Be My Princess for GREE New Years 2013 Event: What We Already Know

Update: For those looking for information about the New Years Event, I made a new post Be My Princess for GREE New Years 2013 Event Info.


So as I found out hours ago, Voltage has decided to release the Be My Princes for GREE New Year’s Event . . . . ten days after New Year’s has passed. To be honest, I was REALLY hoping that they were holding this event off until the next New Year’s, and it really looked like it when I had seen the banners were still in Japanese. Lo and behold, they change it while I’m not looking and I’m caught off guard.

So! On to the things we know about the event that will be starting in a little less than eight hours:

  • The event will begin on January 10th 6AM UTC.
    • The GREE application states the end period is on January 22nd 7AM UTC. However, in Voltage Inc.’s announcement of the event, it is stated that the end period is on January 24th 7AM UTC.
  • All six princes will be available.
    • Each prince will have four stages.
  • You will NOT need Love Passes to advance the story.
  • However, this time, you will have some missions to complete the story.
  • Like in the Christmas Event, there will also be a New Year Party and a New Year Gacha.
  • You will receive avatar items as completion items for completing the routes.
    • Wilfred: A table with tiered glasses and a “2013” sign in front
    • Keith: A bun/wave(?) hairstyle
    • Roberto: A table with a chocolate fountain
    • Glenn: A pink tiara with the words “HAPPY NEW YEAR”
    • Joshua: A light pink short, strapless dress
    • Edward: Balloons, with one pink, heart-shaped balloon with the numbers “2013” on it in blue
    • You can also receive a background with a pink building and fireworks. I’m guessing you can get this by completing all Happy Ends of the six princes.
    • All items should total Charm+400
  • Voltage Inc. has also announced that a “big gift will be waiting for you!”

This is all I have for now, so I will begin to type up the Event Info page as soon as I can.

For the time being, let’s just hope that we English speakers aren’t discriminated any more than we are now. We shall not stand for this!


Because it’s not like you need to put any actual work into bringing the games over, amirite?

This is why I don’t participate in the fandom part of fandoms. BLESS YOU, JESSICA! I could really use a break from all these GREE events, too.

7 thoughts on “Be My Princess for GREE New Years 2013 Event: What We Already Know

  1. LOL “Because it’s not like you need to put any actual work into bringing the games over, amirite?” god, I know right? xD lol I don’t even half understand what that person is saying lol I mean come on lol that logic makes absolutely no sense xD it’s not like it costs money or translators or time to bring a game over from another country, nosiree it’s absolutely freeeeee to bring those games over so why aren’t they doing it gosh darn it!? Yeah, no. Lol
    But anyways, interesting that they’re bringing it over… after the New Year’s has passed but hey! Better late than never, right? Haha xD I don’t typically play the android/ios otome games even though I have them all downloaded on my ipod touch 😛 Maybe I’ll try this one out, just to see a New Year follow-up event ^^ bet it’ll be cute :3
    Oooorrrr I’ll wait for a review 8D heehee

    • I can’t help but want to laugh and cry at the same time whenever I see that comment. I was mad, then laughed, then realized they were serious and just… wut. It makes me pretty sad whenever I go to Voltage’s Facebook page only to see a lot of people just demanding a lot. “More updates! More Sequels! More games! How about stop bringing more games and give us more updates on games we already have?!” Since I’m still at the very beginning stages of learning Japanese, I’m grateful for everything Voltage has given English speakers, even if it has been rage inducing.
      Again, I would have been fine with not having the New Years event any time soon, but if it makes people happy, then good for Voltage. Looks like I’ll have something to look forward to on the side of classes. I don’t have a lot of options for otome games as an English speaker, and since I don’t always have a laptop with me, my Android phone is my best option. With Voltage’s games, though, I’m not complaining. I actually enjoy them, aside from the raging. |D I try to screencap everything from the GREE version of Be My Princess so that I can always go back and reread the stories. I never liked the idea of not being able to replay a route at all, so I’ve been able to get the events for the most part.
      I’m hoping this event will be cute, too. And funny. I always end up laughing for one reason or another with these games!

      • Haha, I think I’m kind of scared to see Voltage’s Facebook page… but I feel like that might be somewhat of an issue that’s happening nowadays, especially since I feel like otome games have really blown up in the past year or so, especially with Hakuouki’s localization and some of the newer PSP games all the girls want to get their hands on but can’t play because it’s in Japanese. Since most otoges are in JP, the android/ios english ones are probably some of the only otome games English speakers can get (next to indie otome games on the PC) and seeing as how almost everyone has an android or an iphone these days, it’s an easily accessible game option. But with the small number of options, it seems like to me that they’re demanding more from Voltage mostly because it’s one of the few options they have… I can understand where they’re coming from, but at the same time it’s kind of like, “patience is a virtue”….? Lol I don’t know, but yeah I mean at least they’re releasing games in English, even if it is rage inducing 😛 haha
        Yeah I hear Voltage’s games aren’t bad, and I have downloaded a lot of them onto my ipod touch so I might try to play some since my break doesn’t end until the 22nd :3 and if a game makes you laugh, that’s always good xD lol I guess I delay playing the phone ones mostly because majority of them aren’t voiced, and I half play otome games for the eargasms – I mean, soothing voices. 8D LOL

      • I go check their Facebook page every now and then to see if there are any other updates that slipped past me since I don’t constantly check my phone for updates. I agree with more otome games being available on the phone. I would really like to see more commercial games that are for PSP translated for the English market. I like games on the phone, but my phone is a battery guzzler and I don’t like the idea of carrying around a phone on low battery. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places, but I feel that Voltage is getting more of the heat than, say, NTT Solmare. I mean, NTT Solmare has like two other games that haven’t been translated to English. Maybe it’s because Voltage has more games? : “Patience is a virtue”, indeed. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I find an update or new release. (Elu and the other noobs/friends are the victims of my fangirling LOL).
        I really don’t think they’re so bad. Every now and then I’ll be like “what the heck NO” at one point in the route, but I’m like that with most media to the point that I’m told I don’t like anything OTL. But I end up enjoying the games more than I rage. That and I have a lame sense of humor, so even the bad jokes will make me laugh. I don’t blame you for holding out on them, though. I think it’d be a lot more entertaining if they were voiced. LOL “soothing voices” yup that’s it! No other reason! No one question it, just accept it!

      • Yeah I agree, phone games are nice and an easy market to get into. However PSP is nicer for me cause, bigger screen + voices + etc etc lmfao and yeah same my phone already goes through the battery so fast, playing otoges on it would just kill it quicker xDD;;
        It’s probably cause Voltage is a bigger company I guess? Slash has more games? You know what they say, the bigger they are the more heat they get >_<
        LOL Yeah I'm sure they aren't too bad, I've played a lot of rage worthy otoges or just plain boring otoges so I'm sure they aren't too bad :3 some of the ones that I have started, the chapters are all like really short but I guess I'm just used to like really effing long otome games LMFAO (I'm looking at you, Shinigami to Shoujo. And QuinRose's Alice series.)
        I have a pretty easy sense of humor too, and seeing bad jokes entertains me more than it probably should LOL xDDDD

      • Well, my phone screen is the same size as my PSP screen so LOL? But yeah, I’d probably choose PSP over my phone. Oh man, if Voltage, maybe even NTT Solmare, ported or adapted their games for the PSP (fully voiced, better writing/alternate story, more CGs, longer gameplay, etc.), I would buy them in a heartbeat. If it meant that more would be released, then I’d fully support it. It’d take a while for me to complete since I’d need a translator, though OTL. (I can dream, yes?) Though I’m not sure how they are doing when it comes to things outside of the phone games since they just closed their goods shop last year. Unfortunately for me, I just found out a few months after they closed. I’m still pretty sad about it OTL.
        lol So I guess when it comes to length, these are good to start with? I don’t get tired after doing a straight playthrough (though I always end up wishing it was longer by the time I get to the end! /cries)
        Same here! It’s ridiculous how funny I find lame jokes. They can send me to tears for laughing so hard! xD

      • Oh man SAME LOL if they ported their games / adapted them to PSP it’s like WHELP THERE GOES MY MONIES xD lmfao but hey it’d probably help you too with your Jap ;D It’s sort of how I got into it, I just sort of… jumped into it LMFAO but I know Chinese already so the kanji was a breeze for me haha
        Yeah sometimes when I play PSP games I get tired pretty quickly unless the game is like destroying my feels LOL 8D or the plotline is interesting xD but even so sometimes my head will hurt after reading too many characters and I’ll stop LOLOL 8D but yeah phone games are good to start with imo :3
        LOL SAME LMFAO I appreciate all types of humor 8DD xDDDDDD

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