Tonight on “The Walking Dead”

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was fast paced and definitely made up for last week’s lack-luster Andrea-is-a-stupid-hoe scenario. Michonne escaped Woodburry only to get locked up in the prison. But not for long. Her silence and constant frowning made me want to scream at the TV, “Michonne, for fu$#ing sake! Tell them everything!” But of course, the dramatic tension is what makes a show and they certainly do a good job of it in TWD. Throughout the whole episode though, I kept asking myself if she even knew that Rick and the others were Andrea’s group. She must have thought it through but they didn’t focus on it at all.

Spoiler alert!!

Maggie and Glenn

On the other end, Maggie and Glenn are held captive in Woodburry; Merle is interrogating Glenn by beating the #$&! out of him. Have a look below. After getting nada out of him, Merle loses his patience and releases a walker inside the room where Glenn is taped to a chair. He manages to release himself and kill the walker as I shouted off the top of my lungs, “Don’t die Glenn!!!” The Governor then tries his “charm” on Maggie but fails, to which he then asks her to take her shirt off. This immediately brought me back to the comics and made me wonder if it’ll be Maggie instead of Michonne to get the rape treatment. I was really hoping she wasn’t after she had to take her bra off as well and The Governor assumed a sex position and gripped Maggie’s back. Fortunately, it didn’t happen (everyone on The Walking Dead GetGlue feed was as relieved as I was).

Hang in there bro! Rick and the gang’s coming to rescue you both!


I don’t even… want to start on Andrea. She’s fallen for The Governor (which at first I thought it was a ploy to get out of there and figured she was wrong) and is clueless about the real threat in Woodburry. Rant over. Back to the episode. Andrea is sent to Milton (the doc), who is making an experiment on a man who volunteered to be a test subject (due to his imminent death via pancreatic cancer). His experiment begs the question of: “Do the walkers still have bits and pieces of memories from their time alive?” Seeing as how nervous and close that Milton seemed with the patient, I’m guessing he’s either his father or gay lover. I’m going with father. Milton decides to set free the now reanimated patient who then tries to bite him but Andrea drives her handy knife into his skull. Well that’s the end of that experiment!

Here’s to hoping Andrea gets caught in the crossfire next Sunday. I’ve stopped caring for her after her idiotic decisions this season.

Michonne, Rick, Daryl and Oscar

The four are headed to Woodburry in hopes of rescuing Glenn and Maggie. They are ambushed by walkers in the middle of the forest and as they fled, find a cabin. They go inside and find a dead dog on the floor and crazy hungry walkers outside wanting to eat their flesh!!!!!! (brains pls) A strange hobo-looking man jumps out from under the covers that Rick and the others were aware of. He’s aiming a shotgun at Rick’s head and what does this smart fellow yell out? “I’mma call the cops!” Oh please do because we’d certainly want an explanation and some cocoa and a blanket for this whole zombie Apocalypse trauma. After Rick manages to flip the shotgun from his hands (not before a round shot off almost hitting Daryl), the hobo flees to the door and makes a scandal. Damn it man! There’s walkers outside! Long story short, Michonne stabs him with her katana before he gets them all killed. The group feeds the now dead hobo to the walkers knocking on the front door to make time as they escape through the backdoor. In a, possibly unintentional (?), move by AMC, after the man is being eaten by the walkers (and you get a big eyeful of his bloody entrails), this comes on: Sponsored by KFC. -followed by a KFC commercial. Oh the irony! After the fifth or so break, the last few minutes sees the group at the barrier of Woodburry and its guards and then switches to Andrea walking on the other side of the machine guns. Oh this is going to be good! Next week’s episode looks promising, although it will be the mid-season episode, meaning that the second half of the season will be returning some time in February.

Tonight’s episode gets a well earned:

Christmas is coming!

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