Win Riot Points (mini contest/draw)




Here’s your chance to win some RP to celebrate 1k+ views on our blog! There will be only one prize winner. Details below. (And just so you know, this isn’t a spam blog!)

DO ONE OF THESE (Realized that making your username public will make it easy for spammers to get a hold of you. Sorry!)

  • Send us an e-mail to with the name of your favorite League of Legends champion.


  • Comment it on this post!

*DATE CHANGED Last day to enter is this Sunday, 11:59pm (US Central Time)

That’s it! Winner will be be randomly picked and announced next* week. You’ll be getting the RP code on your e-mail or I’ll send you a message via WordPress.












****CONGRATS goes to Katie, who was randomly picked as the contest winner! Thanks to everyone who participated via comments and emails!


9 thoughts on “Win Riot Points (mini contest/draw)

  1. My favorite champion right now Kog’maw. He scales well throughout the game, almost matches Caitlyn in range and can bring down tanks.

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