Starring Emma Stone (“Gangster Squad” mini-mini movie review)

Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad is an action crime film starring Josh Brolin, Sean PennEmma StoneRyan Gosling, among others. Originally set for a September 7, 2012 release, the film was moved to 2013 in wake of the Aurora movie theater shooting.


Gangster Squad 1

The villain here is Sean Penn, whose character Mickey Cohen is the mob king of Los Angeles. Josh Brolin’s John O’Mara gathers a small squad of men hand-picked by his wife in order to stop Cohen’s imminent control of the whole state.  Sean Penn plays a great villain in this film and the rest of the cast is perfectly fit for their roles. Although I wasn’t a big fan of Stone and Gosling’s onscreen pair before seeing the movie, I was swayed otherwise yesterday night. Word of advice: if you’re not one for gore, especially tons of blood, then this film is not for you. All this is due to the numerous exchange of gunfire, as a gangster film is expected to be filled with. Here’s what I liked about the movie:

  • Edge-of-your-seat plot.
  • Gorgeous actresses (Emma Stone and Mireille Enos)
  • Great cast.
  • Deaths, blood, gunfights (?), etc.
  • The 40s/50s setting.

I haven’t looked up whether this movie was filmed in 48fps in certain action shots but they weren’t bothersome. They seemed a bit realistic but it’s nothing distracting. It is safe to say that the movie theater shooting scene was removed, as announced a while back. The scene which replaced it is intense and possibly better.


Gangster Squad 2

Even though this film was postponed and forced to re-shoot scenes, the overall product was eye-popping (err, great!) Go watch it!

Gangster Squad is in theaters this Friday, January 11.


Sorry for the extremely short take but that’s all I can say about this film. Go watch this and Zero Dark Thirty tomorrow!

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