Be My Princess for GREE Christmas Event Released Yesterday

Update: For those looking for information about the Christmas Event, I made a new post Be My Princess for GREE Christmas Event Info.

“Yesterday” being a joke

And I’m tired already. It’s the first event in which I missed the “first day” which, hopefully, doesn’t ruin my chances of completing all three available routes before the end of the event. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm to play still hasn’t come back since the last events, and the fact that the Furniture Hunting Event isn’t even over yet makes me even less enthusiastic about playing.

When it comes to most games, especially ones that give you special limited items, I want in on the action! So much so that it then becomes a chore. But at least by participating I’m able to get all the items, right? NOPE. Not with this game. I still haven’t started the Prologue, so I don’t have access to the Event My Page, but, as far as I can tell, this event follows the same idea as the previous Our Secret Vacation Event with Prince Glenn, Prince Joshua, and Prince Edward: Complete all Normal and Happy Ends and you will receive a special item!

One problem, though.

These events only last long enough to complete ONE end and, possibly, a partial replay of a route. If it was just an avatar background, it wouldn’t bother me so much. I’d be disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to obtain it, yes… but, at the same time, the only way I’d be able to obtain it would be to throw my money at Voltage and buy Love Passes to be able to finish both endings before the end of the event.

1 Coin = $0.013
Do the math

Fine,ย  it’s the price I pay for not willing to waste spend money on it. But oh, no. That’s not what happened in the last event. THIS is what happened:

Complete the Happy End, and receive a decoration item for your apartment. Complete BOTH the Happy and Normal Ends, and receive a dress for your avatar. Okay, what?

To top it off, these events are coming out one after another after another. I haven’t even been able to complete the first route in the main story because I’m too busy doing the events and then resting after they’re finished. Quite frankly, I pretty much don’t want to touch the app after the end of an event because I’d have spent so much time on it already that I just need a break from it, except for the occasional greets and Daily Gacha. And I see a rough future for me when the time comes that I’ll just be done with the whole thing because I’m so dedicated when it comes to item collecting in games. That’s why it was so hard for me to quit Gaia Online and Nostale and why I become nervous when I want to start playing a game only to find out it’s an MMORPG.

This game is already getting close to the border of fun/entertaining and being a chore. Really, the only thing keeping me playing is the stories and the characters because, I confess, I always have a good laugh. It’s the non-story related things that I just can’t stand.

Now I’m just hoping the event isn’t like the previous Our Secret Vacation Event and dreading the day Pirates in Love for GREE comes over.

Update: There is no completion item for both ends listed, so hopefully it stays that way! That gets a lot off my chest about it. However,


8 thoughts on “Be My Princess for GREE Christmas Event Released Yesterday

  1. So… you don’t need both ends of each prince to get the backround AND the items? Because I finished the secret happy endings for all the princes…and I have no idea when you’re getting the items or backround…or if I’m getting the items because I finished ‘just’ the secret happy endings? need I to finish all the ending to get the whole stuff…aahhh I’m confused….-.- hope you can help me

    • That seems to be correct. However, I don’t see anything about a background in the Completion Item list or in the Completion Bonus anymore. It says you’ll receive +400 charm of Completion Items, but it only shows 300 worth of stuff (the three coats). Which is strange since when choosing an end when I did Wilfred’s route, it said you’ll receive a 400 charm flowing creek background for completing all Happy Ends. It looks like this has since been replaced with the Completion Bonus, which doesn’t tell us what the “special prize” is.

      You haven’t received any items yet? You should have received them as soon as you completed the Secret Happy Ends. I’ve finished Wilfred’s and Keith’s Secret Happy Ends and I received their coats right after. It doesn’t say you need to complete both ends to receive anything, just that you need to complete the “Happy Endings”. I’m not sure what’s going on with Voltage’s team, though, since when you choose an ending it asks you if you want the Happy or Normal End, but the Status shows Secret and Happy ends, respectively. Also, it doesn’t look like you need to complete all endings for the Bonus either.

  2. Hello ๐Ÿ˜€ about how many days did it take you to complete one route? I was planning to start on the event but am i too late? :X

    • Hello! It took four days to complete each route. And no, you’re not too late! I may not have mentioned it before, but the event lasts long enough to complete each route twice and one route three times, with a few days extra [Seems I did the math wrong. It’s long enough to complete each route only twice.]. You have 15/16 days left until the end of the event. Have fun!

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