more younger looking compared to his grandpa (despite he is more older when the game start). I felt bad thou when people keep saying that Henry is just a carbon copy to Wilfred, Henry is more easy to approach compared to Wilfred, and he is not really that aloof or distant too, but both of them can be pretty damn harsh to their butler, especially when it comes to the heroine haha ^^;

        Hmm…seeing metro PD is a voltage’s older game, I guess the sprite is more wonky looking lol. But their newest game (koyoi, ayakashi kuchizuke wo) is having the same problem >__>, the character’s sprite is not matched any of the background, it’s like you can see the black line pretty clear ORZ. YEAH, it’s like kiss of revenge or our two bedroom story CG, so you can’t use it for you phone’s wallpaper for example…sadly so far bmp season 2 in the Japanese version is also the same, the only portrait CGs you can get is from the spin off…all CGs from main story and sequel is have the landscape CG T___T.

      • I’m pretty sure it was that Our Secret Vacation event. Edward had a bath ready and had filled it with roses for the heroine. I’m not very fond with roses, but I thought it was still really cute~.

        I’ve heard of it and I planned on playing it at one point, but I never got to doing it. Is there more you can do besides decorating? It didn’t exactly say why, though, other than the GREE app being taken off the stores (which I guess makes all GREE games and purchases void). :\

        Hm, I think so? They do have different writers, so maybe they catered more to fans with the GREE version while trying not to overshadow the story? Yeah, I would think that the players would see themselves as “better” the heroine and be bothered that the guys would fall for her anyways. If she makes the guys happy, then I can’t really not like her. LOL I know what you mean. As much as I love the guys and my biases and all, I don’t think I would get along with them very well LOL.

        Well, the recent events are. Like with Valentine’s 2014 event, all the routes revolved around a misunderstanding except for Wilfred’s route (Voltage isn’t even trying to hide their bias for him). Compared to last year’s Valentine’s event where the only misunderstanding that threatened the heroine’s relationship with the Prince or had some sort of negative effect was in Glenn’s route (which, by the way, was Glenn’s fault), I don’t even know what happened this year. And it’s been happening with all the most recent events. I’ve gotten so tired of it that as much as I look forward to new events, I’m more excited to play the Butler ends because there are no misunderstandings there except for the Butler’s untold feelings. It’s just become a lot of bad writing. Ah, I like the heroine, but the recent events are just ruining the characters to the point where I sometimes want to yell “CAN’T YOU TWO JUST STOP AND TALK TO EACH OTHER???” I don’t remember her being much different from the app version heroine in the Main Stories, though, but because I already played all Main Stories in the app version, I still like her better there. She’s still kind, patient, and responsible in the Main Stories, and always trying her best at her job. Exactly, just because she’s a fictional character doesn’t make it any less jarring to say you want to physically attack her.

        Oooh, but the story is still really good right? THANK YOU! The links worked! ^^ I’ve been wanting to buy an illustration, but still haven’t decided which one since, like you said, most are old CG’s with just effects on them. I’ve stared at the shop for so long already trying to decide what to get x_____x.

        Hm, I guess so? lol maybe it’s because Henry has shorter hair? Oh gosh, I am happy to hear that. I was a bit worried about a Wilfred clone route, so it’s a relief that Henry is less Wilfred-ish than I thought. Agh, but if he’s still harsh to his butler, I’ll probably still cry from it ;v;.

        Oh wow, then I guess it’s just the clash in art style? Awe man, that’s a big loss! I do hope they change it so that you can save the original CG, though. Otherwise, that’s a pretty disappointing change in the ports. :\

  17. Oh that CG ! I think is more better than uncle hobo CG LOL. sorry can’t resist to call him that, since he really creep me a lot. But I’m pretty surprised that most of Japanese fans love him..I guess older men are the hottest things in Otome games lately ? LOL

    Hmm, they provide some mini games too like fishing and puzzle games which you can get a decoration items for you avatar…but there’s no story or what, just more like dressing up you characters and room. Actually I already heard some news about GREE closing up their offices in U.K and China..I guess they are not really that successful when entering the overseas market..

    I heard from people that GREE counterpart is more “mature” than the app version o__o, some people saying because GREE version is implemented the naked sprite earlier more than the App version lol, but I agree actually since there’s a lot of time in bmp app version where is too oblivious that the guys is naked but the sprite is still full clothed haha. Most of the time I getting a creepy side from the guys when they saying like this, “I don’t want anyone see you dressed like that” or “There’s a lot of bad bugs out there”, and they easily getting jealous when the other guy talking to the heroine or some kind of that.

    Hmm, I’m guessing the writers already ran out of idea ? just think about it, the GREE version already getting the staples events (valentine, birthday, etc) more than one time, the writer probably working under short deadline and she probably just keep using the same themes like misunderstanding or some kind of that ^^;. WOW is really that bad ? I never getting those feelings when playing the spin off from the app version o__o. I don’t think I can enjoyed those routes if the heroine and the guy end up having misunderstanding all.the.time . LOL it is not really that oblivious actually that voltage is really biased to spencer’s boys, bmp season 2 having Henry in the opening movie, and Henry itself is not really that popular compared to the other characters..

    Of course the story itself is still pretty good in general, even there’s some routes that are not really polished…but it still a very good game. I so glad it’s working ! I really love Glenn prince of wonderland one especially, even though his eye color is different (it is more blueish or greenish to me), the only CG that are worth to buy are either the character’s profile CG one or those special CG (which pretty hard to find), I think they should release more group CGs instead of using older CGs >___>” . I’m also have the special collaboration CGs from MFW and bmp 2, but it will be little bit spoilers ~ but if you want just tell me lol

    His routes is very different from Wilfred’s routes lol, I actually have a very low expectation since Wilfred’s route is leaving a bad impression to me. But I really how his route played out, one of my complaint is the unnecessary sort kind of triangle love >__>.
    Actually he’s not really that harsh, but he just don’t like when the heroine is too close to his butler haha ^^;.

    I felt that ayakashi is more like a shojou manga type, from the artwork to the story lol, I remember seeing people said the game premise is almost the same like black bird, they even have a tengu too so yeah ^^; I already sending emails about that, and sadly they said they can’t change the CGs size T___T…but at least the spin off are not getting cut..

    • LOL I guess so? At this rate I won’t be able to take him seriously at all!

      Ooooh, I see. It still sounds fun for a leisurely type game. Oh gosh, ouch! Even I felt that. I really wish they didn’t have to, though, but it must not have been doing very well for them to close. :c

      Uh, ok?? o___o I’ve only played Wilfred’s, Keith’s, and half of Glenn’s route, but I haven’t seen anything that would make it more “mature”. LOL Yeah, I try not to think too much on those phrases because then I’ll get creeped out if I do. Like, I know they wouldn’t do anything extreme, but it doesn’t change the fact that they said it (lll ̄□ ̄). BUT there was an event where Edward was literally jealous of everything around them and I couldn’t help but laugh because he was jealous of a tea cup.

      I guess? It makes sense, but if you take last year’s Valentine’s event and this year’s Valentine’s event, it’s like they tried to add more “story” into the event stories. Last year’s events were just pure dating fluff, and this year’s there has to be something going on other than the heroine and the Prince. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but it becomes disappointing when the story suffers from bad writing. If they ran out of ideas, why not just write cute stuff again and hold off the story for another event? Instead of getting stories I should be enjoying, I’m getting stories that feel like a chore to play just to get a cute Butler ending because I am so done with the drama that I can’t enjoy the Prince endings. Yeah, the app version Spin Offs are a ton better because any misunderstanding isn’t blown up out of proportion to the point of making the heroine, Prince, or both, miserable. The Spencers are basically the poster boys for the games lol. I’m guessing Henry is the canon guy anyways so his popularity doesn’t matter in that case? I don’t mind them being the canon, but can’t it be toned down in the other guys’ routes? It’s like even in the other Princes’ routes, Wilfred showing up is like Voltage screaming “DON’T FORGET, THIS DUDE’S THE CANON!” I always end up thinking “Wilfred, go away this isn’t your route STOP WOOING HER! ヽ( `Д´)ノ┌┛)`Д゚)・;” .

      Aaahhh alrighty! Still can’t wait to play it! GLENN’S IS SO PRETTY I LOVE IT! ;A; Special CG’s? Yeah, they should! I would really love to use them as wallpaper for my phone, but Android need square images. Setting the portrait rectangle as wallpaper stretches it a bit ; ;. Aaaaahhhhh it’s MFWxBMP2, but it’s spoilers, but it’s MFWxBMP2, but it’s spoilers aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I DON’T KNOW I’M TEMPTED. How spoilerish are they?

      AGH I don’t like love triangles! They hurt too much! ; ; Ooo so he’s still nicer than Wilfred is to Claude when the heroine isn’t involved?

      OH LOL. I haven’t read Black Bird. I had planned on it, but I decided to wait until it finished before I picked it up, and then I stopped reading manga before it finished (˘・ω・˘; ). Awe man! I hope they get enough responses for them to go back to the original format so that we can get the full CG’s for future games. (˘・_・˘ㆀ)

      • Lol yeah It’s a cute leisure game, but it’s still a money sucking if you want to play all the gacha lol. I guess the whole sns games are not really doing good in western audience ? since there’s a lot of restrictions, not to mention that most of SNS games are pretty much money sucking games so I guess it’s only manage to attract a few people lol.

        Yeah that why I’m little bit confused when people said that bmp gree version is more explicit than the app version lol. WHAT HE GETTING JEALOUS JUST BECAUSE OF TEA CUP ??? and here I thought when Oliver (If I’m not mistaken) getting jealous just because the heroine have a lot of fangirls is weird enough @___@, but getting jealous just because of tea cup is more like a wtf moment hahaha…and here I thought Ed was one of the guy who doesn’t really that possessive…^^;

        So there’s a big difference between this year and last year valentine events @__@. Man, I felt sad actually when I read that butler’s ending is more better than the prince’s ending ^^; and I agree with you, I wish the writer can use more different approach to write the stories instead making a events full with misunderstanding -__-. I love most of the app’s spin off lol, even though I don’t really like their first spin off (another prince’s wedding ?) since the writing is pretty inconsistent, and I even wondering whether that spin off is takes place before the heroine is officially engaged with the princes. LOL, voltage are really pushing both of them too much, and I always laugh when Wilfred is still flirting with the heroine even when the heroine is already engaged with the other guys, I love the conversation between the heroine and Wilfred in Joshua’s royal wedding, when he said the wedding kiss is pretty long (*´艸`*).

        what android phone you are using ? I’m using galaxy note 2 and most of the CGs I using as wallpaper is not really stretched 0__0. Hmm, there’s two CGs, one is the crossdressing CG (so the bmp 2 characters wearing the mfw wedding tuxedo, and the mfw guys wearing the formal suit from bmp 2 characters) and one is the group CG where both mfw and bmp 2 characters strike a group pose (≧▽≦). Also do you want the bmp 2 group picture also ? you won’t get it from the game itself, I even must ask my friend who played the monthly version to get it ;___; and the friend invitation CG ? The group picture actually appears in the prologue, but you can’t get it unless you screencap yourself >__>, but the monthly version get it for free .__.

        Black bird is the manga where the heroine is befriend with a tengu right ? I dropped it halfway since I’m not really comfortable with all the harassment from the guy ORZ. it’s reminds me a lot of shinjo mayu’s manga (I suggest to avoid any manga from her). I really hope so, but they still keep using the landscape CG until now T___T

      • Ack, just like any social game. Yeah, and the lucky people who really get the hang of the games can get through that stuff without spending money…

        Yeah, I can’t see where that came from. LOL YES HE DID. It was the Halloween 2013 event. He was drinking tea with the heroine in the rose garden and he got jealous of a cat she was playing with (which was made worse because of what happened with Glenn earlier in the route), the tea cup she was drinking from because it was like she was kissing it, and the roses in the garden because they were watching her. I had to laugh because of how ridiculous it was and Edward was so serious I couldn’t help it! Edward is a really kind person who doesn’t like being jealous, selfish, or overall wanting things, so it was a surprise to see him like that. But the heroine wants him to be more selfish, so she was happy he said it.

        Yeah. Like Keith’s route from last year was all about the heroine making him chocolate, confessing to each other, and spending Valentine’s Day on a date. This year, his event was Keith declaring he wouldn’t accept chocolate from anyone except the heroine, she tells him he shouldn’t do that because the citizens want to show their appreciation towards him, he gets jealous of Luke receiving appreciation chocolate from the heroine (he took Luke’s chocolate right in front of him and the heroine and then ate it, though he didn’t have as much of a problem with Luke giving the heroine a White Day present last year and no problem when Luke gave her an appreciation latte this year???), they go to a party and she sees him accepting chocolate from another woman (which he only did because he took the heroine’s advice on accepting chocolate as appreciation), she gets jealous and upset even though she knows she told him he should do it, misunderstands the meaning of why he accepted it and why he wants to go somewhere alone (he’s getting a surprise ready for her), becomes suspicious, she tries to get information out of him, and it was just painful to watch because what are you doing??? I was hoping for cute event stories but nope, misunderstanding everywhere! Yeah, the app Spin Offs are a lot better than the recent GREE events. Oh really? I ended up buying that one because it was on sale. I think it takes place before? The sequel to it says that the heroine is their official fiancee, but I haven’t played the Another Prince’s Wedding yet so I don’t know if they’re just dating in that one. LOL I laugh but then I remember I’m supposed to be mad because it’s not his route! JEEZ, WILFRED. He enjoys it way too much, too, I KNOW HE DOES.

        Ah, I’m using a Droid X2. I just checked right now and it’s not bad, but I can still see the stretching a bit. Ah well, I now have a pretty Glenn picture as my wallpaper~ Oooo I saw the BMP 2 guys wearing the wedding tuxedos when it was pixelated for the monthly version, but never got to see the real one ; ;. I didn’t know there was one of the MFW guys in the formal suits though! (°ロ°) Oh what? There were CG’s we didn’t get?? WHY???? That’s lame! Which one is the friend invitation CG? Is that also from the monthly version only? askjalga then if it’s not too much trouble for you ; ;. Thank you so much! If there’s anything I can do for you in return, do let me know!

        SHINJO MAYU OH GOSH NO. Is Black Bird really that bad?! I know her stuff is absolutely and terribly awful! I remember there being some good reviews for it when it first came out, and it was an automatic to-read for me since I loved Backstage Prince. I still want to give it a try, but it looks like I’ll have to be really cautious about it…. Well, I can understand for the newer games because the original platforms for those are the Android/iOS devices with horizontal screens whereas the older games had a vertical screen. But if the CG’s were already made vertical, why not just get us download it vertical???

  18. LOL so he literally getting jealous of everything ?? but seriously the tea cup one was pretty lame =__=, I prefer the normal Ed who is just love to speaking in flowerly language instead of jealous clingy boyfriend haha…but then again I remember when he getting jealous just because the heroine is playing (?) with one of his horse lol. But most of the time he getting jealous when seeing the heroine with Louis lol.

    WOW wtf, It sounds like a hot mess indeed >__>, and the one where he snatch and eat the chocolate for Luke is way too harsh =__=, and it is just me, but the writer seems make him more like a bully, seriously…oh, if you don’t mind can I get summary for Joshua’s this year valentine event ? I still want to know what kind of story he get…Uh yeah, the first one is little bit confusing, the heroine still call the guys with a formal language -_-“, the sequel one is indeed where the heroine is already engaged with the guys lol. But then again I remember when Wilfred acted a little bit bolder in Glenn’s princess training sequel, since he act like he was a better candidate for the heroine o__o.

    So no one hasn’t posted the MFW one ? and actually after I ask my friend, she said the monthly version get 1 exclusive group CG and 6 exclusive individual CGs. The friend invite code one is using the individual CG unfortunately they didn’t add Aslan’s CG so we only get 5 CGs ;___; Don’t mind it lol, I’m pretty grateful that you want to summarize some of the GREE events since I don’t think I have the patience to gone through those dramas >___>”

    btw here the CGs ~ I hope it won’t ruin your experience later when bmp season 2 out ORZ :

    I used to share those in my tumblr, but I decide to delete the post since some people decide to repost it without giving the credit >__>” I even already mention in the post, please don’t repost or claim it as yours but people are way too ignorant somehow ORZ

    I remember reading one of her manga (the one where the heroine is taken to hong kong) and the amount of rape is way too much so I left it halfway >__>. Black bird is almost look like any of shinjo mayu’s manga actually, the amount of sexual harassment is way too much and the heroine seems doesn’t mind getting abused like that x___x. Nah that what I don’t understand…the original CGs are already in vertical position, and yet they decide to make it a horizontal position ORZ.

    • lol yeah he did, but I figured he was still reeling from the whole Glenn thing from earlier. PFFT I didn’t know he got jealous like that on other occasions. Yeah, it’s more understandable if he’s jealous of another guy, but of inanimate objects or animals is a bit much. Awe, Louis~!

      Yeah, considering how he wasn’t bothered a lot by what happened during last year’s White Day, his jealousy really came out of nowhere. He wasn’t a bully, but it was one of those moments where he just loses all reason when it comes to the heroine, but wow that was still too much. Sure! I’ll post it in the same format as I did for his 2013 route. I’ll get right on it, too. :> Ah, there we go. They really can get kind of confusing. I was playing My Sweet Bodyguard and after finishing Subaru’s and Kaiji’s sequels, I played their trip Sub Story. Turns out the Sub Stories take place after the Sequel. And here I was planning on playing the Sub Story only after the Main Story. JEEZ THE BIAS NEVER ENDS.

      I guess not? I’m looking at them right now and aaaaaahhhhhh they’re so nice! I practically screeched “DORKS!” when I saw the fourth one! Ah, I don’t think it will. I have no idea what’s going on in the CG’s in context of the story, so I don’t think my experience will be ruined. :>

      Ah, I see. Yeah, I noticed that most original posters go through a lot of lengths to ask for credit and I figured it was getting out of hand that people were taking them and reposting and claiming them. In that case, would you like me to delete the links? I won’t repost them, so you don’t have to worry about that. :>

      Oh gosh, I tried reading that one because it was recommended on a forum post. Worst. Decision. Ever. Like wow that was just… no words. Awe man, that stinks. I suppose I’ll just put it on the back burner until I feel like torturing myself ( ´_ゝ`). That’s so weird, though. I really hope they change their minds and go back. I guess we can only hope they get enough responses to go back, though. ; ;

      • Haha yeah, I guess if a guy easily getting jealous is a biggest turn off for me ^^; I mean I understand if he getting jealous of another guys, but animals and inanimate objects ?? and It’s little bit ironic that he getting jealous of roses..lmao. But again in the season 2, one of the guy is getting jealous just because the heroine’s boss (which is more like a grandpa figure) is spending more time with her, I even can’t stop laughing xD;

        Uh yeah, it’s is too much for him It just plain rude and inconsiderate ಠ_ಠ , I get that he was jealous, but no need to something like that ORZ. Ooh, so you currently playing my sweet bodyguard :D, I’m not even lying that I prefer the public safety characters (seiji, ishigami, and toru) more than the sp characters itself *runs*. There still two more characters to be released in the English version though :D.

        Haha I’m so glad that you didn’t feel ruined after seeing those beauties :D. I really love seeing the princes in the wedding tux, since whenever they are getting married they will wear their official uniform instead :O, and the mfw guys are pretty good too ~ and just judging by their appearance, who is the guy who catch your attention ? I used to be Kuon biased until playing Kevin’s route lol. but I love all the guys nevertheless ^^.

        Oh yes please delete those links ! I don’t want people stealing those and reposting again in tumblr, facebook, weheartit, or other sns site :x, I know user who even watermark those CGs and claimed as her…I just left speechless seeing her action like that..D: I’m no longer want to posting voltage’s CGs again after that, I only shared it with some of my friends including you :D. I love most of your post in tumblr especially when you defend the voltage’s artist who draw the heroine without eyes, I mean they actually can draw any female characters with eyes, but the company probably want the heroine to be eyeless so that players can self inserting to her :O

        Btw, can I tell some story about what happen to my friend who playing the monthly version of bmp ? As you know, the monthly version is charging us 315 yen (or 324 yen starting this month), and they actually the first one that get the season 2…but ever since bmp season 2 released in smartphone user, the monthly version starts to getting neglected…according to one of my friend, the monthly user hasn’t got the spin off “his POV” when the smartphone user get it first :O. I know some people almost want to boycott voltage since they still don’t know when they will release those spin off…I don’t know how to say, but I don’t think the boycotting is necessary…maybe voltage want to wait until all character’s POV is released and they can release it in one go instead one by one >___>. And if they felt voltage is unfair, they can unsubscribe (the monthly version require you to subscribing to the game) instead insulting the smartphone user ORZ, it’s not even our fault that voltage start to focused on the smartphone version instead the monthly version, since the monthly version is having a lot of restriction, like you can only read one chapter for one day, there’s no BGM or opening movie…and it just like 2 spin off >__>, we didn’t even get the extended stories for the main story and sequel ORZ.

        UGH seriously, I pretty much read it after seeing the synopsis lol, and there’s also the demon one which I avoid like plague >__>. I remember when I read a manga featuring a rich high school girl with her butler, everything is pretty much normal until the butler start to rape her in the middle of a forest ಠ_ಠ , and the heroine didn’t think it’s wrong for him to doing that to her ORZ. Now I currently read shingeki no kyojin (attack of the titans) lol, It’s pretty gore but the stories is pretty good haha 😀

      • LOL I KNOW RIGHT? Looks like even he has a limit to how much he likes roses. Oh my gosh, really?! Ahahaha I can’t wait to see that!

        I’m still not over it yet since it literally came out of nowhere. He didn’t have any other reason to do something like that. I don’t know if he knew that the heroine gave Luke chocolate the year before, but it was still really rude for him to do that this year. Again, I stacked it up to bad writing because as rude and jealous as Keith can be, I never would have imagined that he would go that far. Yup, I am! I am currently on Sora’s Main Story. I only have all the routes up to Goto’s, but I’m looking forward to his route ^^. Ah! Eiji and Kenta, right? Aaahhh I want to play Kenta’s route ; ;

        Oh, that’s right! We get to see them in regular wedding attire (even if it’s really just Henry is a wedding tux)! Hm, but appearance only? UUUHHH I have a bias soft spot for the Alfords, but if not Kevin, then Ivan. I don’t know much about him, but by apearance only, I’m very curious about his route. Or maybe I just want to see another strict character be adorable /bricked.

        Done! I think you can also remove the files from Dropbox or deleting the ones under the Links on the website to disable the links. Wtf? Wow that’s just… ugh. I don’t blame you, I would get upset if that happened to me, too. Thank you again, though! They’ll be safe with me :>. OH GOSH YOU READ THOSE? Agh, that really bothered me because people seem to think that as an ~*artist*~ they can draw whatever they want and get paid for it, but that’s not how it works. If someone wants you to draw something, even if you don’t like it, you still have to draw it because it’s your job and it’s what they’re paying you for. If the company wants you to draw an eyeless/faceless heroine, that’s what you give them. It doesn’t matter if you can draw her with a face or not. If they didn’t ask for a heroine with a face, then you do not give her a face. And it’s annoying that Voltage was the only one called out on in that confession when A TON of other mobile games do the exact same thing. And if it’s only focused on English games, HELLO NTT SOLMARE. I just get really annoyed at things like that and have a lot to say in return (that I think aren’t stupid enough) worth mentioning…. (/_\)

        Sure! Oh, I didn’t know there was a daily limit. I’ll fix that and add the thing about BGM and the OP on this post. Oh what? That’s strange. I always expected the stories to be released on the monthly version first, but it doesn’t really surprise me that they’re giving more attention to the smartphone version what with other otome games making the switch from PSP to PSVita. I once read that smartphones weren’t so popular in Japan since feature phones were preferred, but if smartphone usage has gone up, it would make sense for them to make a switch, too. That being said, I still hope they get the stories released to the monthly version. Like you said, we don’t know Voltage’s plans on their release schedule, so there’s no reason to threaten to boycott or jump to conclusions. You’re right, they have every right and option to unsubscribe to the monthly version whenever they want, but there’s no reason to blame those who use the smartphone version. With smartphones allowing Voltage more gameplay options like BGM, OP’s, and buying full routes without a daily limit, it’s also not a surprise if users would rather use the smartphone version over the monthly version (this not including the fact that the smartphone version can be distributed in other countries and languages when the monthly version can’t). Even with all that aside, there is no guarantee that the games will continue to be available even if you’re paying every month. It goes without saying for any online/non-physical game. (Example being like my brother who spent a lot of money on monthly subscriptions and items for an MMORPG, but support for it ended in favor of a newer version of the game a few years after he stopped playing). Wait, extended stories? Are those ones that we didn’t get in the smartphone version?

        I’m still surprised one of her series became an anime. I had heard that the ayakashi one was a ton better than her usual stuff, but then I read a review that said it was good at first and then went bad. I was thinking of giving it a chance but after that review, I backed waaay off. WTF??? That’s freakin awful! There was one I read where there was a ridiculous amount of rape. It happened practically every time a male character was introduced to the heroine. I can’t really remember the heroine’s responses to all of the times (I might have tried blocking it out), but I do remember she was distressed over it. The same mangaka did a oneshot about a girl going through “Second rape”, where people don’t believe her and say it was her fault or that she caused it, basically victim-blaming her (in this case, it was the police and she began to blame herself for it and believed other people would, too). It was a surprise considering the other manga she did, but that one was a gem and really recommended by a lot of people who read it (which was how I found it, and I still remember it years after first reading it). Oooo I’ve been wanting to read that one, but I can never sit down to actually do it (or read any other series lol). From the screenshot I’ve seen of the anime, I expect the manga to be more gorey, but I hear the story is amazing. Elu watches the anime, but hasn’t read the manga (I think), but he says it’s really good, so I don’t doubt it!

  19. I was really turned off by the amount of jealousy too =o, but I know some people who really like when the guys easily getting jealous since jealousy is more like a form of affection ? or some kind of that, but I still wish the writers can tone down the jealousy crap lol. Kenta’s is really cute isn’t it ? I love his story in london’s sequel lol, since he already grown up and it’s too oblivious he already liking the heroine since he was still a trainee haha ^^; I forgot whether I already played Eiji’s route or not lol.

    LOL I see you liking the ruthless, lonely prince xD; *it’s the description from the official website really*, I’m not surprised seeing Kevin is pretty much popular here lol most of his CGs are really beautiful *___*, those eyes really…I still remember tho when the season 2 princes was introduced the first time back in 2012, I though all of them are bland *design wise* and I only like Kuon’s design, back then both Kevin and Max hasn’t introduced yet ^^; I still remember when voltage didn’t released bmp season 2 last year I was really disappointed haha ^^; I already looking forward to the season 2 since like early 2013 so the waiting is really painful lol ;D…
    Btw, since you already played Keith’s route from the GREE version, how different the GREE route from the app version ? I’m pretty curious whether the whole financial issue is still brought up or not in the GREE version :O.

    If you want any bmp season 1 or season 2 CGs, please don’t hesitate to tell me ! …the only missing CG is from Keith’s 2nd birthday, since I can’t save that CG without crashing down my games so yeah >___>. Oh, I try to delete those, thanks for the information !
    Ugh yeah, and from my experience itself, most of voltage’s CGs that featuring the eyeless heroine is not really that bad compared to the other companies, there are one where the heroine’s fringe is not long enough to cover the eye and the anatomy is way too weird o__o, and most of tokimemo GS CGs are barely featuring the heroine at all, and the only way too see the heroine is by seeing the chibi character and I’m not really liking that >__>.

    Yeah I agree with you, there’s some probability that the smartphone version is more popular than the monthly version, especially since the smartphone version is having more higher quality CGs, BGM, and even a better resolution especially if you playing on android phone >__>. And about unfairness…I used to mention on another post, the bmp season 1 smartphone version didn’t get some spin off, like the white day with the butlers, two anniversary stories, and 2 more spin off…but I didn’t wrote a complaint letter or boycotting them >__>. I understand that it little bit frustrating that the monthly version that used to get their stories first suddenly getting shafted, but that’s how business works lol, Voltage probably seeing the smartphone version is more successful and they decide to putting their efforts on them. Oh yeah, the season 1 have sort kind of extended story for the princess sequel and the season 2 have extended endings for main story to the wedding sequel lol,

    I really getting turned off by the representation of “rape culture” in shojou manga D:, especially if the setting is like the heroine is the innocent type and the guy is the alpha male stereotype DD: I know that not all shojou manga are like that, but the one that flooding the market are mostly like this >__>, even hana yori dango (wow that so ancient lmao) has sort kind of rape attempt ORZ. Haha I even getting the recommendation from my brother lol, and so far I’m getting hooked :3, but yeah the manga is more gore from what I seen, so you really need a strong stomach and mental to go through haha, I know one of my friend who can’t even digest the first few chapters ^^; It’s more like gantz or even MPD Psycho..

    • I understand how jealousy can be attractive/a likable trait, but sometimes there’s a limit before it becomes too much. He’s adorable! I noticed his character banner was changed to his bodyguard image (I’m guessing he’s a bodyguard now since he has the earpiece like the other bodyguards). It’s so cute how he had a crush on her since then! Even though their stories take place in the London Sequels, does the heroine start off not being/having been in a relationship with the other guys?

      PFFT IT REALLY SAYS THAT?? Well, I love Keith, so I automatically love anyone in the Alford family line. Their eyes don’t make it any easier to pick another favorite lol! Oh! That reminds me, is Cathy ever mentioned in Kevin’s route? Oooo I think I remember that. I was disappointed to see there wasn’t anyone for Liberty and Charles, but was surprised to see the two new countries. I was really happy to see that Kevin and Max were released! Aaaahhhh and still more waiting for me, but I will endure!

      Hm, it is rather different. The relationship between Keith and the heroine isn’t as rocky in the beginning as it is in the app version and befriend each other sooner (writing-wise, it was more like it was said that they got closer than it was shown). Yeah, the country still has a financial crisis, but from a completely different reason than from the app version. The app version had the casino as the cause, but in the GREE version it’s that there has been illegal activity in Liberty’s oil industry, which is Liberty’s key industry, so the entire industry has gone under. The king was basically accepting bribes from oil companies that make up the country’s financial backbone (in exchange for something, but the text was cut off and I was unable to read what the exchange was for). In order to regain the favor back from the citizens, the King arranges for Keith to marry Laura without consulting him first and despite his protests (the King even guilted Keith by telling him that the marriage would save many people, made Luke lock Keith in his room until the engagement was announced, , and even said that Keith didn’t care about the future of the country, which is why he arranged the marriage (and at this, HECK YEAH THE HEROINE SAID “SCREW IT” AND SHOVED IT TO THE KING).

      Alrighty, I’ll keep that in mind! I shouldn’t spoil myself too much in the chance we get the game in English. Keith’s second birthday, is that from the app version? Well if there is anything you need from me (like other GREE route summaries), just let me know! I’m still typing up Joshua’s 2014 Valentine’s route, so it should be up soon. Yeah, like that one game where it’s just a white blob instead of the heroine. Not sure what that was about. Oh yeah, I remember Tokimemo’s CG’s. She’s “off camera” all the time. I like the chibi, but I would like for her to be in the CG’s more.

      Ah, I saw Voltage’s updated otome game site. Looks like we’re right. The Lineup link leads straight for the Smartphone section of their list of games. I also saw on FB that people are thinking it’s a list of “coming soon” games. I ended up laughing at that. It would be great to get app versions of the other games, but I heard games like Juliet and Time Slip were cancelled so…. That’s right, even if the monthly version is missing out on some stuff to the smartphone version, so is the smartphone version to the monthly version. I honestly don’t think boycotting Voltage would help anyone considering there have been cancellations on their games due to low sales. If another game suffers from low sales, I think there’s a higher chance of the game being cancelled than for Voltage to try and please everyone. Whether or not the smartphone versions are showing to be more successful than the monthly version, Voltage has every right to change their efforts, and if that is what is happening, then good for them (as a business). Oh what. I hope we get the chance to get them in the app versions!

      Ugh, me, too. I stopped reading manga a few years ago, and it’s hard for me to start again because I’m tired of reading badly written stories. Heck, I just finished reading Sakurahime Kaden, which I really liked, but the whole final volume just had me “wtf???” the whole time. I know Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou had a rape-ish scene (the guy forced himself on her, but she let him), and I was stuck in between rage and confusion. I haven’t read Gantz or MPD Psycho, but I think I’ll be able to stomach it. Elu hasn’t given me any warnings about it, so I’m guessing it’s not too bad because I’m a coward and I need him and Barney to tell me if something is scary ; ; .

      • Kenta is really cute, and seeing him grown up in the london story is really great lol. Oh yeah he already have crush to the heroine since the first time they meet xD, he also participated in one spin off lol. Hmm the London sequel, if you playing either Eiji or Kenta, the plot is more like how they became a couple, but for the SP teams the heroine and the guy is already married, so basically London story is more like a main story for both Eiji and Kenta, and a brand new sequel for the SP members ^^;

        No one can’t resist those green eyes ψ(`∇´)ψ, heck even in Kevin’s route the heroine keep mentioning his beautiful emerald eyes and his nicely shaped lips LOL, and the fact she mentioning a lot of times make me laugh lol. Unfortunately, Cathy is not mentioned in his story =(…I’m still thinking whether she already passed away or what ;___; I’m still wondering why both of the countries are added later instead introduced at the same time with the other countries o__o. Btw, if bmp season 2 already relesed in English, you should make a new post so that we can move the discussion on there ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

        Wow, there’s quite a lot of difference between the gree and the app version ^^; haha of course he won’t be harsh to her, since he hired her to be his designer ^^;; oh man, the king itself is more like the villain ?? since if I remember in the app version, he was very nice and rather supportive to both the heroine and Keith o___o. So there’s no mafia involved in his story ?? since someone used to say that there’s mafia in Keith’s GREE route..

        LOL yes it came from the app version ^^, basically all princes get 2 birthday spin off, the first one is take place before the heroine and the prince getting married, while the second birthday is after the heroine married with the prince…Take your time ! no need to rush it (^▽^), I just more curious after you and some people said it was a big letdown ^^; err..let me guess, is that white blob heroine is come from a mobage game ? since I know most of mobage games are never letting us to see the heroine…there used one game where you only can see the heroine’s lap O__O, and there’s no kissing CG too lol

        Yeah, the smartphone version is not getting most of the monthly version games…mainly because the games are not having enough contents, and from what I heard from the Japanese BBS, it seems voltage currently struggling to create a games that can be successful and have a longer life span, the latest game that have a great success is MFW in 2011…and since 2012 until 2013, most of their newer games are only have a very short lifespan, the longest is 1 year -__-” I really interested on the Juliet, honeymoon, and the amnesia one, but sadly since all three of them already cancelled, it’s a very slim chance they will port it to the smartphone…and some little information, as you know back in February voltage decide to release both koyoi and IYAT season 2, and I think it rather bit weird for them to release a two games in very short time, and thanks to that IYAT season 2 barely getting recognition since is shadowed by koyoi ORZ. Same with last month, they decide to release saigo no koi and hatsukare, and the effect is same, hatsukare barely getting recognition and popularity -___-, and now it seems they are planned to making more new games again…I just wish they can spend more time to make a games with solid storyline instead making a new game for every month with mediocre story ORZ. Wow sorry for this wall of text haha ^^; It pretty sad that most of their newer games are not really that memorable to me compared to their older games ;___;

        I also stopped reading manga since few years ago lol, same as you I can’t stand the badly written manga >___>, but then again I always prefer shounen over shojou for a long time lol, even there’s some badly written shounen manga too haha ~ most of them are way too fanservicey.
        LOL I’m guessing the plot is interesting to me since I getting used to the gore stuff now ^^; I actually can stand any gore in manga or anime, but I can’t watch any gore movie like hostel, saw, and especially jaws -__-“, but the weird thing is I can still watch movie like 300 even there’s a lot of blood and mutilated body part 0___0.

      • Uwaaa I want to play it so much! Kenta is just so adorable, I’m sure his route will be cute!

        Alford green eyes are dangerous. I remember reading somewhere that in Keith’s GREE route, the heroine is always admiring his eyes, though I don’t really remember that sticking out. Not that I blame her, though! Awe man! It would have been nice to hear about Cathy! Maybe we’ll find out in the later stories? Yeah, it was a bit weird. Sure! I’ll just make it an announcement post like I did with MFW social~

        Yup, while in the app version he was stuck with her whether he liked it or not. He already finds her interesting from the start (reading back at her first time in the Manse, I can’t keep from laughing at their exchange!). In the app version he is always annoyed at her, but in the GREE version he’s always smiling and having fun with her around or when thinking of her. Yeah, he’s really cold and strict. Keith says that a long time ago, one of their allies betrayed them and it created a huge crisis that many people thought the country would collapse until they discovered a new oil field and recovered as a nation, but the King has since them thought like a businessman and not a leader. He says the King became so traumatized by the betrayal that he became obsessed with appearances and never wished for Liberty to be looked down upon by any other country. Keith knew about the bribe and kept thinking of what he could do to change the country, but the King never listened to him and he had started to give up. He’s very different from the King in the app version. Nope! Nothing about the mafia in Keith’s GREE route.

        Ooo I see. I hope there’s a fix for it! Alrighty! Well, the whole event basically disappointed me. The only thing that didn’t disappoint me were the little things in the routes (Glenn being patient about the chocolates, Yu helping the heroine with the chocolates, Claude being upset about being called scary, Luke offhanded confessing he loves the heroine, RYAN AND LOUIS, etc.) and the Butler ends. Yup! I’m pretty sure it was a mobage game. The heroine was there, but it was as if someone just “erased” her on Photoshop, so it was like the guy was interacting with/kissing air (≖Д≖;).

        Oooh ouch! Oh man, I remember seeing Honeymoon and the amnesia one first get released, I didn’t know they were cancelled, too! Yeah, if they’re cancelled, there’s really no reason for them to get ported. :C Ah, me, too. I don’t see how releasing two games at the same time is a really good idea if they’re struggling with new successful games, especially when the first week of sales is crucial. It’s also a strange pattern releasing one new game and one old game. I think, of course the new game is going to get more attention, it’s new and no one has played it yet! I really wish they could slow down, but now knowing of their struggle, I can’t help but be worried. (They should hire BMP writer again /shot). No worries! Ugh, if the older games are doing better storywise, I’ll just get even more disappointed because I most likely won’t be able to play them at all. ;A;

        I think the last shounen manga I’ve read are Kekkaishi and Kyoukai no Rinne. I have a bunch of manga I’ve wanted to read, but never got to it either because it wasn’t finished and I’d rather read it all in one go, or I just never got to it (˘・_・˘ㆀ). lol I try to stay away from manga in the Ecchi genre because I know how bad the fanservice can get ( ´_ゝ`).

        Oh really? Hahaha wow! I haven’t tried watching those types of movies because they don’t really interest me, but horror movies are out of the question. Elu makes fun of me sometimes by saying he and Barney are going to kidnap me to watch a horror movie ;_____________;

  20. Kenta is way too cute ~ I love how he is always so determined to be a great bodyguard to the heroine ^^, and the fact he didn’t compare himself with the other SP members (like Subaru) is really amazed me, I used to though he will compared himself to Subaru but nope, instead he use it as a motivation to become a better bodyguard. He, along with Glenn are the younger guy characters that didn’t annoy me lol.

    Haha, true that…and if I’m not mistaken Glenn’s eyes always mentioned as a cat eyes ? I read it somewhere long time ago lol. Yeah, I really want to see someone mention about her ;___; but so far, I haven’t see anyone talked about her ORZ” Oh speaking of Kevin, I don’t know but someone seems decide to reblog a very old NSFW edit for Kevin…If I’m not mistaken is naked sprite edit of him…and it is the same as the facebook group you used to mention ? o___o”

    I actually love the tension between the heroine and Keith in the app version, It just make his route more interesting and It’s great to see the heroine to having some sash lol. But then, it seems the princes in the GREE version is not really that hostile compared to the app version o___o, they seems more nicer to her compared to what happen in the app version lol, I see this a lot especially from Keith and Joshua lol. Wow I used to think that Liberty is more like a small country that suddenly become a first world country in a short time o__o, I never thought there’s a backstory like that in the GREE version ^^; I understand why the king was acted like that, he was betrayed and the country is almost collapsed, but damn the whole bribe thing is like o___o. Oh I see, I guess I mismatched with Kevin’s route lol.
    Have you finished Edward’s and Joshua’s main story in the GREE version ? I already finished both of them years ago (when I’m still playing the GREE ver lol), and sadly both of them are not really that good compared to the app version -_-” especially what happen with Edward ORZ, he acted like a completely different character in some scene =____=” and there’s some things that bothering me too in Joshua’s route..

    Wow, are the new year, christmas, and Halloween events from 2013 are like that too ? It’s a disappointment to hear that, since even though you can read those events for free, it doesn’t mean they can make a lackluster stories like that =___=, I know one of my Japanese friends who played the GREE version for bmp season 1 & 2 also complained like you, she said most of the events are either have too much misunderstanding or just suffered from bad writings lol, and I don’t even want to spill her complaint about the CGs especially from the season 2, since most of the CG are traced from the season 1 and season 2 app version but with different characters or more worse, they REUSE the older CG from the app version and just add either sparkle or effect LMAO.

    I’m pretty disappointed after hear the amnesia one especially T____T, but I actually felt bad for the writers and the illustrator most of the time, is like the management said to them “Oh your work is failed, you don’t need to make any new stories anymore” and there’s a lot of rumor saying that the management is have been changed, especially since the former CEO resigned…or some kind of that, hence why we keep seeing older titles getting cancelled one by one…yeah, it’s too oblivious that people prefer the newer one -__-, even though there’s no guarantee that the newer one will be more better than the old one ORZ. But somehow I keep questioning their choice for releasing the older titles, since It’s not a secret that IYAT season 2 is not really that popular in Japan and still struggling with popularity and hatsukare itself an older game that just getting cancelled lately o__o.

    And I don’t know though whether it just me, but most of the newer apps is more focused on the fanservice, like SND for example, the CGs you got from the spin off mostly are the guys getting naked lol, and both saigo & ayakashi have a rather explicit bed scene in the epilogue >___>” I prefer if the app have solid writing instead of fanservicey CG, heck I really enjoying MFW and BMP and we are know that their main story CGs are very tame compared of what we get from the new games lol.

    I used to read a manga that I thought is going to be interesting, until one of the girl ripped up her shirt and showing her boobs in like….page 4 ? and I decide to drop it, same as voltage’s games, I didn’t hate fanservice as long they can utilize it and not become a main plot >___>’. Ah I see haha, I also hate keep putting backlog when it come to manga, since I probably going to forget to read it lol.

    I actually love horror movies lmao, especially those Japanese or Korean horror movies :D, like Ju On, the ring, the tales of two sisters (this more like a psychology horror), and others, but most of the time I watch it on blu ray or even dvd lol , so I can skip the scenes that way too scary haha ^^; I understand that not everyone is have a strong heart to watch horror movies especially on theater, I remember like 2 years ago when me and my few friends watch a Thailand’s horror movie (which rather creepy tbh), and one of my friend end up crying halfway since she’s too scared, I even don’t know whose idea is that to watch a horror movie at midnight =__=, especially there’s a lot of “surprising” scenes ORZ

    • Yeah, I noticed he’s always looking up to the bodyguards and aspiring to be just like them. I always smile when he shows up!

      THAT… really extremely familiar, but I can’t remember from where! I do remember the heroine comparing Glenn to a cat a lot in his Halloween 2013 event and even mentioned his eyes, but I feel like I’ve read it somewhere else before agh! Cathy ;____; . Egh, glad I haven’t seen it. I remember seeing on the group sprite edits of all the guys shirtless where they just took a screenshot of Joshua and photoshopped the other guys’ faces on it. I hadn’t looked at the group since then until I found out it was closed.

      Yeah, and their inability to get along in the beginning helps in showing the development of their relationship and Keith’s character. In the app version, they just begin to get along more and more as the story progresses, and in the GREE version, they enjoy bickering with each other and Keith likes that she talks back to him (in the beginning, the heroine would realize too late that she’s talking to a Prince and then run off, and Keith would end up smiling/laughing after calling her weird and the heroine would be relieved and forget about her current worries/nervousness). She’s got some sass in the GREE version, too, but she attempts (and fails sometimes) to keep it to herself. But it makes their interactions fun to read through. And yeah, it’s like they’re nicer to her in the GREE version. Like I said in the post about Wilfred, there’s really no reason for the guys to be so nice to her in the app version because she is just a guest or an inconvenience, depending on the route. In the GREE version, she is personally hired by the Princes, so the whole reason she’s there in the first place is because the Prince made the conscious and personal choice to invite her. He decided it, he wanted it, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t be against her or her presence. Heck, four of the six Princes are basically stuck with her in the app version for one reason or another. Yeah, Liberty is just in its 9th generation. The whole betrayal thing is still a pretty recent event, I think, because Keith was talking about his father going through that like it was still a fresh memory. lol yeah, looks like!

      Ah, no, I haven’t. I’ve been in the same spot in Glenn’s route for months already. Looks like I waited too long, and the guide I used was taken down :\. I haven’t gotten to looking for another guide…. Yeah, the stories aren’t as deep or have has much development as in the app versions. I’m not expecting to enjoy them as much as the app versions, but I do know I’ll enjoy them to some extent. Like with Glenn’s route, I kind of like how it’s not as heavy as the app version (as far as I’ve gotten). It’s pretty nice.

      Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve been feeling for the events for the most part. I find myself enjoying the small things in the routes and the Butler ends more than the routes as a whole. Exactly! I’d rather read a whole route that’s just a cute date over a route that attempts to have a plot, plot twists (why???), misunderstandings to be resolved, and just overall bad writing. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if they did a relationship reset again! At least we would get a cute confession out of it! Ah, I know what you mean about the CGs. Even if they’re not retraced, they’re redone. The only reason I don’t get as upset about the CGs is because they still end up being pretty and I love the artist so ;____;.

      I was really interested in the amnesia one. Yeah, I can’t imagine how that’s like, but I’m guessing that’s how freelance/company writers (not book authors) work. I wonder how their procedures changes to the point that the games are getting cancelled and dropping like flies, but it’s completely alright to release new smartphone games/ports??? You’re right. From what I’ve heard and what you’ve told me, it sounds like the writing for the newer games isn’t on par with the older games, so it’s even more of a shame that the older games are getting shafted in favor of the new ones because they’re new. Wait, Hatsukare was cancelled, too? And it got a port????

      Oh no, really? Agh. Yes, exactly! Even if the CGs weren’t fanservice, I still enjoyed their CGs and their connections to the story. I honestly do not care if the games did not have fanservice or explicit/sexy scenes or shirtless/naked guys or whatever. Give me a good story. Give me a story that, when I finish it, it stays with me and makes me believe that my time spent on it was worth it, even if it’s senseless fluff. I will take fluff over smut! At least then it will have meant something more than sex! Or at the very least, don’t let the fanservice overshadow the story! UGH!

      Oh gosh. I remember there was this one oneshot or short manga that I read. It was shounen and had ecchi in the genre tags, but the reviews said it was really good, so I gave it a try. I actually kind of liked the story and the plot twists in it, but I was really annoyed at the fanservice in it. It wasn’t a lot or really in your face, if I remember correctly, but I do remember it being completely necessary. lol yup, my backlog is years old and I haven’t even gotten to reading the oldest one on the list, but bleh. If I ever get back to reading manga again, at least I have a huge list to choose from instead of having to go looking.

      Ah… you would get along with Elu and Barney, those types of things are up their alley. They’re all about horror, and I would hear from them that foreign horror movies are better (horror-wise) than Western ones. I think it’s more that I don’t have a strong mentality as opposed to a strong heart OTL. Ouch, I hope your friend was okay. I remember once that my parents were watching a Final Destination movie at home. I walked into their room to talk to them and when I was done, I looked at the screen. I almost passed out when a certain scene played ;;OTL.

      • Yes ! I’m still waiting for his wedding sequel for him even though I must wait until December haha ^^; he’s not a very popular characters so his stories will pushed back until most of the popular characters’ stories already released ;___;

        Yeah I even don’t know whether it come from lol ^^; ah I see, I’m glad you can ignore it…I heard they also posting in tumblr too under different name lol. But after I thinking for a while, I don’t think voltage’s naked sprite is really that good enough lol I found most of them are not really proportional and the lack of nipples make them look like some kind mannequin lol and yet people gone crazy over them wtf.

        I see, I completely forgot about the difference of heroine’s backstory in the GREE version lol, that’s make a sense that the princes won’t be harsh to someone who they just hired recently haha ^^; I found the GREE version of Keith is more like he love to tease the heroine instead being harsh to her lol, but both the version sounds good in their way and in the end he was more mature compared to the first time the heroine meet him…Hmm, I read somewhere that Liberty is the newer country compared to the other five…I heard Philips is the oldest county since they are pretty strict when it comes to tradition :|.

        Ow That too bad the guide you use it already taken down ORZ, have you visit kokoro cafe ? I heard the have guide for the gree games but I’m pretty unsure :|, I even used the Japanese guide back then since people are still playing the route and even after that I only stuck at grade A o___o. That’s good to hear you enjoyed his route lol, I’m still bummed after I finished both of them, and at that time Roberto’s route is having a bug (his grade is stuck at B so you can’t get the secret happy end). I heard the princess training sequel is drama ridden stories lol, there’s some routes where the heroine almost on the verge of breakup with the prince o__o”

        That’s too bad, really >___>. It just like you play the events just to get the items and the butler’s routes ORZ, I also prefer if the substories or events to be filled with fluff instead of drama and misunderstanding u____u, I prefer if they just put those heavy things to the sequel stories haha ^^; I don’t really mind traced CGs..,since I know one of Zain’s CG is a traced from Keith’s June Bride spin off but it’s still look good…it’s more better than compared what the bmp season 2 for gree get lol, one of my friend said there’s a lot of time where the characters look very weird in the CGs…^^; it’s like a different artist who done the artwork altogether haha.

        I really hope most of them are freelance so they still have a different projects with other companies >___>. Do you know about 逃避行~愛の選択~? the app where the heroine is accused of embezzlement and end up running away with the guy, It’s one game where we get the update only two times before getting cancelled due to low sales, It just a waste actually to seeing them release a games and just to cancel it in a very short time >__>. And you’re right, I felt the older games keep getting cut so that newer games can come out, and I read this premise from the new questionnaire that bothering me, basically the heroine is still a junior high school student who running away from home after having a fight with her parents, and she ends up approached with an older man to be his wife despite a very large age gap…I just like wtf when seeing they plan story like that. There’s still some wtf-ed themes but that one is really creep me out ORZ. Yeah hatsukare is cancelled since last year, so I don’t know how they will distributing the stories…unless they are going to make a brand new stories or what >___>.

        Same with you, I don’t really even care if the games didn’t have any fanservice CGs as long as the stories is very good and the characters are well-developed instead of games full with fanservice CGs and lackluster story -___-. I enjoyed BMP and the amount of naked / fanservice CG is pretty damn low, we didn’t even get any naked CGs until royal wedding and princess sequel, but just look how the game’s popularity is lol. But there’s also a game where even the amount of fanservice is low but still unsuccessful (AKD) ^^; but the writing in AKD is pretty much standard and not really interesting…It’s indeed have potential but it’s gone to waste ;___;

        Ugh yeah, this is the reason why I read seinen manga lately lol. The stories are more developed and the theme is more heavier compared to normal shounen manga. I also read Josei manga too like Nana or paradise kiss…it’s too bad that the mangaka probably won’t continue Nana anymore after she having a permanent hand injury ;___; it’s almost the same like itazura na kiss where the mangaka is passed away before the manga is completed T___T.

        LOL I enjoyed any kind of movies, well except for documentaries movie though lol. Hmm, yeah It’s like most of foreign horror movies are more like how really creepy the situation is, like meet the ghost at public toilet or hospital for example. Haha, she’s end up staying at my house, since she’s living alone in a small apartment and I don’t think it wise to letting her to sleep alone after she getting nightmare like that ^^; WOW your parents is watching Final Destination ? my mom probably won’t touch it with ten feet of pole lol and my dad…well he doesn’t really like movies or some kind of that ^^; he prefer to watch news and political debate ORZ”

      • I’m not surprised to hear that he’s not very popular since he’s the youngest, but it’s still sad that his stories are pushed back in favor of the other characters. December is still a long wait!

        Egh, I’m glad I’ve been able to avoid it even on tumblr. Yeah, the guys in some of the games are already disproportionate, so having them shirtless just makes the mistakes more obvious ;orz .

        Yeah, it would be really weird for the guys to personally invite her and then be like, “ugh, I wish you were gone, why are you even here?”. Yup! Keith loves to tease and poke fun at her in the GREE version. It’s practically the basis of their relationship before they confessed. At one point, he was surprised and thought she ate something weird or felt sick when she didn’t make any retorts to him (she was working at the time in front of others, so she tried to keep calm and polite). Even though the relationship is different between the GREE and app version, it still manages to work out without being weird or out of character. Yup, Liberty is the youngest country (at 9th generation) and ranks first in GNP, and Philip is the oldest (at 99th generation) and ranks second in GNP. You’re right, Philip is huge on tradition. With Wilfred going to be the 100th ruler, he’s got a lot of pressure and history weighing on his shoulders, possibly even more than previous generations since 100 is a really important number.

        No, I haven’t gone there in fear of spoilers :\. I used a Japanese guide, too, and it was very informative with including what kind of missions were where, what was needed to pass them, and when the compatibility rank would change. I had no problems with it when I played Wilfred’s and Keith’s routes and still ended up with all S ranks. I found another guide, but it’s not as informative as the first one I used :c. Oh flip, I forgot about that bug! I hope it’s fixed by now…. Oh what? I was really looking forward to the sequels, but now that I hear that, I’m not too sure I want to play it. It’s already annoying for them to almost break up in the events, I can’t imagine how bad it will be when it’s in a full sequel = =.

        That’s it! I’m also always trying to fullcomp the events so that I get the items, too, even if I don’t use them OTL. They should leave all the story stuff to the Main Stories and Sequels! Give us something to enjoy without so much of a headache! The event stories are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and the recent ones haven’t really been giving me that. Oh gosh, I hope they aren’t using ghost/copycat artists to help with the CGs. I’d hate for both the story AND the art to be bad!

        Same. I would hate to think that the writers wouldn’t have any more jobs because of one failed project. At least as freelance, they can work in different companies so there’s always an open option for work. Yes, I remember that one! I know! It’s really worrisome how the trend of cancelled games is going. Wait, what? That’s rather… off putting. I can understand age gaps with older characters because everyone is still already an adult, but this? That’s… really creepy…! As much as I love Voltage, I wouldn’t touch that game for any reason! I hope they’re planning on new stories because isn’t it weird for them to port a cancelled game??? Why do that if there aren’t any initial plans to keep it going?

        Story > everything else. If it’s Sub Stories, then Cute Story > everything else. I came to love BMP because the stories continued to stick with me and I still find myself going over the story many times, and while I think BMP’S story was better than MFW’s, the stories in MFW were still more relatable and I fell in love with the characters and their interactions towards one another so much. Even if the story of a game isn’t that great, the characters can still make up for the loss. Fanservice can’t. Ah, I see. I haven’t played AKD yet. It’s really disappointing to see a story have potentional that isn’t reached :\.

        Yeah, I remember some of the last manga I read were seinen or josei. I never got to reading Nana or Paradise Kiss, though. Awe, I hope she’s alright. I really would rather read completed series, though. I heard, though, that for Itazura na Kiss (haven’t read it yet, either), the anime ended the way the mangaka had planned for it to. It was something about how she told her husband how she wanted it to end, and he asked for the anime to end like that. I read about it a few years ago and haven’t read or watched the series, so I may be wrong.

        Oh gosh, I can’t even handle American horror movies, I wouldn’t survive the first few minutes of a foreign horror movie even if the first few minutes aren’t even scary! That was really sweet of you to let her stay over that night! That was a good idea, too. LOL WELL, my mom loves movies of any genre, and my dad likes to watch anything with action in it. My dad likes to watch the news and stuff, too, but he doesn’t mind watching movies that are pure entertainment.

  21. Yeah, especially since voltage is more biased to either Seiji or Subaru lately lol and December is still my prediction, there’s chance they will postponed it or even more worse, cancelled it halfway ^^; there’s been prediction they will make a separate game for the public safety characters in Japan o___o and I even don’t know how it will work ORZ. I just hope it the storyline will work smoothly and not forced, since we know how much voltage love to milked my sweet bodyguard >___>”.

    Uh yeah, to be honest I was little bit iffy when seeing Wilfred, Roberto, or even Ren’s naked sprite o__o, they are like using Keith’s naked sprite for instance and it’s doesn’t look fit with the body lol. It doesn’t look weird in the CG but the sprite is a turn off for me haha ^^; Btw, since LLFTX sequel epilogue already released today, don’t be shocked to see Riki’s CG…I already seen that last year and believing that the artist is gone too far for now u__u.

    Haha, of course It would be weird if they ask her to gone to their country and acted like a douchebag ^^; but it both Keith and the heroine is more like a playful couple compared to the tension that the app version has lol, but if it’s not hindering the storyline, I’m not complaining ^^; Oh yeah, of course he will be burdened with the expectation and the demands…It’s that why he acted very cold and aloof, since he doesn’t want to disappoint his county…but If I’m not mistaken, Dresvan is also pretty strict when it comes to rules and tradition ?

    Oh I know that forums is really love spoiling all the stuff ORZ” and it seems no one really posting guide again from what I seen…wow that’s very convenient ! and do you get it from a Japanese blog like ameblo ? since I hear most the Ameblo’s bloggers are currently taking off their guide and the game script’s since I hear it’s illegal now to post those :O. Ugh yeah, I hear from someone who played the Japanese version, both Glenn and Joshua routes having the big misunderstanding theme >__>, and in Joshua’s route the heroine even gone back to Charles for a while u___u. I don’t know what happen with the other guys and I don’t even want to know what happen in the wedding sequel ^^;

    That was pretty tiring to full com’d the events just for that ^^; especially if the stories are very bad and not enjoyable to read ORZ. The items itself are more like furniture or dress up items ? I pretty agree especially since events stories are shorter compared to main story and sequel, and having them bickering to each other makes me want to give up altogether =___=. I guess having a ghost illustrator is possible…I mean, the GREE version is released events in very short time, and I don’t think it possible to have only one illustrator to done all that ORZ. Well, even some game like kissed by the baddest bidders spin off didn’t have a new CGs AT ALL, basically you only get the main story or epilogue CGs that just edited with effects =/.

    Yeah the way they easily cancelled their games is really amazing, they look like never appreciate the writers, the illustrator, and possibility everyone who worked on that game, it seems any game will be considered failure if they can’t achieve the level of popularity like seduced in sleepless city or my sweet bodyguard..I never understand why they cancelled PIL when they still planned the season 3 and the new characters -___-“.
    I really hate that theme too, sorry I don’t found the whole underage girls is having a relationship with someone in his 30s =__=, and there’s a underline said [the love story between a kid and an adult has begin] and It just like what..? I hope they won’t considering make the game with theme like that >__>. I really hope so, especially since the sequel only covered up until the heroine and the guy goes to the university ^^; but they still have season 3 tab…

    Well, realistically speaking, do you still plan to play any of voltage’s games if they end up cancelled either BMP or MFW ? I already been thinking that I probably won’t continue play their game if they cancelled BMP season 2…I love MFW and kissed by baddest bidders, but they didn’t giving too much impact like BMP…and I really disappointed if all the money I give to support them (by buying routes in bmp season 2 for instance) is used to make newer games or even worse to make the newer stories for the GREE version instead of making new stories for the app version ^^; I know a lot of my friends already stopped playing since last month…due to their disappointment with the management…^^;

    I agree, I felt fanservice should be putted as secondary things instead of the main things. I enjoyed most of their older games since the storyline is solid and keep getting me hooked, which the newer games lack of. And yes that how I feel with MFW, I can related with most of the guys and the heroine, and the guys itself looks like a great friend that you can hang out with ^^; the problem with AKD is..if you realize, their story is way too similar to MSB =/, it just they use the medieval period instead of modern, a princess instead of prime minister’s daughter, and even a small things like the main reason why the heroine is living as a normal village girl is almost similar like the MSB one o__o.

    Haha, most of foreign horror movies is already creepy even with the very first minute, and the soundtrack they use it really fitted the movie ^^; Yeah, I felt bad for her since she can barely walk at that time because she’s so scared ^^; and not to mention that it seems her apartment is haunted ? I used to stayed at her apartment to making some assignments, and since I stayed up until 3 AM (bad idea, really) I hear someone knocking the windows multiple time, and it’s impossible since her room is at 12 floor o___o, but she decide to move on the another place after a while ^^; haha, I see but It’s pretty nice to see your parents are enjoyed movies like that lol, is any of them are playing video games also ? my dad is love playing retro games like the original mario lol.

    • Ugh, I hope it’s not cancelled! Oh what? Why do that? It seems odd to make that type of development, especially considering they already have MPD? I really hope they don’t try to milk it any more than they already have when they haven’t released everything yet. If they do decide to make a separate game, I’d rather they do it once SP is completed.

      Yeah, I used to think that the art for the sprites were done by a different person/assistant than the artist for the CGs since there’s some differences in the art. Oh gosh, now I’m not so sure about it. I haven’t played the game at all, so I really don’t know what I’m in for. It might be some time before I play the Sequel Epilogues, but I hope it doesn’t come out as too much of a shock. I’d really hate for that to ruin the game for me :\.

      That’s right! They’re always teasing and poking at each other. Think like Yamato and the heroine in MFW. But yeah, Keith pretty much hated the heroine in the app version, but he warms up to her (even in Luke Main Story aaahhh ( ≖ ´ ᗢ ` ≖ ) ). I really like the relationships in both versions~ Yup, but being the 100th gives him even more pressure than if he were any other number outside of the big important ones (10th, 20th, 25th, 50th, 75th, etc.) Hm, I don’t remember much from the app version about Dres Van being so big on tradition, but the rules of discipline and order are everything for them. (I still end up wanting to cry for both Wilfred and Joshua ;A; )

      Yeah, I’m really cautious when it comes to English forums and blogs because of things like that. I know! And yes, I used a guide on ameblo, but I didn’t get to save it :C. Oh, ouch! I didn’t know about that. I figured that they might have been getting some type of cease and desist letters or something from Voltage, but wow. That’s a bit disappointment. I really would have liked to have been able to save the guides before they were taken down at least. One blogger I used to watch locked her posts for members only. I don’t think she’ll open applications for them anymore. Oh no! Ugh, now I’m really not sure I want to play them. I have a feeling the misunderstandings are really things that shouldn’t have been misunderstandings in the first place? That’s how they are in the events, but I don’t think I can handle an entire route ( ´_ゝ`).

      It is, especially when you can’t even enjoy the routes. Yup, just stuff to decorate your avatar and room. Yeah, and it’s even worse when the bickering is because they don’t feel like they can trust each other. I’m tired of the heroine thinking she can’t trust the Prince when he’s given her every reason not to do that (it’s done even more in Keith’s route). Maybe there are more assistants in making the CGs than we thought? I really wish that the art itself didn’t have to suffer for it. Oh what? Seriously? That’s lame! Do you think it might be because of all the games they have to work on now? Like they can’t put as much effort into them as they used to?

      I was thinking that way, too, that a game is seen as a failure before it even gets on its feet. I KNOW ;_________;. I would have LOVED to see Pirates in Love have a Season 3 to resolve everything completely! Now I just feel like we’ll never get to see how it really ends and just be left with a cliffhanger ;______________;.

      I understand if they want a game with an age gap, but having the heroine underaged is pushing it. I have to keep myself from remembering the heroine’s age in Pirates in Love so that I don’t get creeped out by it or too worried about it. I can’t see how that will be a good thing. Then again, I used to see a lot of student-teacher relationships in shoujo manga, so I guess the market is there? BLEH I don’t know, I really don’t want to see Voltage go through with a story like that. I really hope they decide to continue Hatsukare for the app version. Do you think Season 2 and 3 are planned to follow the same idea as Dreamy Days where it’s high school > college > proposal? Ugh, I’m really worried now!

      Honestly, I have no idea. PiL, MFW, and BMP are the ones I love the most, and if MFW and BMP are cancelled before they release another game I’ll fall in love with, I don’t know if I’ll keep playing. I think I can say that I’ll buy routes if they’re on sale, but if the stories aren’t great, that’s all that’s going to keep me buying. I was hoping that the money profitted from a game would be used to work on that game more, but I’m not sure I want to know if that’s true or not considering games being cancelled left and right and new games always being released/ported. I want to have hope that they’ll release games with good stories and continue to work on their games until they are completed, but my hope for that is slowly dying….

      I love the guys in MFW so much, they’re the types of people I would have no problems being friends with. Heck, I had friends like them in high school, and I just love how they are together as a group and as friends, especially when they don’t have to be together, so it makes their friendship all the more special. Oh no, really? That’s a bummer. I was really looking forward for AKD, but I guess it won’t be as good as it would have if I had played it before MSB? :c Ack, it’s times like this where I wish Voltage would release the names of the writers and all that.

      Oh flip, so they are worse (for me) than American horror movies. Oh gosh, that’s scary! Glad to hear she got out of there! I probably would have moved out at the first sign of it being haunted! Yeah, Elu calls my family “cool” because of it. Hm, kind of. My dad used to play on the Gameboy as a kid, but doesn’t play video games anymore. My mom likes to play word games on her tablet like the ones where it gives you pictures and you have to guess the word. She used to play games on her DS (I got her the game Rain Drops and she would always play it), but stopped because now she can play games on the tablet lol.

      • Yeah they’re currently developing a brand new app just for the public safety characters =/, I don’t even know how they doing it, since most of the story is already exist in my sweet bodyguard o___o”, I’m guessing they still try to milk it until they can get another Hit game ? ^^; but think about it, they are currently pushing our two bedroom story for now…lol.

        Hmm, If I’m not mistaken it seems the artist for the sprite and the CGs is handling with different person ? If I’m not mistaken the artist for PIL’s sprite is credited as Kirishima Sou…err, well from what I hear from people who already played, they seems decide to pushing the “limit” on the steaminess level lol but I’m still shocked to see Riki’s CG until now x___x.

        Aww, that’s pretty cute to see lol. Oh yeah, Keith is pretty much hate her in the app version even to the point where he’s embarrass her in the public, do you know why he hate or pretty much act pretty harsh to her in the app version ? I haven’t played his main route for a while ^^; yeah those number are pretty much important, especially 100 ? I don’t even want to know how he’s feel especially with his brother decide to leave those responsibilities to him suddenly -___-. Ooh I mean law and order, lol not tradition ^^; but I felt the other kingdom also have sort kind of rule, like in Altaria where the heir must get married by the age of 25 (or 26)…that’s why I’m not surprised that most of the guys are pretty much stressed out, especially with a lot of rules and restriction =____=.

        Oh I see, I know a lot of people are locked their guide…I guess because some people love to steal those and reposting elsewhere ? since some of my friends used to complaints about the people who stealing their CGs from their blog…I even felt they used misunderstanding plot to longer the story =___=, If the misunderstanding is like Glenn’s or Joshua’s princess training in the app version, I pretty much can handle it since it’s not like they want to break up or something ^^;

        I don’t even understand why they end up engaged if they always bickering or not trusting each other ORZ, I mean I understand if they have a fight or argument, since you can’t avoid it if you already in relationship but the fact they can’t trusting each other itself keeps bothering me a lot =___=”. Hmm, they probably have an assistant to done the coloring or what ^^; It’s still pissed me off when kissed by the baddest bidders already have Christmas, Valentine spin off yet they decide to recycle the CGs -___-” the other spin off like his pov and the kiss story also recycle the CG, and so far I see the illustrator is only worked on this game o___o.

        I always hate when a game getting cancelled in the middle of production, it’s not professional to done that, and I felt bad to people who already spending money hope to see another story to come out and then suddenly they decide to cancelled it out of nowhere -___-, and I still doubt that PIL is canceled just because of low sales since they are still more popular compared to IYAT from what I heard.

        Yeah, and junior high school is between 16-17 right ? she’s not even legal to getting married, and it’s more creepier since the guy approached her out of nowhere ORZ. Hmm, how old is the PIL heroine ? but yeah, I guess people are really bothered with the age gap between her and Morgan ^^; well, I hope they can extend the stories up to proposal or even marriage…it’s such a waste to promoting the season 3 if they won’t released it ORZ. same with bmp season 2, they already have the “chapter 2″ tab since the beginning but hearing the rumors they will getting cancelled is really worried me a lot..

        Nah that how I feel, I really want to support the games with my money, but seeing a lot of game getting cancelled left and right, and how easy for them to making new games, it’s make me worried…I can understand if the case is like bmp season 1, since they probably use it to make season 2…I’m pretty much already hopeless seeing the theme for their upcoming games are not interest me so much =___=, and it just hopeful thinking that at least bmp season 2 will be updated until next year but of course I’m still crossed my finger at that ^^;

        LOL I love the interaction for MFW guys too ! It make me feel they are have the greatest bond in the whole voltage universe lol, even though there’s some tension like in Kuni’s route or Akito’s sequel later, but they still supporting each other ^^; well, if you like the medieval theme with the class difference, you will like it…and also don’t expect a lot of romance in the stories…most of the sequel didn’t ends up with them kissing or some kind of like that lol.

        I’m pretty glad tho she finally moved after that -__-” I heard the haunting is become more often after a while ORZ. Haha, my dad used to playing the sims in the past time, and same as my mom, she love to play games like candy crush or farm heroes, she said she playing those games so her brain will keep working or some kind of that ^^; I’m pretty glad actually since my parents are never restrict me to playing games, I know some parents think that playing games is useless and won’t make you productive ORZ

      • That’s… ??? Maybe they’ll retcon it? Or something??? I have no idea. Oh wait, what are they doing with OTBS? I haven’t been keeping up with the Japanese updates for a while ; ;.

        Oh wait, really? I hadn’t heard of that. I looked it up and it says she did the original character designs and Ruka did coloring, original art, and some character designs, so why was only Ruka credited in the fanbook ヽ(。_゜)ノ?? Flip, now I want to go back and check again. Oh gosh, then good thing I won’t be playing it anytime soon.

        It is! It’s so adorable to see them just messing around with each other! Well, he dislikes her from the beginning because Keith is just… well, he doesn’t like other people very much? It’s hard to put into words. He’s extremely proud and arrogant, believing that his country is the best of the six. That’s not to say he was a completely bad guy in the beginning since he had planned on apologizing to the heroine about ruining her clothes when he asked her to dance and seeing how much he cares for Liberty and Cathy, but he is pretty untrusting of others to the point that he believes the heroine and the other countries are somehow plotting against him and Liberty, and easily takes offense when his country is insulted or belittled. He has no troubles insulting others or being extremely rude, especially towards those he feels aren’t worthy or are in the wrong (even if he’s the one that’s wrong). To him, the heroine is just a nuisance and nothing more or special than a lowly commoner, and he treats her as such for the most part of the beginning. So the reason he treats her so harshly is basically a combination of his personality at the time and how he doesn’t like the heroine at all. Yeah, it gives a bit of perspective as to why Wilfred (and Claude) dislike Stephen so much for just dropping everything, running off, and leaving Wilfred to pick up where he left off. And yeah, all the kingdoms have some type of rules and regulations that the Princes have to follow. Of course, just being born in a high class family will cause stress on people, but being born into royalty (especially as single children) is going to cause even more stress. Heck, even Roberto with his cheerfulness and Edward with his kindness are victims of the stress and responsibilities that come with being royalty. Just thinking about things like that make me want to cry for all of them ;________;.

        Ugh, I was hoping it wasn’t also because their stuff was being taken, but it was at the back of my head. I don’t blame them for deleting and locking their blogs, though it’s a disappointment for people like me who only read them for guides and such ; ;. I can handle misunderstandings if they’re light or if there’s legitimate reasons for it, but I can’t if they’re meanlingless or of very trivial matters or anything that leads to them wanting to break up or separate. ( ´_ゝ`)

        I know! And I hate seeing the heroine be insecure every time she sees the Prince interacting with another woman. One of the things I wanted to write about in the Secret Escape T&R was how proud I was of the heroine in Keith’s route when other women were saying that Keith was just playing around with the heroine, but she didn’t listen to them and told them that Keith had changed. I was so happy to see that! But, of course, a misunderstanding happens anyways and it just went downhill anyway ( ´_ゝ`). That’s a really big disappointment, especially since KBBBis one of their newers games. You would think that they would have improved in story and illustrations instead of just recycling as much as they can (˘・_・˘ㆀ). If the illustrator is only working on that game, it just raises even more questions….

        Exactly. I get that that’s how media works, but it doesn’t help if they have the tabs showing and then having the game cancelled before the tabs are even touched. PiL getting cancelled confused me SO MUCH, and it still confuses me now. I’m pretty sure PiL was one of their more popular titles, so to hear that it got cancelled is just ??? What is going on???

        But I think that, unless she failed a grade or is late born, she would be 15-16 years old at most for a junior high school student? Something like that? And I’m sure that she wouldn’t be allowed to marry unless she had the approval of her parents at such a young age, which I highly doubt they would approve considering she ran away from them in the first place. Well, I’m only guessing her age here. Thomas is 16 years old and, typically, there is always someone who comments on the heroine’s age as being older or younger than a character. Eduardo, Nathan, and Morgan have all called her a kid at some point (I can’t remember if Christopher ever did), but there has never been a comment as to her being older or younger than Thomas. From this, she would be at most 17 years old, but I feel there would be some comment on her being older than Thomas if she was, even if it’s only by a year. So my guess is that she is either 15 or 16. Morgan doesn’t act like an adult, so that makes it less bothersome for me, I suppose. And after playing Russel’s Second Sequel, I can see that the heroine has really matured compared to how she was in the Main Story. Agh, I hope so, too. I think it would have eased the pain more if they didn’t show “Season 2” or anything if they can’t even guarantee that they’ll be releasing it. Now on like PiL, the tab is just there as if taunting us! Oh man, I hope BMP2 doesn’t get cancelled, too.

        Same. Yeah, if the whole story is complete already, then that’s pretty much the green light to start another project, but their release rate is rather worrisome. Had they always been this quick in releasing new titles for the monthly version?? Hopefully, I would really hate to see it abandoned. Fingers crossed!

        That’s it! Of the games I’ve already played, I haven’t seen a bond between the guys stronger than the LI group! Hm, I do like that kind of theme, but the story has to be really good. I guess I can deal with no romance so long as there’s reason to believe that the bond is strong? Like, as long as the relationship between the heroine and the guy is strong, trusting, and supportive, I won’t mind if there isn’t a lot of romance.

        My mom would play Bejewled, too, on her DS. I don’t think she’s tried Candy Crush, though. She moved to word puzzles when she got her tablet. She doesn’t play as much since she’s started reading a lot on it, but she’ll still play the word puzzles every now and then (and then drag me over to help her solve them lol). Oh, I don’t think I know anyone whose parents restricted them from playing games o__o. I can see how it could lead to being unproductive, but I guess it’s just a matter of managing the time you play and the time to work/do other stuff. Games aren’t completely useless, though. They’re good for relieving stress when you need it~

  22. Nah, that’s how I think actually I don’t have any idea how they going to do it lol ^^; the good thing is I’m not really like MSB as whole game so I can avoid the whole new game haha. Hmm, they currently having sale for season 1 main stories and they seems going to make a voiced opening starting the main character (Minato).

    Oh that’s weird 0___0, I read from her official website, she listed as character designer for both PIL and Class Trip Crush ^^; I don’t think she handling the CGs though…LLFTX actually can be more steamy than both MFW & BMP ^^; I put the the same level as seduced in sleepless city in the term of steaminess lol.

    Ah yeah I see, I guess he was a very prideful and arrogant man from the start ^^; and yeah I guess he saw her as a mere commoner, and the fact she fight him back a few times probably irritate him a lot lol, I guess he was rather bit…spoiled when he was small ? that’s how I see from him, and the heroine is the one who helped him to be more mature…I admit tho that If I was putting the same position as Wilfred, I will probably act like him or even more worse lol, I just can’t stand someone who easily leaving his duty like that I understand that he wants to become a doctor but he seriously should considering before leave all that to Wilfred -___-. Yeah, that’s why I always laugh when people said that become a part of royalty is a blessing, since we already know that royalty (especially the heir of a throne) is living under pressure and always expected to be a “perfect” u___u. I always appreciate both of the heroine in season 1 and 2 for being strong mentally since I know the backlash for both of them can be pretty harsh (since they are just a commoner).

    Well sadly I know most people from both tumblr or kokoro cafe is like to stealing the CG or guide from the ameblo =__=, I mean most of them already write in english “please don’t repost my guide or pictures to tumblr or any other website” and yet people keep stealing those -___-. Same as you, I can handle if the misunderstanding is small like in Keith’s June bride spin off where the heroine is having a fight with him, but they end up apologizing later ^^; I never understand why people love these misunderstanding plot so much in their game ORZ.

    I see, do you have any reason why you want to put T&R for that event ? ^^; Man, basically she was believe that Keith is already changed and they still have misunderstanding ? what a big letdown ORZ. Sometimes I felt annoyed too when the heroine is felt insecure like that, but somehow I felt more irritated when the guys are over jealous, like in this Wilfred’s special spin off, both he and the heroine goes to the night festival in the heroine’s hometown until like midnight, and the heroine tell him that they should go back to the heroine’s home since both claude and her grandma will be worried, and he basically sulking out and guilt trip the heroine ಠ_ಠ, he said that the heroine is prefer to stayed with claude ಠ_ಠ. I basically felt bad to the heroine since she felt she was the wrong one at that time ORZ. LOL yeah, they already have like 12 spin off and all the CGs are recycled from the main story or epilogue lol, it’s make me wonder what happened to the artist ლ(ಠ_ಠლ).

    It’s already angered people in Japan too, I mean why some game like IYAT which seriously not really that popular is still getting update ? there’s some rumors that either is the writer or the artist is having a “relationship” with the CEO or somekind of that lol. I get that PIL probably already have some problem with popularity ever since newer games keep come out, but they should at least keep continuing until season 3…sorry I found it’s pretty unfair seeing the SNS version is still keep running and yet the app version is already dead -__-.

    That what I thought…her parents didn’t know about the guy and suddenly he ask her to marry him ??? and the age gap will be either 7-10 old gap ORZ, seriously what happen with voltage lately…I don’t know thought whether it is just me, but even that saigo no koi game is also stealing bmp season 2 backstory, from the heroine is a patisserie until she gone to matchmaking party…wow is the writer is really ran out of idea and decide to plagiarize a popular game ?? Oh I see…yeah I admit tho that PIL can be little bit problematic if you remembering the heroine’s age ^^; but at least she matured a lot in the season 2 ^^; YES THANK YOU, I really hate when they still unsure about the update but yet they still labeling the tab “season 2” “season 3”, this is why I sometimes prefer the old layout, you didn’t even know what kind of sequel that will be released since most of them are just greyed out ^^;

    Nah, I already checked out their past release back in 2010-2012…and they didn’t rushed the release like this, they sometimes give 3-4 months gap to release a new games…I don’t understand why they keep releasing new game in a very short time lately….I guess there’s something wrong with the management…or some kind of that haha ^^;;

    Oh, you must love the childhood group in bmp season 2 ! 5 of the princes are childhood friends and they have a same closeness as MFW gang lol. I actually prefer the bond in the season 2 princes compared to the season 1 ^^; Hmm, It’s been quite a time since I played AKD actually, but the thing that bothered me the most is the knight is not acted like the heroine’s lover, but still formal and somehow it’s annoy me to death ^^; I also didn’t play all the character’s routes since I losing my motivation after finishing Lute’s sequel lol..

    Well, since I used to be raised in religious environment which can be rather annoying actually lol, and they keep blaming video games as satan’s work (yes they said something like this) and keep forbidding the children to read comics, watching MTV and some kind of that ^^; I pretty much use games as my method to learning Japanese ^^; this is why I keep playing otome games in Japanese so I can understand more vocabularies and the kanjis lol. Ah parents always like that lol, my mom keep asking me to help her in candy crush lol, especially in later level where the obstacle is more harder and she keep asking me to play the stage for her hahaha ^^;

    • Hm, I don’t dislike MSB so far, but I can’t say it’s one of my favorites. Oh, I see. I think I remember seeing a banner for it when I looked at a story from one of the Japanese apps, but I didn’t see for which game it was for. I’m guessing they only make voiced OPs if the game is popular enough?

      I know right? I don’t remember seeing much of Ruka’s art in the fanbook, so it’s rather surprising for only her to be credited. I saw on wiki that Kirishima listed both PiL and CTC, but she wasn’t credited in either fanbook o__o. I can see her art style in CTC an the early PiL CGs, but I’m still rather confused as to why she wasn’t credited… I wouldn’t think it would be that she didn’t want to if she’s willing to list them on her official website, though @___@. Well flip lol. Well, Yuzuki’s stories weren’t so bad, so maybe it’s just the recent releases being like that?

      Lol that’s actually a difference from the GREE version. In the app version, he gets really annoyed with her talking back. In the GREE version, he finds it amusing. Hm, I guess? Well, compared to the other Princes, he doesn’t seem too spoiled, just very arrogant and prideful. Compares to commoners, then yeah he’s really spoiled lol. And yeah, the heroine being around made him realize that he had to change. LOL I don’t think I would be able to handle being in Wilfred’s position. Same. As much as Stephen is a good person, I don’t like that he just dropped everything and basically left everything on Wilfred. I mean, we don’t really know how the decision came about or if he spoke or discussed it with anyone, or if he just disappeared one day, but it doesn’t change the fact that Wilfred suffered for it. Yeah, I don’t get how fans think the royals are some fairytale when it’s made adament that, in the BMP universe, it is work and responsibility. Heck, even the parties are for work. There’s a reason why Wilfred and Roberto don’t like being Princes, and why Glenn is more mature and responsible than anyone else his age. It’s not all glamor, it’s a job. And one they’re born into without any say. I do, too, at least for the Season 1 heroine. After everything she’s been through, I just want her to be happy ;____;.

      Yeah, it’s a real problem with pixiv, too. I hate to see when bloggers do that because some people choose not to respect their wishes = =. Oh, I thought the fight was unecessary, but at least it was acknowledged and quickly fixed, unlike the events where the misunderstanding lasts for the whole route ( ´_ゝ`). I never like misunderstandings unless it’s valid and there’s a legitimate reason for it. Otherwise, it’s just annoying filler = =.

      Oh, I had originally planned to post it because I felt that it was the weakest event at the time and there were a few things that really bothered me about it. Since it’s been a while since the event, I decided not to post it anymore. Basically. She knew he was a different person and believed it until she found a perfume bottle and practically ran out of the building soon after without even waiting for an explanation and believing he was cheating on her (the perfume was a gift that Keith bought for her). I KNOW RIGHT? I really thought it was going to be the one event where there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings, but NOPE. LOL WHAT. Yeah, I can see how that’s annoying. She’s just trying to be responsible, I don’t see how that would mean that she would rather spend time with Claude (OF ALL PEOPLE) instead of with Wilfred. Dude needs to relax. I’m pretty sure she and Claude have an already difficult time getting along in Wilfred’s routes, I doubt there’s any reason to believe she’d prefer Claude. Oh wow, that’s really disappointing to hear. Already 12 Spin Offs and no new CGs? What even??

      I can understand why. Oh what? I really don’t know what to even think about that! That’s extremely unfair to the other games! I’m pretty sure, though, that there would be a big uproar of some sort from Western fans if IYAT was cancelled, though. You can really see the difference in taste between Western and Japanese audiences considering IYAT is hailed as one of, if not the, best game from Voltage by the Western audience while it’s not even that popular in Japan. I would still like to see PiL be completed despite the popularity problems, but now I’m begining to think it’s just wishful thinking…. Even though the SNS version is still running, it’s still a disappointment to see that the app version isn’t being touched at all ;___;.

      The idea of an older man approaching a girl of such a young age and propositioning marriage is beyond creepy. I really hope Voltage isn’t perferring quantity over quality. They’ll just end up being as bad as NTT Solmare! I guess the age thing is strange for us because we don’t like in Japan? I read that the age of consent in Japan is 13, so it wouldn’t be weird at all for the heroine to be teenagers? Ugh, it’s still bothersome, but I just make myself forget the heroine’s age in PiL because it’s a pretty lighthearted story, so I don’t take a lot of it seriously. I do wish there was some hint to her real age, though, but I’m not sure if it would even be allowed in English (˘・_・˘ㆀ) (I read somewhere that, for instance, the ages of the guys in Hakuouki was avoided because they would drink). Yeah! At least with the old layout, even if we weren’t going to get the completed stories, at least we wouldn’t have to see “what could have been” every single time we open the game ; ;.

      Ugh, what is going on?! Was the change in releases soon after the change in management that you mentioned before? I don’t want to imagine how bad it will get if it just keeps going the way it’s going right now….

      I JUST SQEALED. I REALLY WANT TO SEE THAT NOW! ;A; Yeah, the guys in Season 1 are only “friends” because they have to. I love when the guys are friends like the guys in MFW, so now I’m even more excited for BMP Season 2! Oh gosh, even if the knight was already together with the heroine? I only have the stories from the Halloween sale, so I think that’s only half of the currently released routes? I’m stuck with them now so lol I’m gonna have to play them sooner or later.

      Hm, I live in a pretty religious household, but it’s not really strict or anything. There was definitely no one saying that video games were satan’s work or anything like that o_____o. I pretty much stopped playing video games when I got into college because I didn’t have the time and ended up playing otome games during my break and wait times on campus lol. LOL yeah, she pretends to get upset when I can’t help her because I don’t know the words either, calls it a waste, and then changes the language to play a different puzzle. It’s pretty funny!

      • I see, I know people didn’t really like MSB from what I see ^^; I guess the story is can be rather lacking compared to MFW lol, or they just prefer the GREE version…hmm, I guess so ? but I don’t think OTBS is not really that popular enough haha..I just scared that it will be end up like KOR though (getting promoted heavily, just to end up cancelled ) ORZ.

        Yeah it’s rather weird though @___@, I mean she should at least be credited in the fanbook ^^; I love how she used color in her art ^^, she prefer to use softer color instead of bright color..well, from what I see I guess they start to use explicit description in the newer stories…in the past time, whether they are going to do the deeds, it pretty vague but now it’s way too descriptive ORZ, I see someone post a screenshot from that sequel epilogue and it says something like this : “his tongue is touching all my sensitive spot” I mean wtf ?? It’s more like solmare writing all over again haha…

        Oh wow, he’s much more nicer in the GREE version lol. Hmm I guess he just way too prideful of this country to the point he always look down on the other countries ^^; heck even Edward was rather angry to him in his main story ^^; LOL yeah, that why I always annoyed when people said that BMP is shallow and only suited for children ?? are you kidding me ?? BMP is by far realistic and is a very good representation of what royalty life is…and people who said this game is more like a matured fairytale is obliviously haven’t played the game =___=. I’m pretty glad to see the heroine in season 1 finally can achieve her happy ending ^^, even though there’s something that bother me for a bit in Oliver’s route…do you want me to write it ? It just my assumption so don’t think it as a cannon story or what ^^;

        Ah I see, that’s too bad though since I’m pretty curious to see your opinion ^^; so..she basically getting angry over a perfume ??? why she acted like that ?? I mean the GREE version heroine is more older than the app version right ? since she already have job and what…but why she so immature ?? =___=. It seems I’m the only one who always getting meh over GREE writings and characterization…I remember when the heroine said that she is going to be the greatest woman in Altaria in Roberto’s route…I just like, girl that’s good you have ambitions or what but that’s sounds way too annoying ORZ. And the guys too, in Roberto’s secret vacation events…man, it seems the writers just wrote him as a pervert boyfriend who just want to see the heroine in swimsuit -___-. LOL I still don’t know why Wilfred always see Claude as his rival or whatsoever ^^; the heroine is only see him as a mentor, so he really should chill out and start to trusting the heroine instead -___-. Yeah, that was very disappointing, I don’t recommend any of their spin off though…just stick to the main story and sequel -__-.

        YEAH it’s just way too unfair to the other games, seriously. I just keep wishing it just a rumors and not true at all -__-. I understand that the western fanbase prefer games like IYAT…but I really hoping that voltage won’t make any games with a rather sensitive subjects like cheatings…and they also inserting things like attempted rape too..ORZ
        yes, that what I feel, only a few games thought that was cancelled just because they didn’t have any story like BMP season 1 and CTC…but most of them are cancelled in the halfway ORZ, I never understood why they keep putting their effort for the SNS games lately…and just ignoring the app version =___=, since their core fanbase hate their SNS games due to the insane amount of microtransaction , not space between events, and how the writer end up changed a lot of characters’ background…I’m not surprised if they end up losing their core fanbase, since I heard it’s already happened since last year…when they start to cancelled a lot of their older games -___-.
        And yesterday I decide to send an email to bmp season 2 customer service…I just addressing the whole GREE version and the app version…I told them that the player of app version is want to see the seasonal spin off like Valentine, White Day, Halloween, birthday, and the others too…I also mention the questionnaire that they send out at February…I also said that they shouldn’t put the SNS version as their main game, since the first one they released is the app version, and they should put more efforts to the app version too instead focusing completely on the SNS version ^^;

        True that, I don’t mind if the heroine is on her 20s…but if she still a teenager…no, I don’t want to read that ORZ. That what I’ve been thinking…they can be end up like Solmare at this rate, by releasing a lot of games with a mediocre writings and art -___-. Yeah, I realize that they never mention her age in the game @___@, but in a game like IYAT, bmp season 2, and many other, you can see the heroine mentioned her age…I guess PIL heroine is still underage so they can’t reveal it ?

        Well, I’m still pretty unsure actually…since it’s started like that since middle last year..so it’s between June or July… Oh and I’m going to apologizing to you, since I keep ranting about voltage and end up leaving a bad impression about voltage ^^; since despite I love bmp, I still going to critics them, especially since last year I notice there’s a lot of difference in their management…it seems like they are going to downfall at this rate…from cancelling a lot of games and keep making newer games to how they keep focusing on the SNS games instead of the app version and there’s some other too..I know some people who will get angry when someone critics voltage, even if their critics is on point…I mean you can like something and still critic them if they are gone wrong ^^;

        LOL yeah they are so close to each other lol, and uncle hobo is often acted as a father figure to all odf them lmao. Oh so you’re going to start AKD ? and to answer your question, yes the guy still acting awkward and formal even when they already start dating ORZ, I hope you can still enjoy the game though  !

        Haha, that’s what happen to some of my friends though, they are not allowed to watch pokemon and harry potter, since they having magic or some kind of that ^^; I’m pretty glad that my parents are pretty chill with me and my brother lol. Same as you, I used to play a lot of RPG in either PSP or PS one ^^; but since I start working, I only can play those mobile otome games haha. That’s what happen to my mom, she often getting frustrated since she can’t pass a certain level in candy crush lol and the worse is she just only need one more move to complete it ^^;

      • I think the story could have done better. The story is lighthearted and not heartwrenching, but the writing can be awkward so it not as enjoyable as PiL. I don’t know how different it is in the GREE version, but if people say it’s better, I’m hoping that the story and writing are better, and that they’re not just saying that because they prefer GREE overall. Oh gosh, that is pretty worrisome. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few other games are cancelled soon :\. I’m just hoping it not any of the good ones….

        Yeah, especially if she did the initial design and art. I do hope it was a personal choice of hers, though, and not from Voltage’s tendency not to release credits…. AHAHAHAHA ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Oh gosh, that sounds bad! So then it is just newer stories? Wow, now I’m really not sure if I want to finish my backlog fast enough to get to them. I’ll be more than happy to just wait it out! Yeah, if the writing turns out to be like Solmare’s… do you think Voltage is trying to compete with them? Since they’re releasing so many stories and upping the rating for the writing?

        Yup, and it’s a nice change from the app version without it being weird. The only time I remember him getting seriously mad at her in the Main Story was when he caught her holding a comb of Cathy’s that was in his jacket during a fitting. He’s still really protective of Cathy in the GREE version, so he practically lost it when he saw the heroine with it and stormed out. He did come to understand on his own that he shouldn’t have done that. Yeah, it’s more obvious when Edward offers to help Keith, but Keith angrily brushes him off. LOL AT BMP BEING “SHALLOW”. DID WE PLAY THE SAME GAME??? Seriously, BMP never felt like a children’s game and there is so much that goes on in the story that I don’t think children would be able to grasp it all. It’s not some Disney princess story ヽ(。_゜)ノ. I hardly think it’s a fairytale either. It’s a well-written story with depth and characters you can feel for. I KNOW SHE ENDS UP HAPPY AND THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. Hm, is it too spoilery? If not, go ahead and write it!

        Oh, would you like me to still post it? I think I was more than halfway done with it, but I had taken the Hiatus before I could get myself to finish it. By the time I felt like finishing it up, it had already been a few months and a few events since it was released so I thought it would have been too old by then lol. I wouldn’t mind finishing it up and posting it up after Joshua’s 2014 Valentine’s route. Yeah, she found an open perfume bottle and jumped to the conclusion that Keith had another woman and ran off when he caught her with it. I would think she is, but they might still be around the same age? The heroine in the GREE version is around 20-21 years old (she once mentioned it had been six years since she was in junior high). The heroine in the app version can’t be much younger than that since she’s still older than Glenn. Oh what? Yeah, that sounds pretty weird for her to say something like that. Oh lol, I thought it was more like he was just trying to tease the heroine about what swimsuit she wanted to get. He didn’t bother her about it throughout the entire route, but I think I would have seen it that way, too, if he did. Seriously, the heroine appreciates Claude’s work and really respects him, but that’s basically all she feels towards him in Wilfred’s routes. I remember Wilfred’s last e-mail from his Main Story Super Happy End mentioning that he thought it was suspicious that Claude was asking about the heroine. I thought it was cute because it meant that Claude was warming up to the heroine, but I didn’t think Wilfred’s jealousy would go that far. I see… ack, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind when I get to playing the game.

        Oh gosh, I’m afraid to find out which game that is in. It’s still a really big letdown for Android/iOS users to not be getting the same attention as SNS users, especially since we’re in the audience that can’t play the SNS versions. Even more so if the app version was released first. Ah, do let me know what their response is. I’d like to hear it, too.

        At least if the heroine is in her 20s, she’s still an adult. I could barely even stomach large age gaps in shoujo manga back when I used to read manga, I don’t think I can stomach a game like that now. I really hope Voltage doesn’t end up like Solmare. It would really be a shame considering how good their games used to be :C. I guess that’s why they don’t mention her age? I don’t know any other reason why they wouldn’t.

        Oh no, it’s fine! I completely understand. I’m the same way, too lol. I used to rant a lot about the BMP GREE back when I first started playing, but I’ve mellowed out from it by now. I never understood how people wouldn’t understand that it’s ok to love something and still criticize it. And I’m worried about Voltage’s rate, too. I mean, I’m glad that they’re releasing new games, but it’s a completely different story when the writing and art suffer for it, and ultimately getting the whole game cancelled. I definitely think it’s cause for worry!

        “UNCLE HOBO” AHAHAHA! It’s on my backlog since I bought the stories that were on sale, but they’re still a ways off. I hope so, too! Hopefully the lack of romance isn’t too bothersome.

        Oh wow. I had a friend who had a bunch of dragon stuff, but then had to burn/throw away everything because it was against his religion. Yeah, my parents are fine with whatever my brother and I do as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the stuff we’re supposed to do (school, homework, job work, etc.). I have a bunch of home console games that I’ve been meaning to play, but I’m so used to not using the consoles that it completely slips my mind that I can play them now orz. lol I think there’s still one puzzle that neither of us have managed to figure out, and she’s been stuck on it since last year!

  23. Oh that how I feel to with MSB lol, it could been better but it’s just there’s something missing actually ^^; but I decide to give a pass since MSB is one of their oldest game…yeah I already heard the writing is more better in the GREE version…but from what I heard it seems the GREE version just released in 2012, so maybe the writer already change the writing’s style lol. To be honest, I haven’t played OTBS so I can’t say whether the story is good or not ^^; some people says is good, and don’t play yuasa chiaki story, there’s a lot of things that are crossing the line in there .___. I’m still hoping they won’t cancelled OTBS this year though =x.

    LMAO sadly it’s coming from the game itself ^^; and yes I notice it in some of the newer stories lol, but don’t worry bmp season 2 is not suffered from those cheesy writing…I probably cringe out a lot if bmp season 2 has a line like that hahaha. Well, maybe ? but It seems they didn’t release any new game for this month, and hopefully they will focused on the existing games first until like June or July, oh and solmare just recently released 2 more new games too lol, and why their title is so cheesy ? like can’t say no and don’t look back =___=.

    I love how Keith is always and forever will be over protect older brother lol, I can understand why he acted like that especially since Cathy itself is ridden with a sickness…oh and the special mention come to the valentine spin off too lol, I laughed so hard at his good end version ^^; hmm, but if I’m not mistaken, Keith used to said to the heroine that Edward is not really that nice and gentleman ? basically he like hiding something o___o. I hate when people labeling BMP as fairy tale story about a commoner heroine who end up with royalty without any hardship, I mean I know someone who let her 10 years old sister to play this and getting angry to voltage since apparently the game has quite a lot of sexual content…how about done some research first, since bmp is more suited to late teens until 30s women ? hell even most voltage games are not suitable to anyone under 18 to me, due to the sexual nature and the things that happened in the game ORZ. So, basically either Oliver or Roberto never mentioned the season 1 heroine…it’s rather weird to see both of them acted like the season 1 heroine is never exist o___o, which make me wonder what happened to her in Oliver’s route…since most of the princes in season 2 at least mentioned the season 1 heroine in their routes, except for Kevin since we already know what happened to him ^^;

    It’s up to you whether you want to post it or not ^^, so don’t worry lol. Ah I see, I used to though that gree heroine is 23 – 24 years old lol, especially since she mentioned she just recently graduate from her university, where the app version is still attending university ^^. Yeah, I thought it was rather weird to see him teased her like that .___. I know he love to tease the heroine but somehow it’s rather weird to see him like that ^^;, I know Edward used to said that the heroine that she has a nice, slender leg in his gree main story 0___0 I understand that the heroine at that time wore a mini dress but the way he said it makes me confused lol. I don’t understand why he always see Claude as a someone who will snatch the heroine or some kind of that, It’s too oblivious Claude only see the heroine as a younger sister or some kind of that…which make me so glad that the amount of jealousy between the other princes and their butler is not really that oblivious like him >___>.

    Well, the games in question are IYAT (there’s one scene where the husband’s mistress hired a thug to rape the heroine ) and OTBS (I’m still unsure since I only got the info from tumblr)…and that’s the reason why I can’t enjoyed both games since there’s something like that inserted in their game >___>. That’s what I scared of, they seems more and more focused on SNS games, whether the fans like it or not…uh sure, but I’m not really sure whether they will be reply it or not, since they have tendency to avoiding question like this T___T.

    I’m pretty glad that we have a same mind ^^; I’m pretty much complained a lot about voltage too last year, especially since they keep postponed the release of bmp season 2 lol, and the fact they keep pestered us with either Ryoichi or Subaru and acted like there’s no other characters beside those two, I get it that both of them are pretty popular, but they seriously need to promoted other characters too, since not all people are liking them >___>. I know some people who refuse to criticizing voltage, since to them voltage is like never gone wrong (like example, I just recently said in ameblo that I probably won’t played kissed by the baddest anymore since the game is start to triggered a lot of things to me, and some people attacked me for that), I like voltage’s game but I have a right to criticizing them, and when I send email to them (like I done with the whole GREE and app version) I never insult them or what, I just said in the most polite way to describe my opinion…I didn’t insult them and said “WHY YOU ARE PUTTING EFFORT TO YOUR GARBAGE SNS GAMES IT’S A TRASH YOU SHOULD STOP IT” as long as we still being polite, they are going to reconsider out critic and opinion ^^;

    LOL I keep calling him like that since he always creep me out :p, I hope you can enjoy it ! It’s a rather cute story actually, it just lacked of things that keep me hooked .___.

    Man that was…extreme to said 0___0, but I know one of my brother’s friend who burn all his comic books after returned from some bible camp…that was insane really ORZ. Haha same as you, recently my brother just brough ps4 and I haven’t tried to play it until today ^^; I really want to play dynasty warriors 8 XL since there’s a lot of characters that caught my interest lol. Oh my, It’s remind me of my candy crush stage,,,I have been stuck at this level since last month ;___________;

    • Yeah, it feels pretty lacking, but I’m not too sure of what exactly. Maybe the GREE version has a different writer??? I have no idea. I haven’t tried OTBS either, but I’ve heard a few people say they like it.

      Egh. Oh, good! Glad to hear BMP 2 was spared from that! I don’t know what I would think if I was slapped with a line like that. Hopefully. I’m rather relieved to see that they haven’t had a new release this month. Wait, really? I hadn’t heard of them. I had only heard of the Island (zombie?) one, but I didn’t look into it because lol Solmare. Yeah, those titles… wah?

      I know right?! Oh, I haven’t played the Valentine’s Spin Off yet, but it’s definitely on my Wishlist! If you liked it, I’m sure I will, too! Yeah, Keith told the heroine at the beginning of Edward’s Main Story to not be fooled by Edward’s fake smiles (to which Edward then questioned that if that’s how Keith thinks of him, then he wonders what he thinks of Roberto… which then made me want to cry because he also mentioned princes being burdened by many problems ;_____; ). LOL ARE YOU SERIOUS?! OH MY GOSH AHAHAHAHA! The age rating itself says that it’s not for children! Just because it has “princess” doesn’t mean it’s for children! Why would a child read a story where the protagonist is a college student?? (That’s a stupid question, but you get my point.) Yeah, Voltage’s target audience are women, not children! That’s why you research a game first or play it yourself first before handing it off to a child, especially one with the types of rating that these games have on both the Play Store and App Store. Oh what? That’s weird o____o. Yeah, Kevin is excused from it, but Oliver? Do you think she might be mentioned in the later stories?

      Eeeehhhh I’ll look over it again and decide from there. I think I just needed to write up my thoughts on Joshua’s and Edward’s routes, but I need to go over those, too. Bleeh. Yeah, but then there was no mention of her being older than Keith, so I’m thinking she’s still around 21. Maybe she went to a different college than the heroine in the app version? I have no idea how college works that way in Japan. lol I thought it was very Roberto-like. He’s always been flirty and teasing. PFFT He said that?! Wow, that’s different. I don’t think he would have said something like that in the app version. The thing is, even if Claude did grow to have feelings for the heroine, he would never actually do anything to go against Wilfred. Heck, even with his teasing in the GREE version, Claude knows not to cross the line. All of the butlers actually, except Yu because he’s Yu = =. I get that Wilfred isn’t too fond of Claude in the beginning of his story, but Claude has always been loyal to him and only wants Wilfred to be happy and successful as Philip’s crown prince, and it makes me sad when Wilfred can’t see that. (In which I will then replay Claude’s Main Story because aaaahhhh I just loved it! It lived up to my expectations and I just want more stories so Claude can be happy! ;______; )

      Oh wtf??? That’s awful! I hope that woman got what’s coming to her for that! As for OTBS, I hope it’s not true or that it was just over exaggerated. Oh gosh, they seem to be all over the place. I’m curious to see what their response would be to something like that since I get the gist of their types of responses for other types of inquiries.

      I would feel the same way. It’s no fun if the same two characters are favored over the others, and there are a lot of other guys to pick from. Yeah, it’s hard for me to take someone like that seriously. I mean, if you can’t understand that you can love something and not agree with it, then I can’t see myself having a very good discussion with them. As much as I love Voltage, I can acknowledge that they’re not perfect and they deserve some criticism. No one can grow without it, and Voltage is no exception. And there’s a different between criticism and just plain insulting. You won’t get anywhere if you just spew out insult after insult. Not only does it make you look bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Voltage skips e-mails like that because it’s nothing they can use to learn from. They’d be more willing to lend an ear if you’re polite.

      That gave me a good laugh! I think that’s going to be stuck in my head now! Ah, I see. Well, I don’t think it can be any worse than the BMP GREE events, but I think I’ll still enjoy them if they’re cute even if the story is lacking in the same way I still enjoy MSB.

      Yeah, it was. It was funny, though, because I just stared at him after he told me and he pretty much read me in that I would have liked for him to have given it all to me LOL. But ah well. Oh gosh, that’s harsh. I’m not sure I want to know what kind of camp that was. Ahaha! When my brother got the PS4, he basically threw the PS3 into my room. I’ve only used it so play some Project Diva and watch Netflix and forget I have other games I can play on it OTL. Ack, I think Candy Crush is harder because it’s easy to just google the answers for the word puzzles, but I don’t think there’s a way to cheat like that on Candy Crush, right? (I have no idea how Candy Crush works other than it looks like Bejeweled)

      • LOL yeah, I sometimes felt the plot is way too rushed or something like that ^^; I’m guessing they use the different writers for GREE version ? Yeah It’s rather popular from what I see ^^; even though the whole living my with adopted brother can be little icky lol.

        Yeah I’m pretty glad too that bmp season 2 at least didn’t suffer from bad writings like that lol, well I guess they currently want to focused on the current games instead. Err, they have two new games, one is the lost island and the other one is don’t look back…I haven’t tried it since I’m not that interested as usual lol.

        You should play that spin off ! the good end is pretty good, since it’s not your usual butler’s end or some kind of that haha ^^; Ah yeah I mean that scene lol, and yeah about Roberto…his main story is pretty painful to go through ;___; and he losing his mom when he’s still a child…I felt bad to him a lot of time, since it’s too oblivious that he covered up his loneliness with his cheerfulness ;___; LOL that’s what I think, just because there’s a princess in the title, it doesn’t mean the story is suitable for kid -___-, and she ends up complained to voltage via email saying that the story is more like a porn (WTF), and what kind of child who play this type of game actually ?? since it’s a text based game not a dressing up game ORZ” nah I hope so, but sadly his royal wedding is probably released somewhere in July haha -___-, still long way to wait lol.

        Just take your time :3, no need to rush it lol ~ yeah I’m guessing she was 20-21 too…since I doubt she was on the same age with Keith ^^; Ehh yeah, but then again I always felt Edward in GREE version is very different than the app version…like he was more bolder or some kind of that o___o. Yeah, I always felt the butlers won’t betrayed the princes by flirting with the heroine or some kind of that…but Yu is exception, he will act like that the heroine is still single and not engaged with Glenn -___- like in royal christmas and white day good ending…I’m still curious why a lot of people seems like him so much and end up called both the heroine and Glenn as the selfish one ORZ. I too just want the butlers to have their own happy ending ;___; since some of them are too oblivious have feeling to the heroine…

        Yeah, I just want to see their response…but then again, I just don’t want to speculating or what…but there’s a probability that the monthly version of bmp season 2 has been cancelled…and just little back story, in February they give the update 3 times, last month the give us 4 update…and this month they just give us 2 update, and today (10 April) is the last update for this month…and for next month they just planned 2 update…it’s sounds like they are going to saving up stories up to December so they can release the Christmas spin off…of course this is just my speculation..but I can’t help but feel betrayed since they sending the questionnaire last February, but in the end they won’t utilize the suggestions…which make me think, why they even bother to sends out the questionnaire in the first place ? sorry but I just felt confused and annoyed by the management if this true ;___;

        Yep that’s how I feel, no one want to see those two get plastered all over the place…seriously, there’s some people out there who prefer the unpopular characters and yet they always felt getting shafted…I always have a lot of hard time to some people who keep labeling me as hater just because some of my recent post in tumblr is criticizing voltage and keep questioning everything that they do…sorry but I have a right to criticizing them and it’s not like I tag my post on voltage’s main tag -__-.

        LOL I still hope you can see him in a different way than me ^^; I just didn’t like him and probably won’t lol. Yeah they have the same feel as MSB though, so I believe you can enjoy those than me ^^;

        Oh basically it’s sort kind of brain washing camp, I used to attend one back at high school and it’s still creep me out until today ORZ. That’s very nice of your brother lol, I suggest you to try dynasty warriors 8 if you like some hack and slash game, but it filled with a rather good looking guys and girls set in three kingdoms era and there’s also the one which set in warring state era in Japan ^^; No, candy crush didn’t have any cheats or whatsoever which make this game more harder ;___; I know some people already reached out to 100 something level lol.

      • That, too! I just finished Sora’s route earlier and I couldn’t even believe I was done with it already. Like, it literally felt hallow and like there was so much story that just disappeared or was non-existent. That’s not including the fact that the Happy Ending literally felt like there was a glitch that chopped off the few lines from the end and made the Happy End title card show up too soon. Considering I’m told that Celebrity Darling for GREE is better than the app version, I’m pretty sure that they all have different writers for the different platforms. Oh lol, I’ve been wanting to play Koibito wa Doukyonin so I don’t think I can say anything about non-blood-related family members. Then again, I could never get completely comfortable with Kuni’s route… I guess it depends? I think a lot of bad shoujo manga just made me jaded and “bleh” to the whole thing ( ´_ゝ`).

        I will! Either when and if it goes on sale or I get through my backlog enough to allow me to buy new stories that aren’t on sale. Yeah, Roberto’s route was just painful to go through because I just wanted to cry for him, and Edward’s comment about him just brought all those feelings back ;___;. My gosh, the ratings and warnings are there for a reason! You don’t take a child to a R-rated movie (or even a PG-13 movie?) and then complain that it’s too mature for a child! Agh, I hope so, even if it is a long wait. It’s going to kill me not knowing!

        Alrighty~ Really? I know he uses less flowery language in the events sometimes, but this is the first I’ve heard of that. Is him being bolder a good or bad thing? Hm, I think they would still show their appreciation for her without overstepping their boundaries. But Yu’s a jerk so he’ll do anything he wants anyways. (All this speaking for what I’ve played in the app version, not sure I can say the same for the GREE version as it looks like they have trouble keeping their feelings towards her from slipping out, but they still have their boundaries set). Ugh, I’m not surprised to hear he’s still a jerk in the good endings of the Spin Offs. Like, I get that he’s hurt and all but I just can’t bring myself to like him. I remember seeing someone call him “sweet” and I was stuck between laughing and asking “are you serious?” And they weren’t talking about the GREE version because GREE Yu is an absolute sweetheart, but I just can not with app Yu. Ugh, I wish their Main Stories were full length like the Princes’ Main Stories and had real happy endings, not the endings we got. I need my Butler babies to be happy, too! ;________;

        Oh gosh, I hope that’s not true that it’s cancelled. Or that if it is, it’s in favor of the app version…. I hope they’re just saving up for December, because that means Christmas stories! That’s true, there’s no use in sending surveys if they won’t use the responses to get better. I really hope we see the Christmas stories, because then it would at least show that they listened and implemented something.

        Yamato and Keith for me! *cough* Hey, it’s your blog so you can put what you want, but you’re free to criticize anything and everything if you don’t put it in the main tags. It’s ridiculous to think that Voltage is perfect and without flaws, and you have every right to criticize especially as a paying customer.

        Brainwashing camp… I don’t even want to think about it. Ooo I’ll see if I can find it the next time I go to Gamestop. I haven’t played a hack and slash game in a while! Yeah, my mom will give up on those kinds of games pretty quick if she can’t manage to pass the levels because she gets too frustrated. Oh flip, they must play it a lot to get that far in the game!

  24. Oh yeah that how I feel after I finished Toru’s main story and epilogue last year =/, I’m still surprised to see MSB as one of the popular voltage game in Japan…I guess so, so it’s the same as bmp for gree which have different writer ^^; Yeah, one of my biggest grip from OTBS is the whole semi incest theme…and I understand that you have problem with Kuni ^^; I only played his season 1 main story, and that alone make me feel uneasy -__-, It still weird to see any bed CG with him haha…and yeah, I know lot of shojou manga has a semi incest relationship lol, either with cousins, step brother, or some kind of that ^^;

    I cried at Roberto’s main story both in gree and app version ;___; I always have a soft spot for him…lol yeah, I even sometimes felt the app store rating is way too low, it should be labeled 15+ at least ^^; even games like dreamy days, class trip crush, and hatsukare has a lot of implied sex scene ~___~. Haha yeah, but I’m not complained since they will release kuon’s royal wedding first :D, if you want the CG, feel free to tell me ^^

    Well, It just make him a little bit OOC ? I know in the later story in the app version, he can be little bit aggressive too to the heroine ^^; *cough his princess sequel* I felt he was not really gentlemanly compared to the app version…Ah yeah, the GREE version seems more butler biased compared to the app version lol, but I still remember how Jan was can be quite bold when it comes to expressed his feeling to the heroine in the app version…the June bride good ending is the best example, along with the another prince wedding anniversary spin off ^^; WTF ?? Yu in the app version is wayy too creepy, I only warm up to him in Glenn’s princess sequel since he too oblivious already give up when it come to the heroine…he even give his blessing to both of them…yeah, I keep wishing the writer should at least make a sequel or something like that ~___~, it makes me wonder why she can easily resign from a rather big company like that…where’s the professionalism ?

    I keep hearing rumors and some kind of that, sadly even if they released christmas spin off, it just a port from last year story -___-. I still disappointed seeing how voltage handling this series, this game is very far away from not successful, and yet they keep neglecting this in favor of GREE version. I’m still don’t know though how they can handling up the update since the only stories left are 4 royal wedding sequels and 3 spin off (I not including 2 christmas spin off), unless they make a brand new spin off like his pov spin off but I’m still unsure…yeah, I know a lot of people already complained to voltage, some of them even says they are bunch of liars and they should stop making a low quality games, and so on…

    Yamato at least still getting promoted, even though nothing compared to those overrated characters, sorry but I always found both Ryoichi and Subaru is way too bland, they just more like a gary stu character, which people love. I always prefer if my character is have flaw and they have character development (Kenta and Keith comes to mind), both of them are never changed beside from being a douchebag to more nicer. Yeah, I don’t understand how some people can find my tumblr since I’m barely posted or reblogged voltage stuff =___=. Yes This, I believe how voltage end up like this lately is because people won’t give them criticism and opinion, and they acted like even they released low quality games and stories people will keep buying and somekind of that…

    Haha it’s better not to know these bible camp, I joined since it used to be a mandatory in my high school -___-. Yeah, I believe gamestop probably already cut down the price since they just released the expansion pack last month ^^; One of my friend always manage to pass the stage in one go @___@, and she also keep buying the extra move and some kind of that so I’m not surprised that she already on level 113 ^^;

    • I was really surprised at the lack in Sora’s story. Subaru’s and Kaiji’s didn’t have much either, but it didn’t feel as lacking. Well, it’s not really incest if they’re not blood related. Kind of like how two sisters can each marry one of two brothers. They’d have been related in some way already, but not blood related. I remember it being said that Kuni isn’t blood related to the heroine, but I think I’m more bothered by the age difference or something? I’m not completely sure what it is, though.

      Roberto’s a sweetheart and I just don’t want him to hurt anymore ;A;. Yeah, I thought so, too, back when I started playing Pirates in Love. A game with swearing in it should not be rated for 12 year olds lol. Oooo nice! Let me know how it goes! I’m still holding onto the hope that we’ll get them in English, but I’ll ask you if I get too impatient~ Thank you!

      Oh wow, I wonder what happened that they made him like that. I hope it’s not too bad that it comes as a shock for me when I get to his route like Wilfred’s was for the app version. I know! I always get mixed feelings because I want them to be happy, but I want them to be happy with the heroine when she isn’t in a relationship with the Prince. I KNOW RIGHT. I’ve only played up to the Sequel, but it still grated me that he was still trying to get a chance with her the way he was. At least hearing that he gives up on her gives me something to look forward to in the Princess Sequel. Oh, did she give any particular reason she resigned? Or did she not give one?

      Well, at least it’ll be something instead of having stories skipped again. Yeah, which is why it’s surprising me that even the app version is getting shafted. I don’t know how they’re managing anything, so it’s really hard for me to get an idea on what’s to come for it.

      Yeah, I still see Yamato getting promoted every so often. You’re right, and even if there is development in them, it’s so minimal and small that it barely makes any difference or there’s not enough focus on it that we don’t even see the change happening. That makes sense. If people just worship them without letting them know about any concerns, it’s not going to give Voltage a reason to fix it or change. Constructive criticism is always needed for someone or something to get better, and Voltage isn’t an exception to that. Yeah, you can praise them all you like, but that’s not going to help them or make them think they need to get better if they still have room for improvement.

      I’ve been to a church retreat for two days before when I was in high school. It was mandatory, but it wasn’t anything brutal. I actually liked it. Oh wow, I think I’d get too frustrated with that game to get that far. Even now with playing Project Diva, I’ll sometimes have to stop playing for a long while because I can’t pass a song lol.

      • Wow so Sora’s story is not worth the buy ? I have been thinking to buy his route and now I’m not really interested anymore ^^; Nah that’s what I think, I guess the age difference between the heroine and kuni is rather big ? and I’m not really into his character so I haven’t buy any of his story beside main story ^^;

        Haha, I remember someone complained about the swearing in PiL ^^;; but in the term of steaminess, PiL is the one of the game which doesn’t have a lot of fanservice scene, even until the game is cancelled, almost like AKD ^^; I’m still surprised at how much the mention of sex in hatsukare haha ^^; I thought the game will be like dreamy days but it’s more risque lol. Sure ! I’m not sure though when I will be able to play again since I have a lot of things to done IRL ORZ”.

        Well, based on my experience of his GREE main story, he still nice but I notice he was more flirtatious and bolder than his app counterpart ^^; I’m still disappointed at how his story goes, since I really love his main story in the app version. The GREE version added another bitchy female rival (same as Roberto’s route) and the whole elopement is pretty weak…it just like they added the elopement thing to spiced up his route ^^; but at least the CGs are beautiful lol. But to think about it, it seems some of the GREE route really like to adding some unnecessary female rival…and they usually having more higher status than the heroine. I though Laura in Keith’s route is already annoying -___-, but at least she became the heroine’s friend lol. Yeah, he a lot more bearable to me ever since Glenn’s royal wedding lol. Btw, have you played all the butler’s main route ?

        Well, she didn’t give any clear reason why she resigned, but some people said she doesn’t really want to work with voltage since last year…and this is why most of the stories she made in 2013 is really lacking compared at what she done between 2010 – 2012…I seriously disappointed in Zen’s sequel especially, since she end it up with a cliffhanger ending ORZ”.

        Actually Yamato is one of the character they love to push lol. YES, the amount of voltage’s worshiper in tumblr and facebook is really creep me out, they acted like all voltage’s game is the best things in this earth, and when some people decide to gave them consecutive criticism, they will labeled us hater, and I felt voltage already been tried to push the boundary lately with some of their characters in their new games, like Chiaki in OTBS and the apartment owner in serendipity…all the characters I listed are either manipulative or yandere -___-. I prefer the old casts in MFW, PIL, BMP, MSB and even AKD, where most of the characters are more “normal” compared at what we get lately ~___~.

        LOL you’re so lucky ! my bible camp at that time is also including purity seminar, basically they tell us to not holding hand, hugging, or kissing until we get married ಠ_ಠ. I get that some people are saving for marriage, but no hugging or kissing ?? I’m pretty glad that both of my parents are more open minded and they decide to gave both me and my brother a better sex education…Yeah I really hate when I got stuck in one level for a long time, it makes me doesn’t want to play that game anymore -___-.

      • I guess not? With Subaru and Kaiji, I went straight to buying their Epilogues and Sequels after I finished their Main Stories, but I couldn’t do the same with Sora. A twelve year difference between Kuni and the heroine, I would say yeah, it’s pretty big. I remember buying his Epilogue and, as I was playing it, began to wonder, “Why did I even buy this again?”. I skipped Christopher’s stories after the Main Story, so I have no idea why I bought Kuni’s Epilogue lol.

        LOL I always laughed at it. Yeah, PiL is pretty light in those terms, and I still enjoyed it. Oh gosh, Hatsukare, too? That’s actually surprising considering it’s still one of the older games. Do you know if the writing/scripts stayed the same or if they added stuff in? Ah I know how you feel orz.

        Ah, I see. Well, I can say already that I’m not looking forward to another female rival. lol yeah, at least I know the CGs will be really nice. Oh really? Wilfred, Keith, and Glenn (so far) have been spared from that if you don’t include Cecille and Laura. I really like Laura, though, so it’s always a disappointment to see that she still can’t get along with the heroine in the GREE events ; ;. lol At this point, I’m not sure if Yu can be redeemed for me (˘・_・˘ㆀ). Yes I have! I loved them so much, it was just as I expected! I even got some headcanons turn canon! ( ≖ ´ ᗢ ` ≖ )

        Oh man, that’s disappointing to hear. I really would have liked to see more games with her writing ;____;.

        I never liked how someone would be labeled as a hater simply for pointing out flaws. That’s not how liking something works. Oh gosh, I hope I don’t get too bothered or surprised by the new casts, then. I really like the ones in MFW, PiL, BMP, and even MSB. They have their own charm as a group. I’d hoped that we would see more groups like them in future games….

        Oh what? Ours was just like any other Sunday school class but in a bigger group and outside a church, and it was more educational and helping us understand the Bible and teachings. I heard there’s a religion that doesn’t allow any kind of contact with the opposite sex until marriage, too, and that they also don’t allow their kids to watch TV or use the internet and all that. It sounds ridiculously strict. I’m glad to hear that your parents were more open minded for you and your brother when it came to educating you and all.

  25. Ugh sorry for a very late reply, IRL business as usual ORZ. Ah I see, I guess I won’t buy his route for now ^^; I heard his story in GREE version is more better…Oh yeah, 12 years old is very large gap 0__0, lol don’t worry about that, I used to buy a lot of route and after that thinking why I end up buy it at the first place lol. Ah poor Christopher ^^; I know some people didn’t like his personality…and there’s some who hate his character design..

    Nah, from what I read, it seem hatsukare has been filled with fanservice since their first release in the monthly version in 2010…It’s rather awkward actually seeing the guy and the heroine when they tried to do that -___-, and some of the guys can be little pushover to the heroine ORZ like keep asking when she ready to done that -__-. I thought dreamy days it’s still the best school-themed game from voltage ^^;

    Cecile is a sweetheart ^^, I love her interaction and relationship she has with the heroine…oh you like Laura ? I know most of people hate her a lot…ah I see, it’s too bad actually –” I always hate when a route has a female rival, I prefer if we can get a female friend for the heroine instead…btw, Zain’s sequel and special spin off already released since yesterday lol, have you played it ?

    Yeah, but recently since the release of metro PD sequel, I see some people more open minded to criticizing voltage…well, same as zain’s sequel, metro pd sequel only consist of 5 chapters and cost $2.99…and to some people the price is rather steep ^^; I already getting used to 5 – 8 chapter sequel since bmp season 1 day lol. Yeah, that’s how I feel, I barely can get attached with any of the newer game gang, they didn’t have the closeness like MFW gang like example, and of course one or two of the characters must be either yandere, manipulative, or plain sadist -___-“

    • It’s fine, don’t worry about it! Yeah, so I’m definitely convinced now that the GREE story is better if everyone keeps praising it so much compared to the app version. lol yeah! Kuni made a comment in his Epilogue about how he’s “almost a decade older” than her, and I just laughed because 12 years is more than “almost”! Oh really? I would have thought his personality would be very likable. Christopher just reminded me too much of my dad, so playing his route was weird lol. I don’t care about his design, though I still like Soushi’s design, too. I know I mentioned before that the designs were changed to cater to Western audiences, but I also just read somewhere else recently that Shin’s and Soushi’s designs were changed also because Shin, Soushi, and Roy looked too similar and could easily be mistaken for each other. I guess Alan was the lucky one to keep the design lol.

      Oh wow, that’s… ?? Oh gosh, it’s not too specific, is it? WELL, the guy bugging the heroine about it is something that bothers me…. Uuuugh if you say that, I’m gonna want to skip my backlog and bump Dreamy Days to the top!

      Cecille’s such a sweetie! I just love to see a female who can be so close with the heroine even if they’ve just met~ Yeah, I like Laura. And yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people hate on her. I like her more in the app version because she’s able to become friends with the heroine after everything (look at Keith’s Normal End!), but I just want to grab her GREE version shoulders and shake her and ask “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE FRIENDS WITH HER???” because she stays the same even after the heroine and Keith are officially together in the events (˘・_・˘ㆀ). I also admire her for being able to let go of Keith even after everything she’s done in order to end up with him (especially becoming an actress) and even being supportive of Keith and the heroine~ YES I HAVE! I bought and played them as soon as I could! O(≧∇≦)O Now I know what you mean about the cliffhanger, but I wasn’t too disappointed about it. I am disappointed that we won’t be able to see the actual end of it in a Second Sequel. ;__________;

      I can see why they would complain, but I can’t say I would personally complain either. Considering how PSP otome game FD’s are selling for the same price as a full game and only having half the content, I don’t see myself complaining about Voltage’s prices anytime soon LOL. Well, also, I suppose it depends on how much you like a character? Like, I probably wouldn’t be too happy for pay more for less on a character I don’t particularly like…. But at that point, I wouldn’t really buy a Sequel on such a character anyways! Awe man! I love seeing the guys being really close. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like it adds to their character and shows that there’s more to them than what we see when they’re with the heroine or at work/school/etc. Even with the BMP guys who are stuck with each other, I love to see their interactions with each other. And the PiL guys, I love to see them being the big brothers to the heroine in Alan’s route~ Ugh, I just love when they can interact with each other like that! Ack, with the way you say it, it sounds like they make ドS Eduardo look like an angel!

      • Yeah, maybe you can give a shot someday =D, I probably going to try some of the GREE routes too lol. Man, that’s little bit creepy for him to mention the age gap @___@ I’m glad that I didn’t buy his route or what lol, to me he more like a father figure to the heroine instead of lover ^^; Hmm, I have seen people said that Christopher is boring lol since he more like the gentle, nice stereotype character ^^; and I guess some people seen him as older brother ? Haha, I know how you feel ^^; I used to play chihaya’s route in seduced in sleepless city and I can’t even finish it since he reminds me a lot of my distant cousin lol. Wow is that true ? I used to heard that voltage decide to change the design for Eduardo to make him more “manly” and Christopher is to attracting the western fanbase o___o.

        Hmm, I only played one route before I decide to quit lol. Well, it’s not too explicit actually but the guy is keep bothering the heroine is really annoying -___-, somehow the story is reminds me of some shojou manga where the boyfriend is like horny 24 hours/7 day ORZ. Haha, I actually surprised that I enjoyed dreamy days ^^; since usually I didn’t like high school themed game lol. I love how the season 1 is filled with fluff and almost no fanservice at all…unfortunately I can’t enjoy both the season 2 and 3, since the story is more filled with misunderstanding -___-, and sometimes the heroine is annoy me ORZ.

        True that, I also love how the app version make her more nicer to the heroine.. too bad tho that she still hostile toward to the heroine in the GREE events -__-. I never understand why most writers love to adding female rival to the heroine, I prefer if the heroine is having a female friend from the beginning… That’s how I feel, I just want to see his wedding sequel T____T I just want him and the heroine to be happy ;___; and his special spin off is pretty sweet too ~

        I guess they are disappointed to seeing the sequel only consist of 5 chapters ? I don’t really mind short sequel actually, as long as it gone with the flow and didn’t have inconsistency in the story lol. Well, it seems most of the people in facebook are the type who are buying all the available routes, whether they like it or not…for me myself, I only buy the route that I like, from the game that I know that I will stick for a long time lol. like for now, I haven’t played any route from saigo no koi and OTBS, since the prologue and the first free chapter didn’t interest me, It’s more like be wiser when buying routes to me, instead complaining about the price ^^;
        Yeah, i love when the guy is having a close relationship with the other characters lol, and I realized why I can’t enjoy seduced in sleepless city is because I felt the relationship between the casino’s member is look artificial ? it seems they only close just because they are famous or whatnot -__-”
        Haha, for me most of the newer characters are really make eduardo look like an angel lol, most of them can be pretty manipulative and didn’t hesitant to hurt the heroine for their own goal -__-, and the most sad is, most of the fandom in tumblr will defend them to death, saying that they are used getting betrayed or he had a sh*tty past and all that. And people who disagree with them will be attacked ORZ. But then again, few months ago there’s one girl who said she can’t enjoy kiss of revenge because of the heroine motivation, and one user attacked her @___@, it’s like we can’t have different opinion anymore in voltage fandom…

      • Hopefully! For the time being, though, I’ll leave my GREE playing to BMP~ I took a screenshot of him making the comment, but I forgot the context and went back to check. The heroine had said that she feels like he’s so mature compared to her, so that’s why he made the comment. Yeah, I always called him the “troll Uncle” because he kept making fun of her (like teasing her that she didn’t have a job or a boyfriend, and eating the food her mom sent her without telling her lol). Hm, I supose that makes him boring? Like, I don’t remember anything really exciting happening in his route, but some of it was interesting. But he just kept reminding me of my dad, so that made it hard to focus whoops, and at some point I even thought he was a father LOL. I still see him as more of a father/older brother figure to the heroine, especially since he always gets after the others when they pick on her. I’m not sure if it’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is. I used to see posts on tumblr mixing the three up. Heck, someone reblogged one of my scans and mistook Russell for Nathan….

        Awe man, and I was really looking forward to Hatsukare! Oh gosh, I don’t need bad shoujo manga flashbacks orz. AAAHHH I’m gonna end up skipping everything for Dreamy Days! Most of the routes are like in the late 80’s on my backlog, but aaaahhhh adorable fluff! Bleh! After so many bad GREE events, I really don’t want to read anything with misunderstandings anytime soon….

        I know! The Sequel made me like her even more because she was friends with the heroine! I really wish she would get along with the heroine in the GREE version, or at least not be mean to her anymore. I don’t mind rivals if they’re done right, but most of the time they’re not and I can’t stand them. I KNOW! At least Zen needs a complete story! I really wish all the Butlers did, too, but Zen should have at least gotten one ;_____;. I just want them ALL to be happy gosh dangit! Aaaaaahhhhhh, his special was so cute!

        I guess so? Same. I don’t mind the short ones either as long as it’s not rushed or cut off or anything like that. If the story is good, then the price will always be worth it for me. Yeah, I try to ignore other people on the fb page. For me, if I haven’t played anything from a game yet, I’ll only buy what’s on sale LOL. I can’t refuse a sale OTL. The price doesn’t bother me so much, so there’s no reason for me to complain about the price.

        I think they all went to school together at one point? I can’t quite remember, but I do remember seeing a special illustration with all of them wearing the same school uniform. It might have been an illustration for the calendar….

        Oh gosh, I’m not sure if I can handle them then. It sounds like a bad shoujo manga trope (≖Д≖;). Oh blegh! Their past can explain why the guys are jerks, but it doesn’t excuse their current actions. I’m all for troubled pasts, but man if the guy doesn’t become at least half a better person by the middle of the story, I will probably be annoyed. Ugh, I really dislike people like that. I’m also all for discussions and such, but there’s no reason to attack someone for having a different opinion. Oh what? Wtf??? That’s bullcrap! That’s no reason to attack her! Yeah, I know what you mean. I have to keep myself in check with the opinions I put on there because of it even if I really feel strongly about it. I know someone indirectly told me that I should “watch what you say because you never know someone might kill themselves for what you said”. This was about the whole Youtube vs. Voltage thing. Wtf??? I just can’t even anymore with some people there….

  26. Haha Troll Uncle XD, he’s a great character actually it just I can’t see him as the heroine’s lover or some kind of that ^^; I understand that you felt Christopher’s story is boring, I even found his sequel to be so-so even though there’s some kind of plot, it just the execution is pretty lack lol. Haha, the first time I played PIL, I keep saying how Russel is Nate’s younger brother lol, since they have same hair color and that ~ especially in some of the older CGs LOL.

    Yeah, The 1st season is pretty cute and heartwarming, but ever since they step out to season 2 and 3, they seems keep using misunderstanding as the main plot =___=, and I feel you, yesterday one of my friend send me the summary for Roberto’s GREE valentine 2014 event, I pretty much “WTF-ed” the whole time seeing both the heroine and Roberto having a misunderstanding, especially the scene in the cafe (?) where Roberto keep accepting chocolate from other girls and heck he decide to hide it from the heroine, and the heroine itself decide to leave him ಠ_ಠ. It more like watching a soap opera show ORZ, and why the heroine it always seems insecure and keep doubting the guy…-__-” it make me feel so glad that the valentine spin off for the app version is more focused on fluffy story where the heroine doing her best making a chocolate for the guy, no misunderstanding or almost break up moment ^^;

    WOW, she still acted like a mean girl in the GREE version ? I hope it’s not hindering the event altogether ORZ. Yeah, I heard that the writer used to plan the butler’s sequel but she decide to scrap it along with zain’s wedding sequel T____T. I still don’t know tho whether her newer game is successful or not ^^;

    I never understand most of the girls in the FB, they keep whining about update, heck even one of the girl complained that they didn’t get enough update for this week ಠ_ಠ. They should be glad that voltage giving them update for almost everyday, we used to get update only like 3-4 time per week. I think it’s a good idea, I used to done that when there’s a sale for atsumu’s route in LLFTX last year lol, but then again I only play LLFTX for Takuto ^^; I planned to buy one route from the Japanese version of OTBS since they have a sale for now.

    Yeah, some of my biases have rather troubled past, but It doesn’t mean I always excuse his action or what, most of girls in tumblr have sort kind mindset where the guys will never be wrong, where the heroine is the one who take the blame. Heck the girl that keep writing those “headcanon” complained about the heroine in Zain’s special and I just want to shut her mouth for good ಠ_ಠ, she seriously need to take a break from bmp since it’s like her whole life is revolved around bmp -__-. Yeah, that girl only said she didn’t like KOR’s heroine since she way too obsessed with revenge and somehow she just lack of another characteristic ORZ. WOW, I just got the same message yesterday, and I don’t know who send that lol. But it seems voltage fandom in tumblr is having another breakdown again with the whole RP blog drama and character claim drama lol.

    • HE IS! Same, I like him better as the troll Uncle lol. Hm, it’s not that I found him boring, it’s that I couldn’t concentrate because he kept reminding me of my dad. I didn’t bother buying or playing his other stories. I thought they’d be weird, too lol. Ahaha! I loved seeing how Russell looked up to Nathan~ He was like a little brother who admired his big brother!

      Yeah, the misunderstandings really have no other reason to be there except to be there. There’s no solid basis for it, especially since it’s canon to 2013’s event. Like in Joshua’s route, there’s a part in their argument where he tells her he doesn’t even like sweets, and she gets so offended by it. But in the previous Valentine’s event, it was already established that he didn’t like sweets so ??? All I could think when she got upset was, “…but you know this already…”. It’s ridiculous. Yeah, which is why I like the app stories and past GREE events so much better. There’s no unnecessary drama! Just cute, fluffy stories~

      Yeah, she does. I only played the Secret Happy Ending, but she never really reconciled or got along with the heroine even after the Main Story. I think she’s only been a hindrance in one event, which was the Halloween event. I don’t remember her being a problem in any other event. OH NO WHAT? THAT’S SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT, I WANT TO CRY! ;A;

      Oh my gosh, those annoy me so much. I remember that time, too. It also annoyed me to see them getting mad on the SNS page about not getting Lucky 24 over one weekend. Seriously, she should be happy getting them to often and for so long! Lucky 24’s literally used to be lucky, rare chances and only lasted 24 hours. Now we get them every weekend, all weekend. Why complain? e___e They’re too used to getting updates every night. If they’re complaining this much now, I would have hated to see how bad it would have been if they had started playing way back when updates were minimal = =. Ahaha, I was low on cash when all the LLFTX guys were on sale and skipped on buying Atsumu’s story. I figured that if I really ended up liking him, I’d be willing to pay full price for his route. Since I haven’t played LLFTX yet, I still have to wait and see~

      Ugh, I hate that mindset. LOL WTF??? There was nothing wrong with the heroine in that story! If she complains so much about it, then why is she still playing? (That’s a rhetorical questions = =;; ) Wtf man. I hate that the heroines are always getting hate for no other reason than for existing. I remember that when the heroine for Gakuen K was announced, people were already hating on her and wishing for her to die. There was literally no other information about her except for her picture, a few short lines, and that she was the heroine, and already people hated her. It’s beyond ridiculous! Ugh, I hate when people say stuff like that to try and make you feel guilty, especially if they’re defending someone who just isn’t right. Oh gosh, I’m afraid to ask about that….

      • I always love how Kuni is can be little bit overprotected to the heroine in the other guys route , haha I feel you ^^; It must be hard to concentrate if the character is more like someone you know in real life, especially family ^^; Yeah, and Russel is also idolized Nathan too lol, if I’m not mistaken Nathan is more older than Eduardo, right ? Unfortunately, voltage is never reveal both Alan and Leonardo’s age ;___; and do you notice that Leonardo epilogue is never exist ? In the Japanese version they give the announcement about this, and they used to mention that his epilogue will come later ;___;

        WOW she’s offended just because he said he didn’t like sweet foods ?? I found it ridiculous since it’s not like he straightly said he hate the cake / chocolate she made, he just said he didn’t like sweet foods in general ORZ. It rather sad that there’s inconsistency between the 2013 and 2014 event -___-” Yeah, and the next update for bmp is Edward’s birthday spin off , I recommend playing the 2nd birthday since it’s pretty sweet and the heroine is really awesome in that route ~

        Ah I see…what a disappointment indeed .____. the app version she is really nice, I love her role in Keith’s royal wedding, where she helped and give the heroine some dress lol. I know how you feel ;_____; I just really want to see both the heroine and the butler to have a happy ending together…

        Yeah, most of the people who active in voltage FB page is rather new to voltage game lol. Heck, I keep seeing people whining about Outa’s route, some of them are keep complained about the lack of update in weekend…and we are already know that voltage is never updating their app in weekend, since they only work from Monday to Friday -___-. I remember too the day where we only get 2 update in a weeks lol, and they will always updating the android version first.

        I seriously have no idea, but it seems she like the guys but loathe the heroine. Most of her post is complained about how dumb or stupid the heroine is ORZ. Oh, and she also saying that Keith in the app version is immature and dumb, since he leaving the heroine in the good ending WTF, she was one of the people who keep saying how GREE BMP is more better than app BMP but heck she keep playing the app version, I have the feeling she would skip the whole story until she reach the “steamy” part and ignoring the rest lol.

        Basically some of the RPers are getting attacked to the point some of them are deleting their tumblr or some kind of that. I never understand why some people are taking the whole RPing to the serious level..ORZ

      • Same! I loved seeing him in Yamato’s Sub Story where they did a mock wedding. I couldn’t stop laughing when he was crying because she was getting “married”, and again when he got so mad about the kiss! Yeah, Nathan is a year older than Eduardo~ I know ;___; I want to say that we could guess that Alan is around Morgan’s age, but there hasn’t been anything to suggest that. Just that they’ve known each other for a long time, and Alan still looks younger than Morgan. I haven’t played Leonardo’s route, so I have no guesses for him lol. Oh flip, I never noticed that! I really hope they continue to update even after so long, though. It’s too disappointing for them to announce a story and then not release it!

        Exactly! I mean, it’s canon to the previous year where she knew he didn’t like sweets, but she gets upset about it this year??? I was pretty confused for the most part of the event because I couldn’t tell if it was canon to the previous year, but there were certain parts that referenced it (Claude giving Wilfred chocolate “again this year”, the heroine worried that she would repeat last year’s “disaster” in Roberto’s route, etc. Oooo I will when I get the chance, then!

        I know! I hope that she’ll at least become kinder in future events. When you take away her mean attitude, I really think she’s a likeable person. Or at least, the type of character I like to see. ME TOO! Just knowing that there were plans for Sequels makes me want to cry so much! They need to be happy dangit!!

        Yeah, I can understand when new commenters are asking for help, but it gets annoying just seeing complaints. Like really, is it so bad that Voltage doesn’t update for one day out of the week that isn’t the weekend? Is the world going to end? Will everything disappear if they don’t update? My gosh, give them a break! Ahaha! I remember back when iOS would get updates first. I’d get disappointed each time because Android would get the update days after the iOS update. Heck, there were times where it took almost a month for a new update to be released. Now it’s as if “SOMETHING IS WRONG” or “Voltage is slacking!” if they skip a night of updating. ( ̄□ ̄#) Yeah, it’s like the sales are making my buying decisions for me LOL! Then I see my backlog grow. (ノTωT)ノ 彡┻━┻

        Sadly, I’m not surprised. The heroine of any otome game seems to have more people dislike her than not. Ugh. LOL WHAT?????? He’s decided to be responsible and take care of his side of things first, and that makes him immature and dumb? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! That’s not even mentioning the fact that their separation in the Good End is only temporary, but why should Keith be insulted for making a decision that, from all angles except for love aspect, is the right thing to do? How does that make sense??? No wonder those headcanons of hers made no sense. It’s hard to believe she’s playing the game thoroughly!

        Wtf??? Geez, it just sounds like people will jump at any chance to start an argument and attack others. I’m not too sure how RPing works on there, but dang that is being too serious about it if it leads to people deleing thier blogs!

    • The “discriminator” point of the post was to point out that Voltage Inc. doesn’t think foreigners are too poor to afford their games.

      Root isn’t necessary for a Voltage Inc. game to run. Not only that, but Google has argued that rooting isn’t even safe for security reasons, so it’s not a surprise if a developer doesn’t make their apps compatible with rooted devices. Having their games not work on rooted devices doesn’t make Voltage Inc. a bad company or a discriminator. They have their reasons for not allowing rooted devices to play their games. It could be from a compatibility issue to a security issue, or maybe they don’t have the support for it. Heck, some of their games don’t even work on non-rooted devices. Does that mean that Voltage Inc. is discriminating against the device? No, it just means there’s a compatibility issue. Far be it from me to complain about my phone not being qualified to get the system update needed to use an app or an app only being compatible for a tablet, but I digress. (And yes, at some point I was unable to play one of Voltage Inc.’s games because my phone was never going to get the system update needed to be able to play it, but that was my phone’s fault, not Voltage Inc.’s.)

      If your problem is simply that you want to play their games on a rooted Android device, then the only thing I can tell you is to either unroot your device or (if you have the money and the means) get another one that isn’t rooted. Either way, unless you get a device that isn’t rooted, you won’t be able to play Voltage Inc. games, and, considering that root isn’t exactly safe, I honestly don’t see anything wrong with that.

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