Voltage Entertainment USA Inc. releases My Lover’s A Thief

Late news is late, but better than nothing.

Voltage Inc. has released a new romance sim for the Android titled My Lover’s a Thief. If anyone wants to confirm if it’s been released for Apple products, please let me know since I can’t check myself. There hasn’t been any update about this game on the Official Voltage Romance Sims Facebook page, so I found out about it only a few days ago.

For a while, I was a loyal Voltage customer up until the release of Be My Princess for GREE (王子様のプロポーズ) (which I’ll rant about later). But for now, I’ll put my disappointment focus on this “gem” of a game. Why?

Because not only did Voltage release 怪盗X恋の予告状 to the English Market, which I AM happy about, but they turned this:


…into this:

……… NO

which I am NOT happy about. I understand that they’re trying to reach a wider range of audience, but it hurts that it has to be at the expense of the art. The last game they did this to was Be My Princess the now renamed Prince’s Proposal, and they ended up looking like failed attempts at realism and aimed towards Twilight fans.

Hopefully, the renaming of Prince’s Proposal (which is sadly the original Japanese title) and the release of My Lover’s A Thief under the developer name of “Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.” means that there are plans to re-release both of these titles with the original art. I don’t have a problem with these  games being brought over seas and then “Americanized”, but I won’t be playing them.

Now that I’m done with that, I’m going to go cry in a corner over the upcoming release of Be My Princess for GREE‘s Christmas Event.

2 thoughts on “Voltage Entertainment USA Inc. releases My Lover’s A Thief

  1. I think there are many aspect of a game that make it good or bad. My biggest complaint from the Japanese “Americanized” games was the stiff writing and dialogue due to translation. This game written directly into English has come a long way from that and it makes the story much better and more enjoyable.

    • I haven’t played through or seen many screencaps of this or Prince’s Proposal, nor do I want to more than I already have, so I can’t make a comparison in the writing. Since there’s not a lot of options for English otome games, I’ll pretty much take what I can get. To be honest, I actually find Voltage’s games entertaining. (Then again, I find lame jokes hilarious!) I’m fine with the name changes and such when something is brought over from another language, but what bothers me the most with these two games is the art. The attempt at realism makes Prince’s Proposal look like it was made for Twilight and My Lover’s A Thief, as Elu says, looks like they were made to look like Ken dolls or something. I’m honestly really picky about art, and this kind of art isn’t my cup of tea. There are people who enjoy the art a lot, from what I can see in the reviews for it, so Voltage has gotten something good out of it at least.

      Thankfully for the rest of us that enjoy the original art, they are getting English releases with it. Be My Princess has just been released not too long ago, and, judging by the Official Voltage Romance Sims Facebook page, Love Letter From Thief X is also getting a release with the original art. With both types of releases, I really do hope that Voltage can bring over more of their games. I’ll just also hope that none of the future games stay with just this type of art. orz

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