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I’m still trying to get used to Thresh, the new champion on League of Legends. To sum it up: he is extremely fun! His abilities are so interesting, especially his passive, where you have to collect souls of dead minions/champions/monsters, raising your ability power and armor. How cool is that?! But of course, you get the discouraging jerks who will whine at you throughout the whole game and threaten to report you just for being a support. They expect us to save the whole team with a single click that it’s annoying. /rant over. Below is the gameplay. I’ll post a build if I ever get around to finding a good one for him. He is currently 7800 IP or 975 RP (part of a new pricing system) and will be reduced to 6300 IP next week.



***Also, the audio on the video is horrible. Sorry! Working to fix that on upcoming gameplay videos.



5 thoughts on “Thresh Gameplay

  1. I think that anyone who whines about you saving the entire team is a n00b. Not to be mean or anything but unless you have skills like any of the pro gamers, then it just isn’t feasible for anyone. Besides, people who usually say are more than likely just trying to distract you from noticing their lack of direct kills.

    I’ve played many times as Ahri and I’ve had people comment all the time, “But you’re Ahri, why didn’t you just rush in with your ulti?” When the enemy team is very tanky, and most of my team members are below half health, then there isn’t enough gold in the game to get me to do that. But the people that are complaining about you not being able to one shot the enemy team….they’ll find out that thresh is like that and they’ll take it all back. Trust me. 0.~

    As for a build, I wouldn’t know what to really build for him since I haven’t played him or looked at the stats. But since Thresh spikes ability power due to his passive, might I suggest a Hex. Gunblade?

  2. Pretty annoying when I’m playing my main support (Janna), I use my ulti and slow to save my allies who are low on HP. They end up going back to the enemy team to try and score a kill, end up dying, and take it out on me. I have my abilities for a reason: to help you guys escape! And when you’re support, you can’t just rush in to help 1 ally that’s going up again 5 others. That’s just plain suicide. I use my Whirlwind and ulti to try; some people just like to take it out on the supports because they are greedy or are doing horrible in the game. Others think that they are pro’s and end up telling you what to do throughout the whole game. I mean, not everyone. There’s many kind players out there, it’s just the jerks that really stand out.

    *I actually tried out Gunblade in one of the games and I did get a few kills, even though I was just playing support. I’ll keep that in mind in future games. Thanks.

  3. I think supports have always been an easy target for two reasons: They don’t get their own kills and you can’t live without them. I believe you’ll find that most ragers don’t target the folks on their team that have that nice kill count. Just the way sports seem to work; the guy who scores the most goals (not assists, those don’t count apparently :P) tends to not get the blame.

    Also, supports are incredibly important. ADC’s, especially, do not like to admit this. When they have a good game, the support rarely gets any credit, but when they have a bad game it is much easier to blame the support (who they suddenly recognize as being responsible for most of their kills) than to actually examine their own play. This isn’t to say that everyone is like this, but I do think it contributes heavily to the rage supports do get.

    I was always taught the support should be willing to die to keep more important teammates alive, but when trying to save someone means giving up a double kill it’s definitely not worth it. That is something a lot of players do not understand, sadly.

    If you want to take Thresh out of bottom lane (where a standard support build suits him fine) try building him with a lot of AD damage. His Q allows him to hit like a truck. I don’t think doing this will be a viable build in the long term, but it works for now while he is just a tad overpowered.

    Also, is Janna versus Leona not one of the greatest champion counters out there? I have so much fun as Janna in those lanes!

    • I completely agree with you. The ADC’s are the ones who always complain when they die; especially those who think they’re tanks and jump under a turret. The usual complaint: “We wouldn’t be losing this whole game because of “____” support.” I always try to sacrifice myself by using my ulti to save everyone else, but again, they’re greedy and want kills.

      I’ve noticed Thresh is good with AD, but I also like to build his AP in some games. I’m still trying out different builds.

      Really??? I haven’t played against Leona, not even on ARAM (which I’ve been playing mostly now). So want to try this out now!

      • Yup, she is so good. Just position yourself slightly behind or in front of your ADC at all times, and when Leona goes to lance in you use your tornado to cancel her dash and root.

        Watch at 3:10 for an example of how it will look.

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